Strobel Scrapbook

Newspaper Clippings chronicling the events in the Strobel
and related families during the 20th Century

Submitted by Brenda Strobel

Wedding Announcements


Brown ~ Strobel wedding

Burnside ~ Strobel wedding

Caldwell ~ Strobel wedding

Fowler ~ Evans wedding

Fowler ~ Fleming wedding

Fowler ~ Smith wedding

Hopkins ~ Evans wedding

McKissick ~ Strobel wedding

McMillion ~ Strobel Wedding

Robinson ~ Fowler wedding

Southern ~ Strobel wedding

Strobel ~ Cromie wedding

Strobel ~ Garner wedding

Strobel ~ Hockenberry wedding

Strobel ~ Houston wedding

Thompson ~ Strobel wedding

Williams ~ Fowler Wedding



John H. Evans

John M. Evans

Margaret Ann Evans

Frances M. Barris Fowler

I. A. Fowler

Mary Hamilton Fowler

Christina Strobel

Clara F. Strobel

Florence L. Strobel

Freda Strobel

Grace V. Strobel

Helen Strobel

Herman J. Strobel

J. Roy Strobel

Mildred Strobel

Robert Eugene Strobel

William Strobel

William H. Strobel

William J. Strobel

Eleanor Usselton Stevens

Lincoln Stevens

Harry Watkins

Thomas Watkins

Thomas Watkins

Andel Southern Sr. Funeral Card

J. Roy Strobel Funeral Card



John Fowler - Elizabeth Moffat Marriage License

Southern Golden Anniversary

New Castle 1911 Directory,
page 638, bakeries, baggage and transfer, banks

New Castle 1909-10 Directory,
page 606, bakeries, banks

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