Bradford Oak Hill Cemetery McKean County Pennsylvania Genealogy

Bradford Oak Hill Cemetery
established December 1883

I will post all the names you can send from the Oak Hill Cemetery. If you have anything to add to this page, please send it to Don He will be organizing the Oak Hill records for this site. I will be putting them online. If you need more information on a name you see here you can write to the Oak Hill Cemetery Association, 212 E. Main Street, Bradford, PA, 16701. This is a non-profit organization, and they are trying to maintain this old cemetery and I am sure they would appreciate any financial support that could be given.
The names underlined and link colored are clickable email addresses of the submitters, to help assist researchers in locating people interested in the same families.

Bradford Oak Hill Cemetery

Deceased NameDate of DeathAgecause of death
Ashdown, F.C.***********
Bailey, L.***********
Barcroft, H.***********
Barr, Hazel Harris DOB 1884 in Bradford. Hazel was the mother of the following two children25 OCT 190651*****
Barr, Infant DOB 18 Jan 1904 in Bradford.18 JAN 1904********
Barr, Kenyon Harris, Sr. DOB 31 JAN 1905 in Bradford.23 JUL 1979********
Battelle, M.***********
Beckwith, M.***********
Bell, N.***********
Bellis, Roseanna29 JUN 191823Cause unknown
Bennett, Bertha E.3 NOV 196463*****
Bennett, Harvey Eugene15 FEB 193851*****
Benson, Mrs. E.***********
Bergwall, R.***********
Bess, H.***********
Bickford, B.***********
Birmingham, T.***********
Burnett, R.***********
Blair, A.***********
Boyd, B.***********
Bricker, D.L.***********
Brodie, G.***********
Brown, Alexander Z.26 September 191178 yrsheart trouble
Brown, Rachel Ann Perry11 March 190053 yrssudden & unexpected
Buchanan, P.***********
Bullard, L.***********
Butterfield, A.***********
Cable, Ida T. 29 MAY 1922********
Campbell, M.***********
Canfield, C.***********
Carney, Leo. E.11 APR 189718 SEP 1968Age 71
Casey, Frank27 OCT 191?********
Casey, Mrs. Mary25 SEP 1903********
Calkins,Frank Watson29 APR 1935Age 44Unknown
Calkins,Harriett Addeline14 APR 1954Age 61Unknown
Caulkins, Jennie Myrtle27 JUN 194668Unknown
Calkins,William David21 MAY 1919Age 74Unknown
Chilcote,Hannah Jane Ripple09 JAN 194179Cause unknown
Chilcote,Henry Alexander05 JUL 192067Cause unknown
Clancy, Chas (Charles?)28 APR 194066*****
Clancy, Esther14 SEP 1923***Old Age
Clancy, Infant*********
Clark, George W., George was Martha's son 14 JAN 192759*****
Clark, Martha Jane (Watrous)15 NOV 190867*****
Clark, G.***********
Cody, Jennie S. 17 JUN 1923age 61*****
Cody, Hannah A. 30 NOV 1924age 89*****
Cody, Ebenezer V. 26 AUG 1927age 65*****
Cole, T.W.***********
Coleman, H.***********
Conkin, John C.6 JUN 1936Age 77Myocarditis
Conkin, Louisa D.13 NOV 1924Age 70Cerbral accident
Cornelius, George Commodore14 APR 1910Age 49Gall Bladder
Cornelius, Harriett13 MAY 1912Age 69Unknown
Cornelius, William Sterling11 FEB 1911Age 85Nephritis
Crandall, George McClellan22 Nov 194984Pneumonia, complicated by severe Diabetes
Crandall, George M. Jr.*81*
Crandall, Milla May30 May 192550*
Crandall, Ralph E.19172*
Crosby, Mary L. 22 NOV 1909********
Crosby, Jno12 MAY 1897********
Currie, Donald D.2 Jul 191937Heart Disease
Currie, John2 Nov 191776Unknown
Currie, Julia L Babcock ? 190549/50Unknown
Currie, William5 Dec 190518 moUnknown
Curry, W.***********
Coit, George L. 2 MAR 1923********
Davis, Charles J.17 JUN 1941Age 72Chronic endocronditis
Davis, Edith07 OCT 1953Age 79Unknown
Davis, J.***********
Disney, Roy R.12 DEC 191427Typhoid/Pneumonia
Disney, Minnie31 OCT 196182Old age(?)
