Settlers XLVII: The Fairchild Family Origins

Fred and Sallie (Fairchild) Newell
July 1907 Fairchild Reunion
He was at one time editor of the Sullivan Review and then became
editor of the Canton Sentinel in Canton, PA. She was the daughter of
Daniel and Elizabeth (Richart) Fairchild.
Source: Section of an old Reunion Photo
Reprinted in the Sullivan Review on February 15, 2007.
You can see the full photo on our Old Reunions site.

Settlers XLVII: The Fairchild Family Origins

This article is based initially on information provided by Pat Dunn in 2002 to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page. Pat can be reached at We are grateful to Pat for her contribution. Supplementary information was also published in the Sullivan Review of Dushore, PA in three consecutive releases on February 8, 15 and 22, 2007.

Let's begin with an overview of the Fairchild history in America found in an old folder in the Sullivan County Museum in Laporte, PA in early 2007. The history was donated to the local Historical Society, and presumably authored as well, by Ethel Martin Keller, whom we will meet below. You can also see a childhood picture of Ethel at the end of this page. The history itself appears to have been written in the late 1920s. In general, we have not altered what appears to be spelling variants or other apparent errors unless we are certain that they are mistakes. We are indebted to Larry Pardoe for this transcription:

Manuscript of family origin

Thomas Fairchild came from England to Stratford, CT. now Bridgeport, about 1639. His first wife was Sarah Seabrook, a daughter of Robert Seabrook of England. His first child, Samuel, by his first wife was born Aug. 31, 1640 and was probably the first white child born in Stratford. Thomas was married the second time, his second wife being Catherine Craig of London. We have no record of the time of death of his first wife. The record from which we copy does not state to which of his wives the other children belong. His other children were: Sarah, John, Thomas, Dinah, ZACHARIAH born Dec. 14, 1651, Emma, Preston, Joseph and Priscilla. During his life, Thomas Fairchild was a local merchant. He died Dec. 14, 1670.

ZACHARIAH FAIRCHILD, born Dec. 14, 1651, son of Thomas and Sarah Seabrook Fairchild, married Hanna Beach, daughter of John Beach, Nov. 3, 1681. Their Children were: Mehitable, Hannah, David, Augur, CALEB, born Sept. 10, 1693, James, Mary, Zachariah and Abiel. Mary married ______Adams. Zachariah Fairchild was the "Village Blacksmith". He united with the Stratford church in 1699 and died June 23, 1703.

Zachariah Fairchild, Jr., son of Zachariah and Hannah Beach Fairchild, was born in Stratford, CT, and came to Morristown, N.J. about 1740.

CALEB FAIRCHILD, was born in Stratford, CT, Sept. 10, 1693, and came to Morristown, N.J. with his brother Zachariah Fairchild, Jr., and settled near Whippany, NJ about 1740. He married Ann _____, and to them were born: Hezekiah, 1717, Sarah, 1719, and MATTHEW, 1721.

MATTHEW FAIRCHILD, born 1721, son of Caleb and Ann _____ Fairchild, married Sarah Freeman, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Freeman, one of the first settlers of Newark, NJ and her mother, Elizabeth Brown, was a daughter of John Brown, also one of the first settlers of Newark. Their children were: Caleb, born Oct. 30, 1743, Ruth born Sept. 20, 1744, Ann born March 23, 1746, Sarah born Dec. 7, 1747, Stephen born April 6, 1749, Asher born Jan. 10, 1751, JONOTHAN born Dec. 1, 1751 and Theodosia (no date given).

Sarah Fairchild died Jan. 6, 1756 at the age of 32 years and 10 months.

MATTHEW FAIRCHILD married Rebecca Lyon on April 5, 1757 for his second wife. Their children were: Rebecca born Sept. 1758, Mehitable born Feb. 14, 1762.

Matthew Fairchild died of "nervous fever" June 5, 1799.

JONOTHAN FAIRCHILD, born Dec. 1, 1752 was a son of Matthew and Sarah Freeman Fairchild. He married Sarah Howell, Sept. 8, 1773. Their children were: FREEMAN, DANIEL H., Asher, Stephen, Anna, Mary (Polly), and Elizabeth.

FREEMAN FAIRCHILD born March 12, 1784, son of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, married Hannah Ketcham [Editor's Note: also "Ketchum"], daughter of James and Rhoda Ketcham born May 22, 1784. Their children were Stephen born Sept. 25, 1809, Harriet Headley born Sept. 5, 1811, CAROLINE born Nov. 15, 1813, Daniel Howell born Dec. 23, 1823. Freeman Fairchild moved his family from New Jersey to Berwick some time prior to 1818 where they lived for some time.

On March the 18, 1819, Freeman Fairchild moved his family from the Berwick to Cherry twp., Lycoming Co. (remember, Sullivan Co. wasn't formed until 1847). He acquired a tract of land which is now in the borough of Dushore. At this time, the Berwick and Elmira Turnpike had been completed as far as the Big Sock creek, at what was known for many years as the Ellis Hotel, later known as the "Schreivogel" ** place, about one mile East of Bernice. From there toward Towanda work had been started.

Ezra Payne had built a house and cleared a small farm, at the intersection of the Turnpike and the "Payne" road, at the Bahr Hill Cemetery. Until Freeman Fairchild was able to build a home on his own land, he lived with his family at the home of Ezra Payne, in what was known as the "Yankee House".

In 1818 a water power sawmill was built near the "falls" near where the present Dushore Roller Mill now stands. This mill furnished lumber for the construction of his home. Freeman Fairchild was a mason by trade, and for many years assisted the people in all parts of the county to build their cellar walls and chimneys. The house he built was a large, commodious building and was known far and wide as the "Fairchild Tavern", caring for the traveling public.

Mrs. Fairchild, who survived her husband 28 years, continued for many years as the pleasing hostess to many travelers, until her age and health became impaired and she had to sell the property. This hotel was also known as the house of many fireplaces. There were eighteen rooms in the house and in each room was a fireplace. The mantles were hewn from native stone, and since the old house was razed, these stones are now used as steps, back of the house in the door yard.

A story is told about a time when Mr. Fairchild was working for a German family in Elkland township, laying the stone foundation for their building. They were seated at the table, when a dish of sauce was passed. Mr. Fairchild helped himself, placing the sauce on his plate and, taking a spoon, began eating it. The old German watched him for a short time and then remarked: "Mr. Fairchild, maybe you don't know vat dot iss, dot iss aupful putter, it iss werry costly stuff, you must make him on your board so." At that time apples and apple trees were a scarcity in the county. Mr. Fairchild cleared a good farm before he died, on May 24, 1834....

