The Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County

Dushore Pastoral Scene
Front of a Postcard sent from Ella B. Sweeney, Cherry Mills School Teacher
To Former Student and Cousin Mary Harrison in Elmira, NY
Probably Spring 1919
Photo Contributed by Tom and Sandy Crossett, Descendants of the Harrison Family of Sullivan County, PA

Text on back side reads: Dear Mary, Glad to hear from you and that you were all well.
The last day of school will be Mon. 22. Wish you could all be here for it.
Glad to hear that you all like your new home. Love to all, Ella

The Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County

Group Two

We continue here our efforts to record the anecdotal, pictorial and material history of families originating from or having lived for extended periods of time in Sullivan County, PA. We continue to receive countless storeis and pictures from various contributors to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page. My colleagues and I are grateful for this material and will endeavor to do our very best to preserve it and the associated history for posterity. Once again, these materials are presented in no particular order other than to provide you the reader with a visual and historical impression of life in our home county from 100 to 200 years ago. Comments and reflections are encouraged and invited.


John H. Harrison and Catherine Jordan
......With Philbin and Jordan Information
The Thayers
The Warren and Converse Families
Cornelius Harrington and Descendants
Valentine and Conrad Rohe
The Three Kahni Brothers

With Related Information on the Philbin and Jordan Families

Tom and Sandy (Connors) Crossett have preserved the pictorial and genealogical history of a well-known Sullivan County family and their relatives by marriage. As with many of our very special contributors, Tom was reading and looking at content on our site when he came upon references to the Harrison and Jordan families. It turns out that Sandy is a descendant of the original emigrant, John H. Harrison, and his wife, Catherine Jordan. All material here has been contributed by the Crossetts unless otherwise indicated. Tom has also developed an attractive online history of his own family which you can read over at Crossett and Connors.

The House Foundation of
John Harrison, the Immigrant, and his wife Catherine
Forks Township, PA
Near the Cherry Township Line
The House Burned Down in the Early 1900s
Photo Taken by Mary Harrison in 1974
From the Collection of Agnes Harrison Dix
Who is Barely Visible in the Picture

The Homestead of James and
Catherine Jordan (Philbin) Harrison
Forks Township, PA
Near the Cherry Township Line
Photo Taken by Mary Harrison in 1974
From the Collection of Agnes Harrison Dix

According to Tom and Sandy, who can be reached at Tom and Sandy Crossett, : John H. came over in 1848 from Kilglass in County Sligo, Ireland and first settled in Tunkhannock (in Wyoming County). He then relocated to Sullivan County, where he is believed to have married Catherine, most likely the oldest daughter of Patrick Jordan and Margaret (Walsh) Jordan, some time after 1850. Catherine would have been born in Ireland before the Jordan family emigrated. John emigrated from the very community in Ireland that Michael and Catherine Sweeney came from in 1830. Moreover, there is good reason to believe that John's wife, Catherine Jordan, was an older sister to both Mary and Margaret Jordan, who respectively married Thomas Cavanaugh and Owen Sweeney, the son of Michael and Catherine Sweeney. In such ways are the threads of Sullivan County family history drawn together. Here are two pictures, one of the original emigrants and two of their children, and the other of the family of James Harrison, their son and the direct ancestor of Sandy Crossett.

John H. and Catherine (Jordan) Harrison on the Farm
L to r: Catherine; Margaret "Maggie" (Harrison) O'Neill, daughter; John; James Harrison, son
At farmhouse built for James and his wife Catherine (Philbin)
Taken between 1897 and 1903
Note: Maggie married James O'Neill, son of Nicholas O'Neill, who emigrated from Wexford, Ireland to the United States in 1841. After Maggie and their son, Nicholas, died in 1904, James moved to Buffalo, NY.

The Family of James Harrison
Son of John H. Harrison and Catherine Jordan
Back, l to r: Catherine Jordan Philbin, mother; John, son; and James, father
Front, l to r: Mary, daughter; Betty Jordan, adopted daughter; and Agnes, daughter.

The next picture shows the First Communion class for Betty Jordan, adopted daughter of James and Catherine Jordan Philbin Harrison. It may have been taken at Sts. Phillip and James Church at Sugar Ridge, PA, but that is not clear. Perhaps it was taken in Elmira, NY. Note the five priests in the picture:

First Communion Class About 1910-1915
Agnes Elizabeth "Betty" Jordan in Second Row, Second from Left

Next, we have a picture of Mary Harrison and her adopted sister Betty Jordan as adolescents perhaps about 1915-1920:

Mary Harrison and Betty Jordan
Daughter and Adopted Daughter of James and Catherine Jordan Philbin Harrison

Here is a brief outline of the Harrison-Jordan lineage back to the first generation in Ireland. The numbers before the names refer to the generation in which that person lived:

Descendants of: James Harrison

1 James Harrison
m. Mary ______

2 John H. Harrison, the emigrant, b. 1826 in Kilglass, County Sligo, Ireland, d. 12 Feb 1903, Sullivan County, PA
m. Catherine Jordan on 28 Apr 1862, b. 1829 in Ireland, likely daughter of Patrick and Margaret (Walsh) Jordan; see more about the Jordan family connection below
2 Mary Harrison, married Anthony Philbin who family members have alleged for decades was killed in the Civil War *. Mary lived with her brother John and his wife and was called "Auntie". Anthony Philbin appears to have been one of two twin brothers, the other named Andrew, who arrived in the United States in 1848 on the British Queen. Both are age 24 and marked as "labourers". Here is the actual Passenger Log. As you will see below, there is much confusion about the Philbin family and the identity and fate of these brothers.
* Editor's Note: Acccording to Albert Bates Finch, grandson of Andrew J. and Margaret G. (McDonald) Philbin, this claim about local Philbin participation in the Civil War is not factual.
3 James Harrison b. 7 Jul 1863, d. 25 May 1944
m. Catherine Jordan Philbin, on 25 May 1897; she was b. 21 Jun 1875, d. 20 Dec 1947, daughter of Michael Philbin and Mary McDonald; this Mary McDonald in turn was the daughter of Peter McDonald and Catherine Waters and was therefore a sister of Michael McDonald who married Annie Sweeney, daughter of Owen and Margaret Jordan Sweeney.

Note: The exact relationship between Michael and Anthony Philbin is not known; Michael, son of Andrew Philbin and Mary Jordan, appears to have had two cousins named Andrew and Ambrose, Jr. and their father was in turn Ambrose Philbin, Sr. The Anthony who was killed, if in fact he was killed *, may have been a cousin. Not only is this claim still based on anecdote alone, but the posting of the 1862 draft records for Sullivan County on our site in 2002 now suggests that the "uncle" who was killed in the Civil War may have been a brother of Margaret Collins, wife of John Lavelle, and therefore a relative by marriage to these same families.
* Editor's Note: See preceding footnote report on e-mail message from Albert Bates Finch in October 2015
See The Cavanaughs of Irish Ridge, Settlers Page XIII on this site, for more on the Collins family. In any case, the 1870 federal census shows an Anthony and Hannah "Philbern", aged 50 and 42, respectively, with a 14-year old son named Michael. There is also a death notice for December 11, 1897 in the Sullivan Review for Andrew Philbin, age 85 years (see more below). There appears to be some confusion and uncertainty about which "Anthony Philbin" is which. In any case, Michael Philbin and Mary McDonald had several children: Margaret, Catherine Jordan (mentioned above), Andrew J., Ella, Ambrose M. and Hannah. There are more Philbin pictures further down this page.

4 John Henry Harrison b. 19 Dec 1898, d. 1 Dec 1976
m. Rose Dorsey on 13 Apr 1953, d. 20 Mar 1974

4 Mary Harrison b. Jul 1901, d. 7 Jan 1902

4 Mary Alice Harrison b. 9 Feb 1904, d. 10 Sep 1982
m. Raymond Clement Connors, son of Michael J. Connors and Eva Mae Everts, on 28 Feb 1933, b. 9 Nov 1898, d. 11 May 1978

5 Patricia Ann Connors, b. 7 Aug 1938
m. Bruno Pagnani, son of Joseph Pagnani and Rose _____, on 23 Apr 1960, b. 22 May 1934
6 Michael Joseph Pagnani b. 23 Apr 1961
m. Margaret Kelly Jackson m. 14 May 1988 7 Connor Hawkins Pagnani, b. 29 Jun 1992
7 Sarah Catherine Kelly Pagnani, b. 30 Oct 1995
6 Elissa Ann Pagnani, b. 25 Apr 1963
6 James Gerard Pagnani, b. 30 Dec 1968
m. Ann Carolyn Leonard on 3 Sep 1994
7 Zachery Joseph Pagnani, b. 11 Mar 1999
6 Thomas Bruno Pagnani, b. 20 Jul 1970

5 Sandra Marie Connors b. 29 May 1941
m. Thomas Frederick Michael Crossett, son of Eric Lee Crossett and Dorothea Ellen Philley, on 12 Jun 1965, b. 8 Feb 1938
6 Andrew David Crossett, b. 23 May 1966
6 Anna Crossett, b. 1968, d. 1968
6 Elizabeth Crossett, b. 1968, d. 1968
6 John Patrick Crossett, b. 27 Mar 1969
m. Ana Gabriela Arana, daughter of Leonel Arana and Ruth Zea, on 15 Jul 1995, b. 10 Jun 1971
7 Lucas Enrique Crossett, b. 21 Dec 2000

4 Agnes Harrison, b. 18 Mar 1906
m. Edward Dix on 18 Jun 1936
5 James Francis Dix, b. 11 Jan 1943
m. Patricia Curtin on 21 Aug 1965
6 Edward Dix, b. 13 May 1966
6 Kurt Dix, b. 1969, d. 1996
4 A E "Betty" Jordan, b. 28 Aug 1909
m. John Owens, d. 12 Mar 1974

3 Mary Harrison, b. 1 Mar 1865, d. 14 Apr 1936
m. Charles Cain
4 Mary Cain
4 Anna Cain
4 Catherine "Totsie" Cain
4 Madonna Cain
4 Henry Cain
4 Eugene Cain
4 John Cain
4 Charles Cain, b. 1899

3 Henry Harrison, b. 16 May 1867, d. 8 Apr 1897
(Note: His picture is in the Image Gallery section of the Index page to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page. It is reproduced below.)

3 Margaret Harrison, b. 27 Mar 1869, d. 11 Dec 1904
m. James F. O'Neil in 1893, son of Michael O'Neil and Margaret Kelly, b. 1854
4 Joseph O'Neil
4 Margaret O'Neil
4 Katherine O'Neil, married Walter McCracken; see their pictures below
4 John O'Neil
4 Nicholas O'Neil

Madonna and Eugene Cain
Children of Charles and Mary (Harrison) Cain
From About 1900

Madonna Cain and her Uncle William A. McDonald (b. 1883)
Son of Francis J. and Anna (Jordan) McDonald
Photo Taken in 1927

Henry Harrison
Son of John and Catherine Jordan Harrison
Taken Before 1897
Contributed by Hugh and Mary Ann McDonald Montpetit

Walter and Katherine ("Catherine") O'Neil McCracken
Daughter of James O'Neil and Margaret Harrison

In 1918, the Harrison family began to relocate to Elmira, Chemung County, NY, about fifty miles to the northwest. The parents, John H. and Catherine, were no longer living. First to go was James and his wife, Catherine Jordan (Philbin), and their children to get settled. John and the girls stayed in the Dushore area for a while. Eventually, there was a sale of the old farmstead and all went. In time, Elmira became the residence for many of the families of Sullivan County who either wanted a better economic existence or could not scrape out a living from farming and lumbering. This was particulary the case after the timber was all cut out and the train engine made transportation much easier. Elmira between 1890 and 1925 was a dynamic growing town with industry and opportunity. Along with the Harrisons, Sullivan County saw the Cavanaughs, Philbins, Frawleys, and other families depart for city life to the north.

James "Jimmy" Harrison
Son of John and Catherine Jordan Harrison
In His Garden in Elmira, NY
Taken Some Time After 1918

James and Catherine (Philbin) Harrison
Later in Life in Elmira, NY
Taken Before Death of James in May 1944

Harrisons and Friends 1925
L to r: Joseph Frawley, Agnes Harrison, George Bahl, Mary Harrison, Irving Barth, Joseph Doyle, John Harrison, Madonna "Donna" Cain, and Paul Broschart

Mary Harrison and Friends 1925
L to r: Joseph Doyle of Cherry Mills, Mary Harrison, George Bahl
Joseph Frawley in front, Betty Jordan and Ed Peterson
Identity of the Little Girl is Unknown
According to Tom Crossett, our contributor:
"George and Ed were both after Mary's attention".

There are also several surviving postcards sent by Ella Bridget Sweeney, daughter of Owen and Margaret (Jordan) Sweeney to the Harrison girls after they relocated to Elmira. Ella, first cousin to Peter Francis Sweeney, grandfather of Bob Sweeney, the Coordinator for the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page, was the school teacher in the school that the Harrison children attended before the family moved. She was also a niece of Catherine Jordan Harrison and therefore first cousin to James Harrison and first-cousin-once removed to his children. Note the references in the cards, shown below, to the infamous 1918 flu epidemic and also to "the hill", referring to Ringer Hill in Cherry Mills, where these families had their homesteads. Note also that the address in Elmira changes over the course of the card sequence, suggesting the first address was temporary.

Postcards from Ella Sweeney to the Harrison Children in Elmira, NY
First card: Addressed to Agnes Harrison, 205 Mechanic Street, dated 5 April (or perhaps August) 1918
Second card: Addressed to Agnes Harrison, no address or date
Third card: Addressed to Mary Harrison, 119 West Miller Street, dated 24 December 1918

Haying Season Near Dushore, PA, 1918
Front Side of First Postcard from Ella Sweeney to Agnes Harrison

Text of Ella Sweeney Postcards

First card: My dear Agnes, I cannot tell you how glad I was to hear from you. All are well here. We will miss you and Mary in school and it makes me lonesome when I think the old place is vacant. Both of you write me often. Love to all from Ella S.
Second card: Dear Agnes, Suppose you are back in school again. I have only 5 pupils. They are afraid of the "flu". With love from your cousin Ella.
Third card: Dear Mary, Received your card. Glad to hear you are all well. All are well back on the hill. There are a great many cases of the "flu" around here. Love to all. Your cousin Ella.

You can look at additional surviving postcards from Ella to her young Harrison cousins at Ella Sweeney Postcards.