Disney,Clyde E.9 MAR 195378 Unknown
Disney, Lettie22 DEC 196988Old age(?)
Disney, Margaret26 OCT 191835Heart
Disney, James C.7 FEB 192956Myrocarditis
Disney, Jessie Foster5 DEC 195282Old age(?)
Disney, Miriam14 OCT 198789Old age(?)
Disney, J.27 APR 188615 Yrs. 6 Mos.Unknown
Disney, Martha A.27 APR 190968Unknown
Disney, Robert28 MAR 191071Unknown
Delacour, George A7 Jan 1909Age 27Killed by cars
Delacour, George9 AUG 1964infantUnknown
Delacour, Joseph30 NOV 1928Age 73Myocarditis
Delacour, ???1 MAY 1920Age 72Unknown
Dodge, Eugene F. 8 OCT 1922age 68*****
Dodge, Hannah2 NOV 1933age 79*****
Dougherty, A.***********
Duffy, Geo. ***********
Duncan, W.***********
Dunkle, Albert191932Malaria
Dunkle, Catherine Elizabeth24 Oct 194081*
Dunkle, Daniel191117killed being caught in belt of oil pump house
Dunkle, Daniel Bigler193382Stroke/Pneumonia
Dunkle, Herbert2 July 193238Pneumonia
Dunkle, Ora18961*
Dunne, J.***********
Eck, Inez***********
Eddy, EdnaDied Custer City15 FEB 1915********
Eddy, George Died Clarksdale26 OCT 1907********
Eddy, Ellen (Mrs) Died Bradford25 AUG 1913********
Eddy, RolandDied Bradford24 NOV 1910********
E?erson, Mrs. E.***********
Everitt, Thomas James18 Nov 1926Age 62Diabetes Mellitus
Everitt, Alfreda Mae3 Jan 1946Age 76Cerebral Hemorhage/Diabetes Mellitis
Everitt, George Clinton4 Sep 1931Age 37Unknown
Fairbanks, R.***********
Finney, L.***********
Fisher, Charles Gold, MD.DOB 10 APR 1842DOD 11 FEB 1925Age 82Unknown
Ford, D.***********
Foster, Allen ThomasDied Bradford02 NOV 1914********
Foster, Augusta E. Died Bradford22 APR 1907********
Foster, Betsy Hinds6 NOV 1883age 85y 8m 3 d fractured hip
Foster, Daniel Died Bradford2 FEB 1921********
Foster, DariusDied Bradford01 SEP 1914********
Foster, Infant(F) Died Bradford01 NOV 1919********
Foster, JamesDied Bradford08 OCT 1920********
Foster, MargaretDied Bradford27 JAN 1917********
Foster, Ann (Mrs)Died Bradford02 FEB 1908********
Foster, EvalinaDied Bradford02 MAR 1912********
Foster, Ellen Rosilie(Maiden name, Watrous Wife of Allen Thomas Foster) Died Bradford23 MAY 1914Age 68*****
Foster, Helen(Mrs)(Maiden name, Mc Murray) Died Bradford24 MAY 1912********
Foster, Mrs.***********
Foster, Larned Sampson13 JUN 1882Age 90y 2m 19d old age?
