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Otis Lydell Gilmore and 

Elsie Louella Forker Gilmore





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O. L. Gilmore Shoe Store




Sopwith Camel


Otis and Elsie Gilmore's Marriage License






Photograph from the Gilmore Reunion 1909 with Otis and Elsie Gilmore, Charles Otis Gilmore and William Forker Gilmore




Headstone of Otis Lydell Gilmore


Headstone of Elsie Forker Gilmore

Otis Lydell Gilmore was born in Grove City, Mercer Co. Pa. [18 Mar 1873] and Elsie Louella Forker was from Harrisville, Butler Co. Pa, [21 Oct 1872]  Otis served in the Spanish American War as a 2nd Lt. Of Co. F 15th Regiment, P.V.I.  He enlisted April 27th 1898 and was discharged at Athens, Ga.  He also served in World War1 as a 2nd Lt. Air Service.  He enlisted at Pittsburgh, Pa. Dec. 29th 1917 and was discharged July 3rd 1919 at Washington, DC.  He was one of the early Aviators in WW1.  At the conclusion of WW1, he flew a Sopwith Camel (Airplane) to Washington, DC to be put into the Smithsonian Institute.  He owned and ran the Shoe Store in Grove City where he later became the Vice President of the 1st National Bank.  

He was the 16th 33rd degree Mason in Pa. and was also a Member of the IOOF, Knights Templars and donated the Land for Woodland Cemetery in Grove City, Pa.  To my recollection, Otis was about 6'3" tall and my Grandmother Elsie, was about 4'10" and wore a size 4AAAA shoe.  I also remember that Otis wore a size 16 shoe, watched the Stock Market closely and always smoked the greatest smelling Pipe.  He had a Fatal Heart attack and died while mowing the lawn at his Home at 219 North Center St., Grove City, Pa., in 1939 when I was 10 years of age.  


He and Elsie had in their attic, Heirlooms which had been passed down from John2 [Gilmore] his Grandfather.  These consisted of a spinning wheel, a Carder, French Provincial Sofa, Love seat, Chair and Rocker.  There were also a steereo viewer with cards, 2 Zythers (small stringed musical instruments that resembled hand held Harps), a Music Box with 6 steel rollers that was about the size of a Babys' Casket with a Glass Top for a lid.  Also in the attic were books on the German Language, which I used to try to learn while whiling away this excitement in the Attic, and Otis' Knight Templars Uniform and Saber with his name inscribed in Gold on the blade of the Saber, which now resides in a Glass Case at Otis' old Home, lived in by my Brother and his wife and family.  These artifacts I have described can be seen in Mercer Co. at an Antique Shop owned by Dr. F. Raisch who was a Pathologist in Grove City.  


Otis and Elsie are both buried at Woodland Cemetery in Grove City, Pa.  


The Children of Otis and Elsie are as follows:


3c1  Elsa Ercilla Gilmore (b. Sat. 19-11-1898      d.1964)   who married Richard K. Blanning and lived in Chicago, Ill.


The Children of Elsie and Richard are as follows:

3c1a  JoAnne Blanning                     

3c1b  Emma (Emmie) Sue Blanning  


3c2  William Forker Gilmore  (b. 10-31-1899  d. 3-19-1945)  who married Irene Ritter and they resided in Ohio.   Uncle Bill was KIA, in the Pacific aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS FRANKLIN.


3c3  Charles Otis Gilmore (b. Sat. 3-28-1908  d. 12-24-1978)  married: Alice Winifred Parker (b.10-18-1907 d. 6-3-1966) from Philipsburgh, Pa


The Children of Charles O. and Alice W. Parker Gilmore are as follows:


3c3a.  Charles Phillip Gilmore Sr.     

3c3b   Still born Child 1931?                               

3c3c   Donald Parker Gilmore


My Paternal Grandparents

By: C. Phillip Gilmore Sr., 1999 





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