John M. Seemann and Ernestine Schreivogel
Biographical Record
Photo from an auction on eBay in January 2008

** Editor's Note: In January 2008, an unusual document bearing on the Schreivogel legacy in Sullivan County was offered for sale on eBay. A picture of the document, along with the commentary provided by the seller are shown here:

For your consideration is an original hand-lettered, floral illustrated biographical story of John M. Seemann and Ernestine Schreivogel, who were married Jan. 18, 1873. This describes where they were born and dates of birth, exactly when they emigrated, where they arrived in the U.S., where they resided and exactly when they came to Sullivan County. At first I thought that whoever painted this made an error on their dates of birth, but Mrs. Seeman was indeed 24 years older than her husband. I looked around on line and found quite a bit about them. Their d.o.b.'s on the Old Zion (Thrashers) Cemetery list on the Sullivan Co. site exactly matches what's written here, and she outlived her young 2nd husband by many years. Mrs. Seeman was first married to Frederick Schreivogel, resided with him in the 1860 Perkiomen, Montgomery County census and 1870 Town of Cherry census (he was a hotel keeper). He passed away in 1872 and Ernestine remarried Mr. Seeman a respectable year and a week later. In 1880 Ernestine age 52 resided with John age 29 in the Town of Cherry. On the Sullivan Co. genealogy site she turns up on a list of applicants for a Cherry Township hotel license in 1896, and there are several references made to Seeman's Hotel in other resources. On this document his name is spelled as he spelled it, as Seamann with two "n's."
This document goes into great detail as to Mr. Seeman's life in Germany, naming many locations he resided as he moved around for his work. He attended high school in Sulz, Wurtemberg, arrived in Harrisburg, and within a month settled in Sullivan Co. 2 years before his marriage. This may have been drawn as a souvenir of their marriage, although it does not note exact location or name a minister. There is no indication that Ernestine or her husband had children, as far as census info or what I saw on the cemetery list. I "rescued" this heirloom in NY State not far from the Pennsylvania border, with a postcard for Dushore, no other family documents. I have no idea where it has been for over 130 years.
CONDITION & DESCRIPTION: approx. 8" x 5" black ink calligraphy lettering with hand-drawn grape leaves and grapes of blue/greenish/tan inks. Drawn on a ruled paper that is folded over with drawing on one side. The calligraphy writing is still black, neat and legible. Cosmetic flaws are few, being a tiny drip beside one number of Ernestine's date of arrival in the U.S., small ink drip at bottom edge, and several foxing spots along the center fold line....

It appears from the record that she was born in Saxony and came to America in 1851, settling first in Montgomery County and then coming to Sullivan County [with her first husband] in 1861. John, on the other hand, was born near Wurtemberg, Germany in 1851 and came to America and Sullivan County as related above. Ernestine and both of her husbands are buried in Thrashers Cemetery. The Old Lutheran Church Records also record Friedrich's death at age 53 years, 3 months and 14 days on January 10, 1872.

We'll return to the rest of this story in a while, but first let's take a look at two genealogies created by Pat Dunn: one for Daniel Howell Fairchild and the other for his brother, Freeman Fairchild. The reader can use these two sources and checks on the story we started above. We will also insert comments, newspaper articles and other material from extraneous sources as we go.


Descendants of Daniel Howell Fairchild


Generation No. 1


1.  DANIEL HOWELL1 FAIRCHILD was born October 28, 1789, and died May 1843.  He married HANNAH GARD.  She was born March 17, 1795, and died August 29, 1844.



2.                i.    SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, b. June 10, 1815.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH GARD FAIRCHILD, b. August 13, 1818; d. November 13, 1833.

                 iii.    FRANCES ANN FAIRCHILD, b. January 12, 1822; m. A.S. RICHARDSON, February 15, 1854.

                 iv.    HARRIET CORNELIA FAIRCHILD, b. April 25, 1825; m. JOSEPH F. GARD.

                  v.    LOUISA DELPHINE FAIRCHILD, b. January 12, 1830; d. November 19, 1832.

3.              vi.    AUGUSTA MARIA FAIRCHILD, b. June 07, 1834.



Generation No. 2


2.  SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD (DANIEL HOWELL1) was born June 10, 1815.  She married (1) HENRY W. COOK.    She married (2) JEREMIAH FAIRCHILD WILLIAMS. 



4.                i.    ELLIOT H.3 COOK, b. May 14, 1837; d. May 15, 1907.




5.               ii.    PHOEBE AUGUSTA3 WILLIAMS, b. December 20, 1843.

                 iii.    HANNAH WILLIAMS, m. CHARLES KINSLEY.

6.              iv.    CLARENCE MARVIN WILLIAMS, b. October 12, 1848.



3.  AUGUSTA MARIA2 FAIRCHILD (DANIEL HOWELL1) was born June 07, 1834.



became an M.D.



                   i.    MAUD3 FAIRCHILD, Adopted child.

                  ii.    AMY FAIRCHILD, Adopted child.



Generation No. 3


4.  ELLIOT H.3 COOK (SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born May 14, 1837, and died May 15, 1907.  He married (1) MARTHA LAVINA LOW February 1861.  She was born February 28, 1838, and died February 11, 1872.  He married (2) MARGARET J. KOKENSPARGER July 06, 1874.  She was born May 01, 1850, and died August 23, 1909.


Children of ELLIOT COOK and MARTHA LOW are:

                   i.    DELPHINE4 COOK, b. August 26, 1863; d. April 25, 1892; m. STRONG, March 12, 1885.

7.               ii.    N. ARTHUR COOK, b. February 23, 1868; d. April 13, 1897.

8.              iii.    BERTHA COOK, b. February 04, 1872.

9.              iv.    NELSON D. COOK, b. December 23, 1861; d. April 18, 1900.




10.             v.    FRANK H.4 COOK, b. May 24, 1875.

                 vi.    ADA A. COOK, b. March 16, 1877; d. March 23, 1877.

11.           vii.    LEON COOK, b. April 08, 1878.

12.          viii.    LENA COOK, b. April 08, 1878.

13.             ix.    BERT COOK, b. February 03, 1882.

14.              x.    THOMAS J. COOK, b. August 11, 1885.



5.  PHOEBE AUGUSTA3 WILLIAMS (SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born December 20, 1843.  She married ALVIN A. WALTMAN.  He was born March 13, 1839, and died August 27, 1925.
Editor's Note: You can see a picture of this Waltman Family at the Laddsburg Cemetery site, where many of them are interred; the picture shown there was also found in the folder on the Fairchild family at the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum.



                   i.    MINA IDELLA4 WALTMAN, b. February 19, 1864; m. LEONARD A., February 10, 1897.

