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Juniata County PAGenWeb Home Page  


These pages contain information, links and resources of value to those whose ancestors came from Juniata County, PA.

bullet Welcome to the Juniata Co PAGenWeb site. With the help of many kind souls this site contains a wealth of information and guidance that can assist the novice and the seasoned researcher looking for long lost relatives. It also provides several forums where folks can request help from other researchers, and post specific source data relevant to Juniata County PA. This is a great way to share what we know about our families, with hopes that this information may contain clues that could potentially help another researcher.

bullet I cannot personally respond to requests for any type of research, but assistance with specific resources owned by individuals can be directed to the Look-ups Page. When you write a volunteer, be sure to be very specific with your request and thank the volunteer for his/her efforts. If you own a book or manuscript that contains information relevant to the Juniata Co area which might be useful to other researchers, consider volunteering a small part of your time to do look-ups for others. Research requests may also be referred to the Juniata County Historical Society where volunteers will look for records within their library or vital records and probate info at the courthouse for a fee.

bullet If you have questions regarding this website or wish to contribute informaton I can be e-mailed at: [email protected]. I am primarily tasked with presenting information about the Juniata County area that may be useful to others, however I cannot possibly respond to requests for research. Click on the Site Index below to proceed to a list of available resources.

for those accustomed to the old Juniata PAGenWeb Site, it can still be accessed here


I’ve wandered through the village Tom, and sat beneath the tree.
Upon the schoolhouse play ground that sheltered you and me.
But none were left to greet me Tom, and few are left to know.
That played with us upon the grass, some twenty years ago.
The old schoolhouse has altered some, the benches are replaced.
With new ones very like the same, our pen knives have defaced.
The same old brick are in the wall the bell swings to and fro.
The music’s just the same dear Tom, twas twenty years ago.
The grass is just as green dear Tom, bare footed boys at play.
Were sporting just as we did there, with spirit just as gay.
But master sleeps upon the hill which coated o’er with snow.
Affording us a sliding place just twenty years ago.

My lids have long been dry, Tom but tears came in my eyes.
I thought of her I loved so well, those early broken ties.
I visited the old churchyard and took some flowers to strew.
Upon the graves of those we loved some twenty years ago.
Some now are in the churchyard laid, some sleep beneath the sea.
But few are left of our old class excepting you and me.
And when our time is come dear Tom, and we are called to go.
I hope they’ll bury us where we played just twenty years ago.

Matilda Jane Randolph
January 21, 1859

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