Greenville Academy

Greenville Academy


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Greenville Academy, which was incorporated in 1848, became a popular institution and was located in a two-story frame building on Shenango street. There is record of a public program given by the students of the academy on the fourth of July, 1848, in the old Presbyterian church. The academy was conducted at the time by Rev. D. H. A. McLean and Rev. J. G. Wilson. Among the students who took part in the program were Augustus L. Wick, later a Greenville banker; William M. Brandon, later a physician; J. C. Brown, who made a part of the newspaper history of the county; A. M. Cowan, who became a doctor; W. G. Rose, afterwards a congressman from Ohio; Samuel C. Martin, later a physician; and several others. After the school had served its purpose, the building was converted into dwelling houses. Before the union of the school districts there was a two-room school on the east side and a similar building on the west side.

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 112.  

Greenville Academy, established largely through the agency of James R. Wick, became for a time a popular institution, and served its purpose in fostering an educational spirit in the community. The school was incorporated July 1, 1848. It erected a two-story frame structure of two rooms, which stood on Shenango Street. It was converted into two dwelling houses, now [1888] the property of William McDowell, of Greenville, and Harlan Book, of Butler County, Penn. 

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 417



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