15.             ii.    DANIEL S. WALTMAN, b. August 21, 1866.

16.            iii.    CLARENCE WILLIAMS WALTMAN, b. November 28, 1869.

                 iv.    HANNAH M. WALTMAN, b. August 15, 1871.

17.             v.    FANNY ROXANNA WALTMAN, b. March 16, 1874.

                 vi.    ARTEM J. WALTMAN, b. August 13, 1875; d. October 17, 1902.

18.           vii.    JONATHAN F. WALTMAN, b. May 26, 1878.

19.          viii.    JOSEPH WATROUS WALTMAN, b. January 21, 1885; d. January 07, 1919.



6.  CLARENCE MARVIN3 WILLIAMS (SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born October 12, 1848.  He married (1) LUCINDA WILT November 29, 1871.  She was born July 02, 1845, and died September 26, 1886.  He married (2) EMMA WILT February 27, 1888.  She was born June 28, 1843.



                   i.    SUSAN4 WILLIAMS, b. September 14, 1872.

                  ii.    DIO LEWIS WILLIAMS, b. March 04, 1875; d. August 24, 1890.



Generation No. 4


7.  N. ARTHUR4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born February 23, 1868, and died April 13, 1897.  He married DORA PHILLIPS July 03, 1889. 


Children of N. COOK and DORA PHILLIPS are:

                   i.    MARY LENA5 COOK, b. April 06, 1891.

                  ii.    EMERSON COOK, b. June 1894.

                 iii.    GLEN COOK.



8.  BERTHA4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born February 04, 1872.  She married JOHN CONVERSE July 14, 1888. 


Children of BERTHA COOK and JOHN CONVERSE are:

                   i.    HOWARD STANLEY5 CONVERSE, b. September 08, 1891; d. 1898.

                  ii.    ALICE CONVERSE, b. April 20, 1893; m. DERL HESS, January 29, 1915.

                 iii.    GILIS CONVERSE, b. August 12, 1894.

                 iv.    LYNN CONVERSE, b. April 29, 1896.

                  v.    WILLARD LOW CONVERSE, b. December 16, 1898.

                 vi.    LARUE CONVERSE, b. October 12, 1900.

                vii.    JOHN CLAIRE CONVERSE, b. July 10, 1910.



9.  NELSON D.4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born December 23, 1861, and died April 18, 1900.  He married HATTIE SMALL August 17, 1883.  She was born August 21, 1864, and died September 18, 1894.


Children of NELSON COOK and HATTIE SMALL are:

                   i.    FLORA5 COOK, m. OLIVER BENDER, December 24, 1910.

                  ii.    ROBERT COOK.

                 iii.    HARRY COOK.



10.  FRANK H.4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born May 24, 1875.  He married EVA HINTON June 06, 1899. 


Children of FRANK COOK and EVA HINTON are:

                   i.    CHARLES HINTON5 COOK, b. February 14, 1901.

                  ii.    MARGARET E. COOK, b. April 13, 1909.



11.  LEON4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born April 08, 1878.  He married MAE MACE July 22, 1902. 


Child of LEON COOK and MAE MACE is:

                   i.    LEROY MACE5 COOK, b. February 02, 1905.



12.  LENA4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born April 08, 1878.  She married GEORGE IRWIN SHROUD August 20, 1908. 


Children of LENA COOK and GEORGE SHROUD are:

                   i.    LEON IRWIN5 SHROUD, b. August 21, 1912.

                  ii.    MARION MARGUERITE SHROUD, b. July 31, 1915.



13.  BERT4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born February 03, 1882.  He married EVANGELINE HIGHT December 21, 1910. 



                   i.    BURT NORMAN5 COOK, b. July 21, 1914.

                  ii.    CLARA MAE COOK, b. February 04, 1916.



14.  THOMAS J.4 COOK (ELLIOT H.3, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born August 11, 1885.  He married BESSIE ZILLER August 05, 1909. 



                   i.    WILLARD FRANKLIN5 COOK, b. February 10, 1916.



15.  DANIEL S.4 WALTMAN (PHOEBE AUGUSTA3 WILLIAMS, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born August 21, 1866.  He married (1) ADA STEVENS February 17, 1892.  She died April 14, 1911.  He married (2) MARY DILL January 30, 1915. 



                   i.    LELAND5 WALTMAN.

                  ii.    WINIFRED WALTMAN.

                 iii.    DAY WALTMAN.






                   i.    ALVIN ELIAS5 WALTMAN, b. September 15, 1911; d. November 1912.






                   i.    PHOEBE LAVINA5 JACKSON, b. July 11, 1895.

                  ii.    AURY EDNA JACKSON, b. October 27, 1896.

                 iii.    SUSAN AUGUSTA JACKSON, b. June 07, 1902.

                 iv.    VERNA M. JACKSON, b. July 06, 1906.

                  v.    GYTHA M. JACKSON, b. August 24, 1909.

                 vi.    MYRTLE JACKSON.

                vii.    ROY JACKSON.

               viii.    JULIA JACKSON, b. November 1917.






                   i.    IVAN E.5 WALTMAN.

                  ii.    NORMAN O. WALTMAN.



19.  JOSEPH WATROUS4 WALTMAN (PHOEBE AUGUSTA3 WILLIAMS, SUSAN HALL2 FAIRCHILD, DANIEL HOWELL1) was born January 21, 1885, and died January 07, 1919.  He married JENNIE MAY WATSON December 23, 1908.  She was born October 01, 1884.



                   i.    WILBUR5 WALTMAN, b. May 12, 1912; d. January 11, 1919.

                  ii.    HOWARD ALVIN WALTMAN, b. February 09, 1914; d. April 14, 1915.

                 iii.    DONALD J. WALTMAN, b. November 18, 1915.

                 iv.    IRVIN CARLYLE WALTMAN, b. July 16, 1919.



Descendants of Freeman Fairchild


Generation No. 1


1.  FREEMAN1 FAIRCHILD was born March 12, 1782, and died May 24, 1834.  He married HANNAH KETCHUM.  She was born May 22, 1784, and died October 15, 1872.



2.                i.    STEPHEN2 FAIRCHILD, b. September 26, 1809; d. April 05, 1880.

3.               ii.    HARRIET FAIRCHILD, b. September 05, 1811; d. April 09, 1878.

4.              iii.    CAROLINE FAIRCHILD.

5.              iv.    DANIEL H. FAIRCHILD, b. December 23, 1823; d. March 30, 1897.



