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Church Newsletter Abstracts

"The McClure Lutheran Pastoral Charge"
~news from the Samuels, Trinity and St John's Churches


June 1950
May 1951
April 1952


I listed the Births, Deaths, Weddings and Baptisms. There are some church notes that list people who are hospitalized or homebound, that I did not include. If you have any questions regarding families that may have been in the area at that time, I will gladly look up the information. ~Jana

April 1952

Glenn Stricker and Shirley Wagner 02/14/1952
Ronald Bubb and Margaret Folk 03/01/1952
Richard Yeater and Jane Stienninger 03/05/1952

William Peters 02/28/1952 buried at St. John's Ridge Church

Mr. & Mrs. Ardell Smith son
Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Sheriff, Jr. daughter
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Snook son
Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Sipe son
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haines daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Trego son

May 1951

March 06, 1951
Andrew Kline Ward
Susan Claudean Ward
Ronald Laverne Ward
children of Mr. & Mrs. Tennis Ward

May 13, 1951
Robert Norman Klinger
Donald George Klinger
John Henry Klinger, Jr.
children of Mr. & Mrs. John Klinger

May 13, 1951
Carol Ann Klinger
daughter of Miss Faye Klinger at the home of Mr. & Mrs. John Klinger

May 13, 1951
Linda Kay Steffen
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Myron Steffen

May 13, 1951
Donald Russell Snook
son of Mr. & Mrs. Russell snook

May 02, 1951
Charles Franklin Rager
son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rager

May 02, 1951
Mrs. Lydia E. Rager
Mrs. Joyce Rager Kline
at the home of Mr & Mrs Charles Rager


Guy F. Bierly and G. Eileen Marshall  03/15/1951
Kenneth L. Jones and Miriam T. Soles  05/02/1951


Mr. John Howell  05/16/1951
Mrs. Maggie Knepp  05/17/1951
Mr. Richard Straub (no date given)

June 1950

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Flood son
Mr. & Mrs. Clair Goss daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Goss daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rager daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hess daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sileo son
Mr. & Mrs. Blain Roming daughter
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Leipold son
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Roming daughter
(sorry no dates)

Joseph Hassinger and Gladys Snyder  04/08/1950
Alton S. Brininger and Vera F. Augustine  05/06/1950
Sarah Wagner and Ardell Smith
Betty Klinger and Charles Rager

Mrs. William Yeater 04/20/1950
Mr. Charles Lash 05/09/1950
Mrs. Dessie M Knepp 04/08/1950

Corbin A. Edmiston and son Donald Eugene Edmiston  03/30/1950
Alana Benay Amspacker
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Amspacker  04/06/1950
Dennis Edward Sheriff
son of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Sheriff, Jr.  04/02/1950

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