Indiana County
Memorial to the Veterans

It is time to honor and bring grateful recognition to our Veterans.

The Memorial to the Veterans is located at the Indiana County Historical Museum beside Memorial Park in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The Museum includes a military display area and large meeting/media room, with appropriate handicap accessibility.

Decorative pavers honoring any veteran by name may be designated with a $100.00 or more contribution received through April 1, 2011. Dedication of the Veterans' Tableau is planned for Memorial Day 2011.

Space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Memorial pavers will be placed on the restored Veterans’ Tableau in front of the museum (the old Armory building).

To purchase a decorative paver, please complete and detach application. Please enclose a copy of D.D. form 214 or discharge papers along with the application and send with check to:

Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County
621 Wayne Avenue
Indiana, PA 15701

Please make check payable to: Historical & Genealogical Society

If military information is not available, please call Coleen Chambers at 724-463-9600.

(Please print or type name as it is to appear on paver)
Service Number:  
Branch of Service:  
Dates of Service:  
Character of Service:  
Social Security No.:  
Date of Birth:  
Date of Death:  
Was veteran a resident of Indiana County at death?  
If not, what county or state was he resident of?  
Name of Purchaser:  
Telephone No.  
Relationship to Veteran:  

Include full name, rank, military organization, branch of service, years of service, campaigns, conflicts, and decorations of veteran.

See important details below:

The following veterans are eligible to purchase pavers for the Memorial to the Veterans:

1. Any honorable discharged veteran from any war.
2. Any honorable discharged veteran who served during peacetime.
3. Any National Guard or Army Reserve member who has completed at least one enlistment and has an honorable discharge.
4. Any veteran who is or was a resident of Indiana County during their lifetime or has relatives in Indiana County.
5. Any veteran who has a general discharge under honorable conditions.
6. Any veteran who is in receipt of veterans compensation or pension.
7. Any veteran that is interred in Indiana County.
8. Any veteran that has served at least 90 days active service and has an honorable discharge.

The following veterans are NOT eligible to purchase pavers for the Memorial to the Veterans:

1. Any veteran who has a dishonorable discharge is not eligible.
2. Any veteran who has a general discharge under dishonorable conditions is not eligible.
3. Any veteran who had an uncharacterized discharge is not eligible unless they are receiving V.A. compensation or have a rating of 0 percent or more.


1. All pavers will be a standard size and a standard material.
2. The veteran must meet the eligibility requirements before a paver can be purchased.
3. When purchasing a paver you must have the veteran’s D.D. 214 form or proof of military service.
4. All pavers will be inscribed with the First Name or Initial, Middle Name or Initial, and Last Name only. NO NICKNAMES WILL BE INSCRIBED ON THE PAVERS.
5. Each person may purchase one paver per veteran. However, there can be up to five pavers per veteran. For example, if a spouse wishes to purchase one paver, then the children may also purchase up to four more pavers for the same veteran.
6. The cost per paver will be $100. This includes the inscription etched into the paver and the placing of the paver.
7. Each paver will be placed at the discretion of the installer. You will not have a choice where the paver will be located.