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Mifflin County Genealogy Project


Thank you, Volunteers!


January 2004


USGenWeb was started as a volunteer project in 1996, and each county may have had one project coordinator or many since that time, but each county coordinator has done his or her best to make sure the county page is a good guide to resources, provides information about county formation, geography, and local history, has working links to sources of online and offline data, and is a permanent and accessible "home" for the data and records that have been given to be shared freely by contributors and volunteers.


That said, I'd like to offer a special THANKS FROM ALL OF US interested in Mifflin County to Cynthia Rosenberry for her efforts since 2001.  She made the Mifflin County Genealogy Project one she could be proud of, and the content on most of the present pages is her excellent work.  Content of all pages created during 2001-2002 not attributed to another contributor is Cynthia Rosenberry.


Many thanks, as well, to all of the data contributors and lookup volunteers:


Mifflin County Historical Society, Jesse Davis, Sue Barr, Ed Bratton, Jim and Chris Morrison, Ben Sunderland, Gerri Aitken, Linda Vixie, Jana Dress, Julie Meloney, Tracilyn Miller-Brown, Donna Terrian, Nicola Hood, Victoria Shimp, Kay Houck, Dave Wyble, Mary A. Old, Alan Kearns, Walt Jankow, Ronald Bruce, Howard Knouse, Sue Smith, Carol Wagner, Riley Henry, April Phillips, and C. J. Barrier. 


Judy Banja

Former Mifflin County PAGenWeb County Coordinator


Mifflin County PAGenWeb




Josie Baughman, Mifflin PAGenWeb County Coordinator


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