Speaking of unusual pictures of unexpected occasions, one picture in this collection shows the Masten, PA band. Masten was one of the lumber towns that sprang to life, then disappeared when the timber ran out. Its sponsor was the affluent lumber investor Charles W. Sones (you can read about him and the rest of the Sones family in the last section of Settlers Page XVIII on this site). Masten was built about 1908 and lasted for about 20 years. Wanting to inspire his laborers, Sones paid for the instruments and uniforms for the town band. Here we see a picture of that band that was reproduced on a postcard sent by J. W. Jackson to eighteen-year old John Harrison, the son of James and Catherine (Philbin) Harrison, in 1916. Jackson was the young man's uncle, although we are not yet exactly sure of how the relationship ran. He is likely to have been the brother of Charles Jackson. Charles Jackson's wife, Hannah Philbin, was a sister of Catherine Philbin Harrison, and is shown in two pictures here.

The Masten Lumber Town Band
Postcard from J. W. Jackson to His Nephew John Harrison
Dated 1916

Hannah Philbin
Wife of Charles Jackson
Sister of Catherine Philbin Harrison

Hannah Philbin
Wife of Charles Jackson
Taken When She Was Older

As mentioned earlier, Hannah and Catherine Jordan Philbin were not the only chidren of Michael Philbin and Mary McDonald. There were four other children. Moreover, the Harrisons were intricately related by marriage to the Philbins. Here are several other pictures of Philbins and Philbin relations, as well as the homestead of Michael and Catherine (Jordan) Philbin:

Ambrose M. Philbin (October 18, 1885-November 17, 1961)
Son of Michael and Mary (McDonald) Philbin

Ambrose M. Philbin and His Wife Florence
Late in Life

Four Philbin Relatives by Blood or Marriage
Mrs. Florence Philbin, wife of Ambrose Philbin
Mrs. Hannah Philbin Jackson, wife of Charles Jackson
Mrs. Margaret "Maggie" McDonald Murphy, wife of Dennis Murphy, daughter of Michael McDonald and Abigail Philbin
Mrs. Catherine Jordan Philbin Harrison, wife of James Harrison
Photo Taken at Mountain Beach, PA (near Williamsport) June 23, 1929

Three Views of the Homestead and House of
Michael and Catherine (Jordan) Philbin
Taken by Mary Harrison in 1974
From the Collection of Agnes Harrison Dix.

In February 2002, Tom Crossett made the following observations about his search for the old Harrison and Philbin lands and farms:

The pictures shown on this page were taken in 1974 on a trip to Irish Ridge, taken by Agnes, Mary, and John Harrison, and Betty Jordan. They were guided by Charlie Cain. Agnes Dix kept the pictures and they are now in the possession of Jim and Pat Dix, the son and daughter-in-law of Agnes Harrison Dix. The darker house at the top of the page is the house these siblings grew up in: Charlie, Agnes, Betty, and John. Mary took the picture. The white house, they said at the time (1974), was a hunting lodge, and a pretty nice one too. This was the house of Michael Philbin where their mother, Catherine, grew up. One view shows the perspective looking down the hill from the Philbin house toward a pond. All the pictures are labeled "Irish Ridge" on the back, which is the area where these homes were located.

We do not currently know exactly where or even if these places still exist. Bart was unable to recognize them. Maybe others who see them will know. We would sure like to find them ourselves. We had a chance to go on the 1974 trip but passed it up. What a regret now. My wife tells me that she remembers her Mom telling her that the James Harrison house was torn down the next year (1975) to provide lumber for a den paneling project. Ouch!

Anyway, on the 1872 Land Map of Sullivan County, just across the line from Cherry into Forks at the bottom of Forks is where the "J. Harrison" house is located. West of there on the map, there are three "Fillburne" homes and a "Jordan" one. I guess that is where we need to look.

This last summer (2001), the Dixes, Bart Cavanaugh, and my wife Sandy and I went up the road from the Cherry Mills school **, took a right at the fork and circled around Irish Ridge to where the state park road connects. It's a sharp turn and right at that junction is where the Harrison farms were. We found a road with the sign Irish Settlement Road and went up it on foot. I figure the James Harrison farm is off to the left of the road, but we were unable to find anything. It was pretty well grown up and there has been some bulldozing up there. The old John Harrison farm house is reduced to a foundation. We did not go across the road to the southwest toward the Philbin farms.
We haven't been back because of hunting season. Maybe early spring would be good before growth gets thick. The road that used to cross through and passed near the Harrison farm is now closed by a gate and is posted everywhere. There is a pretty big group of hunting lodges arranged in a circle up there, and apparently owned by a guy who the LaPorte clerk's office lady said would shoot first and ask questions later. Nevertheless, we are determined to find these places. The last land entry for the Harrison property stated that it belongs partly to a hunting club and partly still belongs to the Cain family.

** Editor's Note: You can find pictures of the Cherry Mills School and two classes in The Family of Johannes Jakob Messerschmidt; just scroll down to the pictures.

Tom made a subsequent trip with Bart Cavanaugh and Jim Dix in the summer of 2002 to Irish Ridge. Here is what Tom said about that expedition:

We went back to Irish Ridge this summer. Instead of going up Irish Settlement Road, we looked for a place where the old road may have come down off the mountain. We found traces and followed them up the mountain until we came upon an old house foundation. I believe this is the Harrison place that burned. With all the changes, it was difficult going but we found evidence of stone walls and planted fruit trees and hedges. Here is a picture of what the site looks like now.

Harrison Homestead Foundations
Irish Ridge, Sullivan County, PA
Summer of 2002
Photo by Tom Crossett

Tom took another picture at the Harrison homestead site, shown below. While Jim Dix is a scientist and therefore skeptical of such claims, Tom thinks he may just have captured the ghost of old John Harrison standing watch. What do you, the reader, think?

Sunlight at the Harrison Homestead Foundations
Or Perhaps the Ghost of John Harrison
Irish Ridge, Sullivan County, PA
Summer of 2002
Photo by Tom Crossett

The Jordan Connection

The name Jordan (sometimes spelled "Jordon") shows up continually in the accounts of the old Irish families, the records of the local Catholic churches, the formal histories by Streby and Ingham, and the census and land records for Sullivan County back until the middle of the 19th century. It has always been a puzzle to family historian as to which of these families are directly related by descent and how that descent ran back to Ireland. Tom and Sandy Crossett, Bart Cavanaugh and Bob Sweeney have been among the most diligent researchers into this family, since their Sweeney, Cavanaugh, and Harrison ancestors married, bought land with, and worked with Jordans left and right!!

In October 2002, a Jordan descendant named Nancy Bartholemy came somewhat to the rescue of this activity. Nancy is a descendant of Martin Jordan and Sara Bradley, both of County Sligo, Ireland. Martin and his more well known brother Patrick were sons of Henry Jordan and Mary Cosgrove back in Sligo. Henry Jordan was born in 1785 in Ireland and died on April 2, 1869. Mary Cosgrove Jordan was born in 1787 in Ireland and she died December 17, 1883. Their marriage was about 1804 in Ireland. Incredibly, both these parents had emigrated with their children to the New World and they died here in Sulivan County in the United States. In fact, The Sullivan Review reports that Mrs. Henry Jordan died on December 17, 1883 at age 99 years and we now know that she was Patrick and Martin Jordan's mother. The same newspaper reported the death of Mrs. Mary (Jordan) Philbin on May 25, 1916 at age 103. This lady was the wife of Andrew Philbin who died in 1887, and the daughter of Henry and Mary Cosgrove Jordan. That is, she was the last surviving sibling of Patrick and Martin Jordan. It is through such details from and about this parallel Jordan line of descent that much of the information about the Jordan families is being cleared up.

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
February 9, 1888


On Friday, February 3, Martin Jordan, of Cherry, visited Dushore, starting for home sometime about one o'clock, apparent in his usual health. Between one and two o'clock, John Martin, living one and a half miles from Dushore, discovered a horse and cutter standing in the road in front of his barn. Going out to learn the cause he found Mr. Jordan lying by the side of the cutter, crosswise on the road. The right runner of the cutter was upon a snow drift and the cutter tilted sharplly upon one side.

The body was yet warm but life extinct. Cornor Waddell was summoned, who repatred to the house of Mr. Martin, summoned a jury and held an inquest. The evidence elicited is given above. The verdict rendered was that the deceased came to his death from causes to the jury unknown. The supposition is that Mr. Jordan died of heart disease while in the cutter, and the horse getting out of the road tilted the cutter upon one side, thus throwing him out.

He was a man of 75 or 80 years of age, the father of five sons and daughters, who with an aged wife survive him. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the afflicted family. Funeral services were held on Monday and were very largely attended.

In 2002, Nancy still had a living great-aunt "Betty" (Agnes Elizabeth Thomas), who was the daughter of Agnes Elizabeth Jordan, granddaughter of Patrick A. Jordan, great-granddaughter of Martin Jordan (and Sara Bradley), and great-great-granddaughter of Henry Jordan and Mary Cosgrove. Aunt Betty is her primary source of family history. However, she also has original notes, handwritten in the early 1900's by her great-great grandfather Patrick A. Jordan on his office stationery. Finally, there are old papers and pictures recently opened by Nancy's mother. They had been in storage since about 1960. We reproduce some of the pictures and much of the information here.

Notes on Jordan Family Lineage
Made by Patrick A. Jordan (1843-1912)

Contributed by Nancy Bartholemy

Notes on Jordan Family Lineage
Made by Patrick A. Jordan (1843-1912)

Contributed by Nancy Bartholemy

The Lineage of Martin Jordan and Sara Bradley
Contributed by Nancy Bartholemy
From the Papers of Her Grandmother, Sue (Thomas) Bonnert

The Jordan and Philbin families were also related from an early period. As mentioned, Patrick and Martin they had a sister, Mary Jordan, born March 12, 1813 and died May 25, 1916, who married to Andrew Philbin born about 1817 in Easkey, County Sligo. He died April 13, 1887. Also there was John Jordan, born about 1809 and died June 18, 1902. appears to be a sibling based on land records in Laporte. Finally, there is a James Jordan born about 1816 in Ireland and died Jan. 9, 1894, who married a Bridget Jordan born about 1827 and who died March 6, 1897. They were married Feb. 4, 1845 in the Kilglass Catholic Chapel, County Sligo, Ireland. This is the same township and county where the Sweeney family originated. James Jordan may also be a brother to Martin, John, Mary and Patrick Jordan, but we have not been able to prove it. James Jordan's wife Bridget Jordan had parents named John Jordan, born about 1779 and died March 10, 1855 (in Kilglass) and Barbara Durkin, born about 1792. We do not yet know if this elder John Jordan was a sibling or close relative of Henry Jordan, the father of Patrick, Martin and the rest.

Memorial Card for Reverend Henry C. Jordan
Son of Martin and Sara (Bradley) Jordan

Contributed by Nancy Bartholemy
From the Papers of Her Grandmother, Sue (Thomas) Bonnert

Here is the Jordan family genealogy that leads down to Nancy's branch. The bolded entries are direct ancestors of Nancy. Keep in mind that there is a substantial branch descending in parallel through Patrick Jordan, the brother of Martin and Mary, that is not represented here:

Descendants of Henry Jordan (b. 1785)

1 Henry Jordan Born: 1785 in Ireland Died: April 02, 1869
.. +Mary Cosgrove Born: 1787 in Ireland Married: about 1804 in Ireland; Died: December 17, 1883
......... 2 Patrick Jordan Born: 1805 in County Sligo, Ireland; Died: 1889
......... 2 Martin Jordan Born: 1815 in Parish of Easky, County Sligo, Ireland; Died: February 03, 1888 in Pennsylvania
............. +Sara Bradley Born: 1816 in Parish of Screen, County Sligo, Ireland; Married: about 1841 in County Sligo, Ireland; Died: December 14, 1900 in Pennsylvania
.................... 3 Patrick A. Jordan Born: August 06, 1843 in Easky Parish, County Sligo, Ireland; Died: January 24, 1912 in Pennsylvania
........................ +Susan Largey Born: April 30, 1845 in Kersey, Elk County, PA; Married: about 1864 in Pennsylvania; Died: August 25, 1932 in St. Marys, Elk County, PA
............................... 4 Agnes Elizabeth Jordan Born: April 08, 1865 in Kersey, Elk County, PA; Died: April 15, 1941 in Elk County General Hospital, Ridgway, Elk County, PA
................................... +Henry Jacob Thomas Born: November 15, 1856 in Mythertidville, Glenmorganshire, Cardiff, Wales; Married: April 29, 1889 in St. Boniface Church, Centerville (Kersey), Elk County, PA; Died: November 24, 1943 in St. Marys, Elk County, PA
........................................... 5 Henry Ambrose Thomas Born: February 15, 1890 in Kersey, Elk County, PA; Died: August 1960 in Jamestown, Chautauqua County, NY
............................................... +Adaline A. "Addie" Hoover Born: June 02, 1893 in Johnsonburg, Elk County, PA; Married: September 12, 1914 in Johnsonburg, Elk County, PA; Died: August 1967 in Kersey, Elk County, PA
........................................... 5 Susan Marie "Sue" Thomas Born: June 01, 1893 in Snyder Township, Jefferson County, PA; Died: July 11, 1958 in Milford, Sussex County, DE
............................................... +Oliver George Francis "Bonnie" Bonnert Born: April 27, 1885 in Rasselas, Elk County, PA; Married: August 02, 1928 in Sacred Heart Church, St. Marys, Elk County, PA; Died: December 19, 1968 in Phoenix, AZ
........................................... 5 Jacob Thomas Born: February 1896 in Crenshaw, Jefferson County, PA; Died: June 05, 1896 in Crenshaw, Jefferson County, PA
........................................... 5 Patrick Thomas Born: about 1898 in Jefferson County, PA; Died: about 1898 in Jefferson County, PA
........................................... 5 Elizabeth Agnes "Betty" Thomas Born: October 27, 1902 in Brockway, Jefferson County, PA
............................................... +Edward Aloysius Hannan Born: October 30, 1893 in Pittsburgh, PA; Married: November 11, 1929 in Sacred Heart Church, St. Marys, Elk County, PA; Died: December 29, 1980 in Pittsburgh, PA
........................................... 5 Mary Genevieve "Gen" Thomas Born: October 05, 1905 in Brockwayville, Jefferson County, PA; Died: August 18, 1976 in St. Marys, Elk County, PA
............................................... +Leo Francis "Spike" Spence Born: August 14, 1899 in St. Marys, Elk County, PA; Married: September 01, 1934 in Sacred Heart Church, St. Marys, Elk County, PA; Died: November 14, 1958 in St. Marys, Elk County, PA
............................... 4 Martin Henry "Henry" Jordan Born: June 29, 1868 in Kersey, Elk County, PA; Died: October 31, 1916 in St. Francis Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
................................... +Grace Marie Johnson Born: about 1876; Married: February 09, 1898 in Centreville (Kersey), Fox Township, Elk County, PA; Died: after 1940, probably in Butler County, PA
........................................... 5 Grace Jordan Born: October 26, 1899 in Elbon, Elk County, PA; Died: after 1932
............................... 4 Patrick Ambrose "Ambrose" Jordan Born: May 15, 1875 in Kersey, Elk County, PAl Died: May 24, 1912 in Chicora, Butler County, PA
.................... 3 Mary Jordan Born: 1845 in Easky Parish, County Sligo, Ireland
.................... 3 Margaret Ann Jordan Born: November 25, 1849 in County Sligo, Ireland; Died: June 11, 1894
.................... 3 Henry C. Jordan Born: February 05, 1852 in the USA; Died: December 28, 1930
.................... 3 Catherine Jordan Born: September 12, 1854 in the USA

One interesting connection is that this branch of the Jordan family emigrated in part to nearby Elk County, probably at first to work in the lumber industry. We say that because we know that the Jordans who emigrated to Sullivan County from Ireland were part-time lumberjacks. They worked in the woods with the Sweeney family to whom they were related by marriage. In fact, Patrick Sweeney eventually moved to Elk County and married and raised a family there. He was the brother of Owen Sweeney, husband of Margaret Jordan, daughter of Patrick Jordan, the emigrant and brother to Martin Jordan. You can read more about the Sweeney family in Elk County in the section about Patrick Sweeney and Waleberga Krieg in Faces and Families, Group One. The Jordans and Sweeneys who relocated to Elk County from Sullivan County clearly knew one another and may been drawn in the first place to that area by the promise of timber jobs and family connections.

