McKean County: Cemeteries McKean County Pennsylvania Genealogy



  • ANNIN CREEK - ANNIN TWP.------------------ Record Keeper
  • ARTLINE ROAD - ELDRED-------------------------Record Keeper
  • BARBERTOWN - CERES TWP.--------------------Records
  • BARTON - OTTO TWP.-------------------------------Records
  • BEARDSLEY - FOSTER TWP.----------------------Records
  • BELL RUN - CERES TWP.--------------------------Records Keeper
  • BENTLEY HILL - HAMILTON TWP.--------------Records
  • BETH ISRAEL - BRADFORD------------------------Records Keeper
  • BETH JACOB - KANE BOROUGH-----------------Records
  • BOLIVAR RUN - FOSTER TWP.--------------------Records Keeper
  • BRIDGEVIEW - HAMLIN TWP.---------------------Record Keeper
  • BUSHILL - KEATING TWP.-------------------------Records Keeper
  • CERES COMMUNITY - CERES TWP.--------------Records Keeper
  • CLERMONT - SERGEANT TWP.--------------------Record Keeper
  • COLEVILLE - OTTO TWP.----------------------------Records
  • COOK - ELDRED TWP.--------------------------------Record Keeper
  • CROSSMIRE - KEATING TWP.----------------------Records
  • DEGOLIER - CUSTER CITY---------------------------Record Keeper
  • DUKE CENTER - OTTO TWP.-------------------------Record Keeper
  • EVERGREEN - CERES TWP.--------------------------Record Keeper
  • FAIRMONT - KEATING TWP.------------------------Records Keeper
  • FAIRVIEW - PORT ALLEGANY----------------------Record Keeper
  • FARMERS VALLEY - KEATING TWP.--------------Records Keeper
  • FOREST LAWN - WETMORE TWP.------------------Record Keeper
  • FOWLER BROOK - ELDRED TWP.-------------------Records
  • FRISBEE-RICE-KENT - KEATING TWP.------------Record Keeper
  • GARY - CERES TWP.------------------------------------Records
  • GIBBS HILL - HAMILTON TWP.----------------------Record Keeper
  • GOODWIN - KEATING TWP.--------------------------Record Keeper
  • GRAFF - FOSTER TWP.---------------------------------Record Keeper
  • GREENDALE - WETMORE TWP.----------------------Record Keeper
  • GRIMES - LIBERTY TWP.------------------------------Record Keeper
  • KANE MANOR - KANE BOROUGH------------------Records
  • KASSON - HAMLIN TWP.------------------------------Records Keeper
  • KENDALL CREEK - BRADFORD----------------------Records
  • KINGSTON - KEATING TWP.-------------------------Records
  • LAFAYETTE - LAFAYETTE TWP.---------------------Record Keeper
  • LAMPHIER - ELDRED-------------------------------------Record Keeper
  • LARABEE - ELDRED TWP.------------------------------Records
  • LEWIS HILL - LIBERTY TWP.--------------------------Record Keeper
  • LITTLETON - BRADFORD-------------------------------Records
  • LONGFELLOW AVE. - BRADFORD-------------------Records
  • LOOP - ELDRED-------------------------------------------Record Keeper
  • LOOP-PARMETER - ELDRED TWP.-------------------Records
  • LUDLOW - HAMILTON TWP.--------------------------Records
  • MARSHBURG - LAFAYETTE TWP.------------------Record Keeper
  • MARTIN - HAMILTON TWP.---------------------------Records
  • McKEAN COUNTY FARM - KEATING TWP.------Record Keeper
  • MOODY HOLLOW - ELDRED TWP.-------------------Record Keeper
  • MORIAH LUTHERAN - HAMILTON TWP.----------Record Keeper
  • MORRISON - HAMILTON TWP.-----------------------Records
  • MT. TABOR - WETMORE TWP.------------------------Record Keeper
  • MYRTLE - CERES TWP.---------------------------------Record Keeper
  • NEBO - MT. JEWETT-------------------------------------Record Keeper
  • NORWICH TWP. - NORWICH TWP.----------------Record Keeper
  • OAK HILL - ELDRED BORO-----------------------------Record Keeper
  • OAK HILL - BRADFORD--------------------------------Record Keeper
  • OLD FOSTER - LEWIS RUN----------------------------Records
  • OLD HUTCHINS - SERGEANT TWP.----------------Records
  • OLD LEWIS RUN - LEWIS RUN-----------------------Records
  • OLD SMETHPORT - SMETHPORT--------------------Records
  • PELTON - KEATING TWP.-----------------------------Records
  • PORTAGE VALLEY - LIBERTY TWP.----------------Records
  • PRENTISVALE - OTTO TWP.--------------------------Records
  • RICE - ELDRED TWP.-----------------------------------Records
  • RIXFORD - OTTO TWP.---------------------------------Record Keeper
  • ROSE HILL - SMETHPORT-----------------------------Record Keeper
  • SAWYER - FOSTER TWP.------------------------------Record Keeper
  • SLACK HOLLOW - ELDRED TWP.-------------------Records
  • ST. RAPHAEL CATHOLIC - ELDRED----------------Record Keeper
  • ST. BERNARDS - BRADFORD TWP.-----------------Record Keeper
  • ST. CALLISTUS - WETMORE TWP.------------------Record Keeper
  • ST. ELIZABETH - SMETHPORT-----------------------Record Keeper
  • ST. MARYS AT SARTWELL - ANNIN TWP.--------Record Keeper
  • STULLTOWN - ELDRED TWP.-------------------------Record Keeper
  • TARPORT - BRADFORD---------------------------------Records
  • TURTLEPOINT - ANNIN TWP.------------------------Records
  • TWO MILE - LIBERTY TWP.---------------------------Records
  • UNION - PORT ALLEGANY----------------------------Record Keeper
  • VANSICKLE - LIBERTY TWP.-------------------------Records
  • WAGNER - BRADFORD---------------------------------Record Keeper
  • WILLOW DALE - BRADFORD TWP.------------------Record Keeper

