·        Grammar and expression are mostly, but not always corrected or updated. If it was not clear what the writer wanted to say/express word order and syntax is kept as it originally was.

·        Names of people differ in the spelling used by the writer(-s) and could thus be actually spelled differently.


(grey) personal/explaining comments (I. Bednarz)

(?)       – not sure about transcription, translation or meaning

[…]      – unreadable word

[---]     – unreadable or cut passage



Towanda, December 1849

Dr Sir

Yours of the 22nd ult was.

I hereby reply.

I saw Mr. Esenwine who stated that he had not received any letter or order for the 100 dollars.

He admits that he owes Mr. Deatz 100 dollars and is willing to pay as soon as he receives an order to that effect from Mr. Deatz.

Mr. Deatz left his trunks and clothes also at Mr. Esenwine’s. His sister is also there and Mr. Deatz is purposed to be in Pittsburgh. Therefore no draft will be send on any but a well attested order with Mr. Deatz’ signature.

Yours to

J.G. Fleming (?)                                                                             J. H. Levin (?) Asst. P. m