More material and photographs will be added to this section as they become available and we acquire a better knowledge of the specific family relationships involved. We do know that the Harrison family flourished in Elmira and was documented throughout the twentieth century in the papers of the late Alvin and Valeria Bahl Frawley. Alvin was the son of Thomas J. and Elizabeth Sweeney Frawley and, as such, was related by marriage, since his wife was a sister of Ella Sweeney and therefore a cousin to the Harrisons as well. In fact, Tom and "Lizzie" were married in the same year, 1897, that Lizzie's first cousin Jimmy Harrison married Catherine Philbin. The Frawley papers will appear elsewhere on this site. One thing that stands out in those papers, compiled and saved over at least seventy years, was the ongoing allegiance and affection for the "old sod" in northern Pennsylvania.


William Norman Thayer (1870-1913) and Marietta (Eilenberger) Thayer (1876-1960)
About 1900
Contributed by Veronica L. (Fritsch) Ellis, Great-granddaughter

You have just met William Norman Thayer and his wife Marietta Eilenberger in the picture at the top of this section. The Thayers are part of a tradition that can be traced back to 1706 in England and includes 242 descendants in nine generations. The interested reader can learn more about the overall Thayer family heritage at Descendants of William Thayer. Through the efforts of our contributor, Veronica L. Ellis, information has been assembled into a history of the local Thayer family and its relations. Veronica is the daughter of Carl and Helen Fritsch and the granddaughter of William and Catherine Thayer. William in turn was the son of William Norman Thayer, born 08/18/1870 in Mildred, PA and died 03/23/13 in Murraytown, PA at age 42. His wife, Marietta Eilenberger, was born 07/09/1876 in Asylum (Bradford County), PA and died 02/25/60 in Mildred. She later remarried and went by Marietta Thayer-Lowery.

JAMES MADISON THAYER was born April 5, 1843 in Warrenton, VA. He was the son of ALBERT GALLATIN THAYER and MARTHA JANE "PATSY" HEFLIN. Albert Gallatin Thayer's father was WILLIAM THAYER, son of GEORGE THAYER and CATHERINE GRAVES of Prince William County, VA. His mother was HANNAH JONES.

William's children were certified as his children by the Fauquier County Court on December 23, 1834.

Albert Gallatin Thayer, son of William Thayer and Hannah Jones, was born in 1811 in Fauquier County VA and died March, 1880 of pneumonia. He was a stone mason by trade. He married "Patsy" Heflin in 1834. Patsy died between August 4, 1860 (the date of her last census listing) and December 11, 1865, on which date Albert Gallatin Thayer applied for a second marriage license. On December 29, 1865, he married MARGARET ELLIOTT, who was born in Fauquier County sometime between 1819 and 1830. He had no children by this second marriage.

ALBERT FRANKLIN THAYER, born c. 1847, like James Madison Thayer, was a son of Albert Gallatin Thayer. He married FRANCES ELLEN HEFLIN, daughter of GEORGE W. HEFLIN and MIRIAM COURTNEY on 12/21/1871. Presumably, Frances Heflin was related to her husband's mother, Patsy Heflin. George W. Heflin was born about 1818, the son of JAMES HEFLIN. The children of Albert Franklin Thayer included JOHN W., MARY and LAURA THAYER.

James Madison Thayer died February 3, 1897 in Sullivan County, PA. He married TEMPERANCE JANE WATSON, daughter of JAIRUS WATSON and REBECCA VAN LOON. Temperance was born January 6, 1842 in Jackson Township, Luzerne County, PA, and died February 22, 1896 in Bernice, Sullivan County, PA. James and Temperance were the parents of ten children, including:

-JAIRUS H. THAYER, who married ANNA COYLE, daughter of THOMAS COYLE and ELLEN CULLEN, thereby connecting the Thayers with the large Cullen family of Sullivan County

Here is an obituary for Jairus Thayer. You can learn more in detail about this family at The Descendants of James Madison Thayer.

The Sullivan Review
April 27, 1944

Jairus H. Thayer, a prominent Attorney in Sullivan County, died Friday night, April 21st at his home in Cherry Township.

He had been in failing health for several years and during the past four months has been confined to his home, although since the weather became warmer, he seemed to be gaining in strength, and it was anticipated that he would again be able to visit his office soon. His death came as a shock to his many friends.

Mr. Thayer was born August 1st, 1868 in Albany Township, Bradford County, a son of the late James and Temperance J. Watson Thayer, and moved with his parents to Bernice when he was three years of age.

After completing his studies in the public schools of the county he entered State Normal School at Mansfield where he prepared himself for the profession of teaching. In this work he successfully taught four terms in the rural schools, served as principal of the Bernice High School for eight terms and was the first principal of the Dushore High, continuing in this school for five consecutive terms.

During this time he enrolled as a law student in the office of the late Hon. Bryan S. Collins and Attorney Alphonsus Walsh, preparing himself for his life work in the legal profession. He was admitted to the Bar in May 1903, to the practice of law in the courts of Sullivan County and later was admitted to practice in the Superior court, the Supreme Court and the United States District courts.

He was elected District Attorney for Sullivan County in 1913 serving three consecutive terms. In 1925 John G. Scouton, Jr. was elected to this office, but due to failing health served only at two terms of court when he resigned and Mr. Thayer assumed the work and was again elected, serving the county in this capacity for over 18 years.

In 1932 he was elected Prothonotary, Register & Recorder and Clerk of the Courts, serving one term of four years. As public official he was courteous, capable prompt and efficient. Mr. Thayer enjoyed a large and lucrative law practice. He was a sound and careful practitioner, a close student of the law, a safe counselor and a forceful advocate. As a citizen Mr. Thayer enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all who knew him and his death will be a distinct loss to the community and the county.

He was an ardent sportsman, and was vitally interested in the conservation of the natural resources of the county. He was a member of the county sportsmen’s association and was always willing to assist with advice which would further the efforts of the game commission and the fish commission in providing better sport for our citizens. He always took a very active part in any development, which was for the betterment of the community as a whole. As long as his health would permit he enjoyed an annual hunt for big game and at one time had many trophies of the chase mounted and in his home.

On Sunday, January 27, 1935 fire destroyed the Reformed Church of the Redeemer and also the adjoining home of Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, on German Street. The heat was so great that it was impossible to save any of the furniture, and many of his valued trophies were burned at this time.

On July 15th, 1891 he was united in marriage with Miss Anna A. Coyle of Albany Township who with their family held open house at their home on July 15, 1941, the 50th anniversary of their marriage.

To them have been born nine children: Frederick W. Thayer, who served as Lieutenant in World War I. After his return to private life, he took up his profession as dentist, opening an office in Dushore and later moved to Sayre, where he enjoyed an ever growing practice until his untimely death from an auto accident on November 1st, 1922; Francis Ivan Thayer, who met his death by drowning in the Obert Mill pond, November 25, 1905; Miss Mildred E. Thayer, who upon completing school entered her father’s office as clerk and stenographer, which position she continued to hold until January 1936, when she was admitted to the Bar for the practice of law in Sullivan County courts. Since this time she has continued to assist her father in the care of his business and also conducts an increasing insurance business of her own; Nellie R., wife of H. R. Welwood, who resides at the family home in Cherry township; Claude E. Thayer, who served for some time with armed forces of World War II. And has received an honorable discharge, he is an automobile mechanic by trade, making his home with his parents; Charles Edmund Thayer, an upholsterer by trade, living in Binghamton. He has a son, Corpl, Frederick E. Thayer, now serving in World War II and stationed at Camp Breckenridge, KY, and a son-in-law Sgt. James E. Sherman of Binghamton, now somewhere in Africa; Grace wife of Francis Vill, Gertrude who passed away September 23, 1908; and Mary, wife of Paul Tourscher of Cherry township. Sixteen grandchildren, a sister, and three brothers also survived

Funeral services were held from his late home Tuesday morning with Mass at St. Basil’s church at 10 o’clock. Interment in the family plot in the adjoining cemetery.

Editor's comments:
1. Corpl. Frederick E. Thayer was therefore a grandson of Jairus.
2. Sgt. James E. Sherman was married to his granddaughter.

The Sullivan Review
Nov. 8, 1922

The funeral services of Dr. Thayer were held Saturday morning at 10 o’clock in St. Basil’s church at Dushore, Rev. M.F. Sweeney, pastor, celebrating the mass. Rev. Thos A. Needham of Hawley, was seated in the sanctuary. At the grave a service was held by the Sayre Lodge of Elks, No. 1148 of which he was a member. Taps were sounded and a salute fired by members of Loyal Sock Post, American Legion.

Dr. Thayer was the eldest son of Attorney and Mrs. J.H. Thayer, was born in Bernice, July 25, 1892. When he was five years of age his parents moved to Dushore where he entered the parochial school. Later he enrolled in the public school from which institution he was graduated in 1908. He attended preparatory school at Allentown and Valparaiso, Ind. After which he enrolled for a dental course in the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, but before completing his studies volunteered and was accepted for service in the U. S. Army. He was allowed to finish his course and upon graduating was sent to Hog Island where he had charge of First Aid work in the Dental Department. From there he was transferred to Camp Oglethorrpe as First Lieutenant in the Medical corps and was assigned to sail for France the week the Armistice was declared.

In the spring of 1919 he opened a dental parlor in Dushore where he enjoyed a lucrative practice until the fall of 1921 when he moved to Sayre.

Dr. Thayer was always taken an active interest in athletics, having played baseball at the University where he was a member of the team and made a record for himself. He was a member of the Sayre Elk’s team at the time of his death.

He is survived by his parents, four sisters, Mildred, Nellie, Grace and Mary, and two brothers, Claude and Edwin.

The Sullivan Review
Oct. 8, 1908

Gertrude, the 4 years and 10 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Thayer, of this place, died on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at the home of her parents. For more than a year she had been afflicted with spinal trouble. Some time ago she was taken to a hospital at Philadelphia for treatment and while there contracted whooping cough. She became worse and was brought home. The whooping cough brought on complications, which caused her death. Funeral services were held on Friday Sept. 25 with interment in St. Basil’s cemetery.

Note that Jairus and Anna were the parents of EDMUND C. THAYER, who married LILLIAN MABEL LONG, daughter of JULIUS LONG and MARY SUSAN BARTH, thereby connecting the Thayer family to the large Barth family of this area and to the Long family narrated on Settlers Page XXIII, Julius and Mary Barth Long: Ancestors and Descendants, on this site.
Note: The contributors of this information on the Thayer history in Virginia and on the lineage of Jairus H. Thayer are Colleen and Joan Thayer of Binghamton, NY, grand-daughters of Jairus and children of Edmund Thayer and Mabel Long. In turn, they credit Wayne Howard Thayer (also a descendant of James Madison Thayer) of Ohio, who has researched the Thayer records in Virginia.

Colleen and Joan Thayer also provide the following overview of the connections among the Van Loon, Thayer and Long families:

We found among the Van Loons of Luzerne County a line that married into the Thayer family and the Allen family of New Albany. As follows:

Matthias Van Loon b. 2/7/1778; d. 10/22/1860, married Temperance Lamoreaux in Jackson, Luzerne, PA. Among their children were Rebecca and Joshua. We will not go into their other children here; that might just confuse matters. However, Rebecca Van Loon b. 1814, Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA; d. 9/12/1895 in Albany Township, Sullivan County, PA married Jairus Harrison Watson. Among their children were Temperance Jane Watson who married James Madison Thayer about 1865. James Madison was the father of Jairus H. Thayer, our grandfather.

In the meantime, Joshua Van Loon, Rebecca's brother, b. 9/1/1807; d. 9/26/1879, married Hannah Miller of New Albany, 2/15/1828; she was born about 1807. One of their children was Harpin Van Loon, b. 12/10/1833; d. 3/1/1910. He married Syble Burdick in 1855; she was b. about 1835. Their child, Minnie Van Loon, b. about 1867, married Lowell Allen of New Albany, Bradford County, PA. One of Lowell's children, Lela C. Allen, b. 1901, married Raymond C. Long, son of Julius and Mary Susan Barth Long, our mother's Mom and Dad.

It seems that in the end we all are related one way or the other!

As previously mentioned, Marietta Eilenberger later remarried and went by Marietta Thayer LOWERY. You can learn more about the history of Marietta, her mother Isabelle Shields and Isabelle's colorful life in The Descendants of James Brown and Isabelle Shields.

William and Marietta Thayer had the following children:

-WILLIAM A. "BILL" THAYER, born November 9, 1894 in Bernice, PA; died December 16, 1975 in Binghamton, NY; married CATHERINE "KITTY" WALSH, daughter of JAMES P. WALSH and CATHERINE GALLAGHER, daughter of MARY KELLY and MICHAEL GALLAGHER, on June 2, 1920; Kitty was born on September 17, 1893 in Laporte, PA, and died February 21, 1979 in Endicott, NY; she attended St. Basil's School in Dushore, PA, graduating in 1912
-HOWARD AMBROSE THAYER, born August 24, 1895
-EDNA MARIETTA THAYER, born February 23, 1898; died 1966; you can see her picture at Descendants of James Madison Thayer.

