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Date:  January 18, 2012
Email: < Thekellys1995@aol.com > has sent the following query:

Mary L. Blue 


Date:  January 22, 2012
Email: < fbass@aol.com > has sent the following query:

Oct. 28, 1940-
Fred E. Bass , Superintendent of Clearfield Bituminous Coal Corp, Commodore mines died in the Indiana Hospital at 3:30 Monday. Born in Diel Germany, Feb. 6, 1871, he came to this country in 1887
locating in Punxsutawny where he entered employ of the BR&P coal mine in 1909.

I'm looking for information on my Grandfather, Fred E. Bass.


Date:  February 28, 2012
Email: < tdsteinmeyer@hotmail.com > has sent the following query:

My name is Thomas Dean Steinmeyer, my fathers name is Dean Lamar Steinmeyer, his dad's name/my grandpa is Floyd Franklin Steinmeyer. My grandpa did research on the family name and found out that our last name is really not Steinmeyer. My grandfather's dad or his great grandfather
lived in Prussia and to avoid the German army took refuge with a family named the Steinmeyers, he came to America in a cattle boat and then made his way to Hallam, Nebraska via Ohio. He said he would go ahead of the family and settle, them come back and get his family, that is how he made
it out west. Would like to find out what my real last name is? If anyone knows anything or can direct me that would be great. Thanks.


Date:  March 2, 2012
Email:  < klught@nyc.rr.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for any information regarding Samuel Klugh (Samuel Clugh) and wife Catherine Parchey and their children. They lived in Shelocta Twn in Armstrong Twp in Indiana County in the early and mid 1800s.


Date:  March 7, 2012
Email: < Backdar03@aol.com > has sent the following query:

I'm looking for any information on George Washington Drummond or his wife Maria Elizabeth Fetters Drummond. Their son, John Fetters Drummond, was my grandfather's father.
Thank you!


Date:  March 12, 2012
Email: < morrisclothiers@msn.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for information about a J.H. Shyrock. He was the regimental sutler for the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves/40th PVI. I have found some reference to him being from the Indiana area, but that is all. We are trying to put together a database about the work he did during the Civil War and would like to find some more background material on his life.

Date:  March 14, 2012
Email: < captgordon@commspeed.net > has sent the following query:

I am looking for information about my ggg grandfather, Henry Aul. He was born in Hessen, Germany in 1794 and died in East Mahoning, Indiana County and had a child, Casper. There has always been a family story about Native American ties to the Aul family. Does anyone have any information about this? Thank you very much.


Date:  March 16, 2012
Email: < auntie.moan@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

seek parents of Jacob Grow b. 1792 Franklin County, Pa. m Mary Miller 2nd in Huntingdon, PA 1802. Moved to Indiana County PA 1842, Who were his parents/ does anyone have his obituary?


Date:  March 20, 2012
Email: < albert1617@hotmail.com > has sent the following query:

orris familyn history


Date:  April 1, 2012
Email: < bzopp1@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for info David Michaels and Catherine Strong Families Blaklick Pine twp


Date:  April 4, 2012
Email: < margejmiller@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for any info on Stiles and Mardis, including William Stiles and Anna (Annie) Mardis.
Thank You.


Date:  April 23, 2012
Email: < janwar@atlanticbb.net > has sent the following query:

The surname I would like to hear about is Jeffreys. He was perhaps a preacher circuit rider?


Date:  May 17, 2012
Email: < elisabeth.cumin@hotmail.com > has sent the following query:

For 1775 to 1812 to 2012 Project, we hope to find the name of the Lewis Ancestor of John (Jack) Onesium Lewis, b 1799 @ Huntingdon, PQ; and, died May 26, 1895 @ Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Note:  The Lewis Family Tree can be viewed by internet via daughter, Mary Matilda Lewis, born 1830 @ Stocco, Hungerford, Hastings's County; and,
married Tobias James Forestell in 1846.  Her mother, Jessie Easton, b 1805 came from an Anglican background, Church of Scotland & was part of The Presbyterian Settlers of 1828; and, was the wife of John O Lewis. Sum:  The Lewis Welsh/Ancestors entered Canada by the Lake Champlain Route to the Southern Province of  Quebec; and, spoke Gaelic.   Hope to hear from you - Elisabeth - elisabeth.cumin@hotmail.com


Date:  June 22, 2012
Email:  < twoontopsail@charter.netl > has sent the following query:

Minerva Campbell


Date:  June 28, 2012
Email:  < dhc050@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Info on Hugh Cameron family,wife Pheobe Briggs?,sons Daniel,Finley,Hugh Jr. settled in Westmoreland county around Hannahstown and then to Indiana county.Hugh Jr. was in war of 1812.My family was around Black Lick and
Wheatfield township.


