James Benjamin Livingston M D




James Benjamin Livingston M D





JAMES BENJAMIN LIVINGSTON, M. D. -- One of the oldest members of the medical profession of West Middlesex is Dr. James B. Livingston, whose residence in this city covers a period of forty years or more, and for thirty-eight years he has lived in his present residence, one of the ancestral homes of the city. He was born, however, in Elizabethtown, Essex county, New York, a son of John J. and Maria (Rice) Livingston, both of whom were born at Hampton, Washington county, that state. He is descended from both the Scotch and the Welsh, and on the paternal side he numbers among his ancestors John Livingston, his great-grandfather, who came to this country from Scotland. His grandfather was William Livingston, also born in Washington county, New York. John J. Livingston, the father, was a surveyor, and his father was in his day a prominent and successful physician.

Dr. James B. Livingston was taken when a child of two years to Shippensville in Clarion county, Pennsylvania, where he spent the early years of his life, and there both his parents lie buried. When but sixteen he began the study of medicine with a preceptor, and he attended his first medical lectures during the winter of 1850-1 in the Western Medical College at Cleveland. Ohio. From that time on he has been an active medical practitioner, practicing during the first five years at Tylersburg, Pennsylvania, and then returning to his alma mater, the Western Medical College. He graduated in the spring of 1856. Locating then at Slippery Rock, this state, he practiced there for fourteen years, and in 1866 he graduated from Charity Hospital in Cleveland. Ohio. In 1869 he came to West Middlesex in Mercer county, and during all the many years which have since come and gone he has remained one of its most prominent physicians, his large practice indicating his skill and ability, and he has ever remained one of the city 's most honored residents. He has been a member of both the Mercer County and the State Medical Societies since 1869, and of the American Medical Association since 1874.
Dr. Livingston married in 1853 Miss Elizabeth F. McCreary, who died in 1867, and in 1868 he married Miss Rachel Christley, his present wife. The Doctor has been a member of the order of Masons since 1867, and since the early age of seventeen he has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

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