Quilt Collection

There are currently 39 quilts in the Historical Society’s collection. The oldest quilt was created in 1838 and the newest, a governors’ signature block project made by the 5th grade class at Indiana’s Eisenhower Elementary school, was made in 2004. Here is a link to photos of some of the quilts in the collection.


No. Material Size Description Expanded Description Date Made/Used Owner/Used By
1 cotton 6 ft. x 6 ft. Colors are white, green and camel with a flying geese pattern, twenty-five pieced blocks alternate with plain muslin squares. Blocks set on point alternating with plain muslin squares. Brown, green and muslin borders. The brown patches are colored with potato dyes. Feather design quilted in white blocks. Small, even hand quilting stitches. Binding is deteriorating. A few stains.  July 19, 1848 signed and dated by J. E. Bills
2 cotton 39 in. x 37 in. Shades of brown on unbleached muslin, eight point star pattern with fringe on 3 sides. Twenty-five star blocks Twenty-five eight point star blocks set on point, alternating with plain muslin squares. Border of squares set on point with muslin setting triangles. Possibly carriage or piano quilt, with fringe around edge 1850-1860 quilted by a member of the Taylor or Ralston family
4 cotton 74 in. x 65 in. Unfinished quilt top. Variety of colors. Pieced block: Triangles sewn into half square triangle surround center square to create larger square (square-in-a-square). Unpieced blocks striped gold, blue and cream Hand sewn quilt top. Two types of blocks, alternating: one 6 inch square of fabric; the other pieced. Squares and small triangle patches of blue, brown, dark red. Cleaned and repaired 12/12/1986. 1875-1885 made by Mrs. James Myers (Annie Jane Vanlew) of Mill Hall, Clinton County, PA. Mrs. Myers was grandmother of James Eber Myers of Indiana. (Origin 1820-1840 per Joe & Mary Koval, Aprill 29, 1987)
5 cotton 6 ft. 4. in x 6 ft. 3 in. Green, pink and white oak leaf appliqué  pattern Two tones of pink. Grid quilting with vine quilting pattern in sashing. 1920  
6 cotton 78 in. x 74 in. Dark blue fabric with dots and muslin feathered star quilt Dark blue and muslin feathered/sawtooth star, 16 blocks set square.  Dark blue binding 1885-1895  
7 cotton 69 in. x 68 in. Red and green fabric, Carolina Lily appliqué pattern. Hand pieced and appliquéd with running stitch. 16 red lilies with green stems and leaves, 8 3/4" blocks set on point alternating with white blocks. Appliqué 9" border of tulip bud on a vine. Appliquéd vine and stems are on straight of grain, gathered to make the curve. Quilting pattern is feathered rings in white blocks, 3/16" grid quilting behind the feather rings. Alternating 3/8" and 1/2" grid behind the lily; 1/4" diagonal in the border. Maker's name and date done in small counted cross stitch. Her initials are on the back in counted cross stitch. 1848 signed/dated by Margaret Mabon
8 cotton 6 ft. x 7 ft. Orange and white quilt top, "Double T" block pattern, not quilted Orange and white quilt top. Some stains.  Pattern appears to be "Double T" block pattern. Pattern referenced in Farm and Fireside (Crowell, Springfield, OH), September 1, 1882.    
