Volunteer Opportunities

America is a nation of volunteers! And non-profit organizations have a never ending need for the talents and time of volunteers. Organizations that are able to recruit and make effective use of volunteer resources are positioned to make the greatest strides toward the fulfillment of their mission.

The mission of the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County is:

Volunteer opportunities at the Society are as varied as are the talents of our many volunteers. All that is required is some knowledge, a few skills, desire, enthusiasm to do the work . . . and a little time!

Virtual volunteering, although extremely valuable to our organization, should not be looked at as a replacement for face-to-face volunteering. Instead it is an expansion of our volunteer resources, an augmentation of the society's activities and another way for someone to help support the society and give to others. For some people it is a preferred avenue of volunteering, but for many it is an additional avenue of volunteering.

Opportunities at the Society include but are not limited to:

There are also many special projects going on at the Historical Society. Click here for a current listing of some of the projects and volunteers now active at the society.

If you have an interest and a little time, use this form to tell us a little bit about yourself and to inform us of your interests and time available. Someone will contact you with suggestions as to where you might be of most benefit. In the most successful situations, an organization is able to improve the quality of life of its volunteers while at the same time benefiting from their services. This is our goal.