This index is made possible through the hard work of the McKean County Historical Society and the many volunteers who helped in the research. The McKean County Historical Society has compiled the CEMETERIES of McKean County Pennsylvania with headstone information, keepers of records, other pertinent information, etc. This book is available for purchase at $50.00 through the Society. Catholic cemetery records are not included and must be accessed through the church.

A three volume set of books has been published by Judith Shick, this copyrighted work includes 20 McKean County Cemeteries and 6 Bordering Cemeteries in Warren Co. and Cattaraugus Co., NY. Judy has included the Catholic Cemeteries in this work, and states that this work is the most accurate and up to date information available at this present time. If you are interested in contacting Judy, her address is on the Libraries Page under the Bradford Area, she's a McKean County Genealogist.

Cemetery Records Keepers

Philip M. Rose Monuments
212 E. Main Street
Bradford, PA 16701

Duke Center Cemetery, Otto Township & St. Bernards Catholic Cemetery - Records kept are name, date of burial, location of grave, any other information given by family.


Bradford Landmark Society
445 E. Corydon St.
Bradford, PA 16701

Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford

Dennis Frame
230 Main Street
Eldred, PA 16731

Oak Hill Cemetery - Eldred Borough

Roger Freer
Box 454
Eldred, PA 16731

Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred Borough- Records are limited to name, location of grave, year of death.

June Morgan
Kane, PA 16735

Nebo Cemetery, Mount Jewett - Records kept are dates of birth, death, and burial location.

Port Allegany Lot Owners' Association
Alvin Anderson
317 Chestnut Street
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Fair View Cemetery, Port Allegany & Union Cemetery, Port Allegany - Records kept at these cemeteries are what is contained in the death certificate. According to Mr. Anderson the only name he has for the "Union Cemetery" is the Port Allegany Cemetery, it is listed as Union Cemetery in the Cemeteries Book.

Richard B. Burt
210 East Main Street
Smethport, PA. 16749

Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport - Records limited to name, age at death, burial location and person who buried them.

Victoria Bickford
RD#3 Box 204
Smethport, PA 16749

St. Elizabeth Cemetery, Smethport - records of births, and deaths are kept in the St. Elizabeth Archives. Prior to 1960 good records were not kept.

Thomas Brennen
Eldred, PA 16731

St. Marys Cemetery - Records include name, birth and death dates, christenings, and marriages.

Willow Dale Cemetery Association
30 Hedgehog Lane
Bradford, PA 16701
c/o John Platko

Willow Dale Cemetery & Morris Run at Willowdale & Kinzua Cemetery at Willowdale, Bradford Township - Records at these cemeteries consist of name, sex, date of birth, date of death, date of burial, cause of death, location of death, place of burial, nearest relative, and undertaker.

