Juniata Co PA Cemeteries

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Juniata Cemeteries
Cemetery or Church Name
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Notes Town / Township
Adam's Cemetery (Presbyterian) map Walker Twp.
Aldersgate U. M. Church   Mifflintown Borough
Amish Mennonite Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp
Assembly of God Church   Mifflintown Borough
Beggar's Row Family Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Bell Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Bethlehem U.M. Cemetery   Greenwood Twp.
Black Log Church of the Brethren Cem. (Byron Run)   Lack Twp.
Blue Mountain Family Cemetery   Milford Twp.
Book Farm Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp.
Book Indian Burial Mound   Beale Twp.
Bookwalter Family Cemetery map Walker Twp.
Brick Church Cemetery
or Shelley's (Mennonite)
map Monroe Twp.
Brown Burial Plot   Fayette Twp.
Brubaker & Wewerin Family Cemetery   Beale Twp.
Bunkertown Cemetery (See Goodwill Cemetery)  
Cedar Grove (Brethren in Christ)   Walker Twp.
Cedar Spring Presbyterian or
Glebe Cemetery
  Walker Twp.
Center Lutheran Church Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Christian Brandt Cemetery (Mennonite)   Turbett Twp.
Cocolamus (Browns) U.B. Churchyard   Fayette Twp
Coffman/Kauffman - Gingrich Family Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Crider Family Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Cross Keys Methodist Cemetery   Lack Twp
Darrh or Darr Family Cemetery   Turbett Twp.
Delaware Mennonite Cemetery   Near East Salem, Delaware Twp
Dressler Ridge or
Apostle's Union Cemetery
help Susquehanna Twp.
East End Full Gospel Cemetery   Susquehanna Twp.
East Salem United Methodist Cemetery   Delaware Twp.
East Salem Presbyterian/United Brethren Cemetery   Delaware Twp
East Waterford Cemetery map Tuscarora Twp
East Waterford Presbyterian Church   Tuscarora Twp.
East Waterford United Methodist Church   Tuscarora Twp.
Ebenezer United Methodist Cemetery text
Pleasant View, Spruce Hill Twp.
Emmanuel Lutheran Churchyard   Thompsontown, Delaware Twp.
Evangelical United Methodist Church   Mifflin Borough, Monroe Twp.
Eve Nipple Grave   Milford Twp.
Faith Lutheran Church Cemetery   Monroe Twp.
Farmers Grove Church
of the Brethren Cemetery
  Tuscarora Twp.
Ferrier Family Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Fort Bigham Cemetery   Tuscarora Twp.
Free Spring Church
of the Brethren Cemetery
  Walker Twp.
Goodwill Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Graybill Cemetery
This cemetery was used by the congregation located in Juniata Co.
  West Perry Twp, Snyder Co.
Harner Family Cemetery   Delaware Twp.
Hertzler Family, Old Lutheran Cemetery   Turbett Twp.
Honey Grove United Methodist Church   Tuscarora Twp.
Horning - Stambaugh Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Hostetier Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Independent Baptist Church   Mifflintown Borough
John Fritzing Grave   Susquehanna Twp.
John Shearer Indian Burial Mound   Walker Twp.
Kain -Stroup Family Cemetery   Susquehanna Twp.
Kauffman - Rothrock Cemetery - Thomspson map Fermanagh Twp.
Kenepp/Knepp Family Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Kilmer Cemetery map Turbett Twp
Koons Family Cemetery map Fayette Twp.
Kyle Family Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Lantz Family Cemetery map Delaware Twp.
Lauvers Mennonite Church   Monroe Twp.
Leininger's Lutheran Church Cemetery help Susquehanna Twp.
Leonard Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Little - Lytle & Sanderson Family Cemetery
completely destroyed
  Turbett Twp.
Locust Run United Methodist Cemetery map Walker Twp.
Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Lost Creek Presbyterian Churchyard map Fayette Twp
Lower Tuscarora (Academia) Presbyterian Cemetery map
Beale Twp.
Matamoras Church Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp.
