in the United States Census Reports,

1810-1840, and Tax Rolls for 1808 and 1824, for townships in Lycoming County,

Pennsylvania which would later become parts of Sullivan County.

Compiled by David Bailey
December 2006


Each location listing has three sections:

The first letter refers to the specific township: (C) Cherry; (D) Davidson; (E) Elkland;

(F) Forks; (S) Shrewsbury.

The two digit number in the center is the year of the census or tax roll.

The final letter is either (U) United States Census or (T) Lycoming County Tax Rolls.

So, for instance, John C. Albertson, D40U, is in Davidson Township in the 1840 U.S.


Note: Entries are as found in the records. No spelling changes have been made.

Also, efforts to group families have been made only where very obvious. The use of

(2nd) refers to a second reading of a like name in the same year. Asterisks indicate that
the original census document contains an entry that was difficult for the transcriber to read.


Albertson John C. D40U

Ames John C40U

Amos Richard S30U

Anderson Peter D40U

Annibal Roselinda E40U

Annis William E40U

Applegate Ralph S20U

Arms Amos C40U

Arms* Mahala D40U

Armstrong Joseph S40U

Asher* John E20U

Baker Thomas E20U

Ball Francis E08T

John E08T; E10U; C30U; C40U

Banly Hugh E30U

Bard Martin C40U

Barge Godleb* C40U

illeg. C30U

John C30U

John L. C40U

Mary C40U

Bargin Kern C40U

Barker John E30U

Barnom John E30U

Bartch Frederick C24T

John G. C24T

Bartley Isaiah C40U

Batchelder Joseph C24T

Bates John C40U

Batten John E30U; E40U

Joseph E40U

Marshal(l) E10U; E20U; E40U

Bear Benjamin C40U

John C40U

John (Jr) C40U

Bedford Henry E30U; E40U

John E40U

Richard F40U

Bellanger* Thomas E40U

Bennet(t) Edmund D40U

Joel S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

Joseph S40U

Nimrod S20U

Tannans C40U

Thomas S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

Biddle Richard F40U

Bigger James D40U

Bingley/Binley John E08T; S10U

Bird George S20U; S30U; F40U

Powel(l) S08T; S20U; F40U

Birdie Henry C30U

Blaker C_______ S40U

Boils Francis S10U

Bomgardner Joseph C40U

Bordy Anthony C40U

Henry C40U

Joesph C40U

Boroden William E30U

Bowen William E30U

Bower John E10U

Bown John E20U

William S20U

Boyle(s) Francis E08T; E20U; E30U

Hugh E40U

John E30U; E40U

Nancy E40U

Bridge Jacob D40U

Bristol Elias C30U; C40U

John C40U

Brown Aaron E30U

Archillis E40U

George E30U

George W. F40U

John E08T; S20U; S30U; F40U

John (2nd) F40U

Thomas F40U

William E40U

William (2nd) F40U

Brownfelter Jacob C40U

Bryan/Bryon Ellis S30U

Samuel S30U; F40U

Buck Peter S20U; S30U; S40U

Bull Francis S10U; E20U; E30U

Burd Paul S10U

Burkhart John S40U

Burnette Chevelier S20U

Carothers Moses D40U

Thomas S30U

Carrel Samuel C40U

Caveners Hugh C30U

Cetchen* Samuel C30U

Chase Benjamin F40U

Clark Jeffrey F40U

John E10U

Thomas F40U

Clarke John S30U

Clemens William D40U

Cohongher* Jacob C30U

Coke Joseph C40U

Cokenberger George F. C40U

Colley William C24T; C40U

Collins Jonathan E10U

Colp Jeremiah C30U

Coney John E08T; E10U

Converse Joseph D40U

Joseph (2nd) D40U

Cook Conrad C40U

Cooper Henry W. C24T


Abraham S20U; S30U; S40U

Jacob S20U; S30U; S40U

Jacob (2nd) S40U