St. Bernard's Catholic Church Archives
98 East Corydon Street
Bradford, PA 16701

St. Bernard's Cemetery - Records kept are name, birth records (begin in 1877), death records (begin in 1891-time of first burial), cause of death (from 1910-1930), location of burial (1950 on). Master map of cemetery and additional records are located at Phillip Rose Monuments.

Nancy Lyons
1340 South Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701

Degolier Cemetery, Custer City - The only records available are the tombstone inscriptions which are listed in the Cemeteries book.

Loop Cemetery

Information from stones is as follows:
1. Francis M. Loop, son of Z and J Loop, born June 11, 1874, died Dec. 16, 1905
2. Aby Frost, born Feb. 22, 1824, died Dec. 10, 1889
3. Henry Loop, died Dec. 11, 1889, aged 56 years
4. Miles Loop, 1837 - 1903
5. E. Belle, dau 1872 - 1903
6. Arthur Loop, born June 22, 1834, died June 24, 1887
7. A.H.L. ------- H.B.L.
8. Eliza Hooker, his wife born May 1809
9. John Loop, born January 26, 1802, died August 4, 1886
10. Nancy Loop, died May 25, 1905, aged 77 years

Additional death records have been found at the McKean County Courthouse.

Paul & Mary Margaret Sullivan
P.O. Box 252
Eldred, PA 16731

St. Raphael Catholic Cemetery, Eldred -

Moody Hollow Cemetery Association

Henry Harris Jr.
RD#2 Box 177
Eldred, PA 16731

Moody Hollow Cemetery, Eldred - Records kept go back to the early settlers. Various information is available.

Carol Trask
RD#2 Box 151
Eldred, PA 16731

Stulltown Cemetery, Eldred Township - The only known records are what is recorded on the tombstones and markers, this information is listed in the Cemeteries book.

Moriah Lutheran Cemetery, Hamilton Township - Records at this cemetery are what is listed in the Cemeteries book, taken from tombstones and markers. Ludlow's old Catholic Cemetery was deeded over to become part of the Moriah Lutheran Cemetery.

Unknown- any information would be appreciated.

Gibbs Hill Cemetery, Hamilton Township - Records are limited to birth and death dates.

Erick Hanson
2 Boyd Street
Mount Jewett, PA 16740

Bridge View Cemetery, Hamilton Township - Records consist of name, birth date, death date, grave location, and some instances of cause of death.

Frisbee-Rice-Kent Cemetery

Tombstone information is listed in the Cemeteries Book.
Frisbee-Rice-Kent Cemetery, Coryville - no records of this cemetery have been kept, nor is it known whether any are in existence. It is possible that some records could be found at the McKean County Courthouse.

Lafayette Evangelical Christian Church
Lafayette, PA

Lafayette Cemetery, Lafayette Township -

McKean Memorial Park
85 Boylston Street
Bradford, PA 16701

McKean Memorial Park, Lafayette Township - Records kept are name, birth date, death date, burial date, and location of grave.

Pam Smith
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Grimes Cemetery, Liberty Township -

Virginia Anthony
101 Smith Avenue
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Lewis Hill Cemetery, Liberty Township - Records are name, death date, birth date, age at death, next of kin, location of grave and various other information that was provided.

Rixford Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 125
Rixford, PA 16745
c/o Frank Barton

Rixford Cemetery, Otto Township - Records are limited to what is provided on the death record given to the cemetery by the undertaker.

Allen Walker Jr.
RD#1 Box 129
Wilcox, PA 15870

Clermont Cemetery, Sergeant Township - records of this cemetery can be found in the Cemeteries of McKean County book, the above record keeper will make a copy of a book titled "Under The Trees" (for a fee) which contains all burial information on the cemetery, it also can be found at the McKean County Courthouse.

Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church
Greeves and Dawson Streets
Kane, PA 16735

Mount Tabor Cemetery, Wetmore Township - Records kept are name, birth date, death date, burial date and location.

Saint Callistus Church
342 Chase Street
Kane, PA 16735

St. Callistus Cemetery, Wetmore Township - complete records from 1878.

Randy Gullifer
60 Sleepy Hollow Road,
Kane, PA
(814) 837-7295

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Wetmore Township - Records kept are name, birth date, death date, burial date, and location.

