DUVCW Tent 61 - 2016 Calendar

2016 Calendar of Events (tentative)

Susannaís Daughters meet at 6:30 PM the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at Hossís. except Jan & Feb.
If you wish to have dinner, come at 5:30, an hour before the meeting start time.
Please call 814-352-8029 to double check time and location.


Feb. 13th Sat. Lincoln Luncheon, Hotel Edison, Sunbury, PA. Sponsored by SUV Camp 503  Registration   Other Nearby Hotels

Mar. 8th, Tuesday DUV meeting at Hossís 6:30 pm. *

Apr 9th Sat Ė 1 PM  Ė Maple Festival Parade. We have been marching with Mt Union Camp 502 & Aux.  Martin & Jennifer Hurl are our hosts for this event. Be at their house at 223 6th Ave., Meyersdale by 12:30 AM. Phone 634-9506. You may use their house to dress, if needed. Those who canít walk may ride Dean Brantís wagon. All Allied Orders can march together as a group, with separate banners. Some members of Tent 56 have also asked to be announced as participating in the group.

April 12th, Tue.  Ė DUV meeting, Hossís  ďThe 11th PA Infantry and itís mascot, Sallie.Ē  By our Westmoreland friends: Tom Bitner and Joyce and Bob Dowler.  Joyce will have the Sallie mascots for sale, at a price excluding shipping charge. (They are heavy)
April 16h  - Sat. 1 PM - Sat. Appomattox Luncheon, Genetti Hotel, Williamsport, PA. Registration by Apr. 10th.
April 23rd Sat. SAR is sponsoring a bus trip to Fort Frederick. Contact Bob Wrigley for prices and reservations
May 10th  Tue. 6:30 Ė Regular meeting at Hossís. *
May 15th  Sun. 2 PM Ė Grave marking service sponsored by SUV, Camp 502 in Berlin
May 30th Original Decoration Day, which coincides with Memorial Day this year.
June 14th  Tue 6:30, regular DUV meeting, Hossís.  Kayla Reed, PA Department Patriotic Instructor, will be speaking about the flag.
June 23-26 PA Department Encampments. Toftrees Resort, State College, PA 800-234-8000  Ask for Allied Orders rate. Contact information

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July 10th Sunday, 7 PM Allegiance Sunday, St. Michaels Lutheran Church, Pine Hill Rd and Walker School Rd, Berlin.
July 12th 6:30 regular DUV meeting at Hossís.  *
July 17th Sunday, SUV Picnic at Mt Union at 2 pm. All are invited. Seth Meyers will do the program.
July 21-25th National DUVCW Convention, Springfield, IL
Aug 9th Tue. 6:30 Regular DUV meeting at Hossís. *
Sept 13th Tue. 6:30 Regular DUV meeting at Hossís. *
Sept. 17th, Sat. SUV is sponsoring a bus trip Antietam. Contact Bob Wrigley for info
Oct 11th Tue. 6:30 Regular DUV meeting at Hossís. Election of new Officers
Oct 16th Sun. SUV program will have Atty George Kaufman, speaking on Jeremiah S. Black, of Stony Creek, who was an American Statesman, Attorney and Secretary of State under Pres. James Buchanan.

Oct. 29th, Sat. 7:30 p.m. Civil War Gala, Somerset Church of the Brethern. DUVCW is responsible for the drink table.
Nov. 8th 6:30 Tue. Regular DUV meeting at Hossís. Election Day. How A Cartoonist, Thomas Nast, a German Immigrant, changed our conception of Christmas.  Address Christmas Greetings.
Nov. 19th  Saturday, Remembrance Day Parade and activities, Gettysburg, PA
Dec. 10th 8 AM Sat. Veteranís Breakfast in Central City.
Dec. 13th 6:30 Tue.  Regular DUV meeting at Hossís. Christmas Party. We will swear in new Officers.
Dec. 20th Sunday, 2 PM SUVCW Camp 502 & Aux. Christmas Party at Hossís. Daughters are invited guests.


Suggested programs to be plugged into above * slots:

*DeeDee McGowan Ė To speak on Domestic Violence
*Dixie Smith -Dorothea Dix
Any * above is open for programming. email Linda if you have a suggestion.

We still need:

Date for Natíl Archives

Date and place for stone cleaning at a National Cemetery

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