Historical Society Membership and Benefits

Membership and Benefits

The links below provide information about becoming a member of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and some of the benefits of being a member.

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For over 70 years the Indiana County Historical Society has been working to preserve the history of Indiana County. With a campus of two national historic buildings, the Clark House and former National Guard Armory building, we have become a vital part of the cultural life of Indiana and the surrounding communities.

The Society offers a variety of programs and exhibits that highlight the history of Indiana County. We conduct educational tours for local school and scouting groups, maintain an extensive genealogical library, preserve the historic Silas Clark house, and house the Indiana County Veterans’ museum. All these efforts require money.

Donations enable the Society to acquire and preserve historical artifacts and documents, install new exhibits, maintain and improve two historic buildings, and offer educational programming. Your contribution will help preserve the rich heritage and history of Indiana County.


PayPal is a secure way to make a donation using your PayPal account or a credit card. Clicking on the Donate button will take you to the PayPal website. You choose the dollar amount of your donation.



The Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County is a non-profit, educational institution whose purposes are to collect, preserve, study, exhibit and publish materials significant to the history and genealogy of Indiana County.

Items offered to the Society will be considered for inclusion in the permanent collection based upon their physical condition, their documentation and association with Indiana County, their significance and whether there are duplicate items already in the collection. Institutional ethics require historical societies to acquire only those items it can reasonably care for and use in an educational manner. Since storage space is extremely limited, and conservation is a costly process, historical societies must carefully consider each item offered for its collection.

If, after reading the information below, you have item(s) you wish to donate to the society, please download, read and complete the Deed of Gift form (.pdf format) and bring it and the donation with you. Forms are also available for completion at the Historical Society office.

General guidelines for items that the Historical Society will accept are as follows:

The Frances Strong Helman Library accepts the following:

1. County histories and atlases
2. Books and printed materials relating to cultural and educational history of local, state, and regional interest
3. Genealogical publications of local and regional interest, including family histories, published or unpublished
4. Photographs, slides and postcards

The Frances Strong Helman Library is currently NOT accepting the following:

1. Law books and Pennsylvania Manuals
2. Text books (unless documented as being used in early County schools)
3. Partial sets of books (refer to #2, above)
4. Novels except those by local authors or with local place reference
5. Bibles, unless unusually rare or of significant County family genealogy
6. Newspapers and Magazines (periodicals)
7. Family histories in digital form (CDs)

The Indiana County Historical Museum accepts the following:

In general, the Museum accepts textiles, art objects, decorations, glassware, ceramics, furniture, household accessories, personal artifacts, industrial materials, advertising items, transportation artifacts and such as they relate to Indiana County.

The Historical and Genealogical Society accepts the following:

1. Equipment and supplies such as paper products, cleaning products and items, chemicals for winter sidewalks, office supplies that are in use
2. New or handcrafted items for re-sale in the gift shop

The Historical and Genealogical Society is currently NOT accepting the following:

1. Book sale or Flea Market items
2. Used file folders
3. Hanging folders
4. Used computer equipment


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