Generation No. 2


2.  STEPHEN2 FAIRCHILD (FREEMAN1) was born September 26, 1809, and died April 05, 1880.  He married NANCY THOMAS.  She was born April 02, 1823, and died July 05, 1890.



6.                i.    HANNAH3 FAIRCHILD, b. September 25, 1847.

                  ii.    CHARLOTTE FAIRCHILD, b. April 22, 1850.
Editor's Note: She is known to have been still living in 1922.

7.              iii.    WILLIAM T. FAIRCHILD, b. May 06, 1853, d. May 03, 1915.

                 iv.    CAROLINE L. FAIRCHILD, b. July 26, 1845; d. April 28, 1848.



3.  HARRIET2 FAIRCHILD (FREEMAN1) was born September 05, 1811, and died April 09, 1878.  She married WELLS WILCOX. 



                   i.    CATHERINE3 WILCOX, m. JESSE STALFORD.

                  ii.    JOSEPH WILCOX.

8.              iii.    EMILY WILCOX.

9.              iv.    BOYD W. WILCOX.




Editor's Note: Caroline married John in 1848. She died on April 24, 1898. John Wilson Martin was born near Muncy, PA on May 15, 1823 and died in Dushore on November 26, 1904 at the home of his grandson, Bayard T. Martin. Here are two obituaries:

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
December 1, 1904

John W. Martin died at the residence of his grandson Bayard T. Martin, on Cherry Street, Saturday evening, November 26, age 81 years, six months and 11 days.

John W. Martin was born near Muncy May 15, 1823, and removed with his parents to Cherry township in 1825. The country was a wilderness and his parents were very poor. His father died while he was little more than a baby, and the subject of this sketch, in youth, was deprived of even the meagre advantages that early day afforded in the way of education. He grew to manhood totally uneducated, and in 1848 was married to Caroline Fairchild. After his marriage, the desire for something better asserted itself, and he set about to laboriously educate himself, in which endeavor he was ably seconded by his wife. He succeeded to such an extent that he was soon employed as teacher in the public schools, and in 1863 was elected superintendent of public schools for Sullivan county, a position which he held continuously for twelve years, being succeeded by E. A. Strong in 1875. To Mr. and Mrs. Martin were born three children, all boys; and two of these died in infancy. One, J. Newton Martin, grew to manhood and was almost idolized by his proud parents, who discerned inthe son more tha the genius and intellect of the father. J. Newton Martin married Miss Emma Sylvara,and to them were born two sons, Bayard T., and Linta. J. Newton Martin died January 2, 1884. His widow and two children at once found a home with the grandfather, and the two boys became in turn the idols of the fond grandparents. Financial reverses had, in the evening of life, swept away the savings of years, and the struggles of youth were renewed in old age, and in April, 1898, death of his aged wife left him entirely alone. Undismmayed he again faced the world and engaged in the occupation of his youth--teaching, and for some time enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest teacher actively engaged, in Pennsylvania. It was not until last spring that he finally sought a home with his grandson, Bayard T. Martin, in this borough. During the summer, while driving, he met with an accident which dislocated his shoulder, but with the grit of a younger man threw off the shock and again engaged in the ordinary occupations of life. About four weeks ago, he took to his bed, never to rise again, and on the day above noted, passed peacefully away. His was a personality seldom seen. A giant in intellect and stature, he towered head and shoulders above the world around him, and was probably one of the best known men in the county, both to the present and past generation.

The funeral services were held at the Lutheran church on Wednesday, November 30, with interment at Cadwallader cemetery. The pupils of the public schools contributed a beautiful floral pillow and attended the funeral services in a body.

Sullivan Herald
Dushore, PA
November 30, 1904

John W. Martin, an aged and highly respected citizen of this place, died at the home of his grandson, Bayard T. Martin, Saturday afternoon after a short illness. Mr. Martin was born in Lycoming county May 15, 1823, and came to Cherry township with his parents when about two years of age. He married Caroline Fairchild, who moved to Dushore in 1819 and to them was born one son, J. Newton Martin, who died twenty years ago. Mr. Martin taught school during a large portion of his life and in 1863 was elected as superintendent of schools of Sullivan County, which position he held until 1875. When elected superintendent the school system of the county, and of the state for that matter, were in very poor condition, and to Mr. Martin is due a great deal of the credit for our present school system. As a teacher he was thorough and painstaking and a large number of our readers retain recollections of days spent in the schoolroom with him. He is survived by two grandsons, Bayard T. of this place and L. V. of Chicago. Funeral services were held this (Wednesday) morning with interment in the Cadwalder [sic] cemetery.



                   i.    FREEMAN3 MARTIN, b. December 22, 1848; d. January 24, 1852.

10.             ii.    J. NEWTON MARTIN, b. April 05, 1851; d. January 02, 1884.

                 iii.    LEWIS WELLES MARTIN, b. September 1853; d. February 1854.



5.  DANIEL H.2 FAIRCHILD (FREEMAN1) was born December 23, 1823, and died March 30, 1897.  He married ELIZABETH RICHART. 



                   i.    HATTIE3 FAIRCHILD, m. MR. BENJAMIN.

11.             ii.    FREEMAN FAIRCHILD.

                 iii.    KATE FAIRCHILD, d. March 16, 1885.





Fairchild- In Dushore, March 16, 1885 at the house of her father, Hon. D.H. Fairchild, Miss Kate W. Fairchild. Deceased was well known to most of our readers, and her many virtues and exceptional abilities need no enumeration here. Her life was pure and spotless, and those with whom she was brought in daily contact felt that her society incited to higher and nobler actions. Had her health and life been spared, and strength given her to mingle more with the world we feel assured that hers would have been no menial position. But the Lord's ways are not our ways, and poor Kate has been called to a higher and brighter existence in realms beyond the skies. "Thy will be done".

 "We watched her breathing through the night,

     her breathing soft and low

As in her breast the wave of life

     Kept heaving to and fro.

 "So silently we seemed to speak

     so slowly moved about

As we had lent her half our powers

     to eke her living out.

"Our very hopes belied our fears

     our fears our hopes belied

We thought her dying when she slept

     and sleeping when she died.

"For when the morn came, dim and sad

     and chill with early showers

Her quiet eye-lids closed; she had

     another morn than ours"

                            F. N.


12.            iv.    SALLIE B. FAIRCHILD.



Generation No. 3


6.  HANNAH3 FAIRCHILD (STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born September 25, 1847.  She married WILLIAM H. YONKIN June 30, 1869.  He was born January 13, 1838.



13.              i.    OTIS FREEMAN4 YONKIN, b. December 15, 1877.

14.             ii.    MINA CLAIRE YONKIN, b. May 18, 1884.


