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Settlers L: The Fuller Family
Now and Then

Scanned by Mike Clarke
for the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page
All photos and text original except where otherwise indicated.
Originally published about 1980.

Raymond E. and Anna (Gilbert) Jackson
"Granpa 'n Granny Jackson"
With Great Grandson Michael G. Clarke
Endicott, NY 1957Photo Contributed by Michael G. "Mike" Clarke

In August 2007, Mike Clarke of Muncy Valley, PA, a descendant of the Fuller, Brong and Jackson families of Hillsgrove, PA, began to send us the following history. According to Mike, his father had obtained a copy in Hughesville, Lycoming County, PA some time after 1978 but before 1983, at Chuck Lawver's Auction. Mike is uncertain of the exact date of publication of the history or of the authorship, although the text makes references to 1980, so that is an "earliest date" for its release, and 1983 would be the latest. We will continue to research this matter, but trust that each reader will enjoy this history in its entirety.

You can see a picture of Mike as a seven-year old, taken with his great grandparents in Endicott, Broome County, NY in 1957. Ray E. Jackson and Anna (Gilbert) Jackson, his grandparents, were living in Endicott, NY, having moved there after the tannery closed in Hillsgrove many years earlier. Basically, they went where the work was, and followed the leather tanning industry to Endicott where Ray's father, Lyman Jackson, was employed at the Endicott-Johnson Shoe factory for the remainder of his working life. They both passed away in Endicott in the 1960's, and are buried in the Vestal Hills Cemetery, Vestal Hills, NY. Buried along side them in Vestal is Anna's father, Henry Gilbert, also a former resident of Hillsgrove. Both Anna and Henry are pictured in the Souvenir of Hillsgrove. Their pictures can be found on page 78 of this document, along with "Uncle Dan", brother of Henry Gilbert.

To read the Fuller history below, just click on each JPG file in succession to read the text and see the pictures and captions. They are grouped by topic, just as the original document is organized. We have done our best to try to keep the contents in a sensible order, although Mike suspects that the pages of the document, as he recovered them, may have been reordered, perhaps inadvertently. Comments and addition are welcome. Please send any such remarks to Mike at his e-mail shown and to Bob Sweeney, the page administrator.

Editor's Note: The original document contains a dedication sheet, after the cover page, to Elma (Fuller) Brown (1900-1978). The cover and dedication are reproduced below, then followed by links to the text.

On her picture, apparently in her own handwriting, is inscribed "To my own dear Frank with truest love, Elma, 8/1/22".


The Fullers Now and Then
Cover of Booklet
Unknown Author Published About 1980-1982
Photo Contributed by Michael G. "Mike" Clarke

The Fullers Now and Then
Dedication Page
To the Memory of Elma Fuller Brown
Photo Contributed by Michael G. "Mike" Clarke

The Early Fullers

Ira Fuller of Connecticut
The Fullers in New Jersey
1850 Census
Peter Fuller in Wayne County, PA

The Courtrights

The Courtright Family of New Jersey

The next section is focused on Hiram C. (1826-1913) and Diana (Courtright) Fuller (1830-1886) and their children. Hiram was the grandson of Ira Fuller and the son of Peter and Mahala (Myers) Fuller. Diana was the oldest child of William and Lydia (Ennis) Courtright of New Jersey. Both Hiram and Diana are buried in West Hill Cemetery in Shunk, PA. Here is a picture of their grave marker, taken by Mike Clarke in December 1987. Note errors on the marker in the dates for both and for Hiram's middle initial. There are additional Fuller family plot and marker pictures from West Hill Cemetery at the bottom of this page.

Hiram and Diana Fuller
Grave Marker
West Hill Cemetery
Shunk, PA
Photo Contributed by Michael G. "Mike" Clarke

Hiram and Diana (Courtright) Fuller

Hiram and Diana Fuller
1870 Census
Thomas and Amanda (Courtright) Eager
Genealogical Tree

The Children of Hiram and Diana

The Fuller Children and the Home in Fox Township

The reader will note the absence of any history about the second child, Sarah (Maria) Fuller. As noted above, she died about age 20 in 1871 and had no children. Therefore, we know little about her except that she is likely buried in the Shunk area.

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Jacob K. Fuller

Jacob K. Fuller
Letter from His Son
Jacob K. Fuller and Rosetta Williams

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Amanda Jane "Jenny" (Fuller) Fox

Jenny (Fuller) Fox
John Thomas Fox and Fox Children
Ella Jane (Fox) Dixon
Arthur and Ella Jane (Fox) Dixon

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Zilpha (Fuller) Williams

Zilpha (Fuller) Williams
Zilpha and Charles Williams
Family of Zilpha and Charles
George Washington Williams

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Julia A. (Fuller) Jackson

Wedding Picture for the Brongs
Robert and Theora Loverna (Jackson) Brong
Brong, Kanally and Cain
The Brong Family Line

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Thomas H. Fuller

Thomas H. Fuller
Family of Thomas H. and Ida (Brown) Fuller
Clyde Fuller and Family
Fred and Laurel (Fuller) Morgan
Wanda and Clem Fuller
Clay Fuller

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Chancy J. Fuller

Chancy John Fuller
Fuller and Rightmire Families
Fuller Siblings and Children
Marjorie and Amelia Fuller
Chancy Fuller and Siblings
The Chancy Fuller Family
Chancy J. and Harriett (Rightmire) Fuller
Edgar B. Fuller
Clara "Lillian" (Fuller) Mulnix
Walter and Lillian (Fuller) Mulnix
Florence (Fuller) Stackhouse Foss Korff
Florence Fuller Family
Elizabeth (Stackhouse) Skillman Dennis
Elizabeth "Betty" Dennis
Clair S. Dennis
Skillman and Sweredoski Families
Skillman and Dennis Families
Amelia (Fuller) Paul
Marjorie Irene Fuller Mulnix

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Theora (Fuller) Swingle

Theora (Fuller) Swingle and Family
Family of Richard Earl Swingle

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Minnie (Fuller) Gaunt

Minnie (Fuller) Gaunt and Family

Selected Children of Hiram and Diana: Peter H. Fuller

Peter Herdic Fuller
Peter and Nettie Lucinda (Brown) Fuller
Letter from Frank Brown
Children of Peter and Nettie Fuller
Fullers and Browns
Peter and Nettie: Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
Frank and Elma (Fuller) Brown
Browns and Fullers
An Old Letter from Britain
Gift to William Penn Memorial Museum
List of Museum Gift Items
Press Release on Museum Gift
Gift Acknowledgment Cards
Photos of Fuller Gift Items--First Page
Photos of Fuller Gift Items--Second Page

The First Annual Reunion of the Fuller Family was held on August 9, 1930 at Twin Pine Cabin on the Loyalsock. Here is a picture with identifications for the 1930 Fuller Reunion. It is also the last page of The Fullers Now and Then.

Fuller Family Plot and Grave Markers
West Hill Cemetery
Shunk, PA
August 2007
Photo Contributed by Michael G. "Mike" Clarke

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