John S20U; S30U; S40U

John (2nd) S30U

Peter S10U; S40U

Corter David S10U

Coskin Henry W. C30U

Craft Catharine S30U; S40U

John S20U

Samuel S40U

Samuel (2nd) S40U

Crandle Elijah E20U

John E20U

Cravenor Isaac E30U

Crawly Timothy S30U; S40U

Cully William C30U

Dace Samuel S30U

Danafelser Adam C40U

Darr/Derr Adam S08T; S10U

Darvis David H. E40U

Davis David D. S20U

Rev. Wm. C30U

David David E. C24T

Thomas C24T

Deegan Darby C40U

Dempsey Patrick C40U

Derby Samuel S20U; C24T

Dieffenbacher Jacob C24T; C30U; C40U

John C24T; C40U

Dill Samuel S20U; C24T; C30U; C40U

Diller Philip D40U

Dodge David C24T

Dominick Peter E08T

Donily/Donley Lewis E10U; E30U

Lewis L. E30U

Dougan Daniel S20U

Dudder John S40U

Dunn James C40U

Ecroid James E08T

Edgar Andrew D40U

Edkin(s) Francis S10U; S30U; S40U

George S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

George Jr S40U

John S30U; S40U

Thomas S40U

Edwards Charles E30U

Eldred Edward E40U

Edward J. E08T; S10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Ellis Amos (esq) S20U; C30U; C40U

Titus S20U

Elman Ester___* E30U

Erle Charles C40U

Fairchild Freeman S20U; C24T; C30U

Hannah C40U

Fall Dennis C24T

John C24T

George S20U

Farrel Edward C40U

John C40U

Patriack (sic) C40U

Fisher John S10U

John Jr S10U

Benjamin S30U

Flick Anthony S40U

Follmer Joseph C40U

Fossit Henry E30U

Foust John C40U

Philip C40U

Frane Jacob C40U

Fulcrit Philip E30U

Fulmer James C30U

Joseph C24T

Gaisor George C40U

Gant Richard E30U

Garmen* Alexander C30U

Gilmore Peter C40U

Glair John C40U

Glidewell James D40U

John S30U; D40U

Thomas S30U; D40U

William S30U; D40U

Goodwin David H. C24T; C30U

Gower Andrew D40U

Daniel D40U

Grange John E20U; E30U

John Jr E20U; E30U; E40U

Joseph E40U

Gravely Henry C24T; C30U; C40U

William C24T; C30U; C40U

William Jr C30U; C40U

Green John S. C40U

Richard E20U; E30U

Grieg Aqui* C30U

Gross George C30U

Groves John C40U

Guselman* Matthais C30U

Hackett John E08T

Hahn Elias C40U

Frederick C40U

Haiden James S30U

Haines Isaiah S30U

Hanaway* William C40U

Hanes Ezra E08T

Jacob F40U

Jesse E08T

Hanninghauser Henry C40U

Harde Jonas E30U

Hardin James E20U

Harding James D40U

Hardy Jonah E20U

Har(r)ington Cornelius C24T; C30U

Harlocher Jacob C40U

Harney Finton C40U

Harris James C30U; C40U

John C30U

Samuel C40U

Steven C40U

Hart William E30U; E40U

Hartley Elizabeth E10U

Jonathan E08T

Hartman John E30U; E40U

Hartsock John C24T; C30U; C40U

Hartwick Elijah D40U

Hartzig John C40U

William C40U

Hatch Douglas S20U

Haverly Henry F40U

Philip C40U

Heaver John C40U

Henderson James S10U

John S10U; S20U

Henly Robert W. C40U

Heriman George D40U

Herrington Cornelius C40U

Hicks Jesse C24T; C30U

John C24T; C30U

Samuel C30U

Hiddleson John D40U

Rufus K. D40U

Hill John E08T; E10U; E20U; E30U

Hinkle Susannah C40U

Hively John E10U

Hoffa/Hoffec Jacob C30U; C40U

Hoffmaster Frederick C30U

Henry C30U; C40U


Amos E08T; E10U; E20U

Charles E40U

Elijah E30U; E40U

Isaac E40U

James E30U; E40U

John E08T; E10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Jo(h)nathan E10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Joseph E08T; E10U; E20U; E30U

