Wendy Giuliano's Photo Collection

The West School
Battin Road, Forskville, PA
October 2014
One Room School House Where the Heess Children and Barbara Heess Wheeler Attended School
Barbara was the daughter of Robert T. Heess and Myra Baumunk. She was also the grandmother of Wendy Giuliano
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

The West School
About 1900
When the Heess Children Attended
Specific Identifications Not Provided
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

The Baumunk and Heess Legacy in Photos
by Wendy Giuliano
January 2015

Wendy Giuliano lives in Rochester, NY. She is the granddaughter of Barbara Heess Wheeler. In April 2013, she helped us update our materials in The Day-Baumunk Heritage (see Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Seven. Her update also contain a family tree for her Heess and Baumunk lineage. More recently, in the summer of 2014, Wendy traveled back to Sullivan County to collect information and photos related to her family origins there. This page is the product of that research. The photos are attributable to Shirley Heess Wilson, Wendy's cousin. Shirley is the daughter of Kermit Heess and the granddaughter of Henry ("Harry") Heess. Harry was the brother of Wendy's great-grandfather, Robert T. Heess. Please feel free to address any questions or comments to Wendy herself at the e-mail address shown above or to Bob Sweeney, the page administrator.

A "Picnic in the Park"
The Attendees are listed on the Back SideThe second man from the left and the last woman on the right are Harry Heess and Hannah Cott, his wife-to-be. They were married in 1898, so we might date this photo to around that time.
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson
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The people shown in the photo above were all friends and associates and either were or in future would be intermarried or otherwie connected in the Elkland, Shunk and Forksville communities. Heess family sources are mentioned below. You can learn more about the Cott family, for example, at The Olga Beinlich Cott Gallery. There are multiple McCarty family histories on our web site, but perhaps a useful one for this context is The McCarty Family entry in Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Three. Finally, there is a fairly detailed section on the Heess and McCarty relationships in Settlers XLV: The Descendants of Silas McCarty and Sarah Carrell: Part Two; however, that narrative does not go past 1957. Here is another photo with a broad sweep of this family. It can be dated approximately to 1953 because Nellie (Heess) Molyneaux, who died in January 1954, is shown, as well as Elizabeth M. (Rogers) Heess, who died in 1955.

Heess Family Reunion
Approximately 1953
Held at Farmstead of Mark and Ruth Elizabeth (Heess) Burgess
Forksville, Sullivan County, PA.
Mark (1898-1987) and Ruth (1907-1994) were married May 25, 1925; she was a daughter of Harry and Hannah (Cott) Heess.
Here is an Obituary for Ruth.
Click on the photo for an enlarged version.
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

The attendance list is printed on the back of the reunion photo. You may want to reference the Christian Heess lineage linked below to line up names with subjects in the picture.:

Left to right:
Carl Heess
Duane Morris
Shirley Heess
Fred Wheeler
Nellie Heess
Kermit Heess
Barbara Heess Wheeler (holding baby)
Robert Heess
Albert F. Heess
Audrey Heess
Walter Heess
Elizabeth Rogers Heess
John K. Heess
Anna Heess Bogart
Vernon Bogart
Jayne Molyneaux
Richard Molyneaux (tallest boy)
Bertha M. (Boyle) Heess
John Molyneaux
Ronald Heess
Nellie Heess Molyneaux
Jennifer Molyneaux
Dorothy Heess Neece
Marshall Neece
Children of Walter Heess: Walter Robert and girl holding him from behind *
Ruth Heess Burgess
Mark Burgess
Richard Pletcher
Virginia Burgess Pletcher
Betty Heess
June Neece
Francis Bogart
Sherrill Bogart
Sandy Heess
Bill Burgess
Ella Ruth Heess
Dottie Bogart
* Editor's Note: Walter and Audrey (Williams) Heess had a daughter, Sandy, and a son, Walter Robert. We think the girl holding Walter Rober from behind is likely to be his sister, Sandy. There is a young girl identified as "Sandy Heess" in the fourth position from the right. However, we believe this is likely to be Sandra Heess, daughter of Kermit and Nellie (Brown) Heess.

Here are Wendy Giuliano's direct ancestors: Robert T. Heess, Myra (Baumunk) Heess and their daughter, Barbara (Heess) Wheeler:

Robert T. (1882-1979) and Myra E. (Baumunk Heess (1889-1945)
About 1910
Myra was the daughter of Adam and Barbara (Bental) Baumunk
.Photo Courtesy of Wendy Giuliano, Their Great-Granddaughter

Here is an Obituary for Barbara (Bental) Baumunk.

Barbara (Heess) Wheeler
HIgh School Graduation Photo
Circa 1930
Canton, PA
Photo Courtesy of Wendy Giuliano, Their Great-Granddaughter

Let's now take a look at the homesteads, Quaker Meeting House and more family photos:

Homestead of Theodore C. and Elizabeth (McCarty) Heess
Elkland Township, Sullivan County, PA
About 1900
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

Here's three photos of what the Heess farmstead looked like in October 2014:

Homestead of Theodore C. and Elizabeth (McCarty) Heess
Year 2014
Elkland Township, Sullivan County, PA

Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

And here we show the Baumunk homestead, where Myra (Baumunk) Heess grew up:

Homestead of Adam and Barbara (Beutel) Baumunk
Near Hugo's Corners
Elkland Township, Sullivan County, PA
Note: Compare to the Photo of the Same Strucutre Shown in the Day-Baumunk History referenced above.
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

Friends Meeting House
Shunk, PA
Interior View
The families prayed and shared their Quaker Beliefs Here.
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson

