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The Avenue of Flags - Hermitage 

Hillcrest Memorial Park 

View the Memorial Flag Markers For:

Applegate, Richard A. - Sgt.

Brandt, Robert W. - SP4

Carlson, Frederick - MSgt

Chase, Harold C.

Chintella, George - SST

Chisholm, Leland

Christy, Elmer E. III - Cpl.

Cohagan, Kenneth

Collodi, Peter J.

Colundjia, Samuel - PFC

Cmar, Christopher B.

Cross, Robert Walter - Cpl.

Donoghue, James M. - SP4

Ekis, William L.

Elavsky, Edward P.

Emshwiller, Jack C.

Fisher, Howard R. - SSGT

Frantz, Henry L.

Geiwitz, Richard Carl

Gothie, Anna

Hazzard, Atwood David

Junk, Thomas C.

Kloss, Frederick W. Jr.

Lyth, Robert W. - PFC

Lyth, Wain H. - Cpl.

Maxwell, Milton A. - Lt. Col.

McClusky, Hugh

McGrath, Paul E.

Minner, Donald L. - Capt.

Morganstern, R. Norman

Mosley, Harold L.

Mowery, Kenneth

Nitch, Steve

Pasco, Frank K.

Pavlick, Edward - Sgt.

Perrine, Grant L.

Redmond, Addison L. - Pvt.

Reigleman, Fredrick

Richard, Kenneth F. - Sgt

Rickert, James

Roberts, Melvin

Sanford, David King - LCPL

Schorr, Eugene

Schuller, Rudolph M.

Spadafora, Steve

Stouffer, Carl W.

Tralick, Carl J.

Vermeire, Harry P.

Weber, Ronald G. Sr.

Yeager, Arnold - S/Sgt.

This is a partial list of markers at the park; more will be added at a later date.


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