William T. Fairchild
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon, his great grandson


7.  WILLIAM T.3 FAIRCHILD (STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born May 06, 1853, and died on May 3, 1915.  He married ANNA K. HALL.  She was born November 07, 1856, and died October 07, 1909 from burns received while fighting a fire near her home. [See the funeral cards for William and Anna below.]

Funeral Card for Anna K. (Hall) Fairchild
October 1909
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon, her great grandson

Funeral Card for William T. Fairchild
May 1915
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon, his great grandson


Children of WILLIAM T. FAIRCHILD and ANNA K. HALL are:

15.              i.    ADRIAN V.4 FAIRCHILD, b. May 22, 1876.

16.             ii.    CORA ADELLA FAIRCHILD, b. August 27, 1881.

17.            iii.    CARRIE N. FAIRCHILD, b. June 01, 1886.

                 iv.    FREEMAN FAIRCHILD, b. February 16, 1889, and died March 24, 1967 [see following obituary].

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
March 30, 1967

Freeman Fairchild, 78, lifelong Dushore RD resident, died Friday morning at the veterans Hospital, Wilkes-Barre where he had been a patient since 1964.
Mr. Fairchild was a World War I veteran, having served in the Army, Company M. 329th Infantry. He was born in Cherry Township, Sullivan County, February 16, 1889, the son of the late William and Anna Hall Fairchild.
He was a member of the American Legion, Loyalsock Post 996 of Dushore.
He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Carrie N. Landon of Long Beach, Calif.
Graveside Military services were conducted by members of the Dushore American Legion, Loyalsock Post 996. Pallbearers were: Leo Barry, William Barth, Sr., John Chatburn, Leo O’Neil, Edward Radka, James Reagan, all Legioneers.
Firing Squad: Martin Bahr, William Barth, Jr., Eugene Holland, J. Bernard Litzelman, Color Guard: Carl Chase, Paul Hieber, Carl Potter, Francis J. Richley, John Bundle, Commander, Ellery J. Minnier, Chaplain, Edward Meehan, Sgt. At Arms.
Rev. James E. Johnson officiated. Burial was in the Cadwallader Cemetery, Cherry Township, Dushore, RD.

18.             v.    LAURA M. FAIRCHILD, b. June 01, 1891.

                 vi.    LLOYD W. FAIRCHILD, b. November 16, 1894.






                   i.    FRANK4 BARBER.






                   i.    RAY S.4 WILCOX, m. ELLA STERIGERE.

                  ii.    BERTA WILCOX.

                 iii.    LEON WILCOX, m. AILEEN UNKNOWN.

                 iv.    TRIXY WILCOX.

                  v.    MUSA WILCOX.



10.  JOHN NEWTON3 MARTIN (CAROLINE2 FAIRCHILD, FREEMAN1) was born April 05, 1851, and died January 02, 1884.  He married EMILY J. SYLVARA July 03, 1870.

Editor's Note: Emily was born October 7, 1852; she died about September 18, 1925. Here is the obituary for John Newton Martin, followed by a report on the attendance at Emily's 1925 funeral:

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
January 10, 1884

About two weeks ago, J. Newton MARTIN and family, came to this place, to visit Mrs. MARTIN’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. SYLVARA, preparatory to going west. On Saturday evening, Dec. 29th, their youngest child, a boy aged about 2 years, grew suddenly ill and died during the night. The funeral was held on Tuesday evening, Dec. 31st. Mr. MARTIN was taken seriously ill and a physician summoned, who pronounced the disease diphtheria in the worse form. And he died on Wednesday evening, Jan. 1st, only forty-eight hours after being ill. This second sudden death was almost more than the grief-stricken wife and mother could bear, and for several days she was seriously ill owing to the severe strain. She is much better now.

The body was embalmed at once, and Mr. MARTIN’s parents, who reside at Pawnee Rock, Kansas, were summoned. They started immediately for this place, reaching here on Monday. Funeral services were held on Tuesday. He was buried according to the rules and with honors of the Masonic fraternity, he being a member of the Dushore Lodge. Interment in the Cemetery near the Quinn School House in Cherry.

Newton Martin was a member of the Colley Grange. He served during the years 1882-3 as secretary of our Agricultural Society.

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
September 23, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newell, Jr.; and Miss Hattie B. Newell of Canton, Mrs. M. C. Shock, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Behr, Miss Cora McCarroll, Lopez, Mrs. A. Waltman, Laddsburg, Mr. and Mr. C. H. Keeler and son Jay, Mrs. Roy Keeler, Mrs. Hannah Martin of New Albany, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Messersmith and Mr. and Mrs. John A. McCarroll of Colley were among those from out of town who attended the funeral of Mrs. Emily J. Martin, Monday.

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
September 23, 1925

Miss Ethel H. Martin, a student of the Indiana Normal School, was called home Friday by the death of her grandmother, Mrs. E. J. Martin.


Children of J. MARTIN and EMILY SYLVARA are:

19.              i.    BAYARD T.4 MARTIN, b. August 12, 1873; died February 11, 1961.

                  ii.    LINTA V. MARTIN, b. July 29, 1876; m. BLANCHE HAMPTON, June 01, 1908.

                 iii.    DUDLEY H. MARTIN, b. November 09, 1881; d. December 30, 1883.






                   i.    MANCY V.R.4 FAIRCHILD.

                  ii.    ARTHUR FAIRCHILD.



12.  SALLIE B.3 FAIRCHILD (DANIEL H.2, FREEMAN1)  She married FRED NEWELL December 21, 1882 in Dushore, Sullivan co, PA. 



Source: various news clippings


Sullivan Review

Marriage: Newell-Fairchild

At the residence of the bride's father, Judge Fairchild in Dushore, Dec. 21 1882, by Rev. R. S. Wagner, Mr. Fred Newell of Towanda and Miss Sallie B. Fairchild.


Towanda Journal

On Thursday of this week, at the bride's home, Mr. Fred Newell, a compositor in the Journal office, united his fate with that of Miss Sallie Fairchild of Dushore. Boys of the office say they knew Newell enough that something or another was on his mind and mistrusted that a Fairchild had to do with it. Their conjectures were correct, it seems; and with one mind they cordially wish for the twain the fullest measure of wedded bliss.


Dushore Review

Mr. Fred Newell, formerly of this place, and Miss Sallie Fairchild of this place were married at the residence of the bride's father, Judge Fairchild on Thursday evening , Dec. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Newell have hosts of friends in this place who unite with us in wishing them happiness and prosperity.


