Lawrence County, Pa Census and Tax Records On Line


1910 PA Federal Census
New Castle, Lawrence County, Pa

Head of Household -- Frank Mariacher -- 29 Persons --some Inmates

Enumeration District # 0130 Visit #0163

Transcribed and Submitted by Judy Anne Champion Frates

Name Age / Color Birth Place Relation

BURKE, Julia 78 W;W Pennsylvania RO
CAMMORITA, Ralph 04 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
DAVIS, Charles 11 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
DAVES, Hattie 20 W;W Wales Servant
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth NR W; Pennsylvania Inmate
DAVIS, Richard 07 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
EMICH, Mrs. 47 W;W Greece RO
FREY, Raymond 04 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
GODISCH, Andrew 09 W;W Russia Inmate
GODISCH, Emma 02 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
GODISCH, Margaret 03 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
GODISCH, Wanda 05 W; Russia Inmate
GRUNDIN, Bertha 17 W;W Pennsylvania Servant
HEPLER, Hattie 09 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
HEPLER, Robert 07 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
HUTTON, Margaret 02 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
HUTTON, Orville 08 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
HULTON, Herbert 06 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
HENRY, Margaret L. 34 W;W Ohio Matron
JONES, Helen 08 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
JONES, Mildred 05 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
KRONAVUR, Clara 08 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
KRONAVUR, John 09 W; Pennsylvania Inmate
Margaret L. 11 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
KRONSOUR, Bridget 47 W;W Scotland Servant
MORGAN, Madeline 19 W;W Ohio Servant
MARIACHER, Frank 31 W; Pennsylvania Head of Household
Other Residents: Wife, Elizabeth 30, Pennsylvania; Son, Edward 06, Pennsylvania; Son, John 04, Pennsylvania; and 29 NON-RELATIVES
NEEDHAN, Mary 02 W;W Pennsylvania Inmate
PALHOVICH, Elizabeth NR W;W Pennsylvania Inmate


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