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The Plymouth Historical Society, Inc.

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A Note from the President:

We are lucky enough to have had several "Angels" come to our aid this past year.


Mrs. Dorothy Sinon, daughter of Governor Arthur James of Plymouth, donated the funds needed to install a new heating system on the lower level of the Historical Society. Thank you, Dorothy! And thank you to Jim Youells, Board Member, who supervised the installation!

Another Angel was Mr. Frank Henry, owner of Martz Lines. Mr. Henry responded immediately and generously to our need for an oversized scanner. Thank you, Mr. Henry!

Patrick Appnel  has been a really wonderful help with stocking the office supplies, buying the office computer, and so many other things that we can't even count them!

Paul Roberts, who has given us all   of this father's and grandfathers's magistral records and early Plymouth history books.

We also thank, most sincerely, all of the other donors who contributed so generously to our Historical Society. We could not do without you!













 In Memory of Joseph Gabriel, Past Chairman of the Board


We are members of the community working with all people to enhance the quality of life in our towns. We do this by providing educational and historical lectures, adding to and maintaining our data collection of genealogical CDs and historical items, and by responding to the community needs as they are brought to our attention. Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.


The Plymouth Historical Society was founded in 1986 by a group of interested citizens from the Plymouth area. They were headed by Mr. James Moses, the founder.  In 1995 the Society was given the old Welsh Baptist Church on Gaylord Ave. in Plymouth. Built in 1876, this old church is a lovely example of the dedicated craftsmanship of the early Welsh coalminers. Please stop by during business hours for a tour!

Through the generous support of donors and the computer expertise of one of our members, we probably have the largest collection of genealogical research CDs in the northeast. If you would like to have a list of what we have available, please email us. Include your email address.



If you have a research question, you can submit that there, too.


If you would like to send us your family tree to be preserved at our historical society, mail it to the address below and Thank You!


If you have some money  you don't know what to do with, and want to contribute to a worthy cause, please feel free! All of our donations go to running the Historical Society, and we will never disabuse your trust.


Plymouth Historical Society Officers

President: Georgetta Potoski

Vice President: Lillian Caffrey

Secretary: Chris Pagoda

Corresponding Secretary: Helen Youell

Treasurer: Irene Hujick


Thursdays: 12PM - 8-PM

Fridays 1PM-5PM

Saturdays 10AM-2PM

Open by appointment for research (dependent on volunteer availability)

Open for tours to local groups and organizations.(dependent on volunteer availability)

         Please call, we will do our best to accommodate!                    570-779-5840


Drop us a line!



The Plymouth Historical Society, Inc  115 Gaylord Ave. Plymouth, PA 18651

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