Catherine Louise Walsh High School Graduation Invitation
St. Basil's School Hall, Dushore, PA, June 6, 1912
Presented to her Parents James P. and Catherine (Gallagher) Walsh

Catherine Louise Walsh High School Graduation Invitation
St. Basil's School Hall, Dushore, PA, June 6, 1912
Graduation List: Catherine L. Walsh, Elizabeth M. Margaret Litzelman, Winifred Cecilia Cowley, Bridget Veronica Donahue, Matilda Blanche Rinebold, Mary Josephine T. Crimmins, Helen Elizabeth Walsh, Bessie Gertrude Farrell, Eugenia Mary T. Moyer, Ralph Frederick Saxer, Joseph Leo Coyle, Francis Waples Bergan and Alice Teresa Bahl

William A. Thayer
Born November 9, 1894
Photo by J. M. Hoag Studio, Dushore, PA

Here is a picture of the Walsh and Gallagher family. These Irish families were also related by marriage and descent to the Cavanaughs, Sweeneys, Collins, Byrons, and others and play a prominent role in the history and settlement of the area.

The Family of James and Catherine (Gallagher) Walsh About 1920
L to r, back: Joseph , Julia, Ellen, Catherine, Agnes, Margaret. James
Front: James and Catherine Walsh

William A. "Bill" Thayer was a sign painter in Dushore, PA. He painted logos on trucks and did many signs and billboards for businesses in the area. He worked in the Harrington creamery in Dushore and also loved music and bingo. In his younger days, he had been a coal miner, which qualified him for a pension due to "black lung" disease. He served in the US Army. You can see him as the flagbearer in several of a set of photos of a Troop Turnout in Dushore in 1918 or 1919. He later suffered the loss of an eye in a car accident in the 1970s. Bill also painted many landscapes. Here is a picture of his sign shop truck:

William A. Thayer's Sign Shop Truck
Dushore, PA, August 1955

Bill was a wonderful "Grampa" to all of his grandchildren. Bill and Kitty had seven children, 24 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 14 great-great-grandchildren. William and Catherine Thayer had the following children:

Home of William and Catherine Thayer
Coveytown, Sullivan County, PA About 1955

HELEN MARY THAYER, born August 13, 1921 in Coveytown, PA; died March 6, 1991 in Binghamton, NY
JAMES WILLIAM "BILLY" THAYER, born May 21, 1923; died May 2, 1992 in Tucker, GA
JOHN EDWARD THAYER, born September 19, 1925; died March 30, 1977 in Endicott, NY
LEO WILLIAM THAYER, born June 28, 1928
CATHERINE THERESA THAYER, born December 1, 1930
GENEVIEVE DOLORES THAYER, born September 15, 1938

William and Catherine Thayer and Children About 1940
Back, l to r: Catherine, Helen, Billy, Leo, John, William
Front, l to r: Theresa, Genevieve and Dick

According to Veronica Ellis, our contributor, Helen Mary Thayer enjoyed her job greatly, the job of being a mother. She had a terrific talent for writing and, in her journal, you will find many a reference about being a mother. The great things, the sad things, her fears and joys, She was a wonderful mother and grandmother, not only to her own but to a great collection of children she "mothered" as a babysitter (which she referred to as her "other" job). She was an active member of St. Ambrose Roman Catholic church in Endicott, NY, and belonged to several organizations in or through the church. Like her father, she was a music lover. She loved dancing and the holidays, and the changing colors of Fall. She fought a very long battle with cancer, which she finally lost causing her death. But she loved life and all that came with it.

Helen Mary Thayer married CARL WILLIAM FRITSCH, Sr., son of CARL ANTHONY FRITSCH and HELEN ESTELLE GRANT on April 18, 1941. Carl was born on July 8, 1920 in Lackawanna County, PA, and died April 19, 1997 in Endicott, NY. Carl William and Helen Mary Fritsch had the following children:

CARL WILLIAM FRITSCH, Jr., born October 30, 1942, died June 8, 1977 in Ulster, PA; married Thelma Vogel and bought "Grandpa" Thayer's farm in Coveytown, PA. They lived there until a fire burned it down.
THOMAS JOHN FRITSCH, born March 7, 1944
DAVID EUGENE FRITSCH, born September 16, 1946
MARY KATHRYN FRITSCH, born April 24, 1948 in Johnson City, NY
THERESA ANN FRITSCH, born April 14, 1950
LEO CYRIL FRITSCH, born February 2, 1952
JAMES ANTHONY FRITSCH, born November 24, 1953
MONICA AGNES FRITSCH, born July 11, 1955
RICHARD GRANT FRITSCH, born August 24, 1957
VERONICA LOUISE FRITSCH, our contributor, born April 15, 1959 in Williamsport, PA
JOSEPH FRANCIS FRITSCH, born January 16, 1961 in Binghamton, NY
JEROME ALLAN FRITSCH, born December 10, 1963 in Binghamton, NY
VINCENT PAUL FRITSCH, born July 25, 1966 in Binghamton, NY

First photo: Carl William, Sr. and Helen Mary (Thayer) Fritsch
With Son Carl William Fritsch, Jr. About 1942-3

Second photo: Family of Carl William and Helen Mary (Thayer) Fritsch
Wedding Picture for Carl William Fritsch, Jr. and Thelma Vogel, July 8, 1967
Back, l to r: Carl, Jr., David, Mary, Leo, Theresa, James, Carl, Sr., Thomas
Vincent, Monica, Richard, Helen, Veronica, Joseph, and Jerome

Third photo: Bill and Kitty in Older Age
Before 1975



Judy Parsons is a descendant of both the Warren and Converse families of Sullivan County. Her ancestor John Warren, along with Powell Bird and William Molyneux, were the first three permanent settlers of what is now Sullivan County, at the end of the eighteenth century. The line of descent for Judy goes as follows:

John Warren m. Mary Ward
Sarah Warren m. James Harding
Richard Harding m. Permelia Bingham Converse
Ella Victoria Harding m. James Nicholson
William Nicholson m. Laura Park
Ralph Nicholson m. Florence Cornelia Rauch
Judy Nicholson m. Raymond Edward Parsons, Jr.

The actual Converse Family Bible of Permelia B. Converse, given to her by her parents on April 22, 1855, records births and marriages over the course of half a century. Joseph Converse and his daughter Permelia B. Converse are both buried at Cherry Grove Cemetery in Nordmont, PA.

Here is what Judy Parsons recently wrote to us about her ancestral history:

As a descendant of the Warren family and the Converse family, I inherited a copy of the Genealogy of William Molyneaux and Descendants down to AD 1890. This includes an historical sketch of the Molyneaux, Bird and Warren Families, written by George Molyneaux Pardoe of Sioux City, Iowa and printed in 1891. It is only a few pages long. I believe that Mr. Pardoe made contributions to the history of Sullivan County. I am preparing some excerpts for my own file and would be pleased to finish the entire booklet and send it to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Site. Please let me know if this would be of interest to you.
Judy Parsons

Of course, we were more than interested and are delighted to present this piece of early county history, Genealogy of William Molyneux and Descendants, as well as bits and pieces of the rest of the Warren and Converse history. Judy has also contributed a copy of the obituary of Susannah Earl Edgar, mother of Permelia Converse, and the will of James Harding as artifacts of her own family heritage. Susannah's obituary requires some clarification. She was married first to Thomas Edgar who died early, leaving her the mother of three boys, two of whom grew to adulthood. Susannah remarried to Joseph Converse who died eleven years later, leaving her with several more children. One of these "Converse" children was Permelia Bingham Converse, subsequently the wife of Ricahrd Harding. The obituary was actually written by one of the "Edgar" children of Susannah and reads as follows:

Newspaper Advocate
Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
January 16, 1868


Permit me, through the Advocate, to give some account of the death of my dear mother, who departed this life December 13, 1867, at her residence in Davidson, Sullivan County,. Pa., being nearly 77 years of age.

She was born in Salem, Luzerne County, Pa., Feb. 15, 1791; awakened and converted 60 years ago, under the ministry of Rev. Robert Burch, late of East Genesee Conference, though at that early day it was something of a reproach so to do, as they were then a despised people, few in number, and had but small influence with the mass.

But being possessed of a firm mind and a new heart, she engaged in the stern realities of a Christian life, with a fixed purpose and well tempered zeal, which enabled her to overcome all embarrassments, and the trials of an eventful life. She was early left a widow, with three little boys to rear and counsel, of which the writer was the youngest, being then one and a half years old. She especially felt the death of my father, Thomas Edgar, as she had embraced like precious faith, and was so well prepared to share the responsibilities of their raising family.

She was afterwards united in marriage to Joseph Converse, who died about eleven years ago thus leaving her twice to pass the loneliness and sorrow of widowhood. She was the mother of eight children, who survive her, except one, and he is not, for God took him. Through her pious example and training we were all early led to the cross of Christ, and into his blessed fold. From our earliest recollections, we heard her prayers in public and at the family altar; and oh what lessons of truth she instilled into our young minds by Bible narratives and words of caution against prevailing sins. She was a Methodist of the early type, a firm believer in its usages, and especially in its doctrines as the true exposition of the Word of God. Our hymns were to her sound theology, and from our earliest recollection she would rehearse and sing them, much to our edification and her happiness.

Her life was one of numerous burdens and changes, but borne with Christian fortitude and submission. When the writer was laboring under an impression of public duty, and meeting with many embarrassments, one of which was the forsaking of mother, who was looking to him as her support in old age, she was first, not only to yield her claims, but to assume responsibilities and remove every impediment possible, so that duty might be followed, as the openings of Providence should lead the way. And oh how much we now feel our indebtedness to her, under God, for our position in the Church and our prospects in the future.

She died of heart disease, from which she suffered for many years. But when the summons came, though sudden, her lamp was trimmed and burning, and her last words were, "Faithful, faithful, loving Jesus." This mother of the older lights has changed position, and left the earthly to dwell in the heavenly forever. I trust her children will all walk by the same rule, and mind the same things, and share in the glory.

Andrew D. Edgar
January 16, 1868

There is an interesting parallel story of another daughter of Joseph Converse and Susannah Earl Edgar. This girl named Sara married William E. King and gave birth to a large family, one of whose sons was the author of a preserved persoanl diary of life in 1874 in Sullivan County. It is known as the Diary of Perry Watts Kings.

The will of James Harding, father-in-law of Permelia Converse, reads as follows:

Last Will and Testament of James Harding
Lycoming County, PA
Will Book, 3, Page 389

I James Harding of the Township of Penn, County of Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby reeking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

First: I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of the first moneys receive by my executors from my estate.

Second: If my wife Sarah claims her right of dower it is my will she shall have as much as the law allows her and no more.

Third: I do give and bequeath all of my property of every name and kind (including debts due to me) to my son-in-law George Edkin.

Forth (sic): As an explanation to my children I will here state that most of my property has been expended by myself for my support during the last seven years. I have been sick a great deal and my son-in-law George Edkin and my Daughter his wife have taken care of me night and day when I needed it. I consider it a matter of justice to give my said son-in-law George Edkin all I have left after my debts and funeral expenses have been paid and do appoint said George Edkin, executor of this my last will and testament.

In witness thereof, I James Harding the testator have to this my last will and testament Written in one sheet of paper set my hand and Seal this 17th day of April A.D. 1869

James Harding (L.S.)
Filed April 11,1870

There is also a brief record of a land transaction in which "James Harden and Sarah his Wife" sold land to Sidney Harden on February 26, 1855. The price was $3.00 It is signed by James Harding and Sarah Harding. The witnesses are Christian Kahler and Thomas W. Kahler. Presumably, "Harden" is an alternative spelling of "Harding" and the land transaction invovled direct family relatives of the Hardings.

Our contributor can be reached directly at Judy Parsons. We will be adding more to this story as information is provided.


Based on information we received in February 2007, perhaps this history should be entitled "Descendants of Patrick Harrington and Nora Sweeney". These were the parents of Cornelius Harrington back in County Kerry, where Cornelius was born in 1902. We are grateful to Peggy Ann Campbell and Jimmie Connors, great great grandchildren of Cornelius, for these additional materials which are referenced below.

According to the Streby History of Cherry Township:

Cornelius Harrington came from County Kerry, Ireland, to America in 1824 and settled on the Fred Saxer farm in 1828. He married his first wife while yet in Ireland and to them was born one son, Jerry, of New York. He worked on the canal near Berwick and, after settling in Cherry, he married Mary Litzelswope, a daughter of Joseph Litzelswope, of Cherry. Later, he purchased 400 acres of land at a tax sale in which was included the farm belonging to the C.J. Harrington estate. Their children were:

Mary Ann, married James Sheedy of Overton
Margaret, married William Keefe of Troy, Bradford County
Eliza, married John Farrell of Dushore
Catharine, deceased, married Joseph Ambs
John, died in infancy
Cornelius, deceased, married Eliza Gahan
Susan, married William O’Connell of Elmira
Joseph, of Lestershire, NY
Ellen, married Joseph Brogan of Dushore
Hannah, died when young
James H., of Dushore
Editor's Note: See more below.
Emma, married Dennis Whalon of Colorado

We also learn from the Streby History of Laporte Township and Laporte Borough that Cornelius, Sr. served as the county coroner in 1852. He must have had many talents. The same applies to the family of his wife, Mary Litzelswope. In fact, one thing that becomes apparent from looking over Peggy Ann Campbell's Descendants of Patrick Harrington and Nora Sweeney is the connection by marriage between the Harringtons and other old families in the Sullivan County area: Gahan, Snyder, Litzelswope, Kahni, Lane, Dorsey and more. Their family histories and stories are told in many places thorughout our web site. Ironically, Sweeney is also an old name in the county, but Nora Sweeney lived in County Kerry while the Sweeney family that propagated around Dushore and Cherry Mills originated in County Sligo.

We learn from research conducted by Todd Farmerie that the mother, whose full name was Mary Ann Litzelswope, was born in 1814, three years before her family emigrated, and died in 1887. Mary continued to live on the farmstead until she died. The births and death dates for the children of Cornelius, Sr. and Mary Ann (Litzelswope) Harrington were as follows:

Mary Ann, unknown
Margaret (12/27/32-04/03/52)
Eliza (1835-06/22/06), m. John Farrell (1833-01/02/06); their children were:

Francis H. Farrell, b. 1862
Martin Farrell, b. 1864
Ellen Farrell, b. 1866
Jeremiah A. Farrell (1868-12/05/00)
M. Barbara Farrell (1870-10/25/01)
Elizabeth J. Farrell (1872-1016/96)
Arthur J. Farrell (11/29/78-02/05/17)
Catherine, b. 1837, m. Joseph Ambs, b. 1835; their children were:
Mary Ambs, b. 1864
George Ambs, b. 1866
Susan Ambs, b. 1869
Cornelius J., m. Eliza Gahan (b. 1843)
Susan, b. 1844
Joseph, b. 1846
Ellen, b. 1848
Hannah, died young
James H., b. 1853
Emily ("Emma"), b. 1856

Our story will focus on the lives and fortunes of two sons, Cornelius J. and James H.. However, this large and adventurous family through marriage and joint endeavor became a signficiant factor in the social and economic life of the county for the subsequent 150 years.