Fowler, Earnest?? 1942Age ?Unknown
Fowler, Franklin Grant9 JUL 1926Age ?Unknown
Fowler, Howard E.22 Feb 1918Age 23Tuberculosis
Fowler, Lenora L.14 JUN 1950Age 75Unknown
Fox, Chas. ***********
Franks, Mrs.***********
Freeman, B.***********
Fyeck, Mrs. S. ***********
Gage, G.***********
Gage,Jason Calvin5 DEC 192556Heart
Gage,Marion16 MAR 19232Burned
Genung, Lena19 APR 1922age 35Tuberculosis
Genung, Forest Sheldon12 AUG 1931age 75*****
Genung, Della Adella 18 FEB 1935age 71*****
Gilmore, Alfred Mason b: April 1, 1874, Tionesta (?) PA died in Bradford16 APR 1927********
Golier, Lorenzo***********
Goodwin, M.***********
Gordon, R.***********
Gordenier. J.***********
Gotchell, Alice 15 JAN 1927age 6?*****
Gotchell, William 22 SEP 1924age 69*****
Graham, S.***********
Gregg, M.***********
Greer, R.***********
Grossman, Bert27 DEC 1901***pneumonia
Hamaker, Sophia4 AUG 190952Unknown
Hamilton, L.***********
Hannah, R.***********
Harding, J.***********
Harper, D.***********
Harris, William H.DOB 1847 Arkansas29 MAR 1900***killed in a tolley accident at Rock City
Harris, Ruth A. Searl DOB 1856 in New York died in Bradford. They were the parents of Hazel Barr (see above)19 APR 1924********
Heihznak, C. J. ***********
Henn, Anna M.16 JUN 1883Age 41Unknown
Herrick, Austin T. 29 JUN 1910********
Hill, Alexander Bush19 APR 1947******
Hill, Lillian Johnson31 OCT 1931******
Hitchcock, E.***********
Holly, Edwin DOB 21 SEP 1874 Myrtle (Mc Kean Co.) PA died Bradford, PA4 MAY 1928***brain tumor
Holly, Susie Belle (Washburn) DOB 31 DEC 1879 Ceres (Mc Kean Co.) PA died Port Allegany (Mc Kean Co.)26 JUL 1964***cancer
Holly, Edwin Lyonne DOB 5 JUL 1912 Bradford, PA? SEP 1912***pneumonia
Holmes, M.***********
Hoskins, ? Imogene15 JUN 1933********
Howard, A***********
Howard, W.***********
Huft, S.***********
Hulme, Harry***********
Ittel, Mrs.***********
Jenkins, Wm.(William)31 JAN 1903Age 42Unknown
Johnson, C.***********
Johnson, J.***********
Kahle, Jacob Hall10 Dec 1924Age 69Cerbebral Hemorrhage
Kahle, Sarah Alice22 Apr 1928Age 73Cerebral Hemorrhage/Diabetes Mellitis
Kahle(Ballou), Katherine D.7 Oct 1939Age 53Unknown
Kahle, William Franklin11 May 1966Age 23Unknown
Kavanaugh, Mary (Mrs. Robert Mason) lot 2007b.1870 (?) died in Bradford29 NOV 1945********
Kennelly, Jas.(James) M.23 OCT 1893Age ?Unknown
Kerr, Nellie ***********
Kissinger, E***********
Kochier, V.***********
Leyman,Charles13 AUG 18844 MonthsUkn.
Leyman,Elsie M19 AUG 18921 1/2 YrsUkn.
Leyman,Howard 02 OCT 190115 Yr 9 MoUkn.
Leyman,Mabel E.06 OCT 18855 YearsUkn.
Leyman,Rebecca 06 MAY 193578 YrsAngina Pectoris
Leyman,William Henry17 JAN 192671 YrsMyocarditis
Lewis, P.***********
Luke,Daniel19 DEC 191965Unknown
Luke,Mary Magdalen07 FEB 193480Stomach Cancer
MacCleverty, Florence 11 Jun 1925age 50*****
Madison,Anthony D.05 Sep 1908Age 32Unknown
Madison,Emma M.02 Apr 1938Age 55Cerebral Hemorrage
Madison,Kenneth M.07 JUL 1915Age 11Illness of six months
Madison,Mathias A.12 JUN 1945Age 70Suicide
Madison,Ronald C.15 MAY 1916Age 10Unknown
Magee, S.***********
Maney, Paul J.22 JAN 1973Age 64heart attack
Maney,Gerldine E.18 AUG 1990Age 73lung cancer
March, Infant Rex28 1929stillborn*****
Mason, Robert lot 2007 - president of the local bank, b. February 11, 1864, Franklin City, Venango Co. PA died in Bradford5 MAR 1940********
Martin, Deborah A.17 JAN 1929Age 94Cause old age(?)