Date:  June 28, 2012
Email: < heekon@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

Do you have death data for Indiana county for the yeas 1930-1940 and naturalization info from late 1800 thru 1940. thank you.


Date:  July 12, 2012
Email: < tsboss4@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Im looking for information on Edwin and Jane Ann Pardee buried in Deckers Point Pa ( shiloh) and his parents Daniel and Elizabeth Pardee ( best) cemetery Pa. .. Ive been searching for a long time and have lots of information on this family to share, but missing some key peices ,any one have any information about this couple and line please email me asap.


Date:  July 12, 2012
Email: < hbg3941@aol.com > has sent the following query:

I am interested in finding any information about Jacob, my gggrandfather. He married Jane Graham approximately 1845, who gave birth to my ggrandfather George Washington Grubbs (Sr.) I have not information other than that on Jacob. Is there death, marriage or birth information on this family.


Date:  July 24, 2012
Email: < bdgraham68@aol.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for information on Mary Martha Adams.

Born 30 Nov 1873 in Indiana, PA
Daughter of James Reed Adams and Mary L. Mathews


Date:  August 6, 2012
Email: < tucfrancis@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Could you tell me if there was a Petrick family residing in Indiana in the early 1920s, for instance 1925.  The mother's name would be Susan and the children names Helen, John and Susan, maybe others.  I believe that the father, George, may have been deceased in the early twenties or late teens. The family would be that of my great grand parents.
Thanks so much.
Bob Francis


Date:  August 15, 2012
Email: < marjocw@att.net > has sent the following query:

Seeking information on the Edward Brown (b. 1785- d. 1865) and Ann McCue (b.?- d. 1827). They appear in the 1820 US Census in Black Lick, Indiana County. They then moved to Ohio. Edward fought in the War of 1812. It would be great to know more (when/where). There is a chance that Edward is the younger brother of Andrew Brown. Andrew Brown appears in Black Lick in 1820 and moved to Blairsville (1830 Census). Andrew Brown had a tavern on Daniel Smith's land in Black Lick and with James Campbell laid out the town of Blairsville and offerd the frist lots for sale on Nov. 11, 1818. If there is a family tree for this Andrew Brown showing brothers, father etc... I would love to see it. Any other insights, information, suggestions welcome! Thank you.


Date:  September 17, 2012
Email:  < jamccloskey7@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Bernard J. McCloskey and
Martha Jane Donahue McCloskey


Date:  September 22, 2012
Email: < margejmiller@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for information on the William Stiles and Annie Mardis family.


Date:  November 1, 2012
Email: < roperdoug@bellsouth.net > has sent the following query:

Searching info on marriage of John Soltis and Helen Hudak Repasky in Glen Campbell between 1891 and 1897.


Date:  November 23, 2012
Email: < Naahkitty@aol.com > has sent the following query:

According to LDs my great great great grandfather Samuel Douglas Adams was born in Indiana Pa in 1811. Family lore says that he was ostracized by the family for marrying an Indian Maiden. No one knew who either of their parents were. There were supposed to be several papooses born to the couple, we only knew the name of Great Great Grandma Anne Jane Adams Allshouse.

We found some of the children thru the LDS. One I found in Great Great Grandma Anne Jane Adams Allshouse application for her husbands civil war pension paperwork.

We are trying to locate Samuel in Indiana Pa at the time of his birth, his marriage, and the birth of most of their children as follows.
1811 Indiana Pa Samuel was born February 23, 1811 died April 11, 1887
1820 Jefferson Pa Lydia was born. died on 10 Dec 1845
1836 Indiana Pa when Ann Jane Adams Allshouse b. 20 Nov 1836 21 Dec 1915
1838 Armstrong Pa when Sarah Rebecca Adams b. 22 May 1838
1839 ? When Catherine E Adams Murray born Oct 31, 1839
1840 Pittsburgh Pa. We located Lydia but not Samuel on the census.
1843 Indiana Pa when George W. Adams b. 16 Jul 1843 06 Dec 1861 Camp Negley Ky
1845 Pittsburgh Allegheny County Pa when Mary Adams b. 20 Nov 1845 d. 31 Dec 1845
1845 Pittsburgh Allegheny County pa Lydia and two of their daughters died during a smallpox epidemic. Lydia died on 10 Dec 1845, Mary Adams d. 31 Dec 1845. We do not know the name of the other daughter who died then or the date she died.

