First Trip to the National Archives, 22 Oct 2010

archives bldg lunchtime learning our way around

1. The Greenbelt transit took us right to the Archives door.
2. We got through the orientation and photo ID, and had lunch downstairs
3. Daryl reviews the oritinal records of her Civil War ancestor

bible page      transit ride
4. Linda found the original pages from her 3rd Great Grandmother's Bible, which were ripped from the Bible to provide proof of marriage
5. The transit trip back to the Beltway. What an experience!

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We drove to the Greenbelt, and boarded the Transit, which delivered us to the Archives Building, first pictue. We went through their orientation, received photo ID's, ordered our records, then went for lunch. (2nd picture) As, we were finishing up, I caught Daryl at the desk, looking over her ancestor's original paperwork. We met Bruce Frail, of the SUV National, a few minutes later, at the same desk, quite by luck. I was too stunned to think about a photo!

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