OF THE GREATER SHICKSHINNY AREA

                                                                SERVING THE LOWER END OF LUZERNE COUNTY, PA

                                                                       AND PORTIONS OF COLUMBIA COUNTY, PA



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                                   Shickshinny is named for the nearby Shickshinny Creek. The word means "five

                                  mountains" as five mountains meet near Shickshinny. The names of these mountains

                                   are NEWPORT, KNOB, LEE, RIVER AND ROCKY mountain. Shickshinny borough

                                        was organized November 30, 1861. The borough is taken from Union and Salem

1                                                                                              Townships.

                           The following pictures were donated by Lise Boorse (local photographer). If you are

                                 interested in these or any local photographs, or wish to purchase a copy of any of her

                                  prints you can contact her at storkandspeedie@aol.com  You may find more of her prints

                                            throughout our web site, look for her email address as shown above.


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                                                                                          SOCIETY MEETINGS


                                Society meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend.

                                Septemeber 14th -Opera House, Shickshinny (Across from old Acme)

                                Contact us at shickshinnyhistoricalsociety@yahoo.com


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