Dushore, PA
Photo of a Postcard Taken by Bettyann Sick Goodyear

Bettyann Sick Goodyear's
Registry of Obituaries and Related Photos

Bettyann wishes to express her thanks and appreciation to
Thomas "Doc" Shoemaker, Publisher of The Sullivan Review, Dushore, PA, from which this list of obituary
dates has been compiled. Doc and his family have contributed so much to the history of Sullivan County. Every year, they have the foresight to compile a list of the deceased whose obituaries appear in the Review, which makes her task so much easier. Please note that Bettyann has made her own specific remarks in columns to the right side of the table. Photos, where available, are linked at the left of each entry. You can reach Bettyann here: Bettyann Sick Goodyear.

Latest installment January 2017



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