1851 is when Ann Jane said she met her husband Finley so I guess they had to be living near the Allshouses. The Allshouse family appears in the 1850 census near Kelly Station Armstrong Co. and 1860 Allegheney Co. According to the 1880 census when Samuel Douglas Adams was living in Sandy Clearfield County it stated that Samuel was a widower, worked as a painter, and his parents were born in Scotland. According to LDS Samuel Douglas Adams died April 11, 1887 we don’t know where, or where he is buried.

Lydia and the daughters who died with her were said to have been buried in an old Indian Burying ground which became a Methodist cemetery. Which in turn was moved in part when Union Station was built in Pittsburgh. The rest were moved when the Station burned and was rebuilt and expanded. Traced the reburials to Allegheny Cemetery. Which is a long story...
Hoping to connect with other Adams descendants.

Laurie Beth Roman


Date:  January 18, 2013
Email:  < pvollmer45@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Information on the John B Henry (1836- 1903) family of Cherryhill Indiana.
I understand that Vernon Cook has researched this family and has some information in helping me find Peter Henry(1860?) He is listed in the 1870 census as grandson to Daniel Henry (1811) and the 1880 census in the John Byers Henry Family. I am trying to find his origin: Who was his mother? etc. Where can I find a birth document. He is buried (1896) in Harmony Cemetery (No marker) Any help or direction would be appreciated.


Date:  January 30, 2013
Email:  < martinruffner@att.net > has sent the following query:

Dale Bryan ( late ) of Indiana was a distant relation and had family pictures dating to the Civil War of David Ruffner and relatives. Sure like to have seen those.


Date:  February 5, 2013
Email:  < cassbo3@comcast.net > has sent the following query:

I'm searching for any information regarding a miner George ferguson, from Glasgow and living in Glen Cambell sometime before or after the turn of the century-1900.
I am compiling more information and if  I find any thing relevant to this search I will let you know.


Date:  February 17, 2013
Email:  < lefties@comcast.net > has sent the following query:

Was there a sprowls drug store in Indiana County?


Date:  February 17, 2013
Email:  < lefties@comcast.net > has sent the following query:

I just asked a question about the Sprowls drug store. We have an old drug store bottle from the late 1800's early 1900's in our collection along with many Indiana, Pa. drugstore bottles. 11 total. We are trying to find out if the Sprowl bottle is from Indiana, or Indiana county. It doesn't have the town on it as our others do. Thanks you for your time.
Jan & Irish (Bob) Dunlevy


Date:  February 21, 2013
Email: < evie212626@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

I am looking for George F/Frederick Beam
born 17 Oct 1867-died 26 Dec 1946
wife: Elva Nora Evans Beam
was in West Mahoning Census in 1920-1930-1940
Lived in N Point or Loop.
Looking for Cemetery that their in.
1910 was in Brady,Clearfield=Troutville


Date:  March 6, 2013
Email: < bill.hartmanjr@netscape.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for Information re: Mary McCleary born Abt 1850, Wife of Balser Walter Kunkle, Mother of James Moss Kunkle. James is my ggrandfather. He Was born 19 Sept 1877, in Creekside, Indiana Co. Married Winefred Rose Lally Abt 1902, died 5 Aug 1957 in Indiana, Indiana Co. PA. He is buried Greenwood Cemetery, Indiana, Indiana Co. PA

Would also like any information available on Martin Lally, and his wife (name unknown) Martin was the father of Winefred.  Martin was born in Ireland.


Date:  April 27, 2013
Email: < jan6148@comcast.net > has sent the following query:

Looking for birth of Gershom Bennett 1808 in Indiana. Do you have any Bennett's I could follow up with?
Thank you, Janice Bennett Stevens


Date:  April 30, 2013
Email: < karenoh@neo.rr.com > has sent the following query:

i am researching the Clark family. James Clark (b. 1723 & d. 1759) m Martha Lecky (b. 1730 & d. 1796) and their children were Robert, George, Mary. Would like to have proof and share with others researching this line.


