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The Warren Photo History

Sample Letter
Collection of 19th Century Letters Between Various Emig and Dietz Family Members
Source: Lisanne Lange

The German Letter Collection
Exchangges Among Emig and Dietz Family Members

Translated by Isabella Bednarz
Contributed by Lisanne Lange

In July 2017, Lisanne Lange reported to our web site that she had in her possession materials from her ancestral Dietz and related Emig families. These documents and photos included over 130 letters written in old German handwriting the second half of the 19th century. The letters went back and forth between various members of the Emig and Dietz famlies, both in the United States and still in Europe. We are most grateful for this opportunity to throw light on the day to day life of these newcomers to rural Pennsylvania at a time of emigration and also great change in the United States. Here in their order of translation are the letters, both in transcription and translation. Please direct any comments, questions or corrections to Bob Sweeney, who will forward comments to other individuals as appropriate. Original copies of the photographed letters themselves are available at the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) in Laporte, PA, to which they were donated by Bob Sweeney and Lisanne Lange..

Letters E 1-3
Letters E 4-5
Letters E 6-7
Letters E 8-9
Letter E 10
Letters E 11-12
Letters E 13-15
Letters E 16-17
Letters E 18-19
Letters E 20-22
Letter E 23
Letters E 24-25
Letter E 26
Letters E 27-28
Letters E 29-30
Letters E 31-32
Letters E 33-34
Letters E 35-36
Letters E 37-38
Letters E 39-40
Letter E 41
Letters E 42-43
Letter E 44
Letters E 45-46
Letters E 47-48
Letters E 49-51
Letters E 52-53
Letters E 54-56
Letters E 57-58
Letter E 59
Letters G 1-2
Letters G 3-5
Letters G 6-7
Letter G 8
Letter G 9
Letters G 10-12
Letters G 13-15
Letters G 16-17
Letters G 18-19
Letters G 20-22
Letters G 23-24
Letters G 25-26
Letter G 27
Letters G 28-30
Letter G 31
Letter G 32
Letters G 33-34
Letters G 35-36
Letters G 37-38
Letters G 39-40
Letters G 41-43
Letter G 44
Letters G 45-47
Letters G 48-49
Letter G 50
Letters G 51-52
Letter G 53
Letter G 54
Letters G 55-56
Letter G 57
Letter G 58
Letters G 59-60
Letter G 61
Letters G 62-63
Letter G 64
Letters G 65-70
Letter G 71

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