Martin, J.R.7 OCT 1905Age 65Unknown
Martin, Margaret W.22 AUG 1928Age 63Unknown
Martin, Mary Alice27 JUN 1936Age 73Unknown
May, Rachel***********
Mayo, Edgar Newton7 MAY 1930Age 70Unknown
Mayo, Sarah Elizabeth Bowker23 JUL 1907***Unknown
McAllister, W.***********
McKillrick, J.***********
Mc Bride, Clinton A.31 JUL 193880*****
Mc Clellan, S. M. Died Bradford22 MAY 1914**********
McCory, J. E. ***********
Mellion, Grace1 APR 1925********
Merrow, C.***********
Mervilt, Mrs. ***********
Moffat, Minnie A. 16 AUG 1924age 59*****
Moore, G.***********
Moran, Baby Boy 26 SEP 1932age 11 hrs.*****
Morrison, D.***********
Mosher, Mrs. Emma Catherine - born 27 Apr 1864DEC 1940********
Oliver, G. T.***********
Onofrio, Philip (Mrs) Died Denver, CO02 FEB 1920********
O'Rourke, Anna Died Bradford03 NOV 1908Age 35*****
Ort, Henry Stanley18 OCT 1911born-04 MAY 1911*****
Palmer, A.***********
Parish, J.***********
Parle, Mrs. P. ***********
Parry, Frank W. 21 MAR 1938age60 *****
Parry, Mary A. 3 NOV 1960age 77*****
Parsons, C.***********
Parsons, H.***********
Perkins, Mrs. M. ***********
Perkins, Infant1 MAR 19270Still born(?)
Pike, O.***********
Porter, F.***********
P?ley, Milo ***********
Putnam, M.***********
Rankin, G.***********
Rathfon, Alton Lovejoy Twin to Alan Leroy Rathron29 APR 19172Months 5DaysPneumonia
Reck, Mrs***********
Rice, Betty Lou 11 NOV 1923age 1 mo.Unknown
Richie,Alonzo27 MAY 193587Cause unknown
unnamed twins25 JAN 18980stillborn
Richie,Ralph17 JUN 19021Cause unknown
Richie,Rose May Calkins13 Jan 1913Age 45typhoid
Richie,Walter A24 MAR 1910Age 11 moUnknown
Robbins,Emma Willis Freeman02 JUL 193665Cause unknown
Robbins, F.***********
Robbins,Herbert Savage13 MAY 192154Cause unknown
Rook, Carrie15 Jan 1963Age 90Old age(?)
Rook, D. Frank 1 FEB 1934Age 53Unknown
Rook, D. H.15 DEC 1900Age 59Unknown
Rook, Margaret18 Feb 1912Age 53Unknown
Sage, E.***********
Schubert, J. & G.***********
Scott, T.***********
Seaward, M.***********
Seelbach, Jacob7 Sep 191484*
Sexsmith, Nellie 18 NOV 1923age 71Heart
Seyfang, J. L. ***********
Sharp, H.***********
Shoff,George25 APR 1925***Unknown
Shoff,Justina 25 APR 1925***Unknown
Silsby, L.***********
Simpson, Albert 24 OCT 1905********
Simpson, M.***********
Slingerland, J. L. ***********
Smail, Jos. ***********
Smith, Martha ***********
Sneath, G.***********
Smith, Bessie 2 JUL 1923age 38Unknown
Smith, Morris B. 26 JUN 1954age 71*****
Smith, Blanch 18 DEC 1958age 68*****
Smith, Wealtha A Woodruff (wife of Grant)born 27 May 1872 Humphrey, Cattaraugus, NY10 SEP 1908********
Snyder,Hettie M.08 SEP 1927Age 80Unknown
Somers, Mrs. Ruby - b. June 4, 1896FEB. 1873********
Sonbergh, M.***********
Sonners, E.***********
Southerland, Ms. A. ***********
Spenser, K. S. ***********
Spooner, S.***********
Sprague, W.***********
Starr, Cora Rose15 JUL 19109 MonthsHeart
Starr, M.***********
Stives, S.***********
Stoffer, Mary B.11 Nov 1947age 90
dob: 31 OCT 1857 
Old age
Stoffer, Sameul G.21 Apr. 1962age 78
dob: 23 AUG 1884 
Stoffer, Samuel T.9 MAY 1918   age 67
dob: JUN  1850 
kidney failure
Stoffer, Clara16  JUL  1905age 25
dob: OCT 1979
morphine poisoning