Date:  June 5, 2013
Email: < dig.hudson@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for information on Jacob Kuchenbrod (1833-1917) and his wife Susanna (Anna) Rhodes Kuchenbrod (1839-1898). I would like to find out who are Susanna's parents (which Rhodes Family).
Do you have any family history on either Family? Thank you in advance for your help.
Jonathan Hudson


Date:  June 10, 2013
Email: < TrinanOg@aol.com > has sent the following query:

searching for information on my great grandfather Irwin Clyde Pardee
in Pennsylvania, and died 26 Sep 1945 in Indiana county, Pennsylvania. He married IDA MELISSA LAMBING
05 Dec 1893 in Grant Twp., Indiana county, Pennsylvania, daughter of ROBERT LAMBING and HANNAH
DUNMIRE. She was born 27 Nov 1868 in Indiana county, Pennsylvania, and died 1930 in Indiana county,

Children of JOHN PARDEE and IDA LAMBING are:
i. MYRTLE MAY4 PARDEE, b. 23 Jul 1893, Pennsylvania; m. ELLIS.
ii. MARY CECIL PARDEE, b. 23 Nov 1894, Pennsylvania.
4. iii. IRWIN CLYDE PARDEE, b. 27 Feb 1896, Pennsylvania; d. 1931, Pennsylvania.
iv. ERNEST LEE PARDEE, b. 25 Jan 1899, Pennsylvania; m. EDNA MABEL
v. OLLIE ERMA PARDEE, b. 25 Apr 1901, Pennsylvania; m. CLARK BUTERBAUGH?.
5. vi. CLAYTON PARDEE, b. 04 Jul 1902, Pennsylvania; d. Apr 1971, Pennsylvania.
vii. MARGARETTA PARDEE, b. 27 Feb 1905, Pennsylvania; m. LOWMAN.
2 viii. FLORENCE PARDEE, b. 21 Jun 1907, Pennsylvania; d. 28 Sep 1985, Erie, Pennsylvania; m. WILLIAM D.
FRYE, 26 Oct 1926, Pennsylvania.
any help would be deeply appreciated
thank you
Charlotte Hanik


Date:  June 12, 2013
Email: < elissab1@verizon.net > has sent the following query:

I am looking for James Lore (born 1819) married Eliza Jones (born 1827) in 1853 in Indiana CO. PA. James Lore died 1876. Also James I Lore born 1860 in Indiana Co, PA., married Katurah Vandelier Jamison in Vandergrift, PA (Westmorland Co). I am trying to also locate any siblings. My grandfather was James I. Lore born 10 October 1887, died Nov 1967, my grandmother Florine Edna Breed. Sons were James Frederick Lore (my father) and James Irwin Lore.


Date:  July 19, 2013
Email: < judith.zemling@sympatico.ca > has sent the following query:

Looking for the place of burial for my great-grandfather Janos or Johan Repaszky. He arrived  circa 1907 at Ellis Island N.Y. Lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio and may have been in Bethlehem, Penn.


Date:  September 1, 2013
Email: < DoraBradley@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

My 2nd great grandfather David Wike was born in Indiana County in 1854 and died in Pittsburgh in 1918. as stated on his death certificate. The certificate also states that his father's name was William Wike. I cannot find a William Wike through Ancestry.com who had a son named David that was born in 1854. I am hoping that you might be able to offer some assistance. I am also checking your Research Page. Thanks for any help, but I am stymied. It is amazing how many Wikes there were in such a rural area of PA in the early 1800s.


Date:  September 3, 2013
Email:  < gmpjwp77@att.net > has sent the following query:

My wife's family came from Indiana ,Pa, Her great grandfather was an undertaker, John Calvin Walker, he lived on a farm near town, We plan to visit there in mid October and would like some information about him and where the farm is located. We have several pictures from that era, one of a covered bridge and two of a horse drawn hearse.


Date:  December 23, 2013
Email: < joleyred@hotmail.com > has sent the following query:

I am interested in finding information about my mom's family. Her name was Mary Lou Ritter. Her family lived in company housing. My grandfather worked for Oklahoma Pipeline company. Her and her twin sister were born at Seminole Station in Cromwell around 1930. Her dad's name was Otis Edward Ritter and her mom's name was Bertha Ritter.


Date:  January 6, 2014
Email:  < nheckler@verizon.net > has sent the following query:

Jacob or Mary Downey, both served in Civil War,He as a Steward and she as a nurse. looking for ancestors. Buried in Blairsville Cemetery


Date:  February 23, 2014
Email: < dgkaufman@rockisland.com > has sent the following query:

I would like to know the descendants of Hugh S Cameron who came to Westmoreland in 1779 and any other information on this line.
Thank you.


