72 Christian

72 Christian Dahlinger b. abt. 1744 in Germany

This page was begun 30 March 2001 -- rak.

My Dahlinger Family Chart says that Christian was born to Maria Dahlinger in 1744.  I think that information is derived from the 1768 Galka First Settlers' List which shows Maria along with three younger sons at household #39 and Christian next door at household #38: 

Dahlinger, Christian, 23, luth., Ackerbauer aus Baden-Durlach, Langenalb [same point of origin as Maria]; frau: Elisabeth, 20, Sohn: Johann, 2, having arrived in the colony on 12 April 1766 the same date as Maria and her other children.

The Dahlinger Family Chart also says Christian had a first wife, Elisabeth b. 1747.  From the information that is given in the Galka First Settlers' List it can be inferred that she married him before 1765 in Germany and that she died just after the 1768 Galka First Settlers' List was completed.  I am descended from his second wife.

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