Annin Creek Cemetery Association
Robert Strait
Turtlepoint, PA 16750

Annin Creek Cemetery, Annin Township -

Barbertown Cemetery, Ceres Township

The Barber family burials have been obliterated by time.

Note: e-mail received from Sally Maxson on 7/7/1997
Just wanted to advise you that the Barbertown Cemetery was moved to the East Portville Cemetery (Main Settlement), Cattaraugus Co., New York. My husband is a direct descendant of the Barbers and has visited this cemetery and checked tombstones for his own genealogy.

Barton Cemetery, Otto Township

Barton Cemetery Inscriptions are as follows:
One four foot high, four sided monument with these inscriptions: Father and Mother, blank, blank, and Le___s Barton d. May 22, 1871 aged 72yrs. Four eighteen inch stone markers, three are blank, and one inscribed GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

Beardsley Cemetery, Foster Township

Beardsley Cemetery Inscriptions are as follows:
1. Harriett A. Webb, wife of Rice Webb, d. Oct. 23, 1859, age 30 yrs.
2. Catherine M. Webb, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Webb, d. March 21, 1854 - age 13 yrs., 5 mo., 6 days.
3. Janice Fisher, daughter of O. and Charity Beardsley, died Feb. 7, 1846 - age 25 yrs.

Very old stones were used in sidewalk. The following were found on the Buchanan farm: 4. Horace W. Fisher, son of W.R. & B.T. Fisher, died Jan. 1, 1822.
5. Nancy Eliza Wheaton, daughter of A.S. & O.L. Wheaton, died March 16, 1821 - age 3 mo. and 10 days.

Gary Burials, Ceres Township -

At least three Garys (Garrys) buried here, but no inscribed stones.

Bentley Hill Cemetery

Bentley Hill Cemetery is said to have existed to the north of Mount Jewett, Penna, situated to the left hand side of Old Guffey Road. The name of this old cemetery is in question, but it was reported that stones and a old fence still exist. When the research for the Cemetery book was being done, the volunteers were unable to locate it.

Beth Jacob Cemetery

This cemetery began about 1943 but was moved a few years later. No records of the burials were located at the time the Cemetery book was being compiled. It was reported that some of these burials were moved to the Beth Israel in Bradford, PA. The original location of Beth Jacob now exists at the end of the property of Kane Hardwoods, Division of Collins Pine log yard.

Bradford Poor Farm

This cemetery was said to have existed on the rear portion of the Poor Farm property. When the Cemetery Book was compiled the location was unable to be found.

Charles Irons Farm Cemetery

This cemetery shows five burials: S. Gideon Irons......1873 - 1924, Merle F. Irons....1897 - 1910, Mae Irons Keenan....1861 - 1931, Willie, son of Stephen and Julia Irons, died January 16, 1867.....___mos 20 days., Mother, Julia C. Irons.....1838 - 1917.

Coleville Cemetery

This cemetery contains one marker: Nick Smith.....unmarked grave, died about 1915....inscribed "He was buried in the apple orchard, as was his wish".

Larabee Burials

This burial spot contains the following: (1) Paul Ernest Burrows...May, 1937 - baby. (2) Baby Girl Chase...January 1942.

Crossmire Burials

This burial site contains no markers, but burial information supplied for the Cemetery Book is as follows: Ora Crossmire, Dr. Derrick Crossmire, Charles Crossmire, Salley Crossmire, Jerry Crossmire, Charles Crossmire (son of Derrick Crossmire).

Derrick City Private Cemetery

According to information supplied for the Cemetery Book this cemetery no longer exists, it was reported to have been bulldozed many years ago. The only burial information obtained was the following:
1. Jane E. (Snyder), wife of E.C. Snyder, d. May 5, 1865.
2. Frankie (McMurray), died July 25, 1878.
Minnie (McMurray), died July 22, 1878, age 3ms, 9ds, "Gone But Not Forgotten", children of J.& M. McMurray.
3. stone marker - name broken off.
4. Willie McMurray, son of J. & M. McMurray, 4yrs, 8ds, died Dec. 17, 1878.
Millie McMurray, daughter of J. & M. McMurray, age 8ms, died July 12, 1870.

It is believed that there were many more markers in this cemetery during the 1940s.

Fowler Brook Cemetery

This cemetery's information consists of the following: Thomas Barkas, Co. K 7th NY - H.A. (horse drawn artillery)...1825 - 1898, Civil War Vet., Jane Barkas, wife, 1826 - 1900, and children.