9 Velvet, satin, cotton, etc. 6 ft. x 6 ft. Crazy quilt, variety of patch shapes, fabrics and colors, including heart-shaped patches, with much embroidery Crazy quilt made from various materials and a number of colors with embroidery designs. Backing fabric green with yellow/white flowers 1903 one corner signed by Mrs. Ellen Hazlette, Ebenezer, PA
10 various 3 ft x 3 ft. Embroidered baby size crazy quilt with prairie points around border made of various materials. Embroidered with the word "BABY". Nine large blocks covered with fabric patches. Has prairie points around border. Knotted. Quilted by member of the Taylor or Ralston Family 1887  
11 Velvet, satin, cotton, silk, brocade, ribbons and beads. 58 in x 69 in Crazy quilt with a number of different materials. Embroidered with flowers, paintings, blue and black silk back. Quilt is made of 30 crazy patch blocks on squares. Hand pieced and hand embroidered.  Embroidered flowers, paintings of children, animals, birds and insects and two quotations. Various embroidery stitches. Blue and black silk back. Backing is made from Mary Ralston's mother's gown worn to the inaugural ball of President Grant and/or a governor of Pennsylvania the same year. 1885 MRT Mary Ralston Taylor
12 velvet, satin 25 in. x 32 in. Velvet and satin lap quilt made with half square triangles Lap quilt made of velvet and satin half square triangles. Several patches coming apart at seams. Backing is off-white 1880-1900 found in trunk in Mrs. I. Brody's  home, third floor
13 wool patches, flannel 80 in. x 65 in. Crazy quilt. Fabric patches of various sizes in dark greens, plaids and wool backing Was woven and pieced by Grandmother Barns Hosack. Grandfather J. J. Hosack and Mother Barns were married Oct. 1857 1850  
14 cotton, rayon 47 in. x 38 in. Log cabin block pattern, courthouse steps variation. Rectangular strips. Solid and print patches, dark green border with feather stitch. Cursive and block initials inked on back, "EJF" possibly late 1800s  
16 cotton 91 in. x 94 in. Muslin background  with pink, pieced sunflower design blocks Pink sunflower design blocks made of circles surrounded by small diamond patches. Blocks set on point with pink setting triangles around outside. Hand sewn and quilted 1838 Barbara Smith
17 cotton 68 in. x 79 in White with green and yellow squares, Triple Irish Chain pattern Nine patch square blocks. Hand sewn and quilted. Binding is worn    
18 cotton 86 in. x 79 in. White with green and pink squares, Triple Irish Chain pattern Nine patch square blocks. Hand sewn and quilted. Fabric is deteriorating where dots and flowers were printed on fabric.    
19 cotton 50 in. x 33.5 in. Blue print square patches and muslin square patches, some red and pink patches, crib size Predominantly blue print and muslin, with some red, lavender and pink prints    
20 rayons and silks 56 in. x 66 in. Pieced squares, pineapple pattern, red background, knotted Thin strips, some fabrics breaking up, especially red squares in centers of blocks    
21 cotton 92 in. x 83 in. Mariner's compass pattern in prints on cotton muslin Some soilage, some worn fabric. Hand quilted, feathers, circles, grids. Made by Jane Park in 1839 as part of her wedding dowry. 1839 Jane Park
22 cotton, wool, flannel 74 in. x 73 in. Crazy quilt, colorful patches with feather stitching. Red and black striped backing. Knotted. Knife edge binding. Winter weight quilt.    
23 rayon 28 in. x 42 in. Ivory baby crib quilt, one fabric, whole cloth. Whole cloth, quilted    
24 cotton 65 in. x 85 in. Whole cloth quilt. Solid blue, solid  color binding Hand quilted, scalloped edge, diagonal quilting with circles around edge, feathers quilted in center medallion    
27 cotton, wool 64 in. x 75 in. Log cabin pattern, printed patches and plain colors, colored strips Square wool patches on back. 9 1/2" blocks. "Fields and furrows" layout design. Knotted    
28 cotton, wool, etc. 74 in. x 74 in. Crazy quilt, dark colors, knotted, plaid flannel backing, blue satin binding Variety of coarse fabric patches in dark colors and sizes. Knotted 1920  
44 wool, satin, velvet, cotton, etc.   Crazy quilt. Knotted with green and red yarn. Names on patches. Gray plaid flannel backing. Names on patches: Mrs. Hickok, Snyder, McAfoose, Henry, Rodkey and Annie Treese. Some fabrics deteriorating. Date embroidered on quilt: 3/4/21 1921  
46 muslin 64 in. x 73 in. Muslin background, 9-patch block set on point alternating with plain muslin squares, single Irish Chain pattern setting, muslin backing Print fabric squares with muslin squares create a 9-patch block. Blocks set on point and alternate with plain muslin blocks. Hand quilted in grids. Backing turned over to bind quilt. Some soilage, faded fabric, tears.    
49 cotton 62 in x 78 in. Quilt, no batting. "Flower Garden" pattern. White background with calico printed hexagons pieced together for pattern. Blanket stitched and gray edging on two sides. Contains some flour sack materials, probably dates no earlier than 1930s    
51 cotton 17 1/2 inch blocks Sixteen muslin signature  blocks, blue embroidery design, names of people in center  Some names: McLaughlin, Kelley, White, Gibson Embroidered with a large flower design in blue thread, names of people and places embroidered in center. 4 blocks with no names. Dates 1928-1932. Was made by Indiana County church group.    
