·        Grammar and expression are mostly, but not always corrected or updated. If it was not clear what the writer wanted to say/express word order and syntax is kept as it originally was.

·        Names of people differ in the spelling used by the writer(-s) and could thus be actually spelled differently.


(grey) personal/explaining comments (I. Bednarz)

(?)       – not sure about transcription, translation or meaning

[…]      – unreadable word

[---]     – unreadable or cut passage



August 24ten

Lieber Schwager,

ich war bei Mr. Meilet und er will dir etwas schicken von 5 bis 10 Taler. Ich habe ihn gebeten, er soll dir 10 Taler schicken, dann verkaufe deinen Hausrat und komme so geschwind wie du kannst. Wir haben so viel, dass wir leben können. Komme bald.

Leonhard Emig


English version:

August 24th

Dear brother-in-law,

I visited Mr. Meilet and he wants to send you 5 to 10 thalers. I asked him to send you 10 thalers. Then, sell your household goods and come as quick as you can. We have enough so that we can live. Come soon.

Leonhard Emig