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The Grove City National Bank of Grove City, Pennsylvania, was originally organized in 1900 as the Peoples National Bank with a capital stock of $25,000, which in 1903 was increased to $50,000, and again in 1908 it was consolidated with the Grove City Savings & Trust Co. and the name changed to the Grove City National Bank, with a capital stock of $100,000. This bank is enjoying a rapid growth and is considered one of the best managed institutions in the county. Its surplus and undivided profits amount to over $20,000 and deposits amount to over $300,000.

The officers and directors of this institution, who are among the most careful, substantial and conservative citizens of the county, are as follows: Jno. A. Bell, who at one time was treasurer of Allegheny county and is also at the head of the Carnegie Trust Co., is president; E. J. Fithian, treasurer of the Bessemer Gas Engine Co., is vice president; E. B. Harshaw, cashier; the other directors besides the president and vice president are Jno. P. Barr, T. B. DeArmit, Robert J. Breckenridge, Ira C. Black, Wm. S. Bell, C. G. Harshaw and T. M. Patterson.

In addition to the general commercial banking the institution embraces a safe deposit and savings department. And they are now building [the building shown at right] on the most prominent corner in the town an exclusive banking room, which will be one of the finest and most commodious banking homes in the county.

Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, pages 230-231


Biography of Dr. Edwin J. Fithian


Biography of Edwin B. Harshaw


Grove City National Bank, 1932

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Grove City National Bank Advertisement,  1932

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How the bank looks today

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The Seal on the side of the building

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Interior of the Grove City National Bank, early 1900s

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