Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder

The Descendants of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder

The material in this summary was organized and contributed by Janice Decker of Endicott, NY. a direct descendant of the subjects of this history. Please send any new information on family members to Janice at In turn, Janice wishes to recognize Rubie Haus Smith and her daughter Beverly Frost as the recordkeepers of the Haus and Wilson family history who made much of this material available to her. The Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page is grateful to Janice, Rubie and Beverly for this historical information. The lineage from Isaac Wilson to Susan Rebekah Wilson is shown in caps, since Susan is the link by marriage to the Haus family and both are ancestral to our contributor.  

ISAAC WILSON, b. October 20, 1805 and d. June 15, 1876, married SARAH SNYDER, b. July 16, 1805 and d. June 05, 1893. Birth dates in this summary have been figured from date of deaths and inscription of age on burial stones, so there may be some room for disagreement with other sources. They moved from Columbia County and settled in the Sonestown/Davidson Twp. area between 1850 and 1860. Their children were:

Elias S. Wilson, b. July 13, 1828
Jacob Wilson, b. 1832
John O. Wilson, b. May 24, 1834 in Hemlock Twp., Columbia Co., PA and d. July 14, 1902
Mary Jane Wilson, b. 1837
Isaac N. Wilson, b. August 18, 1840 in Columbia Co., PA and d. July 31, 1913 in DAvidson Twp., Sullivan Co. PA
Harriet Wilson, b. 1847
Sarah Catherine Wilson, b. 1843, married Charles Glidewell, b. 1841; their children were:

Albert Glidewell, b. 1868
Henry Glidewell, b. 1870

ELIAS S. WILSON, son of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, b. 1828 and d. January 07, 1886, married MARY ANN HILL, b. 1834. Mary Ann Hill was the daughter of Andrew and Amy Hill. They were living with their family in Franklin Twp. in 1840. By 1850, they have moved to Davidson Twp. and are living next to John Phillips and Susanah (Sones) Phillips. Elias and Mary Annís children were


William (Robbins or Wilson), b. 1857
Susan Jane Wilson, b. Dec. 04, 1860 and d. 1860
SUSAN REBEKAH WILSON, b. October 31, 1861 in Davison Twp. Sullivan Co., PA and d. June 9, 1914 in Kettle Creek, Sullivan Co., PA; married Jeremiah Haus on March 21, 1885; their son FRANK F. HAUS married his second cousin Edna Gower, daughter of Charles Gower and Laura Wilson
Lizabel Wilson, b. November 20, 1863
Harriet Phoebe Wilson, b. November 01, 1865
George Albert Wilson, b. December 09, 1867
John Elmer Wilson, b. January 19, 1871
Elias W. Wilson, b. October 15, 1873
Amy Angeline Wilson, b. September 03, 1875
Mary Rossetta Wilson b. July 01, 1879

Jacob Wilson, son of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, married Mary Catherine, b. 1833 (figured from census records). We can only trace Jacob until 1880 so far; their son Isaac is buried in Sonestown. In the census for 1860 and 1880, Jacobís wife is listed as Catherine and in 1870 as Mary C. Wilson. Jacob and Mary C.ís children were:

Charles Wilson, b. 1851
Sarah E. Wilson, b. 1853
Ellen M. Wilson, b. 1855
Anne Wilson, b. 1857
Jane Wilson, b. 1859
Isaac Wilson, b. February 29, 1864
Flora, b. 1866
Franklin, b. 1869
Harvey, b. 1878

John O. Wilson, son of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, married Sarah Elizabeth Martinas b. June 16, 1838 and d. December 28, 1904; they rest in the Sonestown Cemetery. Sarahís last name was listed on her daughter Laura Wilson Gowerís death certificate as McKeens, but on the death certificate for Laura's sister, Sarah Elizabeth Wilson Fulmer, it is stated that their motherís last name was "Mettanis". Also, Amanda Wilson (b. 01/06/1876), a third sister of Laura and Sarah, listed names and dates of birth and death of her family members in the back of a book. This source book, copyrighted 1892, and now in the possession of Amanda's grand-daughter, complements the census records by providing actual dates for events, not just years. It also contains a written dedication to "Miss Amanda Wilson", presumably written about 1892. The book was a biography of the Maine lawyer and Presidential candidate James G. Blaine. Anyhow, Amanda Wilson lists their motherís name as "Sara Martinas". Janice Decker is still looking into the correct spelling. In the 1870 DAvidson Twp. census report, John "Martenis" lives next door to Isaac and Sarah (Snyder) Wilson, the parents of John O. Wilson. The Wilsons are 64 and John Martenis is 68 years old. Perhaps their children married, although we are not sure, but the proximity lends credence to "Martinas" or a similar last name for John's wife, Sarah Elizabeth.

John O. and Sarahís children were:

Mary Wilson, b. September 04, 1857
George P. Wilson, b. May 23, 1859
John B. Wilson, b. March 16, 1861
Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, b. July 07, 1863
William H. Wilson, b. September 12, 1865
Rose Enna Wilson, b. January 05, 1867
Laura Etta Wilson, b. April, 21, 1869, m. Charles Gower; their daughter Edna married her second cousin Frank F. Haus, son of Susan Rebekah Wilson and Jeremiah Haus
Robert E. Wilson, b. May 30, 1872
Edward J. Wilson, b. August 23, 1874
Amanda Ella Wilson, b. January 06, 1876
Anna Wilson, b. July 25, 1879
Alson Wilson b. October 16, 1882

Mary Jane Wilson. daughter of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, married John Gower and then, on April 28, 1864, married Edmund Jefferson Sones (July 01, 1842-June 16, 1912) in Columbia Co. PA. Edmund was the son of Isaac T. Sones and Matilda (Unger) Sones. Mary Jane and Edmundís children were:

Sarah Jane Sones, b. February 21, 1865
Hiram Steven Sones, b. March 12, 1867
Jacob E. Sones, b. August 19, 1869
Jonathan W. Sones, b. April 06, 1872
Elizabeth A. Sones, b.January 22, 1875
Theordore Clinton Sones, b. October 08, 1877
George Washington Sones, b. February 22, 1880

Isaac N. Wilson, son of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, married Rachel Phillips, b. 1842, daughter of John Phillips and Susanah Sones Phillips. Isaac and Rachel rest in Sonestown Cemetery. Their children were:

Daniel Wilson, b. 1871
Sarah J. Wilson, b. 1873
Cora M. Wilson, b. 1874
Irvin D. Wilson, b. January 1878
Idella Wilson, b. about 1887

Harriet Wilson, daughter of Isaac Wilson and Sarah Snyder, appears in the 1850 Hemlock Twp., Columbia Co. census as 3 years old. She does not appear in the 1860 Census for Sullivan Co. with her parents or any of her siblings. Presumably, she died before 1860.

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