·        Grammar and expression are mostly, but not always corrected or updated. If it was not clear what the writer wanted to say/express word order and syntax is kept as it originally was.

·        Names of people differ in the spelling used by the writer(-s) and could thus be actually spelled differently.


(grey) personal/explaining comments (I. Bednarz)

(?)       – not sure about transcription, translation or meaning

[…]      – unreadable word

[---]     – unreadable or cut passage



Eine Warnung für dich. Wenn du wieder schreibst, tu nicht mehr als einen Briefbogen in den Brief, wenn ein Postmeister den Brief winkt oder aufmacht und findet zwei Bögen, so kannst du gestraft werden.

Nichts für Ungut.

Ich meine es gut mit dir.


English version:

A warning for you. When you write again, don’t put more than one sheet of writing paper in the envelope. When a postmaster waves the letter or opens it and finds two sheets of paper, you can be punished.  

No offence.                                                                                

I mean well for you.