The source book entitled Pennsylvania County Histories (No. 245 to 247, Sullivan County, reel #105) tells us that:

Cornelius HARRINGTON took up lands in the northwestern part of the township about 1828. He was from Ireland, and was afterward joined by a large number of his countrymen. (The neighbourhood was known as the Harrington District. So far as is known, he was the first Irish Catholic who settled in Cherry Township. Joseph LITZLESWOPE (father-in-law of Cornelius HARRINGTON) settled in Cherry Twp. in 1823, and was the first German Catholic. Cornelius Harrington's son - Cornelius, owns the homestead and James was a prominent business man in Dushore.

To be more factually complete, James and Cornelius married first cousins, Elizabeth and Margaret Gahan , respectively, daughters of immigrant brothers, Patrick and Morris Gahan *. James also founded the dairy business in the county that grew in the early twentieth century into one of the largest dairy and creamery businesses in the northeastern United States.

* Editor's Note: A fairly comprehensive history of the Harrington and Gahan family relationships can be found in Genealogical and Personal History of Northern Pennsylvania (Lewis Publishing Company, New York: Volume 3, pages 1153-1154, 1913) by John Woolf Jordan. These excerpts are relevant:


This family is of Irish ancestry, and for many years resident in county Kerry. One of the first of this family to settle in America was Cornelius Harrington, who was born in county Kerry, in 1804. His father was born in the same county, and for many years was a farmer near Kroln, where he resided at the time of his death.

( I ) Cornelius Harrington, at the age of twenty-five years, emigrated to America, set- tling in Pennsylvania. His first work on ar- riving in America was on the construction of the North Branch canal. Upon the com- pletion of this work he purchased a large tract of land in Cherry township, Sullivan county, becoming one of the pioneer settlers in that section of the state. He was perhaps the first Irish settler in the county. He sold his land to other settlers and subsequently re- moved to Dushore, where he conducted a ho- tel for many years. He later engaged in farming. He died in Dushore in 1878. He was a member of the Roman Catholic church. He took a prominent part in the political and business affairs of the community in which he lived. In politics he was a Democrat, and held a number of town offices. He was twice married. His first wife died before he im- migrated from Ireland. There was one child born of this first marriage : Jeremiah, who located in New York City, and was a police- man for a number of years. He married (second) Mary, daughter of Joseph Litzle- swope; she was born in Germany, in 1813, and died in Dushore, in 1886. Twelve children were born of this marriage: 1. Mary, mar- ried (first) James Shudy, now deceased, a farmer in Overton ; children : John ; Eliza- beth, married a Mr. Coddingham ; Margaret ; Joanna, married a Mr. Farrell, and Susan. She married (second) William Moore, a farmer in Overton, now deceased ; no chil- dren ; she now resides in Overton. 2. Eliza- beth, born 1837, died in Dushore, 1905; mar- ried John H. Farrell, now deceased ; he was a blacksmith in Dushore ; held the office of county commissioner for several years ; also several other public positions ; children : Frank H., now a bottler in Dushore; Jerome, now a blacksmith in Lestershire, Pennsyl- vania ; Leonard, now employed in the Elec- tric Light and Power plant in Manchester, New Hampshire; Mary, married Garrett Donahue, now an insurance agent in Roches- ter, New York; Martin, now proprietor of a garage in Brooklyn, New York ; Jeremiah, Ella, and Emma, now deceased ; Vincent, a farmer in Oklahoma ; Arthur and Theodore, now associated with their brother Martin in his garage. 3. Margaret, born 1838, died in Dushore, 1865 ; married William Burns, of Troy, Pennsylvania, now deceased ; no chil- dren. 4. Cornelius, born 1840, died in Du- shore, 1896 ; engaged in farming many years ; married Elizabeth Gahan, first cousin of Mar- garet Gahan, mentioned below ; she now re- sides on the farm near Dushore ; children : Mary, married William White, a railroad en- gineer, and now resides in Pittston. Pennsyl- vania ; Nora, now in the convent of the Good Shepherd, Philadelphia; Jeremiah, proprietor of a bottling plant in Arkville, New York ; Thomas, a barber in Lexington Manor, New York;. Jerome, a plumber in the state of Washington ; John, now managing the family homestead near Dushore ; Elizabeth, married Tames Moran, now a merchant in Helena, Montana; Julia, resides in Helena. Montana: Alice, now in the convent of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 5. Catherine, born 1842, died in Dushore, 1897; married Joseph Ambs, now deceased, a farmer in Sullivan county, Penn- sylvania ; children: Mary, married Benjamin Helbert. and resides in Philadelphia ; George, now a policeman in Philadelphia ; Kate, mar- ried James Byron, and resides in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania; Emma, resides in Phila- delphia. 6. Susan, born 1844, died in Elmira, New York, 1886; married Joseph O'Connor, now deceased, who was a shoemaker in El- mira ; one child : William, now deceased. 7. W. John, born 1846, died young. 8. Joseph, born 1848. now a retired druggist in Buffalo, New York ; married Rose McArdle, of Wa- verly, New York ; children : Katherine, a mil- liner in Buffalo ; James, a druggist in Buf- falo ; and John and Joseph, who reside with their parents. 9. Ellen, born 1850; married Joseph Brogan, a native of Massachusetts, and now deceased ; he served during the civil war, and was a shoemaker by trade ; she now resides in Dushore ; children : Thomas, a rail- road employee at Sayre, Pennsylvania ; Susan, deceased : Helen, married Cecil Cowley, now a salesman, and resides in Corning, New York ; Marcilla, married Arthur Trilback, now a merchant in Dushore; Julia, now a clerk in Corning, New York ; Elizabeth, now a trained nurse in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 10. James S., mentioned below. 11. Hannah. died young. 12. Emma, born 1855; married Dennis Whalon, a native of Dushore ; he is a blacksmith, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. (II) James S., son of Cornelius and Mary (Litzleswope) Harrington, was born in Clurry township, Sullivan county, Pennsylvania, Oc- tober 27, 1852. He was educated in the com- mon school of his native county, and in 1868 went to Elmira, New York, where he learned the shoemaker's trade. He worked at his trade in Elmira for ten years and then located in Powell, Bradford county, Pennsyl- vania, and engaged in mercantile business for six years. In 1883 he removed to Dushore, where he opened a shoe and general mercan- tile store, which he conducted until February, 10T2, when he sold out to J. D. Lane (q. v.).

He is a member of the Roman Catholic church, and Dushore Lodge, No. 271, Knights of the Maccabees. Tn politics he is a Demo- crat, and while residing in Powell, Pennsyl- vania, held the office of postmaster. He mar- ried Margaret Gahan, born in Towanda, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, September 2, 1851. Children: 1. Maurice James, men- tioned below. 2. Mary Margaret, born in Du- shore, March 12, 1891 ; now assistant princi- pal of the local high school. 3. Helen, born February 3, 1892, died January 13, 1895. 4. Margaret, born March 22, 1894, died twenty- third of same month. 5. Mildred, born Janu- ary 14, 1896; now a student at parochial high school in Dushore.

Mrs. Harrington is a daughter of Maurice and Catherine (Lynch) Gahan, and was edu- cated in the public schools of her native coun- ty, where for several years she was a succes- ful school teacher. She is a member of the Roman Catholic church and of the Altar So- ciety, one of the principal organizations con- nected with the church. She is also a mem- ber of the Ladies of the Maccabees of Du- shore. Her grandfather, Maurice Gahan, was born in county Kerry, Ireland, and died there in early manhood, in 1814. He engaged in farming in his native county until his death. He was a member of the Roman Catholic church. He married Margaret Bagley. also a native of county Kerry. She died there in 1830. Four children were born to them: 1. Thomas, born 1805 ; was a farmer, and died in Ireland. 2. Elizabeth, born 1807, died in Virginia City, Nevada, 1881 ; married James Ashe, a native of Ireland, who conducted a general store in New Brunswick. Canada, where he died ; children : Mary, now de- ceased ; Winifred, now deceased, married John Kelly; Elizabeth, married John Flood, and now resides in Idaho ; John, now de- ceased ; Catherine, married Martin Burns, and now resides in Virginia City, Nevada. 3. Maurice, mentioned below. 4. Patrick, born 1812; he emigrated to America and located in what is now Sullivan county, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in farming many years; later removed to Dushore,' where he died in 1885; married Honora Connors, a native of Ireland, who died in Dushore. Children : Elizabeth, married Cornelius Harrington, now deceased, and now resides in Dushore; Thomas, a farmer near Dushore; Maurice, now a retired property owner in Williams- port, Pennsylvania: Mary, married (first) a Mr. Reilly, (second) Charles McClean, now deceased, and she resides in Helena, Mon- tana : William, now deceased.

Maurice, son of Maurice and Margaret (Bagley) Gahan. was horn in county Kerry, Ireland, in tRoq, and died in Towanda, Pennsylvania, in September, 1897. At the age of seventeen he emigrated to Canada, and in 1829 he located in Sullivan county, Pennsyl- vania, where he was first employed on the construction of the canal. He later bought a farm, but in a few years sold it and re- moved to Towanda, Pennsylvania, where he followed his trade of shoemaker, which he had learned in Ireland when a boy. He worked at his trade in the above town and in other places in Bradford county until his death. He was a member of the Roman Catholic church. He took a deep interest in all matters pertaining to the uplift of his com- munity, being especially active in the cause of temperance. In politcs he was a Democrat. He married Catherine Lynch, born in county Kerry, Ireland, in 181 5, died in Towanda, Pennsylvania, in June, 1900. Children were born to Maurice and Catherine (Lynch) Ga- han: 1. Patrick W., born in Bradford county, March 26, 1842, died on a ranch near Great Falls, Montana ; married Elva Avery, in Grand Rapids, Michigan ; she now resides at Great Falls ; children : Mary, Catherine, Ed- ward, Anna, Annette, and William, all resid- ing at Great Falls. 2. Thomas F., born in Lycoming, now a part of Sullivan county, in April, 1844; he taught school nine years in his native county, and later served as county superintendent of schools ; he studied law and located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where he has attained marked success in his pro- fessional labors; he is popular with the people of his city, as evinced by the banquet ten- dered him by the citizens in 1910; he repre- sented his district in the legislature for one term. He married Jennie Crawford, of Wil- liamsport ; children : Frank, who resides at home, and Alta Bertha, a teacher in Chicago Art School. 3. Elizabeth, born in Bradford county, June 15, 1846, died there, unmarried, in March, 1896. 4. Mary, born in Bradford county, July 15, 1848, died at Standing Point, September 15, 1863. 5. Catherine, born in Bradford county, July 26, 1850; married Thomas Paine, who died in 1900; he was a native of Ireland, and was for many years a track layer ; an adopted daughter, Mary, re- sides in Towanda. 6. Margaret, married James S. Harrington, mentioned above. 7. Maurice, born October 1, 1855; now em- ployed in the electric light plant in Elmira ; married Margaret Cronan, born near Elmira ; children : John, a fire insurance inspector in New York City ; Thomas, a shipping clerk in New York ; and Frances and Mary, who re- side with their parents. 8. John, born in Bradford county, June 1, 1858, now a farmer near Towanda, Pennsylvania ; married Anna Devine, of Philadelphia ; children : John and Thomas, who reside with their parents.

(Ill) Maurice James, son of James S. and Margaret (Gahan) Harrington, was born in Dushore, Pennsylvania, January 21, 1887. He was educated in St. Basil's Parochial School, under charge of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, graduating June 7, 1904. He then entered the employ of his father in his grocery store, where he remained until Janu- ary, 1906. Meanwhile, during 1905, he took a course in bookkeeping in the International Correspondence School of Scranton, Pennsyl- vania. In 1906 he took a creamery course at the Pennsylvania State College, Center county, Pennsylvania, after which he managed for eight months a creamery in Choconut, Susque- hanna county, Pennsylvania. In 1907 he en- tered the employ of his father in his creamery in Dushore. In 1910 he purchased his father's interest in the creamery, and has op- erated it to this time. He is one of the pros- perous young business men of his town, and through his scientific and able management he has built up a large business. He is a mem- ber of the Roman Catholic church. In poli- tics he is independent. He is a member of Council No. 1407, Knights of Columbus, and Dushore Lodge, No. 271, Knights of the Mac- cabees. Mr. Harrington married, at St. Ba- sil's Church, Dushore, June 6, 1910, Mary H., daughter of John D. Lane (q. v.). They have one child, Robert Maurice, born Janu- ary 28, 1912.

Mrs. Harrington was born in Overton, Pennsylvania, September 6, 1885. She at- tended the schools of her native town ; also the Teachers' School near Benton, Pennsyl- vania, under the principalship of Prof. A. S. Fritz. She then taught school for three years in Wyoming and Luzerne counties, Pennsyl- vania. In 1904 she entered the State Normal School at East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and graduated in 1906. She then taught school in Rickett's, Wyoming county, Penn- sylvania, for two years, and one and one-half years in the Dushore high school. She is a member of the Roman Catholic church, the Ladies of the Maccabees, and the Young Mar- ried Woman's Club, of Dushore.

Retruning to our story, in May 2012, Maureen Quinn Dwyer wrote to us about her Harrington and Quinn ancestors from Sullivan County. Here are her comments:

I am a descendent of Cornelius Harrington, II. My maternal great grandfather is James Harrington; my maternal grandmother is Mary Harrington Quinn. Mary Harrington was a school teacher in Dushore until she married Frank B. Quinn in June 1917. Mary (b. 12 Mar 1890) was the daughter of James Harrington and Margaret Gahan. Frank B. Quinn was born in Lopez, PA on 24 Jun 1889; he practiced law in Erie, PA. He received a degree (L.L.B.) from the University of Pennsylvania in 1914. His parents were Matthew Quinn and Nora J. (Pender) Quinn. My grandparents moved to Erie in 1917 following their marriage. They had seven children: three sons and four daughters. The four daughters are still living; my mother, Margaret Eleanor Quinn, is the oldest and was born 5 Dec 1919. Mary Harrington Quinn died 15 Jul 1934 after an extended illness. My grandfather Frank died 25 Feb 1964. There were 28 grandchildren.