Theodore (1845-1916) and Elizabeth (McCarty) Heess (1844-1937) were the "second generation" of their families in Sullivan County. They and many other members of their families are interred at New Friends Cemetery in Elkland. Theodore was actually born Christian Theodor Heess in Germany, and came to America with his parents, Christian G. and Wilhelmina Dorothea Wiegle ("Weakley") Heess in 1852, They eventually settled in Elkland after some hair-raising adventures which you can read about in Christian G. And Dorothea W. Heess and Their Descendants: 1852-1955. Any way Christian Theodor was anglicized to "Theodore C." (according to Larry Pardoe, who has extensively researched this family), and he lived on the homestead established by his parents. Here is some additional information about this couple:

Theodore was born on July 4, 1845 in Wurtemberg, Germany and died October 6, 1916 in Elkland, CA. Here is his Death Certificate. His wife, Elizabeth McCarty, daughter of Aaron McCarty and Elizabeth Pardoe was born and died in Elkland, PA on August 16, 1844 and March 14, 1937, respectively. Here is her Death Certificate.

Let's next look at some more photos of Harry Heess, his wife Hannah, his sister Nellie, and brothers Albert and John:

Henry Aaron "Harry" Heess (1875-1945)
As a Young Man

Harry Heess
As an Old Man

Hannah M. (Cott) Heess (1879-1938)
Wife of Harry Heess

Ellen "Nellie" (Heess) Molyneaux (1885-1954)
Wife of John T. Molyneaux (1879-1929)
Sister to Robert, Alfred, John and Harry Heess
Two Photos: High School Graduation and
Late in Life With Granddaughter Jennifer Molyneaux *
Photo Courtesy of Shirley Heess Wilson
* See the Reunion Photo Above Where this Child is Standing in Front of Nellie.

Here is a local marriae notice fo this couple:

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
March 23, 1912

John Molyneaux and Miss Nellie Hess were quietly married at the Wesleyan Methodist parsonage at Millview, by the Rev. Wm. Fraizer, Wednesday, March 6. After a visit to New York City Mr. and Mrs. Molyneaux will be at home to their many friends in Millview in a home already furnished by the groom.

We also have death certificates for:
John T. Molyneaux
Nellie (Heess) Molyneaux

Albert, John and Harry Heess

Albert F. Heess (1872-1957), John K. Heess (1873-1967) and Harry Heess were brothers of Robert T. Heess, Wendy Giuliano's great-grandfather. This obituary for John Heess is also informative about his brothers and the Heess family in general:

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
December 7, 1967

John K. Heess, 94, died at his home in New Castle, Pa, on November 29, 1967.
He is survived by two sons, both dentists, Theodore, of New Castle, and Judson, of Detroit, Michigan; and by two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. His wife, the former Bertha Mae Boyle of Blossburg, died in 1966. They celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary on March, 5, 1966.
Mr. Heess was born in Elkland Township on January 1, 1873, on the farm now owned by Vernon Reibson. His father, Theodore Heess came from Germany with his parents in 1852 when he was seven years old. Theodore married Elizabeth McCarty in 1871 and cleared the farm from virgin forest. Two of Theodore’s brothers died in the Civil war.
John was the second of five children of Theodore and Elizabeth. Albert, the oldest was well known to the people of Sullivan County. He served as Prothonotary from 1907 to 1932, and as District Attorney from 1932 to 1955. A sister, Nellie, married John Molyneux. They lived at Millview. Another brother, Harry, was a farmer in Elkland Township. Robert, the only surviving brother, lives in Elmira, N.Y.
John Heess was graduated as a pharmaceutical chemist from the University of Pittsburgh in 1898 and practiced pharmacy at Canton and Blossburg for one and a half years. He was then employed by the Carnegie Steel Co. New Castle, and by 1903 was chief chemist at the New Castle plant.
He held this position until the plant closed in 1932.
Following this he served as chemist and sanitarian for the New Castle Department of Health until he retired in 1956 at the age of 83.
Mr. Heess was born a birthright Quaker and attended the Friends School in Elkland Township, which stood on the grounds of the present Friends Meeting House. His secondary schooling was at the Westtown School in Chester County, Pa. After moving to New Castle, he and his wife became members of the Methodist Church and were active in Church activities.
After retirement Mr. Heess compiled genealogies of the Heess and McCarty Families. Many relatives in this area have retained copies of these family histories.

John and Bertha were profiled in the New Castle News (December 24, 1961) where the followiing black and white photo appeared.

John K. and Bertha Mae (Boyle) Heess
New Castle, PA 1961

The profile tells us that the original Heess farm was located on dense woodland that had to be cleared and cultivated. German was the family language around the dinner table, since John and his parents were natives. The Heess family belonged to the Quaker religion, so John attended a Quaker school as a child and even took a pre-college course at the Quaker School in Westtown, Chester COunty, PA at the age of 20. We are grateful to Jeanne Hall for these source materials and for this Obituary for Bertha.

Here are more "family" photos:

Alfred Ferdinand Heess (1872-1957)
Oldest Son of Theodore and Elizabeth (McCarty) Heess
Named for Two Uncles Who Died in the Civil War
About 1900

Alfred Ferdinand and Elizabeth (Rogers) Heess (1869-1955)
Youngest Daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Huckell) Rogers
Wedding Photo
November 14, 1900

Here is a Death Certificate for Elizabeth (Rogers) Heess (1869-1955), who also appears in the large reunion photo at the beginning of this page.

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