Canton Sentinel

Last Saturday evening at the Hon. D. Fairchild's, Miss Sallie Fairchild was married to Mr. Fred Newell, of Canton by Rev. Mr. Wagner. The only guests invited were the Hon. P. R. Ackley, Dr. Waddell, Samuel Cole, Professor Osborne, Mr. Minard, Misses Amanda Zaner and Hulda Connors, besides the Rev. and Mrs. Wagner. All left substantial tokens of their friendship and good wishes.


Bradford Republican

Mr. Fred Newell of the Journal office, led to the hymnal altar on Thursday last, Miss Sallie Fairchild, of Dushore. We wish the newly wedded pair a long and happy wedded life.




                   i.    HATTIE BELLE4 NEWELL, b. April 04, 1884.



Birth announcement


Our typographical friend, Fred Newell, foreman of the Dushore Review and form only compositor in this office, has struck a "fat take" in composing room parlance, and will "lay off" for a time to celebrate his good luck. It's a girl; regulation weight for the feminine gender of 8 lbs and she did not like Joye "spring full-fledged from the brain of Minerva" she was ushered in bearing the euphonious name of Hattie Belle.

We hope the welcome little visitor may remain a guest for many years and become the belle of her circle.


                  ii.    FRED NEWELL.



Generation No. 4





                   i.    DON5 YONKIN, b. 1918.



14.  MINA CLAIRE4 YONKIN (HANNAH3 FAIRCHILD, STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born May 18, 1884.  She married HERMAN R. JACOBY September 12, 1908. 


Children of MINA YONKIN and HERMAN JACOBY are:

                   i.    BRUCE5 JACOBY, b. July 22, 1912.

                  ii.    PAUL JACOBY, b. 1916.



15.  ADRIAN V.4 FAIRCHILD (WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born May 22, 1876.  He married IRENE BALLARD October 1901. 



                   i.    JOHN W.5 FAIRCHILD, b. July 05, 1902.

                  ii.    BLANCHE FAIRCHILD, b. March 20, 1905.

                 iii.    RUTH M. FAIRCHILD, b. September 19, 1908.



16.  CORA ADELLA4 FAIRCHILD (WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born August 27, 1881.  She married ROSCOE SNELL April 01, 1900. 



                   i.    ANNIE J.5 SNELL, b. March 20, 1901.

                  ii.    BRADY M. SNELL, b. February 26, 1903.


Carolyn Nancy Fairchild
Daughter of William and Anna K. (Hall) Fairchild
About 1887-1888
Accompanied by "Grandma Comstock" and "Grandma Whitmarsh"
Presumably Relatives of the Hall Family
Sullivan County, PA
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon, her grandson

17.  CARRIE NANCY.4 FAIRCHILD (WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born June 01, 1886.  She married WILLIAM LANDON of Dushore, PA on September 26, 1908. They lived in Binghamton, NY for several years before relocating to California in the 1920s. William returned to Binghamton in 1932 and died there in 1934. He was the son of Truman Frank and Sarah Alice (Hartzig) Landon. T. Frank Landon (1852-1924) came from Tioga County, NY [see following obituary], while his wife Sarah (1861-1916) was a descendant of one of the oldest German families in Sullivan County. You can learn more about her and her ancestors at Descendants of William Hartzig. 

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
March 19, 1924

T. Frank Landon died Monday morning at the home of his son, William V. Landon at Binghamton N.Y. Mr. Landon was born at Ogdensburg, Tioga County in 1852, and came to Sullivan County when a young man where he spent most of his life. Since the death of his wife he has made his home at Binghamton with his son.
He is survived by two daughters, Lulu and Emily, and one son, William Landon.
Funeral services were held Wednesday at the home of his son in Binghamton and the body will be brought to Dushore Thursday morning for interment. Services at the grave will be in charge of Dushore Lodge No. 494 of which he was a member.



                   i.    IRVIN LYLE5 LANDON, b. March 26, 1909.

                  ii.    HELEN ALICE LANDON, b. February 14, 1912 [see birth certificate below].

                 iii.    LESLIE LANDON, b. October 07, 1913.

Helen Alice Fairchild Landon
Birth Certificate
February 14, 1912
Dushore, PA
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon, her nephew



18.  LAURA M.4 FAIRCHILD (WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, FREEMAN1) was born June 01, 1891.  She married EARL RUBRIGHT June 16, 1907. 



                   i.    HERBERT W.5 RUBRIGHT, b. June 16, 1908.

                  ii.    CLARENCE RUBRIGHT, b. December 06, 1909.



19.  BAYARD T.4 MARTIN (J. NEWTON3, CAROLINE2 FAIRCHILD, FREEMAN1) was born August 12, 1873.  He married LIZZIE E. HEACOCK June 02, 1897; he died February 11, 1961 

Editor's Note: Here is an obituary for Baryard T. Martin.

Williamsport, PA
February 13, 1961

DUSHORE --- Bayard Taylor Martin, 87, who published and edited the Sullivan County Review, a weekly newspaper, for more than 40 years, until two years ago, died in a Dushore nursing home Saturday afternoon, February 11, 1961, following a long illness.
Mr Martin was a life-long resident of Sullivan County, son of J. Newton and Emily J. Sylvara Martin. He attended the Sullivan County schools. He was a member of the Zion Lutheran church of Dushore and charter member of the Men’s Brotherhood of the Church. He served as Sunday School Teacher superintendent a number of years.
He was a charter member of the Lion’s Club and the Dushore Fire Co. He was charter member and past president and director of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, and charter member of the Sullivan Historical Society.
Mr Martin was a past director and aided in the organization of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Assn. He was a member of the Sullivan County Sportsmen; past master of Cherry Grange No 1224 Dushore Lodge IOOF and Sullivan Encampment 277; member of the Knights of Maccabees, Towanda Rod and Gun Club; Bradford County Historical Society and Sullivan County Agricultural Society.
He was a member of Evergreen Lodge F&AM 163, of Monroeton; the Towanda Scottish Scottish_Rite Club and the Williamsport Consistory. Mr Martin served as associate judge of Sullivan County from January 1, 1923, to December 31, 1929.
During World War I, he was federal food administrator for the county. He served as school director of Dushore for several terms and was vice president of the Sullivan County Board of Public Assistance.
About two years ago he sold his newspaper and job printing business to the Towanda Daily Review.
Survivors include a daughter, Mrs James F Heller, at home, two grandsons and one great-granddaughter.
The Rev H Joseph Slesser, his pastor, will officiate at the services.
Services will be held at 10:45 am on Wednesday at McHenry’s, 119 Carpenter St, Dushore, followed by services at 11 am in the Zion Lutheran Church. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Dushore.



                   i.    ETHEL HESTER5 MARTIN, m. JAMES FRANKLIN KELLER, July 30, 1927.