Shown below are two photos, one of the June 1917 wedding of my grandparents and the other a family photo from 1930. The four daughters shown in the famly photo were still living in 2012.

Francis and Mary (Harrington) Quinn
Wedding Photo June 1917
Sullivan County, PA
Contributed by Maureen Quinn Dwyer, Granddaughter

Family of Francis and Mary (Harrington) Quinn
Erie, PA 1930
L to r: Mary Harrington (b. 3 May 1927); Mary Harrington Quinn (b.12 Mar 1890, d. 15 Jul 1934) holding Frances Barbara (b. 6 Jul 1930); Margaret Eleanor (b. 5 Dec 1919); John Maurice (b. 26 Jan 1925, d. 8 Dec 1997); Francis Bernard (standing) (b. 24 Jun 1889, d. 25 Feb 1964); Katherine "Katrina" (b. 7 Apr 1923); James Matthew (b. 3 Jun 1921, d. 4 Jun 1945); Bernard Francis (standing) (b. 12 Jun 1918, d. 28 Jun 1993).
Contributed by Maureen Quinn Dwyer, Granddaughter of Mary (Harrington) Quinn and Daughter of Margaret Eleanor Quinn

* Editor's Note: In September 2013, Annie Snyder wrote to us about her aunt, Frances Barbara (Quinn) Busick. Frances was a niece to Annie's grandmother, Mildred (Harrington) Snyder, and is the very same baby shown in her mother's lap above. Mildred and Mary (Harrington) Quinn were sisters! Here are Annie's comments:

The picture (shown below) of my dad, Frank Snyder, and my Aunt Francie (Quinn) Busick was taken at an event held on July 5, 2013. The venue was Newport, Rhode Island, at The Clambake Club. The occcasion was dedication at the Newport Shipyard for the Oliver Hazard Perry Education Project. YOu can lear n more at the OHP Website. My Uncle, Vice Admiral Thomas Weschler, pretty much spearheaded the entire renovation project. He is married to Katrina "Trina" (Quinn) Weschler, Aunt Francie's sister and another niece of my late grandmother Mildred! The Weschlers are from Erie PA.. He's 95 and still going strong!

Francis M. Snyder and Frances Barbara (Quinn) Busick
Dedication Ceremony for the Oliver Hazard Perry
Newport RI
July 5, 2013
Contributed by Annie Snyder, daughter of Frank Snyder
Granddaughter of Abraham and Mildred (Harrington) Snyder

In December 2013, Frank and Annie Snyder contributed more pictures of their Quinn relatives. Here are a selection:

Bernard Francis Quinn
Son of Francis Bernard "Frank" and Mary (Harrington) Quinn
Unknown Venue 1941
Contributed by Frank Snyder

Quinn Family at a Lake Beach
L to r: James Quinn, Mary (Harrington) Quinn, Mildred (Harrington) Snyder, Bernard Quinn and Frank Quinn
Unknown Venue 1926
Contributed by Frank Snyder

Here also is a picture of the Quinn family home in Erie, PA:

Quinn Family Home
Erie PA 1920s
Contributed by Frank Snyder


Jerry Connors of New Haven, Connecticut is a grandson of Jeremiah A. Harrington and great-grandson of Cornelius and Eliza (Gahan) Harrington. He is the source of the following two pictures and supporting detail about the family of Cornelius J. Harrington.

Family of Cornelius J. and Elizabeth (Gahan) Harrington
Back, l to r: Thomas, Jeremiah and Jerome
Middle, l to r: Mary A., Cornelius J. (father), Eliza (mother) and Hanora ("Hannorah")
Front, l to r:Julia, John P. and Alice
Note: A daughter, Elizabeth, was absent in Montana at the time of this photo in about 1890.
Contributed by Jerry Connors

Thomas Harrington with His Mother Eliza (Gahan) Harrington
Photo Taken Before 1916
Contributed by Jerry Connors

Known to his many friends as "Old Con", Cornelius J. Harrington took over the Harrington family farm after the death of his father. When he in turn passed away at home in 1901 from dropsy, his son John Harrington took over the farm. During his life, Cornelius served in many public offices in Cherry, and his obituary in the March 9, 1901 issue of the Sullivan Review observed that his untiring efforts are due many of the modern improvements in the condition of the affairs in Cherry Township....

Harrington Grave Marker
Elizabeth (Gahan) and Cornelius J. Harrington
St. Basil's Cemetery, Dushore, PA
Contributed by Jerry Connors,Great-grandson


Cornelius J. Harrington was born in Cherry Township on August 18, 1841 and died in Dushore on March 8, 1901. He is buried at St. Basil's Cemetery in Dushore, PA. His wife, Elizabeth Gahan, daughter of Patrick Gahan and Hannora Fitzgerald, was born in Towanda, Bradford County, PA on April 30, 1843 and died in Dushore on December 23, 1925. She is also interred at St. Basil's. They were married about 1866, just after the Civil War ended. "Liza", as she was commonly known, was buried the day after Christmas, 1925, according to the death certificate filled out by daughter-in-law Mrs. John Harrington, and the cause of death was "infirmities of old age & heart". The children of Cornelius and Eliza were:

Mary A. Harrington (11/10/1867-02/25/1934), born in Dushore and died in Pittston, Luzerne County, PA of carcinoma of the hard palate; she was buried at St. John's cemetery in Pittston. Mary married William F. White on October 25, 1892 in Towanda, PA; he became a city councilman and director of the Department of Public Safety in Pittston and their surviving children at the time of her death were: Raymond, Paul, Leo W., and Elizabeth.

Hannorah "Nora" G. Harrington (05/18/1869-01/04/1943), born in Dushore and died at St. Mary's Protectory, Norristown, PA; also known as Sister Mary Paula, member of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd from April 21, 1898 until her death

Jeremiah A. Harrington (12/16/1870-11/18/1929), born in Dushore and died in Arkville, Delaware county, NY, m. Anna Walls on March 31, 1894 in Towanda; after Anna died in Horton, Delaware county, NY on April 15, 1903 (she is buried in Hancock, NY), Jeremiah subsequently was married to Anna McGuire and then to Lydia Livingston; all buried in Margaretville, NY. Based on stories from Jerry's mother, Eva Harrington Connors and his uncle Ivan Harrington, Jeremiah was a very religious man. When he moved to Arkville, NY, there was no Catholic church there. So, he had an altar built in his home and every Sunday a priest would come from Margaretville to say Mass for the Catholics. He was intimately involved in building the first Catholic church in town and also served as the road commissioner. He was the postmaster and ran the post office from his storefront. Jeremiah bought an old bottling plant in town and started the "J. A. Harrington Bottling Plant". where they made soft drinks. Perhaps he got the idea from his uncle James who founded the bottling plant and creamery in Dushore. Jeremiah made a point of hiring local school kids for summer help and many students paid for their education by working in the plant in the summer. Eva (Harrington) Connors, mother of our contributor, told the following story about Jeremiah:

When Jeremiah owned the hotel in Horton, New York, he also owned the only ice house for miles around. It was just out back of the hotel. On August 3, 1902, there was ahead on train wreck, about half a mile down the track from the hotel. There were 15 people killed in the wreck. The two trains came together and telescoped both into a pyramid. The trainmen on both locomotives were killed along with several others. Jeremiah opend up his ice house to preserve the bodies of the victims until the next of kin could claim them. As the bodies were picked up by family members in wagons, the large cakes of ice that were their resting place were dragged out in to the rear yard to melt. Five years old at the time, I remember very vividily the large cakes of red ice in the yard for days.

Horton, NY was very small and when Route 17 was constructed, the town of Horton was made part of Cooks Falls, NY and the name Horton was dropped. Ivan Harrington, another child of Jeremiah, also told our contributor about Charles Lindbergh's return to the United States after his historic flight in 1927. There was a ticker tape parade in New York City. Jeremiah took Ivan and a friend to New York in his touring car to see the parade and to meet Lindbergh in person. Jeremiah died two years later in 1929.

Thomas F. Harrington (12/18/1873-10/26/1916), born in Dushore and died in Helena, Montana; married Mary Haddock in 1901 in Livingston Manor, NY. He was a barber by profession. Eva Harrington Connors lived with this family for a while. Later in life, Thomas contracted pulmonary tuberculosis. He moved to Helena, Montana, where he had relatives, for his health and died there from his illness in 1916.

Jerome B. Harrington (01/08/1976-10/10/1970), born in Dushore and died in Scappoose, Columbia County, MT; married Ida V. Miller on September 27, 1911 in Mount Angel, Clackamas County, OR. He had moved to St. Helens, OR from Pa in 1908 and set up a very successful plumbing business there. Known to the entire local populace of St. Helens as "J.B.", he had a downtown store with living quarters on the second floor. As the years passed, J. B. began to slow down and sold the business in 1952. Investing wisely over the years in securities and real estate, he was able to finance the homes of many young couples in the area. EVentually, Jerome and Ida had failing health and had to move to a nursing home. At the time they died, their personal fortunes were gone.

John P. Harrington (01/12/1878-04/22/1926), born and died in Dushore, m. Mary G. Keating on October 16, 1905 in Dushore, PA. He took over the farm after his father died. However, some time later, there was a fire at the farm and eventually the farm was sold.

Elizabeth Harrington (04/13/1880-02/17/1952), born in Dushore and died in Deer Lodge, Powell County, MT; m. Thomas Moran on January 21, 1903 in Helena, MT. This child had a most remarkable childhood. Her mother, Eliza Gahan, had a sister Mary in Virginia City, Nevada. Mary Gahan had been married to James Riley for only a few years and they had no children. In 1883, Mary visited Eliza in Sullivan County and told her how lonely she was out west with no family or children. Since Eliza had nine children, would she not allow one of her own to return to Nevada with Mary? Mary promised faithfully to return the child to Dushore one year later. Young Elizabeth, only three years old at the time, was selected to go. However, mary did not return the child as promised nor did she communicate with anyone back in Dushore. As time passed, Elizabeth grew up thinking that Mary Riley was her mother. She was known to the people of Virginia City as "Elizabeth Riley". In those days, the Harrington farm was located a few miles outside Dushore. There were only very few trips taken to town. There was no phone nor electric lights. Communciation with a location in Nevada was impossible except for the US Mail and that went unanswered. When Elizabeth was about eight years old, James Riley died and Mary Gahan Riley subsequently remarried to a man named McLean. The family then moved to Helena, MT, where Mr. McLean had a good job. Elizabeth attended the best schools and was a nice young lady. About this time, a friend paid a surpirse visit from Dushore to Mary in Helena. In fact, she was a cousin to Mary, Nellie Cottingham. Seeing Elizabeth for the first time, she remarked: You look exactly like Liza. When Elizabeth asked who Liza was, Nellie answered: Your mother, of course! Explanations were in order and Elizabeth Harrington found out who she really was. Correspondence was renewed with the family back in Dushore. After finishing high school, Elizabeth went to work for Moran Brothers, a meat packing plant, where she met Thomas Moran, her future husband. They were married on January 21, 1903. Her father had meanwhile died back in Dushore, never having seen his duaghter again. Elizabeth then vowed to return to visit Dushore before her real mother should pass away. In 1912, she did so, along with Mary, her pseudo-mother, and the two young chldren of Elizabeth and Thomas, Leo and Edward Moran. The visit came off well and, with the passage of time, all was forgiven. The party returned to Montana and, eight months later, Mary (Gahan) RIley McLean died. Over time, Elizabeth was joined in Montana by her sister Julia and brother Jerome. These latter two made frequent trips back to Dushore, but Elizabeth did so only once more later in life. Elizabeth worked for the IRS for thirty years and eventuallydied in 1952. She is buried in the Moran plot in Redemption Cemetery. One son, Leo, married and the other, Edward, became a priest. This amazing story was passed down by Fther Edward Moran from his mother, Elizabeth Harrington Riley.

Julia R. Harrington (03/14/1883-02/24/1960), born in Dushore and died in Helena, MT; married Charles J. Jezick on June 12, 1913, Sr. on June 12, 1913 in Helena, MT. Julia moved to Montana to where her sister Elizabeth lived. She found work in the area and lived in a duplex next to her sister. She married Charles Jezick but they found they could have no children. This devastated Julia for she dearly wanted children of her own. One day, a young woman from St. Paul, MN got off the train and sought out a Catholic priest. She was going to have a child out of wedlock and needed a place to stay until she had the child. She would then give the child up for adoption. Julia Jezick took the woman into her home and looked after her until the baby was born. The Jezicks adopted the child and named him Charles Jezick, Jr. He grew up to be a fine young man and later married Janet Curry from Wichita, KS. After Julia died, Charles, Jr. moved his family to St. Helens, OR where his uncle Jerome had a plumbing business.

Alice Harrington (03/17/1884-03/10/1965), born in Dushore and died in Scranton, PA; also known as Mother Lucinda of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She entered the convent at Scranton and, when she passed away, was buried in St. Catherine's Cemetery in Moscow, PA.


James Harrington established a small dairy products plant in Dushore in 1907 with his son Maurice. As we know, James was also a son of Cornelius Harrington, the emigrant, and a brother of "Old Con", Cornelius, Jr. Maurice J. Harrington was a graduate of a course in dairy management at Pennsylvania State University and was placed in charge of operations by his father in 1907. In 1919, he became president of Harrington and Company, milk plant operators and ice cream manufacturers. Here is an excerpt from Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, "Endless Mountains":

Harrington and Company

No industry in Sullivan County is more intimately associated with a greater number of residents of the section than the milk and ice cream plant of Harrington & Company at Dushore. More than a thousand farmers and dairymen in sullivan, Bradford, Lycoming, Wyoming, Columbia, Luzerne and Susquehanna Counties send their milk to some Harrington plant, the total daily supply ranging from 100, 000 to 150, 000 pounds. The Dushore supply of milk comes from a 20 mile radius of the plant. Checks distributed monthly to these patrons are an essential factor in the welfare of the county. They payroll at Dushore where about 20 employees are engaged, futher contributes to the buying power of the county.
This industry had its inception in a small creamery which James S. Harrington established in Dushore in 1907. He placed his son, Maurice J. Harrington, who had completed a course at Pennsylvania State College, in charge. Two youngmen collected the cream from nearby farmers. The equipment consisted of a borrowed ten-horsepower boiler and engine, a churn, a cream vat, and seven cream cans. In 1910 James S. Harrington * retired from the business and it was taken over by his son, who conducted it in his own name for nine years, greatly expanding it and introducing modern methods and practices. In 1917 a large addition was built to the Dushore plant, a condensing plant was installed, and shipment of cream and ice cream mixtures to manufactureres of ice cream in the East was begun. Harrington & Company was incorporated in 1919, with M. J. Harrington as president, who has maintained this position up to the present time.