Stoutenburgh, J.***********
Sullivan, Mrs. L. ***********
Sawnson, S.***********
Swartout, J.***********
Thessen,Mathias W. - conducted a meat market in East Bradford, born Titusville DEC. 12, 1872SEP. 1936********
Thessen, Mrs. Elizabeth - in community mausoleum 1938********
Thompson, E.***********
Thompson,W. P. ***********
Tower, Rebecca H. 13 FEB 1910********
Tower, Harry 22 MAR 1922********
Tower, Wm24 MAY 1929********
Toy, Katherine 14 MAR 1904********
Toy, William Major (fire chief)30 DEC 1929********
Toy, Leo B. 16 AUG 1895********
Toy, Evelyn Francis Crosby 16 OCT 1929********
Trace, M.***********
Tugwell, Mrs. R. ***********
Turner, Samuel Westlake DOB 25/6/185517 AUG 192974 Years
1 Month
24 Days
Tuthill, Caroline30 AUG 1956born-02 Jul 1863*****
Tuthill, James1925born-1858*****
Tyler, Albert A.1848-192678*****
Tyler,Mary Ivy Hays1864-194278*****
Upright, Mrs. E. ***********
Upton. G.***********
Urquhart, Elias189345*****
VanVechtem, G. S. ***********
Wagner, M.***********
Wakley, Pricilla11 MAY 1905********
Walker, Nettie Cornelius10 JUN 1955Age 88Unknown
Walker, Perry P.18 AUG 1935Age 76Unknown
Wall, Mary***********
Walsh,Joseph6 OCT 1931StillbornAge 0
Warre, G.***********
Watson, E.***********
Watson,J. E. ***********
Weber, S.***********
Weisenbalser, Fred ***********
Westcott, Mrs. G.***********
Whitehead, Charles Byron31 JAN 1899lagrippe/bronchitisAge 59
Whitehead,Mary Ferris30 JUL 1890Bright's DiseaseAge 34
Whitehead, Sarah25 SEP 1904heart troubleAge 18
Whitehead, Waldo M.?? JAN 1946UnknownAge 57(?)
Wiley, F.***********
Williamee, Margaret21 OCT 1903********
Williamme, R. E.11 JAN 1906********
Williams, George A.10 May 1923UnknownAge 80
Williams, Elizabeth Sara 5 Jun 1939PneumoniaAge 92
Williams, Samuel E.1 Dec 1947UnknownAge 80
Williams, Georgia E3 Dec 1903UnknownAge 32
Williams, Frederick C.12 Nov 1899Typhoid FeverAge 26
Williamson, S.***********
Willibey, M.***********
Wilaon, George Bruce03 JUN 1936born-03 JUN 1936*****
Wilson, S.***********
Wilson, Thomas? SEP 190880*****
Wilson, W.***********
Witherup, Mrs. Abraham (Ceclia Toy) - born 18461916********
Witherup, Abraham born 18401899********
Witherup, Alex H. born 18731926********
Witherup, P. T.Sep 1902********
Wood, J.***********
Woodward, John1895InfantWhooping cough
Woodward, Unkn.18969 mos.Cholera
Woodward, John A.4 JAN 193678*****
Woodruff, Charles Clinton- Son of Forest and Ella Poole Wooddruff Born 18 July 1902 Bradford, PA died in Bradford15 FEB 1906********
Woodruff, John Elbert- Son of Forest and Ella Poole Wooddruff born 17 Aug 1904 Bradford died in Bradford11 OCT 1909********
Woodruff, Forest John, born 29 Dec 1869 Humphrey, Cattaraugus, NY died in Bradford22 AUG 1945********
Woodruff, Ella Mae Poole, born 9 June 1874(wife of Forest)Hermon, St. Lawrence, NY died in Warren County, PA26 JAN 1950********
Wortham Jr., Gabriel16 NOV 1930Age 41Lung hemorrhage
Wortham, Isobel14 MAY 1921Age 3Tonsils surgery complications
Wright, Kittie23 MAR 72Age 87Unknown
Wright, J.***********
Zook, J. F.***********

Disclaimer:there may be errors due to transcription of information from both early and late (current contributors) work.