Now let's return to the story with which we started this family history:

DANIEL H. FAIRCHILD, son of Jonothan and Sarah Freeman Fairchild. We do not have the date of his birth nor to whom he was married. His one daughter Susan Fairchild married Henry Cook, her first husband and later married Jeremiah F. Williams. Mr. Williams was born in Schuykill county, Pa. in 1848. He was a blacksmith by trade. After his marriage, he moved to Sullivan county about 1857 and located on what is now known as the Solomon Bahr farm, near the "Horseshoe".

Asher Fairchild, son of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, married Sarah Garrigues. Their children were: Chileon, Freeman, John D., Sarah, Jonothan, Mary Ann, and Susan E.

Stephen Fairchild, M.D., son of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, was a graduate doctor.

Anna Fairchild, daughter of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, married Stephen F. Headley. Mr. Headley became interested in land in Cherry township about the time the Berwick and Elmira Turnpike was being built. He later bought the mill property in Dushore and after the first mill was washed away by a flood, built a larger mill at the same place. A part of Dushore borough derives its name from him, being called "Headleyville". Although he spent some time in this vicinity, we do not think he ever made it his home. We have no record of his family.

Mary (Polly) Fairchild, a daughter of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, married Stephen Minton. No other record is at hand.

Elizabeth Fairchild, daughter of Jonothan and Sarah Howell Fairchild, married _________ Garrigues. No other information is at hand.

Jonothan Fairchild, son of Asher and Sarah Garrigues Fairchild, married Eliza Dickerson, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Doremus Dickerson. Their only child, Eliza Jane Fairchild, married William Wallace Hennion. She died leaving one daughter, Harriett Fairchild, who married Martin Luther Cox.

STEPHEN FAIRCHILD, son of Freeman and Hannah Ketcham Fairchild, was born September 26, 1809. He married Nancy Thomas, who was born April 2, 1823. They lived on a farm in Cherry township, along the old turnpike about one mile south of the old Fairchild tavern towards Bernice. His two daughters still reside on this homestead. Their children were: Hannah, born September 25, 1847, Charlotte born April 22, 1850, William born May 6, 1853, Caroline born July 26, 1845--died April 28, 1848.
Editor's Note: The homestead built at this location, also near the "Horseshoe", was heavily damaged by a tornado that struck the Dushore area in 1922. You can read about the storm and see pictures of the damaged Fairchild homestead at The Cyclone of 1922.

HARRIETT HEADLEY FAIRCHILD, daughter of Freeman and Hannah Ketcham Fairchild, was born September 5, 1811. She married Wells Wilcox of Albany township, Bradford county. Their children were: Catherine, Josepha died April 19, 1872, Emily G. married ________ Barber, died April 17, 1869, and Boyd W.

CAROLINE FAIRCHILD, daughter of Freeman and Hannah Ketcham Fairchild, born on November 15, 1813; she maried John Wilson Martin, born May 15, 1823, on February 20, 1848. Their children were: Freeman William born December 22, 1848--died January 24, 1852, John Newton born April 5, 1851, Lewis Wells born September 1852--died February 1854. Caroline Fairchild Martin died April 24, 1898.

DANIEL HOWELL FAIRCHILD, son of Freeman and Hannah Ketcham Fiarchild, born December 23, 1823. Married Elizabeth Richart. Their children were: Hattie, Freeman, Kate and Sallie B. [Editor's Note: She is pictured at the top of this page.]. Daniel Fairchild lived for a number of years with his mother at the Fairchild Tavern and, after his marriage, he built a house in Headleyville, near the pond. He was a farmer, in _____ he was elected associate judge of Sullivan county serving one term. He died March 30, 1897.

HANNAH FAIRCHILD YONKIN, daugher of Stephen and Nancy Thomas Fairchild, was born September 25, 1847 [Editor's Note: and died February 16, 1937]. She married William H. Yonkin. Their children were Otis Freeman born December 15, 1877 and Mina Claire born May 18, 1884.
Editor's Note: You can learn more about this lineage at William H. Yonkin. He was born January 13, 1838 and died September 14, 1915. A broader history of the Yonkins is at Descendants of Henry Yonkin and Barbara Hartzig.

CHARLOTTE FAIRCHILD, son of Stephen and Nancy Thomas Fairchild, born April 22, 1850. She was never married and still lives on the old homestead.

WILLIAM FAIRCHILD, son of Stephen and Nancy Thomas Fairchild, was born May 6, 1853, [Editor's Note: and died May 3, 1915]. He married Anna Hall. Their children were: Adrian V., Cora Adella, Carrie N., Freeman, Laura M. and Lloyd--died when a small child. Mr. Fairchild was a farmer, living on the Stephen Fairchild homestead until his death. He was a hunter of no small prowess, having killed many deer and other game in his lifetime. His wife died October 7, 1909 from burns received while fighting fire along the railroad near their home buildings. Her clothing being burned completely off her body when help arrived. Mr. Fairchild died a few years later.

CATHERINE WILCOX, daughter of Wells and Harriett Headley Wilcox, born _______, died _________.

JOSEPHA WILCOX, daughter of Wells and Harriett Headley Wilcox, was born Jan. 25, 1835, died April 19, 1872.

EMILY G. WILCOX, daughter of Wells and Harriett Headley Wilcox, was born May 23, 1836 and died April 17, 1869.

BOYD W. WILCOX, son of Wells and Harriett Headley Wilcox, was born _______. He married Aurelia Ferguson. Their children were Ray S., Bertha, Leon, Trixy and Musa.

JOHN NEWTON MARTIN, son of John W. and Caroline Fairchild Martin, born April 5, 1851--died of diphtheria Jan. 2, 1884. He married Emily Jannette Sylvara July 2, 1870. Their children were: Bayard Taylor, Lin-ta Verrill, Dudley Howell born Nov. 9, 1881--died Dec. 20, 1883.

HATTIE FAIRCHILD, daughter of Daniel H. and Elizabeth Richart Fairchild, born ______, died ______.

FREEMAN FAIRCHILD, M. D., son of Danile H. and Elizabeth Richart Fairchild, married ______. Their children were Mancy Van Rensaeller, Arthur and Anna. He was a practicing physician in Dushore until his death in ______.

KATE FAIRCHILD ? [sic], daughter of Daniel H. and Elizabeth Richart Fairchild, born _____, died _______. She was never married.

SALLIE B. FAIRCHILD NEWELL, daughter of Daniel H. and Elizabeth Richart Fairchild, married Fred Newell. Their children were: Hattie Belle and Fred.

