Byron Run Cemetery, Lack Twp, Juniata Co. Pa.

Byron Run Cemetery
located across the road from the former Black Log Church of the Brethren

take Route 522 north from the Fort Littleton exit of the PA Turnpike, or Route 522 south from Route 22 at Mt. Union. Just south of the town of Orbisonia, Black Log Valley Road heads east from Route 522. This road will take you all the way to the cemetery.

Transcribed and contributed by Sara Chamberlain

Byron Run Cemetery
Information gathered during visit to cemetery in August 2004.
Includes updates and notations from an earlier transcription posted by Vi Limric.

Surname First Name Middle
Comparison to
Vi Limric list
Farren Mary   1890 1972   not listed
Farren Chester P 1891 1955   Yes
Smith Nancy J 1884 1949   age 65 years
Smith David R 1878 1971   not listed
Smith Rita J       not listed
Longwell Robert         not listed
Donaldson George         not listed
Vaughn Walter   1887 1967   yes
Vaughn Bertha K 1910 1999   not listed
Vaughn Homer C 1912 1990   not listed
Gladfelter Daniel   1938     not listed
Gladfelter Marian   1941     not listed
Emery Jean         not listed
Emery Mervin         not listed
Emery Edward   1895 1968   yes
Emery Elizabeth K 1912     not listed
Emery Lewis   1900     not listed
Kelly Charles   1871     not listed
Kelly Katie B 1877     not listed
Kelly Walter   1904 1980   not listed
Hoffman Ralph   1914     not listed
Hoffman Dorothy   1922     not listed
Wasson Delores   1847 1848   yes
Krause J Benjamin 1863 1907   listed as Krouse
Krause John C 1819 1908   listed as Krouse
Krause Mary A 1836 1912   listed as Krouse and wife
Krause Carrie M 1860 1953   listed as Krouse and sister
Krause Andrew C 1866 1947   listed as Krouse and brother
includes infant girl, died 1959
Mumford William H 1861 1946   Yes
Mumford Mabel Hoobler 1874 1946   Yes
Buchanan Sarah E 1861 1911   listed as Buchaman
Buchanan Son   1903 1908 Son of SD and EP Buchanan listed as Buchaman
and son of SE and EP
Harshbarger Walter     1898 died as a child Yes, identified as infant
Kelley Robert Henry 1897 1935   Yes
Kelley Laura Emery 1897 1951   Yes
Lauver Henry   1889 1962   identified as Harry G
Lauver Ola Smith 1905 1981   not listed
Lauver Frank   1845 1923   Yes
Lauver Emma A 1871 1940   Yes
Lauver Alice S 1887 1920   Yes
Boozel John         Listed as Boozer
Boozel Mary   illegible illegible his wife listed as Boozer, and wife
Emory James H 1889 1950   listed as Emery
Emory William J 1848 1923   listed as Emery
Emory Christina   1857 1943   listed as Emery w/o Wm
Emery Samuel A 1862 1943   Yes
Emery Maggie Bilger 1868 1933   Yes implied wife of Samuel
Emery Albert   1895 1917   Yes
Emery Charles       date of 1888 - birth? death? not listed
Bilger Margaret   1835 1901 mother Yes - year of birth 1836
Bilger William     1881 Daddy Yes - year of birth 1826
Bilger Henry   1860     They list birth in 1863
and death in 1930
Smith Ellsworth E 1903 1994   not listed
Smith June S 1906 1997   not listed
Smith Herbert L 1934 2002   not listed
Glace Albert A 1928 1994   not listed
Glace Carrie   1925     not listed
Fetrow Roberta Mary 1935 1937   Yes
Emery George   1824 1906   Yes - year of birth 1826
Emery Catherine   1826 1901   Yes - wife of George
Emery Olie Rutter 1890 1918   Yes
Bilger William F 1864 1934   not listed
Bilger Alice P 1868 1948   Yes, age 79 years
Bilger George A       death in 1962 age 10 years
Bilger George   1890's     not listed
Bilger Laura   1890's     not listed
Hoffman James   1846 1914   Yes
Hoffman Mary A 1853 1927   Yes
Steltzer McHear--     1899 son of CW and AL Steltzer listed as Michael J
son of GW and AC
died age 1 year
Steltzer Michael   1836 1901   Yes
Steltzer Caroline   1836 1920   Yes. wife of Michael
Buchanan Robert   1818 1892   listed as Buchaman
Buchanan Jane   1832 1888   listed as Buchaman
Buchanan Charles   1869 1886   listed as Buchaman and son
Hammann Michael   1808 1890   Yes
Hammann Margaret       need to double check dates Yes, year of birth 1824
year of death 1897
Hammann Anne E       listed as year of birth 1853
year of death 1876
Hammann Annie E 1824 1897   not listed
Hammann John   1849 1877   Yes
Boozel Caroline     1928 age 67, yr of birth = 1861 listed as Caroline F
Boozel Emanuel   1846 1917 could be spelled Boosel Yes
Ander-- Mary     1856 died age 33, yr of birth = 1823 listed as Anders age 33
with notation w/o F
Glock Son       son of C and CS Glock at least three infant sons are buried
Glock Christina Louisa   1894 died age 60, yr of birth = 1834 Yes, age at death 60 years
Glock Charles     1911 died age 81, yr of birth - 1830 Yes, age at death 81 years
Glock Annie E   1865 died at age 22 days Yes, age at death 22 days
Myers David     1852> died at age 19, yr of birth = 1833
son of D and R Myers
listed as Meyers
19 year old son of D and R
Hartman John     1903 died at age 66, yr of birth = 1836 listed as Hartmann
Hammann Mary Krause 1878 1942   listed as Mary A
year of birth 1873
Lauver Sarah A   1885 died at age 69, yr of birth = 1816 Yes, age at death 69 years
Lauver David     1873 died at age 58, yr of birth = 1815 Yes, age at death 58 years
There are perhaps 40 additional gravesites at the cemetery that are marked only with fieldstones, or that have headstones that are no longer legible. Vi states that 61 additional graves are marked with creek stones (Creek stones have no markings)

Cemetery is well maintained. Someone mows it regularly, and there are flags and other seasonally appropriate decorations.