Kane Manor Cemetery

Tombstone Inscriptions: (1.) Lila Rupert Kane..1868 - 1928, Evan O'Neill Kane...1861 - 1932. (2.) Blanche Rupert Kane...1874 - 1894, Blance Rupert Kane...1899 - 1906. Inscription on left side of tombstone reads: Blanche Rupert Kane, A Christian wife & mother - died Mar. 31, 1894, aged 19 yrs., The Lord gave and the Lord have taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Niece Blanche 1906. The right side of the tombstone: In memory of Harriet A. Kane, born July 10, 185_, died Jan. 9, 1896, called away while about her master's business. 3. Thomas Leiper Kane...1903 - 1933. 4. Mary E. Rupert...1850 - 1938, Lewis Rupert...1847 - 1939. 5. It is reported that Philip Schuler Kane is buried here also, a small plaque on stone is missing.

Kendall Creek Cemetery

Kendall Creek and Kendall Avenue Cemeteries are believed to be one in the same. The Historical Society has not been able to determine the former site of this cemetery with any accuracy.

Kingsbury Monument

A single stone located off South Avenue on Quintuple Hill, Bradford, PA. The inscription is as follows: Daniel Kingsbury...died Oct. 9, 1870, aged 67 yrs. Ruby N. Kingsbury (his wife)..died July 22, 1888, aged 86 yrs.

Kingston Cemetery - at Kingston Corner, E. Smethport

Kingston is a cemetery which no longer exists, some burial information can be found in the 1852 - 1854 death records listed in the Cemeteries book.

Littleton Cemetery

Littleton or Littleton Settlement Cemetery and the Bradford Burial Ground are most likely the same. When this Cemetery was closed, many of it's burials were interred at Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford. The other burials were moved to various burial spots in the area.

Longfellow Avenue Cemetery

Longfellow Avenue Cemetery and the burial spot known as "The Cemetery behind the old Sixth Ward School" are surely one in the same. It is also believed that it may have been know as the Tarport Cemetery. All traces of this cemetery have been decimated with time. One burial was reported to have been buried there: Claude Buchanan, 2 ys. at time of death. Claude's father was a Civil War Vet. who is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford.

Loop - Parmeter Cemetery, Eldred Township

This cemetery contains the following burials:

1. Great Grandmother Loop - (great grandmother of Francis Loop)
2. Mamie Dolan
3. Edward Parmeter
4. Achose - (1st wife of Edward Parmeter)
5. Harriete - (2nd wife of Edward Parmeter)
6. Amy - (wife of Addison Parmeter)
7. Albert N. Parmeter
8. baby Glenn Loop - (son of Francis Loop)

Ludlow Cemetery, Hamilton Township

Burial information is as follows:
1. Lurinda Cathers, Wife of Henry B. Cathers, died May 2, 1887, aged 53 yrs, 4 mo., 16 days.
2. Henry Cathers, son of Henry B. & Lorinda Cathers, died Nov. 19, 1882, 13 yrs, 3 mo., 16 days
3. C.S. Vance, Gone Home, died June 20, 1880, Aged 30 years, 1 mo., 6 days.
4. Liona Vance, April 15, 1819 - March 24, 1902.
5. Nancy J. Vance, his wife, Oct. 19, 1828 - Feb. 6, 1897.
6. Melvin Vance, July 28, 1860 - Nov. 13, 1909.
7. Rebecca Condon, Wife of Elijah, died Sept. 12, 1881, aged 63 yrs, Native of Nova Scotia.
8. Eliza A. Ervin, Wife of Isaac Ervin, born May 30, 1830, died Dec. 15, 1891, At Rest.
9. Margrette Ervin, Daughter of Isaac & Eliza, born Oct. 22, 1863, died Oct. 23, 1883.
10. Maggie Hamill, daughter of R & J Hamill, died Dec. 16, 1881, aged 3 yrs, 8 mo., 15 days.
11. Charles Thorton, died July 7, 1893, aged 65 yrs.
12. No name

According to information supplied for the Cemeteries book - two babies are buried here:

1. Willie Keller, born Sept. 6, 1887, died Aug. 3, 1888.
2. Clara Keller, born July 19, 1889, died Aug. 24, 1892

Martin Family Cemetery

According to a Topographical Map done by the US Dept. of Interior, there is a area behind a abandoned house, believed to be the site of at least two (possibly more) graves. A search of this area failed to locate any stones or markers. This property once belonged to a D. Martin (probably Davault Martin). There may be relatives of this man in the Kane area.