Date:  February 27, 2014
Email:  < mlivingston@atlanticbb.net > has sent the following query:

Just trying to trace my family all I know is that my Great grandfather was Charles franklin Livingston he was a barber died in 1938 I think

Thanks for any help.


Date:  April 26, 2014
Email:  < richblattenberger@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

looking for information on caroline marie blattenberger (cooper) is her maiden name I think. she married Fredick Blattenberger who adopted me. I would like to find the genelogy and if you could the records showing when I was adopted and fathers name I believe it is Donald Carisle. Im starting a family tree and I got alot of info but this is sort of a road block.


Date:  June 27, 2014
Email: < ks23013@alumni.bloomu.edu > has sent the following query:

I am looking for information on William Henry from Indiana County, who would have been born in the late 1700s. His son, Abram was born about 1815 in Indiana County and then moved to Lycoming County (that is where my family is from.)


Date:  7/20/14
Email: < jgaydash@cinci.rr.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for surname Gaydash or Gaydas
thank you


Date:  8/10/14
Email: < mjr@zbzoom.net> has sent the following query:

I am looking for information on Mathias Rombach. The 1880 census for Mathias - shows by first name of Mathew, age 74, DOB 1806, born in Germany, occupation watch/clock maker. His Wife Mary, age 64, DOB 1816, born in PA.

I believe my 2nd great grandfather Karl Rombach sponsored Mathias for US citizenship.

What I am trying to determine is the exact relationship between Karl and Mathias. Obviously, I would appreciate any other information or assistance you might be able to provide.

Thank you in advance

Date:  8/16/14
Email: < judya@trellisnet.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for any information on the parents of Thomas McCluhen, b 1843, married to Sarah Craven, 1864, d. 1891 in Pine Twp.


Date:  8/21/14
Email: < Judieannl72@gmail.Com > has sent the following query: 

Looking for a high school friend (Carol Stewart). She attended Van Nuys High School 1956-1957, I think. She was living in N. Hollywood, Calif. At the time. Thank you for any help you can be


Date:  8/25/14
Email: < jan6148@comcast.net > has sent the following query:

Looking for Gershom Bennett born 1808 in Indiana county and his parents


Date:  9/12/14
Email: < jiclouise@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

The point of the research request for Elizabeth is to see if she married a Stephens from Indiana Co.
I think the best clue for finding Elizabeth Williams Stephens b. btw 1800-1810 in PA, is researching the Stephens names in the Two Lick church since her father was the Baptist minister there and her sister, Sarah WILLIAMS Barkley (husband Joshua M. Barkley) was at Two Lick church. If not at this church the Stephens associated with, possible Baptist
churches: Brush Valley, Mechanicsburg church, where her dad was also the minister. Her dad lived in Ebensburg.
Elizabeth’s married name was in (Rev. Thomas Williams) her father’s will, Cambria Co. 1859. I have no information about her accept her surname and approximate birth date. Griffith, John T. 1845-1917 
Rev. Morgan John Rhys,


Date:  9/23/14
Email: < clayton-80@hotmail.com > has sent the following query:

W.C. Aul
Wendell Clair Aul


Date:  10/27/14
Email: < kcramer7@kent.edu > has sent the following query:

I am looking for information regarding my great-great-great- grandfather Henry Cramer. I have his original civil war discharge papers and they indicate that he was from Indiana PA. He served in the 206th Pennsylvania infantry from 1864-1865. He was 32 at the time that he was discharged in Richmond Virginia. I do not know where he died or if he had children was married etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for you time!


Date:  11/2/14
Email: < barbaraedquinn@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

I'm looking for more information on William McKee (b 1797ish) and his wife Phoebe McKee (nee Wilson) born 1811ish both are said to be from Mahoning township, Indiana county, PA.


Date:  3/1/15
Email: < tomdonna5@windstream.net > has sent the following query:

Looking for family of Kesiah or Kersiah Donahey,married Matthew McCully in 1854. She was born in 1837 died 1920. She is my Great Grandmother.


Date:  3/12/15
Email: < ruby19552003@yahoo.com > has sent the following query:

interested in the surname Husenica


Date:  3/31/15
Email: < michelledmills@gmail.com > has sent the following query:

Looking for any information regarding the birth or death certificate of this woman, my 3rd great-grandmother. Born 1780. Was married to a James Webb Gardner.


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