McAlisterville(Hillside) Lutheran Cemetery map Fayette Twp
McCleery/McClerry Family Cemetery   Lack Twp.
McCoysville Cemetery map Tuscarora Twp.
McCulloch s Mills Cemetery (see Middle Tuscarora Presbyterian Churchyard)   Tuscarora Twp.
McKee Family Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp.
McWilliams Presbyterian Cemetery map Lack Twp
Messiah Lutheran Church Cemetery   Mifflintown Borough
Mexicotown Community Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Meyers - Leonard Family Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Middle Tuscarora Presbyterian Churchyard   McCulloch Mills, Tuscarora Twp
Mount Zion U. M. Church Cemetery help Monroe Twp.
New Church Hill Cemetery map
Turbett Twp.
Niemond's Church Cemetery   Monroe Twp.
Old Amish Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Old Church Hill Cemetery text
Turbett Twp
Old Hower Place
On Spigelmyer Run
  Fermanagh Twp.
Old Jimmy Cummings Place Cemetery   Tuscarora Twp.
Oppel/Opple Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Otterbein United Methodist Church   Delaware Twp.
Patterson Family Cemetery or
Old Schoolhouse Cemetery
  Lack Twp.
Pennebaker Family Cemetery   Tuscarora Twp.
Phillip Zendt Grave   Walker Twp.
Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Pollock/Polk Church Cemetery map Lack Twp.
Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Licking Creek
  Milford Twp.
Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Spruce Hill
  Spruce Hill Twp.
Purdy - Sturgeon Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Renno Amish Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Richfield Mennonite Church   Monroe Twp.
Richfield Union or
Richfield Community Cemetery
  Monroe Twp.
Rigby Place   Fermanagh Twp.
Robison - Crawford Family Cemetery   Tuscarora Twp.
Rock Church   Beale Twp.
Salem (Strawsers) U.M. Church Cemetery help Susquehanna Twp.
Schwarey (Amish) Cemetery   Beale Twp.
Scotch Irish Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Shellenberger Cemetery (See Goodwill Cemetery)    
Shields Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Smith - Auker Family Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
Stoner Graves   Fermanagh Twp.
Stony Run Mission Church   Monroe Twp.
St. James U.M. Church Cemetery help Susquehanna Twp.
St. Johns United Methodist Cemetery   Fayette Twp.
St Judes Catholic Church   Fermanagh Twp.
St. Paul's Lutheran (Nook) Cemetery text
Beale Twp
St. Paul's U. M. Church Cemetery   Susquehanna Twp.
St. Peter's Reformed Church Cemetery   Monroe Twp.
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church Cemetery [notes] Milford Twp.
St. Stephen's Episcopal Chruch Cemetery   Thompsontown Borough
Thompson's Lock Burial Ground   Deleware Twp.
Thompsontown United Methodist Church   Thompsontown Borough
Thompson Cemetery map Mexico, Walker Twp.
Union Memorial Park or
Union Memorial Lower Cemetery
map Walker Twp.
United Church of Christ   Monroe Twp.
United Methodist Church   Mexico, Walker Twp.
United Presbyterian Church   Mexico, Walker Twp.
Upper Black Log Graveyard   Lack Twp
Upper Tuscarora Presbyterian Cemetery   Lack Twp
Utley Cemetery   Beale Twp.
Waterloo Presbyterian Cem. (See Upper Tuscarora Presbyterian Cem.)    
Waterloo U.M. Cemetery   Lack Twp.
Weaver Family Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Wesley United Methodist Church   Tuscarora Twp.
Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery
large file, may be slow to appear
Mifflintown Borough
Westminister Presbyterian Church   Mifflintown Borough
Wharton Family Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp.
Whisehaupt Family Cemetery   Spruce Hill Twp.
Whiteland United Methodist Cemetery   Delaware Twp.
Wirt - Knox Family Cemetery   Walker Twp.
Wolfgang Family Cemetery   Fermanagh Twp.
Yoder's or Hackett's
Amish Cemetery
  Spruce Hill Twp.


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