OTIS FREEMAN YONKIN, son of William H. and Hannah Fairchild Yonkin, was born Dec. 15, 1877. Married Mrs. _______ Huffmaster. Their children were: ________.

MINA CLAIRE YONKIN JACOBY, daughter of William H. and Hannah Fairchild Yonkin, was born May 14, 1884, married Herman R. Jacoby on Sept. 12, 1908. Their children were Bruce, born July 22, 1912, and Pauline born 1916.

ADRIAN V. FAIRCHILD, son of William and Anna Hall Fairchild, born May 22, 1876. Married Irene Ballard Oct., 1901. Their children were: John W., born July 5, 1902, Blanche, born March 20, 1905, and Ruth M., born Sept. 9, 1908. Adrian Fairchild enlisted in the Regular Army and served with honor in the Phillippines [sic] during the Spanish American War. Since his return, he has lived in Michigan but at present is living in Binghamton, NY.

CORA ADELLA FAIRCHILD, daughter of William and Anna Hall Fairchild, was born Aug. 27, 1881. Married Roscoe Snell on April 1, 1900. Their children were: Brady M., born Feb. 26, 1903, Annie J., born March 20, 1901.

Irvin Lyle, Arthur Leslie and Helen Alice Landon
Children of William and Caroline (Fairchild) Landon
July 14, 1914
Sullivan County, PA
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon

CAROLINE N. FAIRCHILD, daughter of William and Anna Hall Fairchild, was born June 1, 1886. Married William Landon on Sept. 26, 1908. Their children were Irvin Lyle, born May 26, 1909, Helen Alice, born Feb. 14, 1912, and Arthur "Leslie" born Oct. 7, 1913. They are now living in California.*
* Editor's Note: In July 2009, Larry Landon of Grandfield, OK, son of Leslie Landon, contacted us with pictures and information about his Fairchild and Landon ancestors. The three children of William and Caroline (Fairchild) Landon moved to Long Beach, CA about 1926, looking for work. They traveled from Sullivan County, PA to California in an old Model T Ford. William and Caroline, known as "Grandma Carrie" to her family, moved out there as well, but William later returned to Pennsylvania in 1932 and died two years later in 1934 [see following obituary]. Here is a link to a picture of Larry Landon, our contributor, in the Burbank School, Grade 3, 1950. He was eight years old at the time. The school was at the corner of Mill Street and Mountain View Avenue in San Bernardino, CA.

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
November 7, 1934

William V. Landon, died, Saturday at the home of his sister in Binghamton, N.Y. He is survived by his wife and three children, who reside in California, also two sisters, Lulu and Emily.
He was born in Dushore, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Landon and married Miss Caroline Fairchild, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fairchild of Cherry Township. For a number of years they made their home in Binghamton, later going to California where the family now resides. Due to ill health he returned to Binghamton about two years ago.
Funeral services were held in Binghamton, Tuesday morning. Interment in Fairview cemetery at this place.

Larry Landon, our contributor, is the son of Arthur Leslie Landon. Here is a photo taken in Cedar Pines Park, CA in 1946, when he was about five years old. Cedar Pines Park, where Larry's Uncle Lyle Landon lived, is in the San Bernardino Mountains near Crestline, CA, about 100 miles driving distance from Big Bear on the east side of the Sierras. Lyle's obituary is also provided below the photograph.

The Landons at Cedar Pines Park
L to r: Esther Landon [wife of Lyle], Lyle Landon, Laura (Fairchild) Rubright, Arthur Leslie Landon, Richard and Larry Landon [children in front], and Caroline (Fairchild) Landon
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
June 12, 1952

Irvin Lyle Landon died Saturday, May 31, at his home at 1749 Garden Drive, San Bernardino, California, at the age of 43 years.
Mr. Landon was born in Dushore, a son of the late William Landon, and Caroline Fairchild Landon. Twenty-six years ago he went to California where he has since made his home. He was a grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Landon of this place, and also of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Fairchild of Cherry Township.
For a number of years he was foreman at the welding department of the Santa Fe Shops at San Bernardino, Calif. He was a member of Phoenix Lodge 178 F. & A.M.
He is survived by his wife, Esther Landon, two step sons, William S. Bloomer and Chester B. Bloomer of San Bernardino; his mother, Mrs. Caroline Landon, a sister, Helen Landon, Paramount, Calif; and a brother, Leslie Landon of San Bernardino.
Funeral services were held Tuesday, June 3rd, at 3 o’clock. Interment in Mountain View Cemetery.

Helen Alice and Arthur Leslie Landon
With Carolyn (Grahm) Landon, His Second Wife
Knotts Berry Farm
Buena Park, Orange County, CA
Photo Courtesy of Larry Landon

LAURA FAIRCHILD, daughter of William and Anna Hall Fairchild, was born _______. Married Earl Rubright. Their children [sic] were: Herbert, who was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shrimp and now bears the name of Herbert Shrimp.

FRANK BARBER, son of Jesse Barber and Emily G. Wilcox, was born ________.

RAY S. WILCOX, son of Boyd W. Wilcox and Aurelia Ferguson Wilcox, married Ella Steriger who died and his second wife is _______ Packard. The children [sic] by the second marriage were: Donald.

LEON WILCOX, son of Boyd and Aurelia Wilcox, was born ________, married Arleen.

BAYARD TAYLOR MARTIN, son of John Newton and Emily Janette [sic] Martin, was born Aug. 12, 1873. married Elizabeth Ellis Heacock on June 2, 1897. Their children [sic] were: Ethel Hester.

LIN-TA VERRILL MARTIN, son of John Newton and Emily Janette Martin, was born July 29, 1876. Married Blanche Hampton of California, June 1, 1908, in the City of Mexico. They live in Glendale, CA.

HATTIE BELLE NEWELL, daughter of Fred and Sallie B. Fairchild Newell, born ________. She is now living in Canton, PA, and is associate editor of the Canton Sentinel.

FRED NEWELL, JR., son of Fred and Sallie B. Fairchild Newell, born ________. Married Kathryn ________. He is the editor of the Canton Sentinel and lives in Canton, PA.

ETHEL HESTER MARTIN, daughter of Bayard T. and Elizabeth Ellis Heacock Martin, was born Nov. 16, 1903. married James Franklin Keller on July 30, 1927. She lives in Chester, PA.

Ethel Hester Martin
At Age Seven in 1910
Front and Back Sides
Photo contributed by Mike Clarke
Source: An old postcard that Mike purchased at the Fall Heritage Days in Sonestown, PA on October 14, 2007

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