* Editor's Note: In August 2012, Frank Snyder passed along to us two newspaper articles from the Elmira Advertiser and Elmira Star Gazette, each published in Elmira, NY. These articles, which Frank obtained from Maureen Quinn Dwyer, great niece of Mildred S. Harrington, report on the accidental death of James S. Harrington from asphyxiation by carbon dioxide poisoning in a Waverly, NY hotel on December 17, 1912. You can access these stories by going to the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira or online at:

James S. Harrington Death (Advertiser)
James S. Harrignton Death (Star Gazette)

In addition to its plant at Dushore, Harrington & Company operates a large retail milk plant at Wilkes-Barre under the name of Glendale Farms. This plant supplies both milk and ice cream to Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and other cities and towns in the Anthracite coal region. Another plant is operated in Newark, N.J., from which both wholesale and retail milk are distributed in the Metropolitan Area. Other distribution centers are located in Sayre, Towanda and Reading.
The Dushore plant of Harrington & Company is one of the most modern and complete milk preparation plants anywhere in the country. Sanitation is the keynote in every phase of milk handling as a prerequisite to the quality product which the company markets. Many people visiting the county each year include a trip through the Harrington plant. All are welcome.
Harrington's ice cream is a product which has attained a wide distribution and established for itself a name well known throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New York State. *
* Editor's Note: In 1946, the Harrington Dairy business was merged with Philadelphia Dairy Products Company. In turn, this business was acquired by Foremost Dairies in 1956, with Harrington formed into its own division. Here is the 1957 Annual Report for the Harrington Division of Foremost Dairies.

Maurice Harrington was also known as a philanthropist. Along with Mathias Litzelman, he made several substantial grants to fund trust accounts to preserve and maintain the older graves at St. Basil's Cmeterey in Dushore, where the local Harrington family is interred. Maurice was also president of the Sullivan Silk Company in Dushore.

Maurice J. Harrington
President of Harrington and Company
From Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, "Endless Mountains"
Published by H. G. Sallan, Williamsport, PA, 1937
Copy obtained from the collected papers of Alvin and Valeria Bahl Frawley

Receiving Platform
Harrington and Company Dairy Plant
From Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, "Endless Mountains"
Published by H. G. Sallan, Williamsport, PA, 1937
Copy obtained from the collected papers of Alvin and Valeria Bahl Frawley

The Harrington family intermarried with the Snyder family, when Abraham F. "Abe" Snyder married Mildred Harrington, sister of Maurice J. Harrington, the son of the founder of the business. Read about these families at Snyder and Harrington: A Pictorial Family History.


Conrad Rohe Family About 1890
Back row, l to r: Mathias or Joseph, Peter, Conrad, Adam John (1870-1939), Frank Sylvester (1872-1952)
Front Row, l to r: Mary or Elizabeth, Phillip or Anthony, Emma, Phillip or Anthony
Taken Between 1886 and 1890
Photo contributed by Sherri Rhoy Lenz, granddaughter of Adam John Rohe.
These are her best educated guesses as to the identities.

The children of Conrad Rohe and Emma Faust are shown in the picture above. Emma's family originated in Germany, where she was likely born about 1821. We are indebted to Allen Foust for the following information about the Faust (alternatively spelled "Foust") lineage:

My father was Roy D. Foust. Roy's father was Walter D. Foust. Walter's father was Frederick J. Foust. Frederick's father was Amos Foust. Amos's parents were Philip and Elizabeth Foust who were likely born in Germany.

Amos was Emma's brother. Emma married Conrad Rohe.

Conrad Rohe came to America about 1832 with his brothers John and Valentine. As shown in the church death records, he died on February 8, 1872, and is buried at St. Basil's Cemetery in Dushore, PA. We know from our good friend and fellow genealogist Vernie Noecker a little bit about the early history of the Rohe family, and in particular about Conrad's brother, Valentine Rohe:

The Rohe family came to the United States from Germany. VALENTINE ROHE was born in Germany in 1802. He died on his homestead on the border of Sullivan and Bradford counties on Feb. 10,1873 and is buried at St. Basil's, Dushore. **

Valentine, with his wife Elizabeth Wagner Rohe and two daughters, Catherine (age 6) and Elizabeth (age 1), emigrated from Germany in 1833 into Baltimore. They settled in Pottstown, Schuykill County, PA, where they lived for about three years.

They were Catholic and the church serving the area at that time was Saint Nicholas R.C. While in Schuykill County, their son Peter was born between 1833 and 1836, and probably Hannah Elizabeth, Mary and maybe Valentine, Jr.

Valentine, the migrant, settled in Cherry Twp., Sullivan County in 1836. Andrew was born there on 3-10-1848; d. 2-24-1907, according to his stone at St. Basil's. His estate of 25 acres was transfered to JOHN C. ROHE in 1907.

** Editor's Note: A comprehensive genealogy of this family can be reviewed at Dee Froemming's Descendants of Valentine Rohe. The context for this information is that Dolores "Dee" Frykman Froemming of Wisconsin has been assembling a history of the interrelated Rohe, Knaeble and Frykman families for twelve years. We are grateful to her for this encyclopedic and useful information. You may also want to examine the Genealogy of Tim Richard Tyler, which ties together the Knaeble, Rees, Ziebarth and Rohe families, among others.

Their son, PETER ROHE, had a farm in Forks Twp., and he married HANNAH HARTZIG (b. 6-16-1863). In turn the children of Peter and Hannah were:

CLARA, m. MANESSA SHRIMP; they had a son, OSCAR (1896-1898)
ALBERT (1870-1929), buried at St. Paul's Reformed Cemetery,Overton
LEROY (06/22/1873-07/14/1959), also buried at St.Paul's, m. MARY A. LITZELMAN

The children of Leroy and Mary Litzelman Rohe were:

GEORGE and CLAIRE, twins born in 1900 who died in infancy
GLADYS (1917-1995)
LAWRENCE (1920-1998)
MELVIN, b. 1925
EDWARD, b. 1910

In November 2008, Larry Pardoe corrected the preceding list and provided additonal information on the Rohe-Litzelman branch of this family. Perhaps, the first list here meant to suggest that George was a twin to "Claire" and that George had died in infancy, since we know from Larry's list that Clair grew up and married. Here is the Pardoe list:

LeRoy S. Rohe and Mary Ann Litzelman Rohe had seven known children:

* Clair (1901-1983) m. Neta Myra Molyneux (1904-1982)
* Gladys A. Rohe (1905-1933)
* Edwin Rohe (1910-1932)
* Grace Elizabeth Rohe (1917-1995) m-1 Clarence S. Bender (1898-1972) m-2 Ivan O. Teeter (1902-1993)
* Lawrence LeRoy Rohe, Sr. (1920-1998) m. Alverta M. (Daily-Krouse) Waluk (1912-2004)
* Melvine Eugene Rohe, Sr. (1925-2008) m. Elizabeth Jane Sherman (1930-2008)
* Donald M. Rohe, adopted child, (1927- Living 2008) m. Jeannette Pauline Vough (1934-1998).

Another source of information on the Rohe origins is Diane Falk Romaine. She is a descendant of Valentine Rohe's daughter, Margaret, who married Nichlaus Ambs. In April 2008, we received Diane's Descendants of Valentine Rohe, for which we are grateful. Her history tells us that Valentine and Conrad were children of Wilhelm and Magdalena (Muller) Rohe. On June 5, 1827, Valentine married Elizabeth Wagner, daughter of Johan Wagner and Magdalena Weiland, in Rohrbach, Bavaria. They sailed from LeHavre in France on November 8, 1833 for the New World. The rest of their arrival story is covered in the file linked above.

You can learn more about the relationship between the Hartzig and Rohe families at Descendants of John Hartzig.

Conrad was also the great-grandfather of our contributor, Sherri Rhoy Lenz. By the end of the 1800's, many of the Rohe children had drifted west, particularly into the Minneapolis area where there are Rohe descendants today. The name is spelled alternately as "Rohe", "Rhoy" and even "Rohey" in various documents, histories, newspapers and other sources. You will also find, as is common with recollections of folks writing down history fifty years after it happened, that the birth and emigration dates from source to source are not always congruent.

Valentine Rohe married Elizabeth Wagner and their children were:

Hannah Elizabeth *
Valentine, b. 1845-46

* Editor's Note: Hannah Elizabeth Rohe married Andreas Heinrich Knaeble, son of Andreas and Margaretha (Lefevre) Knaeble on March 7, 1859 in Sullivan County, PA. In 1860, their daughter, Hannah Sophia Knaeble, was born. The family later moved to Minneapolis where, after her husband Andreas died in 1863, she married his brother William. Another child of Andreas and Margaretha (Lefevere) Knaeble was Maria Margaretta Knaeble, born in Sullivan County, PA in 1844; she married Edward Andrew Ziebarth in Minneapolis in 1866. You can learn more about these families at Dee Froemming's Descendants of Andreas Knaeble and Ancestry of Edward Andrew Ziebarth.
Hannah Sophia Knaeble (1860-1926) later married Jesse Willis Rees about 1887 and lived in the Minneapolis- St. Paul area for the rest of her life. We reproduce here, courtesy of Donald Kendall, Stephen De Boer and Dee Froemming the following photos of the Knaeble family in Minnesota:

Hannah Sophia (Knaeble) Rees
Daughter of Valentine and Hannah Elizabeth (Rohe) Knaeble
Wife of Jesse Willis Rees
Taken in Minnesota About 1887

Rees and Knaeble Family Group Photo
Taken at Rees Homestead
Edmond Street, St. Paul About 1891
Hannah Sophia (Knaeble) Rees is standing in front next to her daughter, Mabel Anna Rees, on the tricycle. and her husband, Jesse Rees on the other side of this child. Otherwise, l to r: Thomas Leslie (child on fence), grandson of Thomas and Rose Ann (Hampton) Rees; his father, Mr. Leslie (first name unknown), and mother, Rebecca Jane (Rees) Leslie (sister of Jesse); Thomas and Rose Anne ("Rosannah"); Catherine Olive ("Olie") Rees, spinster daughter with developmental disability; Elbridge Rees and Lewis Rees, brothers of Jesse.
Identifications Courtesy of Tim Tyler As Told to him by his Grandmother, Mabel Anna, the child on the tricycle in this photo.

Back to the children of Valentine Rohe and Elizabeth Wagner---one son, also named Valentine, married Louisa Weisbrod and their children were:

Lawrence A.
John A.
Leo J.
Fred M.
Frank V.
George R.
Nathan W.

Here is an excerpt from the Streby History of Cherry about this son:

Valentine Rohe was born in Cherry in 1845. His father, Valentine Rohe, was a native of Germany, and came to America about 1832, and settled in Cherry in 1837. He owns the farm formerly owned by Joseph Weisbrod. In 1869 he married Louisa Weisbrod, who was born in Cherry in 1854. She was a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Reinford) Weisbrod, of Germany. Mr. Rohe is devoting considerable attention to raising fine stock. To Mr. and Mrs. Rohe seven sons have been born, Lawrence A., of Minneapolis, Minn., John A. of Cherry; Leo J., of Colley; Fred M., of Nebraska; Frank V. **, George R. and Nathan W.
** Editor's Note: The will shown below identifies this son as "Frank M. Rohe" in two different places, although the probate assignment uses "Frank V.". So, the Streby History may or may not be incorrect in this detail.

In March 2008, Cheryl Keisling furnished us with a copy of the Will and Probate of Valentine Rohe, Jr., for which we are sincerely grateful. The will, dated to 1909, names all of his sons, while the Probate documents tell us that, after he died on October 31, 1913, his son George Ralph Rohe eventually administered Valentine's estate. Here is a transcription:

Estate of Valentine Rohe
Letter of Administration

I, Valentine Rohe of Cherry Township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
First, I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied by my executors hereinafter named as soon after my decease as reasonably may be.
Second, unto my sons Goerge R. Rohe & Nathan W. Rohe I give, devise and bequeath all my estate real and personal and wherever [?] the same may be at the time of my death, share and share alike, to them and to their heirs and assigns forever, suject however to the payment of the sums hereinafter bequeathed to my other sons.
Third, I give and bequeath to my son Lawrence A. Rohe the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to him one year after my death, to my son John A. Rohe the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to him two years after my death, to my son Leo J. Rohe the sume of two hundred dollars to be paid to him three years after my death, to my son Frederick M. Rohe the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to him four years after my death, to my son Frank M. Rohe the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid to him five years after my death.
Fourth, the bequests made to my sons Lawrence A. Rohe, John A. Rohe, Leo J. Rohe, Frederick M. Rohe and Frank M. Rohe are to be and remain a lien upon my real estate of which I shall [?] until fully paid and satisfied.
I constitute and appoint Alphonsus Walsh of Dushore, PA to be the Executor of this, my will.
In witness hereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-seventh day of November in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and nine (1909).

Valentine Rohe.....................Seal

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named testator on the day of the date thereof, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who thereupon, at the request of the said testator, subscribe our names as witnesses thereto in his presence and in the presence of each other.

Name Alphonsus Walsh Residence Dushore, Pa
Name Daniel Osman Residence do ["ditto"]

State of Pennsylvania,
County of Sullivan

Before me, Albert Heess, Register of Wills, in and for the county of Sullivan personally appeared Daniel Osman and Alphonsus Walsh, subscribing witnesses to the within and aforegoing Will, who being sworn according to law say that they were personally present, saw and heard Valentine Rohe, the testator within named, sign, seal, provenance and declare the foregoing instrument of writing, to be his last will and testament, and at the time of so doing, he was of sound mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Sworn and subscribed before me this nineteenth day of November AD 1913
Albert Heess
Register Register's Seal:

Alphonsus Walsh
Daniel Osman

And now, to wit, November 8, 1913, I, the undersigned, having been appointed Executor of the last will and testament of Valentine Rohe, now deceased, do hereby refuse to accept the trust imposed upon me by such appointment, and refuse to take out letters testamentary thereto [?].
Alphonsus Walsh

And now, to wit, November 19, 1913, due proof of the death of Valentine Rohe, late of the Township of Cherry, County of Sullivan, and State of Pennsylvania, having been filed, and due proof of the last Will and Testament having been made, said Will is admitted to Probate; and Alphonsus Walsh, Esq., in said Will having been named Executor, and by writing filed having refused to accept the trust imposed upon him by such appointment and refused to take out letters of testamentary in said estate, and the Renunciation of John A. Rohe, Leo J. Rohe, and Frank V. Rohe, sons of said decedent, being all the persons within the jurisdiction of this Register of Sullivan County, first entitled to Letters of Administraton and and right to Adminsitration in estate of said decedent, asking that George R. Rohe be appointed Administrator [cum annexo ?] of said estate, having been filed, Letters of Administration a. t. a. were this day in due form of law granted to George Ralph Rohe, a son of said decedent, to administer the [?] and chattels, rights and credits which were of Valentine Rohe, the said decedent, he having first been duly sworn.

