Other Places to Search

Other Places to Search

You may want to read more about the Indiana County Listserv (PAINDIAN) - a wonderful resource.

Here's a list of some other suggested places to search for other information:

THE INDIANA COUNTY COURT HOUSE, located at 8th & Philadelphia Street, Indiana, PA, 15701, contains:

REGISTER AND RECORDER'S OFFICE. Phone: (724) 465-3860, contains:

  1. Deeds, mortgages, leases and surveys involving land in Indiana County (1807-present). Earlier records are kept by Westmoreland and Lycoming counties and the counties that preceded them, or by the Division of Land Records in the Pennsylvania State Archives.
  2. Estate records of wills, orphan court proceedings, etc. of Indiana County residents (1807 - present). Earlier records are kept by Westmoreland and Lycoming counties and counties that preceded them.
  3. Birth and Death Records (ca. 1852-55 & 1893-1906). Some delayed records of birth exist for the (ca. 1875-1892) period. Since 1905 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the official keeper of the birth and death records. (See PA Vital Statistics)
  4. Adoption Records (1925-1949). Restricted file - must have court order to see adoption records.
  5. Marriage Records (ca. 1852-55. 1887-present)
  6. Soldiers Discharge Records (1864-present).
  7. Charter Book (1865-1983) of companies & organizations chartered to do business in the county.

NOTE: There are two useful references in searching Indiana County Wills:

  1. Clawson, Bob and Mary (comp.) "Index to Indiana County, PA Wills 1803-1900." Clawson Press, Apollo, PA. 1982, 30 pages, lists date, volume and page. (Does not include letters of administration)
  2. Fisher, Charles A. (comp.) "Wills and Administrations of Northumberland County, Including Indiana County," Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD., 1974. Indiana County Wills and Letter of Administration covers 1817-1849 only. A few early Deeds are included, 1798-1807.


  1. Criminal Court Records (1806-present) from courts of Quarter Sessions. Oyer and Terminer, Common Pleas Criminal Division.
  2. Court of Common Pleas Papers and Dockets (also called Judgment Dockets or Continuance Dockets) (1806-present). These contain records of charters of organizations and businesses, lunacy and divorce proceedings, adoptions (prior to 1925), and civil court cases.

Many topics have separate indexes.

  1. Naturalization records (1807-1959): records of immigrants naturalized as U.S. Citizens.
  2. These records have been microfilmed and copies can be made from the microfilm.
  3. Treasurer's Deed Books (1873-1975) contain records of lands sold for unpaid taxes.
  4. Sheriff's Deed Books (1873-1975) contain records of lands sold by court order to pay debts.
  5. Road and Bridge Records (1806-present).
  6. Records of Changes in Municipal Boundaries (1806-present).
  7. Registers of various professions and possessions, including:

Attorney Register

Dental Register

Medical Register

Osteopathic Register

Midwife Register
(1932 only)

Veterinary Register

Dog Register

Stallion Register

Registry of Automobiles and Motor Vehicles

Fictitious Names Docket

TAX DEPARTMENT Phone: (724) 465-3812, contains:

Tax Assessment Records (ca 1808-present). Records of Persons assessed for real estate and occupational taxes arranged chronologically within municipal subdivisions.

Tax maps (current blue print copies) (master maps kept from 1958-present). These show boundaries of land parcels and, when used with tax map index cards, identify land owners. The office also has files of miscellaneous source maps and aerial photos used to construct the first tax maps in 1958.

Property Tax Record Cards (ca 1958-present). These often contain information to those researching the history of a building such as date of construction, type of construction and floor plans. Filed by tax map parcel number.

Records of Tax Liens and Land Sold for Unpaid Property Taxes (ca 1877-present). A real miscellany of Dockets and papers with varied titles, but they contain a great deal of important information relevant to transfers of real estate.

OTHER COUNTY OFFICES contain some records of historical and/or genealogical interest, but the major sources have been covered in the listing above. A listing of all records at the INDIANA COUNTY COURT HOUSE is available from the Pennsylvania Archives for a fee.


The state office has records of birth and deaths in Pennsylvania from 1906 to the present. Copies of Birth Certificates are $5.00 each; death certificates are $4.00 each. Order forms must be used and are available from the Historical Society (send a SASE) or from the State Vital Records Office:

PA DEPARTMENT OF VITAL RECORDS, P.O. Box 1528, New Castle, PA 15103

PENNSYLVANIA STATE ARCHIVES, P.O. Box 1076, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1025;

  1. The State Archives has a wealth of research material that goes far beyond that in the published "Pennsylvania Archives." The sources at the state archives are too numerous to describe here. Four excellent guides are available for under ten dollars each:*
  2. "Guide to the Genealogical Sources of the Pennsylvania State Archives," by Robert M. Dructor, 1981 (129 p.)
  3. "Guide to the Manuscript Groups in the Pennsylvania State Archives," compiled and edited by Harry E. Whiskey, 1976 (131 p.)
  4. "Guide to the Record Groups in the Pennsylvania State Archives," compiled and edited by Frank M. Suran, 1980 (84 p.)

"Descriptive List of the Map Collection in the Pennsylvania State Archives," compiled by Martha L. Simonetti; edited by Donald H. Kent & Harry E. Whiskey, 1976.

*PUBLICATIONS CAN BE ORDERED FROM: Publications Sales Program, Friends of the P.H.M.C., P.O. Box 11466, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1466; phone: (717) 783-2617.


The National Archives, like the Pennsylvania State Archives, has a wealth of primary source material for research. Two guides that can serve as introductions are:

  1. "Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives," published by the National Archives, Washington D.C.
  2.  "National Archives Microfilm Resources for Research," published by the National Archives, Washington D.C., 1982.

For ordering information write to: Archives Gift Books, Cashier (NAJC), National Archives, Washington D.C. 20408.


THE WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY and the HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA have a joint library containing a wealth of archival material pertinent to the Upper Ohio Valley. Their address and phone number: 4338 Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, phone: (412) 681-5533

Other county and Regional Historical Societies and Genealogical Societies: We hope to be adding more soon.


CARNEGIE LIBRARY in Pittsburgh's Oakland Section, Blairsville Public Library, Indiana Free Library, and Special Collections on the 3rd floor of Stapleton Library on the campus of IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) also have materials of local interest.


Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Services publishes a combined catalog and guide to research in Pennsylvania, called "The Pennsylvania Line." It sells for under $10.00. They also do surname searches. Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Services, P.O. Box 253, Laughlintown, PA 15655. Phone: (724) 238-3176.