McKean County Courthouse Basement

There is a lone marker that was discovered in the basement of the Courthouse, how or when it got there is a mystery. The marker is located in the area housing the McKean County Museum. It reads: Richard White, son of Wm. C. & Emilin W. White, died February 16, 1844, aged 3 months, 2 days.

Old Foster or Lewis Run Cemetery

Markers existing in this cemetery are:
1. Ephraim Foster - born Jan. 22, 1805, died Aug. 26, 1896
2. Jacob Lewis - born Jan. 23, 1810, died Nov. 12, 1870, age 60 ys, 9mo, 20ds.
His wife Anna Foster Lewis - born Apr. 21, 1803, died Dec. 26, 1893
3. William Foster - born Oct. 4, 1823, died Feb. 20, 1911
4. Samuel D. Kelly - born Feb. 27, 1852, died Dec. 1, 1926
5. David E. Foster - died Oct. 29, 1879, aged 62ys, 1mo, 8ds
6. Allen Foster - died June 1, 1855, aged 77ys, 3mo, 10ds
Patience, his wife, died Oct. 18, 1869
7. Mariana Foster - Daughter of I.& L. Foster, died Sept. 9, 1866, aged 10ys, 5mo, 9ds
8. Isaac Foster - husband - 1826 - 1897
9. Lucinda Foster - wife - 1839 - 1926
10. Leroy - Orin H., 1859 - 1886
Emma P. - 1861 - 1898
11. Ida Belle Kibbey - 1871 -1908
12. Irvin O. Leroy - 1886 - 1911
13. Edna M. Kelly - born Nov. 16, 1914, died Jan. 23, 1919

This cemetery may contain additional burials, like Private William Foster father of Allen Foster and Allen's mother  Patience Clark, but no other markers are present. Directions to this out of the way burial spot along with additional genealogical information are given in the Cemeteries book.

Old Hutchins Cemetery, Sergeant Township

Burial information is as follows:
1. Eula, wife A. E. Ogden, Apr. 14, 1878 - June 29, 1898
Lottie, their daughter, June 7, 1897 - June 27, 1897
2. Blank - likely Lottie's grave. 3. Annie Probst, died Dec. 5, 1902, aged 73 yrs.
4. Albert E. Parsons, born Aug. 12, 1854, died Apr. ___, 1898

Cook Cemetery, Eldred Township

The tombstone inscriptions, listed and mapped in 1986, can be found in the Cemeteries Book.

Old Smethport Burial Ground

This burial site is no longer in existence. The last remains were moved in the 1940s, with most of the remains being interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport. A few of the earlier burials of this cemetery can be found in the death records of 1852 - 1854, listed in the Cemeteries book.

Parker Mausoleum, Norwich Township

There is a old unkept mausoleum located at Gardeau, PA, known as the burial place of Noah Parker. There is much controversy over whether he is actually buried there. Some people believe he moved to Ohio with his son, where he died and was buried. Others hold firm that his body lies in the mausoleum.

Pelton Cemetery, Keating Township

The burials listed are:
1. Daniel M. Rice, son of Sylvester & Anne Rice, departed 1878, age 1mo, 2ds
2. D N C
3. Danual H.
4. Geo. Otto
5. C (unreadable inscription)
6. Stone marker (unreadable)
7. 8. 9. 10. & 11. Fieldstone markers (all unreadable)
12. N.F. Ferris, Co. H 58th Pa. Vol.

Portage Valley Cemetery, Liberty Township

Portage Valley Cemetery Association
Allen & Norma Klein
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Two Mile Cemetery, Liberty Township

It is believed that originally there were 12 burials at this site, probably of the Burrows family. Research of the property showed the land being deeded to the Burrows. When the road was widened, part of the cemetery was lost, with the remains going to the Grimes District Cemetery.


