Stewart Iron Company

Stewart Iron Company


The Stewart Iron Company, Limited, originated in 1870 as the Otis Iron Company, which in 1872 became the Stewart Iron Company, and in 1877 took the present title. David Stewart was at the head of the original company. Samuel McClure has been in the position of superintendent or general manager of these works since 1874. In addition to the manufacture of pig iron, a slag cement works is operated in connection with the furnaces. 

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 359

The Stewart Iron Works, under the ownership of the Stewart Iron Company, limited, date their origin in 1870, when they were established by the Otis Iron Company. Two years later the firm was changed to the Stewart Iron Company; and again on the 20th of June, 1877, the Stewart Iron Company, limited. The organization embraced David Stewart, of New York, chairman; Fayette Brown, general agent, and Harvey H. Brown, assistant general agent. To these are now added Theodore F. Hicks, secretary, New York, and Gardner P. Lloyd, treasurer, New York. The two Browns are located in Cleveland. Hon. Samuel McClure is the general manager of the works. The plant occupies thirty acres of ground. Four acres are covered by the mill and furnaces, and the remainder by dwellings to accommodate the families of employee. The buildings consist of the rolling-mill, 60x336 feet in dimensions, machine shop, two casting houses, large stock house, office and furnaces. The furnace is double, one stack being sixty-five and the other seventy feet in height, with boshes twelve and two-thirds and thirteen and two-thirds feet respectively. The full capacity of the two furnaces is about 62,000 net tons, but the average annual output is 55,000 net tons per year. Lake Superior ore is consumed, with coke manufactured by the company at their own coke works, at Uniontown, Fayette County, where they have 120 ovens, employing 120 hands. 

History of Mercer County, 1888, pages 196-197



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