Joseph (2nd) E30U

Joseph Jr E08T; E30U; E40U

Holcomb Elinas C24T

Holmes John S10U; S20U; S40U

John C S30U

John G S08T

Peter S30U; S40U

Horn Andrew C40U

Housewort(h) Valentine C24T; C30U; C40U

Hover Emmanuel C30U

Howell Nathan S08T; S10U

Howlit Charles S30U


John E10U; S30U; F40U

Joseph E30U

Sarah E10U; S20U

William E30U; E40U

Huffmaster Frederick S20U; C24T

Henry C24T


Christian C40U

Georg C24T; C30U; C40U

George (2nd) S30U; F40U

Henry C40U

Jacob C30U

John C30U; C40U

Peter C30U; C40U

Samuel S30U; C40U

William C40U

Hunter John C30U; D40U

Jackson Gaines C40U

Hannah C40U

Samuel S20U; C24T; C30U

Jay John S20U; S30U

Moses S20U; S30U

Peter S20U

Johnson Alexander S40U

Johns(t)on Elijah E30U; E40U

Jones Edward E08T

Junk Thomas C40U

Keeler James D40U

John D40U

Nicholas C40U

Kensley Charles C40U

Charles (2nd) C40U

Kerkendall Jesse C24T

Kester Jacob C40U

Joseph C40U

Kile John C30U


Anthony E20U; E30U; E40U

Charles E30U

George E40U

Henry E30U

Philip E20U; E30U; E40U

Philip Jr E40U

King Casper C24T; C30U

John E20U; E30U; E40U

Thomas S10U; E40U

William E08T; E20U; E30U; E40U

William (2nd) C24T; C30U; C40U

Kinster* Jacob C30U

Kitchen* Robert S40U

Kump Elizabeth C40U

Kyle John D40U

Lambert Robert S08T; S10U

Samuel S20U

Landbach John C40U

Lawrence William C24T; C40U

Lee Nathan C30U

Lefever Charles C40U

Leland David L. D40U

Lewis George S20U; S30U

Linn Daniel S20U

Little Daniel S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

George S20U

Henry D40U

John S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

John (2nd) D40U

John C. S30U; F40U

Joseph E40U

Nathaniel S30U; E40U

Samuel F40U

Theophilus S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U; F40U

Theophilus Jr S08T

Thomas S08T; S10U; S40U

Thomas (2nd) S40U

Tobias S08T; S20U; S30U; S40U

Litzelman Matthais C40U

Litzelwope Joseph C40U

Lopes John R. S20U

Lopett Henry E40U

Lopez John (R.) C24T; C30U; C40U

Low William D40U

Luce Archiles (& var)

E20U; E30U; E40U

Lusch F.X. C24T

Lush Zophus C40U

Lutterswope James C30U

Mackey James S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

Malone Owen S40U

Martin William C24T

Mat___* John E30U

Maxwell John B. C24T; C30U

Mayo Isaac C30U

Maze Isaac C40U

McCarty Aaron E30U; E40U

Isaac S20U

Jesse E30U; E40U

Joel E08T; S10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Joel Jr E40U

Silas E40U

McClure John C40U

McCormick John C40U

Michael C40U

McElvaine John E20U

McElwain Esther E40U

McMahon Hugh C40U

McNeal Samuel S20U; C24T; C30U; C40U

Messerschmit John Jacob C40U

Miller/Millar Alteratus C24T

Daniel C30U

David E40U

Jacob S20U; C24T; C30T

Joel C40U

John E20U; C24T; C30U; C40U

Philip C40U

Rev John C30U

Shadrack (& var)

C24T; C30U; C40U

Moduar* John C30U


Edward S20U; S30U; F40U

James E20U; E30U

John S08T; F40U

Joseph E40U

Thomas S20U; E30U

William S08T; S10U; S20U; S30U

Moore Nancy E30U

Morris Benjamin E30U

Morten Michael C40U

Moser Christian C40U

John C24T; C40U

Moyer Martin C40U

Moyers Henry E30U

Mullen Charles E08T; S10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Joseph E40U

P. Jr E08T

Munch Georg C40U

Murphy Daniel C40U

Myer Henry E20U

N______ Samuel E40U

Newell Benjamin E20U

Josiah E20U

Newman Joseph S40U

Norton Charles E40U

George E40U

Thomas F40U

Nuch* Thomas E10U

Osler John F40U

Packingdol John C30U

Pain Henry C30U

Jacob C30U

Palmer Eden C40U

Rosewell C40U

Pardoe Joseph E20U; E30U; E40U

William E40U

Parker A. E08T

Letna* D. E30U

Sylvanus (& var)