Prentisvale Cemetery, Otto Township

According to information given the Historical Society this burial spot contained many more tombstones, prior to their removal in the 1950's. At the time information was being compiled for the Cemeteries book only two remained:
1. Garey, Hope H. - 1815 - 1893
2. Griffin, Ann - 1857 - 1920, Wife of D.C. Griffin

Rice Cemetery, Eldred Township

Burials are as follows:
1. Lester V. Wilmarth, born Aug. 8, 1873 - died Dec. 24, 1891
2. Mary Bell
3. Bertha
4. Eva
5. Vergile T. Carpenter, son of T.T. Carpenter - 1851 - 1863
6. Rev. T.T. Carpenter, 1819 - 1871
7. Mary Amanda Carpenter, wife of T.T. Carpenter - 1820 -1899, the last of ten children
of Justice and Poly Rice.
8. ADA
9. Jabez T. Rice, 1834 - 1915
10. Florence R. Rice, 1845 - ?
11. Bertha Rice, wife of H.G. Osborne
12. James R. Rice, 1816 - 1888, 2nd Colorado Calv. U.S. Vol.

Shippen Burial Ground

This was a McKean County burial site until land was ceded to create Cameron County. Now it is a Cameron site.

Slack Hollow Cemetery, Eldred Township

This burial site contains one lone grave marker by a War of 1812 flag, a Lyle Pettice or Pettit is buried here.

Saint Gabriel's Catholic Cemetery, Liberty Township

St. Gabriel's Rectory
203 Arnold Avenue
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Turtlepoint Cemetery, Annin Township

Contains the following marker information:
1. ______Haynes, born Apr. 17, 1888, aged 3mo, 16ds
2. ______Haynes, born Jan. 28, 1890, aged 8mo, 17ds
3. Albert A. Satterly, Company B 109 NY Vol. 1839 - 1885
4. William H. Taylor, 1843 - 1926
5. Martha Taylor, wife of W.H. Taylor, died Dec. 1, 1894, aged 82 ys, 6mo, 6ds.
6. W.H. Taylor, died July 25, 1904, aged 89 ys.
7. & 8. Not readable
9. Taylor

VanSickle Cemetery, Liberty Township

Buried near a large tree stump is a single grave:
Garret VanSickle, Pvt. NY Vols., War 1812, died July 15, 1849.

Wolcott - Knapp - Pepper Cemetery, Eldred Township

This burial site contains the following information:
1. P.K.
2. Polly (Pepper), wife of Amos Pepper, died Mar. 4, 1873, aged 66ys, 4mo, 22ds.
3. D.P.
4. Rachel H. ______Pepper, died ___
5. Laura A. (Pepper), daughter of Amos & Polly Pepper, died 18_2, aged 12 ys
6. sink
7. L.A.P.
8. R.K.
9. Hannah (Knapp), wife of Abijah Knapp, died June 5, 1845 in the 36th year of marriage.
10. Emily J. (Knapp), daughter of Abijah & Hannah Knapp, died Oct. 6, 1844, aged 3ys, 5ms, 22ds.
11. stone marker
12. Elizabeth (Knapp), daughter of Abijah & Hannah Knapp, died Oct. 2, 1837(?), aged 12ys.
13. sink
14. stone marker
15. J.K.
16. stone marker
17. Rhonda M. (Wolcott), wife of John Wolcott, died Feb. 5, 1819, aged __ys
18. sink
19. R.M.W.
20. sink

Morrison Cemetery, Hamilton Township

This burial site has the following two graves noted:
1. S.D. Morrison, Co. E 12 PA CAV.
2. Samuel B. (Stanton), son of O.L. & Betty Stanton, died Oct. 16, 1849, aged 9ys, 1mo, 12ds.

A notation in the Cemeteries book states that S.D. Morrison died on the way home from the war & his friends brought his body all the way to Morrison.

Artline Road Cemetery, Eldred

This burial spot is reported to exist, but the area was so overgrown volunteers were unable to locate it. It was reported that stones did exist in this spot some years ago. Some death records may be able to be located at the McKean County Courthouse.

Pastor V Theodore Benson
8095 Rt. 6
Kane, PA 16735
(814) 778-5666

Kanesholm Lutheran Cemetery, Wetmore Township -

All of the following Cemeteries:

Bell Run - Beth Israel - Boliver Run - Bushill - Ceres Community - Evergreen - Fairmont - Farmers Valley - Goodwin - Graff - Greendale - Kasson -Marshburg - McKean County Farm - Myrtle - Norwich Township - Sawyer - Wagner.

have their tombstone/marker/plot information listed in the Cemeteries of McKean County book. At the present time I do not have information on the record keepers of these burial places, when and if they are found - they will be added.

Contributed by Connie S. Frederick