Conrad Rohe married Emma Faust and they had sixteen children over a more than thirty-year period. Conrad, the father, died in 1872 in Sullivan County. Thereafter, Emma, the widowed mother, moved to near Minneapolis, MN with the children, where she ran a boarding house. She died April 17, 1899 and is buried in the Calvary Cemetery, Wadena, MN. Here is a photo of her Grave Marker and related information.

The children of Conrad and Emma, several of whom are shown in the picture above, were:

John, born 1840
Conrad, born 1842
William, born 1843, died 1919
Anthony, born 1844-8, died June 11, 1904 (ancestor of Kathy Osgood, contributor of Descendants of James Farrell and Catherine O'Farrell in the Settlers section of this web site)
Phillip, born 1846-8 (still alive in 1900)
Mathias, born 1849, died February 29, 1904
Joseph, born 1850 (see more below on his lineage)
Rufine (female), born 1852
Elizabeth, born 1853
Frank, born 1856, died before 1872
Mary, born 1858
Peter, born 1860
Conrad, born 1864
Emma, born 1866, died 1916
Adam, born 1870, died 1939 (our contributor's grandfather)
Frank Sylvester, born about 1872, died 1952 (the youngest son)

Emma Faust Rohe
Wife of Conrad Rohe
Photo contributed by Sherri Rhoy Lenz, granddaughter of Adam John Rohe.

According to Sherri: My grandfather, Adam John Rhoy, and his brother, Frank Sylvester Rhoy, ended up in California. There are descendants still living here in CA, and in Oregon, Utah and New Hampshire. Adam John married Maude Ethel Roberts on 21 May, 1904 in Minnesota. Frank Sylvester Rhoy married Frankie Mae Carr on 5 Aug, 1893. Pictures of the two couples are shown here.

Frank Sylvester Rhoy and Frankie Mae Carr
Wedding Picture
August 5, 1893
Photo contributed by Sherri Rhoy Lenz, granddaughter of Adam John Rohe.

Adam John Rhoy and Maude Ethel Roberts
Shortly After Wedding in Minnesota in 1904
Photo contributed by Sherri Rhoy Lenz, granddaughter of Adam John Rohe.

In August 2004, Sherri followed up with some additonal information on her Rhoy ancestors. Here is what she had to say:

Here's an update on the children of Conrad Rohe/Rhoy & Emma Faust.

Recently I found the probate of their son Joseph Rhoy, who died Feb 12, 1924 in San Joaquin County, CA. His home was in San Andreas, Calaveras County, CA when he got sick and died. The thing of great interest is that one of the probate testaments lists all of his siblings, alive and dead, in addition to his daughter (whom I was unaware of), Mary Magdalena Rhoy Skelly of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Here is the list of siblings:

Living at the time of Joseph Rhoy's death in Feb. 1924:

Peter Rhoy and Conrad P. Rhoy of 9430 Olive St., Elmhurst (Oakland), CA
Francis S. Rhoy of Sawtell, CA
Adam Rhoy of Chico, CA (my grandfather)
Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman (nee Rhoy), wife of Robert Coleman, of Wayzetta, MN
Mrs. Mary M. Wambold (actually Wambolt) (nee Rhoy), residing at Wadena, MN

Matt Rhoy
Phillip Rhoy
Anthony Rhoy
William Rhoy
Josephine Hartman (nee Rhoy)
Emma Naab (nee Rhoy)


In the mid-19th century, three brothers fled grinding poverty in Baden to try to find a better life in America. Eight of their brothers and sisters remained in Germany. They were Johann (John), Michael and Anton KAHNI (also spelled Kani, Kahny, or Kany). The brothers came from the village of Adelhausen, in the southwestern corner of Germany near Loerrach. They came to Sullivan County following in the footsteps of two of their aunts, Maria Anna Kani Litzelswope and Maria Ursula Kani Baumgartner, who had left Baden in 1820 and 1832, respectively, and had settled in Sullivan with their families See more about these German settlers at Joseph and Ursula Baumgartner: A German Family Comes to the Wilderness, Bumgardner of Cherry Township, Father Ruddick¹s Genealogy: The Descendants of Anton Baumgartner, and The Streby History of Sullivan County), all on this website. Our contributor is Anthony "Tony" Kaney, a direct descendant of the Kahni lineage, to whom we are very grateful for this information and pictures. Tony also asks that we give credit for extensive background research to Adolf G. Kaehny (his 5th cousin!), 36 Rheintalstrasse, D79618 Rheinfelden-Adelhausen, Germany.

John was born March 22, 1824, Michael on April 27, 1826, and Anton, our contributor's great, great, grandfather, on July 26, 1828. Michael arrived in America in New York in August, 1848, and first appeared in the federal census for Sullivan county in 1850 as "M. Kenni". Anton arrived in New York in October of 1848 and first appeared in the Sullivan census for 1850 as "Anthony Kone". John arrived in New York in November of 1853 but didn't appear in Sullivan county until the 1870 census as "John Carry".

Michael and Karolina "Caroline" (Baumgartner) Kahni
Courtesy of Tony Kaney
From the Catherine Rohe Pedro Collection

On July 4, 1855, Michael married Karolina Baumgartner, daughter of Joseph Baumgartner of Cherry township. Their picture is shown above. Their farm was located on Kahni Hill Road in Forks township, and during their years there, she bore him 8 children, 2 of whom perished in infancy. The surviving 6 were:

Anna, born April 9, 1856 and died June 19, 1931. She never married.
Emma, born May 7, 1857 and died December 1, 1934. She never married.
Mary, born Jan 3, 1859, married George B. Stettler of Bradford County, PA, on July 10, 1877. They had one child; Charles B. Stettler, born in 1879. The family moved to Cherokee County, Iowa in 1883. George died in 1885, and Mary remarried to Edward Williams in 1896. She died in Meriden, Iowa on Aug 7, 1930, and is buried in the Meriden City Cemetery. She was survived by her son, Charles Stettler of Meriden.
George, born December 8, 1861, died March 28, 1950. He never married.
Adam, born October 25, 1863; died Oct. 16, 1916. He never married.
Charles, born July 24, 1865. He never married. In 1917 he was arrested and charged with "felonious assault with intent to murder", tried, and acquitted on grounds of insanity. He was incarcerated in the Farview State Hospital, Waymart, PA, where he died Oct. 5, 1930.

The Sullivan Review
June 24, 1931

Miss Anna Kahni died Friday, June 19th at her home in Forks township at the age of 75 years. She is survived by one sister, Miss Emma Kahni and one brother George Kahni at home. Funeral service was held Monday morning in St. Francis Xavier church at Overton. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

The Sullivan Review
December 26, 1934

Miss Emma Kahni of Forks Township died at her home Sunday December 16, at the age of 77 years. She is survived by one brother George Kahni.
Funeral service was held Tuesday at the Catholic Church in Overton. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

The Sullivan Review
August 27, 1930

Mrs. Mary Stetler died at her home in Meridan, Iowa, Wednesday, August 6th. Mrs. Stetler, before her marriage was Miss Mary Kahni of Forks Township.
She is survived by one son, Charles B. Stetler of Meridan, Iowa, two sisters, Miss Anna and Miss Emma Kahni and one brother George Kahni of Forks Township.

The Sullivan Review
April 6, 1950

George Kahni died Tuesday morning at his home in Forks Township, following a short illness at the age of 90 years.
Mr. Kahni was the last member of one of the pioneer families of that section. He was a son of the late Michael and Caroline Baumgartner Kahni, and was born on the farm where he died.
Funeral services were held from the Tubach Funeral Parlor on Water Street, Friday morning, with requiem mass at St. Francis Xavier Church, Overton at 10 o’clock, Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

The Sullivan Review
October 4, 1916

Adam Kahni died at the home of his father in Forks Township, Thursday September 28, at the age of 53 years. He is survived by his father, two sisters and two brothers. Funeral services and interment at Overton, Saturday, September 30.

The Sullivan Review
June 11, 1930

Chas. Kahni died Friday 6th at Carbondale at the age of 64 years. The body was brought to this place and taken to Overton where funeral service was held and interment made in the family plot in St. Francis cemetery.
He is survived by two sisters, Misses Anna and Emma Kahni and one brother, George Kahni of Forks Township.

Here are several pictures of the various members of the Kahni/Kaney family:

Emma Kahni, Daughter of Michael and Caroline Kahni
Courtesy of Tony Kaney
From the Catherine Rohe Pedro Collection

Michael Kahni and His Daughter Emma
Photo Taken About 1920 in Sullivan County
Courtesy of Marie Brasington

George Kahni
Son of Michael Kahni
Photo Taken About 1946 in Sullivan County
Courtesy of Marie Brasington

Charles Kahni in October 1917
Taken at Fairview State Hospital, Waymart, PA
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

Karolina Baumgartner Kahni died May 6, 1911, and her husband, Michael, died on May 20, 1925. He willed all of his possessions to his daughters Anna and Emma. A brief biography published two weeks before his death in the local newspaper is presented below. Michael, Karolina, Anna, Emma, George and Adam are buried in St. Francis Cemetery in Overton, PA, just over the line into Bradford County. Charles is buried in Waymart, PA (Wayne County), where he died.

The Sullivan Review
May 6, 1925


Michael Kahni of Forks Township, Sullivan County, has passed his 99th birthday and is now living in his hundredth year.

Mr. Kahni was born in Baden, Germany, April 27th, 1826. He emigrated to America in 1846, while in his twentieth year and came directly to Sullivan County where he has since made his home. Being possessed with the idea of owning land he at once purchased 75 acres of wild land from the late Michael Meylert of Laporte. Mr. Kahni cleared this land and converted it into a productive farm, which he still owns.

In 1855 he married Miss Caroline Baumgartner, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baumgartner, who were among the early settlers of the county. Mrs. Kahni died May 6, 1911. To this union eight children were born, four of whom are deceased. Those living are Mrs. Mary Williams of Cherokee, Iowa, Miss Anna and Miss Emma Kahni, Charles Kahni and George Kahni.

Mr. Kahni was one of a family of eleven children, two brothers John Kahni late of Forks township and Anthony Kahni of Indiana also came to America at a late date, five brothers and three sisters remained in Germany. Since becoming of age Mr. Kahni has always resided in the county, having procured his naturalization papers here.

His home is situated upon the hillside overlooking the beautiful valley of Black Creek, where with his children he enjoys his comfortable home. While never a man of great stature, yet, he has proven to be one of endurance. He walks around the home and farm without assistance, is happy to have his friends call upon him and is a genial host.

His longevity cannot be traced to the abstinence of the use of tobacco as he enjoys a smoke as well as the next one. In conversation with him he said: “My eyes are not as sharp, nor my hearing quite as good as it was many years ago, yet I like to hear the news.” He remarked to the writer: “Come here and sit by me and tell me the news. It has been ten years since I was in Dushore, but I hope to get out again".

He asked his son to pass the cigars and remarked: “We do not have any thing strong to drink. You cannot get anything good any more and besides it is wrong to have it. We have lots of water and that’s good enough for anyone.”

Mr. Kahni has taken out a fishing license for this year and expects to cast a hook into Black Creek before the season is over. He is by far the oldest man in the country and perhaps in the State to hold this honor.

Michael Kahni (1826-1925)
Grave Marker, St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Overton, Bradford County, PA
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

John Kahni married Phoebe Hunsinger, daughter of George Hunsinger of Forks township, November 14, 1867 in Campbellville, Sullivan County, PA. They had a farm on Shrimp Hill Road in Forks. John and Phoebe never had children. Phoebe died August 25, 1888, and John 10 days later, on September 4, 1888. They willed all of their possessions to Phoebe¹s niece Martha Warren, and they are buried in Warburton Hill cemetery in Forks township.

John Kahni (1824-1888)
Grave Marker, Warburton Cemetery, Forks Township, Sullivan County, PA
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

Anton Kahni married Christina Lusch, daughter of Franz Xaver Lusch of Cherry township, in December of 1855. Their farm was located on Shrimp Hill Road in Forks township. They had two sons in Sullivan county; Joseph, born in December, 1856, and John, born December 19, 1858. In November, 1864, Anton and his family, along with most of the Lusch family, pulled up stakes and left Sullivan county to move westward. They all ended up in Dubois county, Indiana, near the town of Celestine. Anton and Christina had two more children in Indiana; a son who lived for only 8 days and a daughter, Mary Magdalene, born Oct. 6, 1869. Their eldest son Joseph died May 19, 1875. Christina died Oct. 16, 1869 and Anton, on July 16, 1919. They are all buried in St. Peter Cemetery in Celestine, IN. You can learn more at The Lusch Family of Sullivan County.

Anton Kahni (1828-1919)
Grave Marker, St. Peter Cemetery, Celestine, Dubois County, IN
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

To date, Anton's children, John and Mary, have produced, between them 375 descendants, nearly all of whom still live in Dubois county, Indiana and Marion county, Illinois. At the time of his marriage in 1879, Anton's son John Kahni officially changed the spelling of his surname to Kaney. John Kaney died August 16, 1935 in Centralia, Illinois and his sister Mary Kahni Kluesner died August 11, 1903 in Celestine, Indiana.

John Kaney (1858-1935) and His Father Anton Kahni (1828-1919)
Driving New Car of John's Son Anthony Kaney
Celestine, IN, August 1917
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

John Kaney (1858-1935)
Son of Anton and Christina (Lusch) Kahni
Wedding Picture, Celestine, IN, May 1879
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

Anthony "Tony" Kaney
Gr-Gr-Grandson of Anton and Christina (Lusch) Kahni
At Kahni Hill Road, Forks Township, Sullivan County, PA
September 2000
Our Contributor
Courtesy of Tony Kaney

Contributions by:

Tom and Sandy Crossett, (Harrison and Jordan)

Veronica L. Ellis, (Thayer)

Judy Parsons, (Warren and Converse)

Jerry Connors, 315 Eastern Street, Apt. D1313, New Haven, CT 06513 (Harrington)

Sherry Rhoy Lenz, (Rohe and Faust)

Toney Kaney, 148 Gypsy Lane, King of Prussia, PA 19406-3721, (Kahni)

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