52 cotton 77 in. x 94 in. Christmas rose appliqué quilt, red and green appliqué on muslin, some soilage 14 in. appliqué blocks set on point with alternating plain muslin blocks. Muslin setting triangles. Red piping around border. Hand quilted with feathers, grids and diamonds and hand appliquéd. c. 1950s "Grandmother Blue"
53 cotton 71 in. x 72 in. Cream quilt with pink blocks, Triple  Irish chain pattern "Grandma Moore made two pink Irish Chain, one for Aunt Ella and one for me. Did all quilting herself. Done about 60 years ago." Note dated 1984. Machine pieced. Hand quilted with feathers, grids, scallops. c. 1920s "Grandmother Moore"
54 cotton 83 in. x 78 in. Cream quilt with yellow and red appliqué pineapple blocks, red trim. Pattern appears to be a pineapple appliqué with four-way mirror image symmetry, but fabric used for leaves and center section of the block have faded to be unnoticeable. Hand quilted with feathers, grids. Middle section of the quilt is worn through. Other tears and soilage on quilt.    
55 cotton 74 in. x 80 in. "Flying Birds" patchwork quilt ; large square half-square triangle blocks—half muslin, half made from smaller half square triangle blocks 11" blocks. Some soilage. Dark blue border and binding. "The quilts were made by Elizabeth Johnston Stewart (1826-1855) and Mary Jane Johnston Elwood (1820-1902). These two were sisters and daughters of Robert and Jane Huston Johnston, born near Manor, now Cherry Hill Township." Sept. 1849 E. Johnston (embroidered on quilt)
56 wool 70 in. x 76 in. Rose colored top, camel wool backing. Whole cloth. Hand quilted curving feather border along outside edge; center of quilt is quilted with circles with a daisy-like pattern inside. No binding. Edges are fraying. 19th century  
57 cotton 75 in. x 75 in. Carolina Lily patchwork and appliqué, red, green and muslin Red and green pieced and appliquéd blocks on muslin. Appliquéd vine, buds and leaves border. Dense hand quilting, including circles with feathers and grids. Name and date embroidered on quilt. Some soilage. Binding worn. July 1849 M. Johnston (embroidered on quilt)
58 cotton 73 in. x 76 in. Four-patch blocks inside green and muslin sashed squares Green and muslin sashing around four-patch. Pinkish-lavender back.  Grid quilting in squares. Floral quilting design in border. Made by Mrs. Ganley's grandmother c. 1930s  
59 satin, velvet 74 1/2 in. x 88 in. Crazy quilt, brown backing, much embroidery. Knotted Fans at corners, pieced border. Many different fabrics and embroidery stitches used. Appraised @ $250, per Mrs. Ganley at time of donation. 1880 Made by Mrs. Ganley's grandmother
60 cotton 66 in. x 96 in. Governors' signature quilt, blue, red, yellow, white.  Red and blue star-printed fabric, yellow print and white signature blocks with state outlines drawn with indelible marker. Signatures of governors in blocks. Tied at state capitals. Red ribbons at top for hanging. Dark blue back, perhaps an inexpensive comforter used for the batting and backing with the signature quilt top sewn to it. On the placquard when presented to historical society: "Governor's Quilt 2004. The fifth grade class was awarded an Educational Initiative grant this school year by the Indiana Area School District. We began our project by researching governor's names and addresses, tracing the state on a fabric quilt square, and writing a letter to the governor requesting his or her signature on the fabric. As the responses came in, it was exciting to share their letters to us with each other. We proudly present our Governor's Quilt.." 2004 Fifth Grade class, Eisenhower Elem. School, Indiana, PA
63 cotton 73 in. x 77 in. Muslin quilt with names embroidered in red in a spoke-like pattern from a central circle. Center block reads: "Marion Center Grange, No. 1910, 1927" Red binding. Names embroidered in red; some Wissinger ancestors’ names on blocks. Quilted rays from center of 15 inch muslin blocks. Hand pieced and quilted. 1927  
64 cotton 74 in. x 74 in. Carolina Lily patchwork and appliqué, red, blue and muslin Red and blue pieced and appliquéd blocks on muslin set on point. Appliquéd vine, buds and leaves border. Dense hand quilting, including circles with feathers and grids. Name and date embroidered on quilt. Some soilage. Binding very worn. July 11, 1848 E. Johnston (embroidered on quilt)