Lawrence County Newspaper Articles

Second United Presbyterian Church, 1917

Dr. Robert Love, 1931

Seventh Ward News, 1951

Dismissions 1866-8, Slippery Rock

New Castle Street Car Lines, 1896

Robbed of Diamonds, 1898

Some Harlansburg Traditions

New Castle Preacher Has an Odd Reason for Resigning

Mormons Canvass for New Members

Anthony Ross - Loses Leg

Agnes Parry Wins Competition

McKinley, Hugh - Cuts forearm

Frightful Accident in Allegheny- Two men killed and two injuried-Buried
Beneath a Mass of Rock-Coroner's In quest.

Can't Explain How Rifle Was Discharged- Believe Trigger Caught in Bush

Fall Is Fatal To James Cowan

Receives Letter From Aged D.A.R.

New Castle Girl Injured In Crash

Mystery cannon of Mahoning has prank history

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