E08T; E10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

Patten Marshal E30U

Patterson Aaron E08T

Pauling Joseph C30U

Payne Ezra S20U

Henry C24T

Jacob C24T

Payner Ezra C24T

Pennington Edmund E40U

Jesse E40U

Jesse (2nd) E40U

John C30U

John R. E40U

Persun/Person John C40U

Henry C40U

Matthais C40U

Pfoutz Philip C30U

Phelps R. C30U

Philips Abia D40U

Griffeth D40U

Roswell C24T

Plots John E30U

Poe Michael C30U

Potter Alden S20U; C24T

Brookins S20U; C24T

Henry C24T

Joseph S20U; C24T; C30U

Nicholas S20U; C24T; C30U

Thomas C30U

William C24T; C30U; C40U

William W. C40U

Price Michael C30U

Quinn Thomas C30U; C40U

Ram Christopher C40U

Raugh Henry C40U

Redin Patrick C40U

Reed Thomas S10U

Reese Abraham D40U

Abraham Jr D40U

Elias D40U

Reeser/Recer John C24T; C30U; C40U

William C40U

Reeves Joseph E08T; E10U; E20U; E30U; E40U

Regnearson John S40U

Reinbolt Henry C40U

Reiser Daniel C40U

Reiter John D40U

Reper Catharine E30U

Richards Ebenezer C40U

William E30U

Richart David S08T

Richey David S10U

Right Sarah E40U

Rile James E20U

Rinefret Charles C40U

Robins John C30U

John D. D40U

William C30U; C40U

William J. D40U

Roe Richard F40U

Roemly* David D40U

Rogers Benjamin S20U; E30U

David E20U; E30U

Jacob D40U

James C30U; D40U

John S08T; S20U; S30U

Jonathan S10U; S30U

Joseph F40U

Moses S30U; F40U

Reuben E30U

Richard E20U; E30U

Samuel S08T; S10U; S20U

Samuel (2nd) D40U

Samuel (3rd) F40U

Westley D40U

Roper John E20U

Rough Henry C30U

Roway Conrad C40U

Valentine C40U

Russell William E08T; S10U; E20U

Rynerson John S30U


Robert E08T; S10U

Sanders Asa D40U

Persiminous* S30U

Saner Lowry* C30U

Santee John C40U

Savage Daniel D40U


Charles C40U

Scott Charles C24T; C30U; C40U

John H. C40U

Mahlon R. C40U

Seck Charles C40U

Secord* Daniel S20U

Sewer David C40U

Sh___s E___t E40U

Shaffa Jonathan C40U

Sharman Peter F40U

Sharp Samuel C24T

Sherman Jacob C30U

John C30U

Thomas C40U

Shiner Andrew C24T; C30U

Evan (O.) S20U; C24T

Peter S20U; C30U

William C30U

Shuck John S40U

Smith Charles (B.) E20U; E30U

David D40U

John C30U; C40U

Samuel S20U

William D40U

William (2nd) S40U

Sneel William S10U

Snell illegible E20U

John E20U; E30U

William E08T; E20U

Snyder Adam C40U

Isaac S40U

Jacob C40U

Soder Frederick C40U

Sol(l)inger Francis C30U; C40U

Joseph C40U

Sones George D40U

Souchard John S10U

Sperry Ann D40U

Christopher D40U

Miles D40U

Samuel D40U

Steinec Bernhart C40U

Stevens William D40U

Strawbridge John S10U

Swank Soloman D40U

Tall Dennis C40U

James C40U

Joseph A. C40U

Taylor Elizabeth S40U

Frederick S20U; S30U; S40U

Frederick (2nd)S30U; S40U

Frederick (3rd) S40U

George W. S40U

James E30U; D40U

James Jr S30U

John S40U

Richard S08T; S40U

Robert S10U; S20U; S30U; S40U

Robert Jr S30U

Temple William D40U

Thall Denis* C30U

Thomas Samuel C30U

Thompson John S20U


Benjamin C30U; C40U

George C24T; C30U; C40U

Samuel C40U

Tobias Daniel C30U

Unger John D40U

Uris John S10U

Vaun William C40U

Walton illegible S30U

Wank John S30U; F40U

Warburton Frances M. E40U

John E20U; E30U; F40U

John M. E30U

Thomas E40U

Ward Jeremiah C40U


Isaiah S30U

James S30U

James (2nd) E30U

John S08T; S10U; E30U; E40U

Joseph F40U

Mary S20U

Wataver Abraham E20U

Watson George C40U

William C40U

Weaver Alexander S10U

Anthony C40U

Bernard C40U

Webster Abraham E10U

Jonatham E40U

Weisner Benoni S10U

Wenth* John E20U

Wentzel Jacob C40U

Whitacre John S20U

William S30U; D40U

White John F40U

Richard E08T; E10U; E20U; E30U

Whitebread Joseph C40U


Benjamin E40U

Jacob E40U

John E20U; E30U

John D. (B.) E20U; E30U; E40U

Wilkinson William E20U

Williams Bramly E30U

Jacob C30U; C40U

Pervis E30U; E40U

Thomas E20U; E30 U

Wilson Joseph D40U

Winder Warren F40U

Winslow Lewis C40U

Woodhead Joseph E40U

Woodly John E30U

Wright David F40U

William E30U

Wymen Webster E08T

Yeany John C40U


Henry C24T; C30U; C40U

Henry Jr C30U; C40U

John C40U

Joseph C40U

Yowres James S08T

Zana Lewis C40U

Ziluff William D40U

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