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"A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots."

Welcome to the Palmertree Family Heritage WebSite. This site was created for descendants of Palmertree and related families to share the ancestry, history and research of our Palmertree and other ancestral lines.

On these pages you will find ancestral photos, documents, short bios, family histories and other items of interest to Palmertree and related families researchers. Enjoy your visit!

Ken Jackson

In Memoriam

Dr. Hiram D. Palmertree

Dr. Hiram D. Palmertree
1940 - 2006
Rest in Peace, my friend

This website dedicated to the memory of Dr. Hiram D. Palmertree, a friend and scholar respected and admired by all. Dr. Palmertree was not only a cousin, but also a true friend to me, and never failed to amaze me with his knowledge of our Palmertree heritage. He has shared many stories and anecdotes about our Palmertree and related families that have helped me truly understand my family roots. He loved our family website and mailing list, and totally supported all my efforts to bring knowledge and understanding of our families' heritage to all of us researching our common ancestry. I will miss Hiram and his stories -  but he is now among his ancestors, enjoying hearing the stories of their lives.

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