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~ Armstrong County ~

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Armstrong County Atlas, 1876

1876 by Pomeroy, Whitman & Company
Every-name index of landowners in the county, table of distances, drawings of local buildings, maps of U.S and Pa. (Reprint) Soft Cover Spiral-bound


Armstrong County, PA: Her People, Past & Present

1914 by J. H. Beers & Company
This two-volume set is considered the best biographical and genealogical record of early families in this area. It includes separate extensive biographical and historical indexes. (Reprint) 995 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 hard cover


Surname Index

by J.H. Beers & Company
For Armstrong County. Extended surname index compiled by Sally Jordan Reed, 13 pages


Armstrong County - The 19th Century and Before 2004

by Retrospective Publishing
Contains the original page images of the following books: History of Armstrong County, PA, (Robert W. Smith; Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883); Directory of the Butler Oil Region (J. Wiggins & Co.,1873); History of the Presbytery of Kittanning (Rev. D. H. Sloan, 1888) History of the West Glade Run Presbyterian Church (J. F. Brown, 1887); Slate Lick (Press of Democrat & Sentinel,1887) ; Company "K" 155th PA Volunteer Zouaves (1888) CD


SALE $29.95
The Attack on Kit-Han-Ne, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

by Larry A. Smail
2006, 86 pages, softbound


Burials in the Kittanning Cemetery, Kittanning, Pennsylvania 1811-1995

1996 by Allen & Marla Mechling
Not just another cemetery book, this compilation contains a vast amount of genealogical information on the early founders and residents of the Kittanning and central Armstrong County area. Over 30,000 names plus cemetery location map showing burial lot numbers. Includes the burials from the Old Kittanning Cemetery. Alphabetical, 685 pages, softbound.



~ Cambria County ~



by Denise Dusza Weber
Located in Cambria County, Vintondale holds a unique position in history. It was a coal-mining town with a notorious reputation based on an antiunion legacy that lasted until the New Deal. Warren Delano, uncle of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, was the founder and owner of the company town. Through vintage photographs, this work traces the area’s history from when the first coal was shipped in 1894 until the No. 6 mine was closed in 1968. Paperback, 128 pages, 2007



~ Clearfield County ~


Clearfield County: Or, Reminiscences of the Past

by S. B. Row
This 2000 publication is the first time Row’s History of Clearfield County, written in 1859, is available in book form. Containing the names of nearly a thousand of the founding families, the only additions to the original text are 56 illustrations, three maps, six documents and 68 original signatures. Hardbound, 152 pages, completely indexed.


~ Indiana County ~

1871 Atlas of Indiana County 

Beers & Co. #300
City and township maps showing property owners and locations as they were in 1871. Every-name index includes narrative, property owners, business notices as well as business index. Reprint, softcover. 


1871 Atlas of Indiana County

by F.W. Beers & Company
City and township maps showing property owners and locations as they were in 1871. New every-name indexes include narrative, property owners, business notices as well as business index. (Reprint) 70 pages, 11 x 14 Hardbound


Armagh Area Bicentennial 1792-1992

In 1792 eight families left Armagh, Ireland to come to America. While traveling through the Laurel Highlands, they were reminded of home by the mountains and meadows. They settled there and called the new town “Armagh”, which is Irish meaning “field on a hill”. Includes many photos. 106 Pages, Softbound


Ashes to ashes: Deaths from Indiana County Newspapers 1853 thru 1879

by Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County
Over 2,000 deaths extracted from six Indiana County newspapers covering the years 1853 through 1879. Information usually includes age, residence and cause of death. Spouse’s name, maiden name or names of siblings also frequently appear. Compiled by D. S. Leathers. Soft cover, 96 pages, indexed.


Biographical and Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong Counties.

1891 by Samuel T. Wiley
Not indexed, but contains alphabetical listing of biographical sketches. (Reprint) 636 Pages, Hardbound


Dust to dust: Deaths from Indiana County Newspapers 1880 thru 1893

by Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County
Over 2,000 deaths extracted from five Indiana County newspapers covering the years 1880 through 1893. Information usually includes age, residence and cause of death. Spouse’s name, maiden name or names of siblings also frequently appear. Compiled by D. S. Leathers. Soft cover, 98 pages, indexed.

Drummer Boy, Isaiah Van Horn Revolutionary War Veteran and Pioneer of Indiana County, PA
by J. Derald Morgan, Ph D., PE

This is a book about the ancestors of Isaiah Van Horn, a pioneer of Indiana County and drummer boy in his father’s Bucks County, PA militia. The book delineates all of the descendants that the author could locate and includes information about the family from various sources and individuals.

Other surnames of note are Work, Stewart, Steele, Shaffer, Mock, McElhoes, McCausland, McAfoos, Lydick, Lambing, Hutzler, Hutchison, Hummell, Gearhart, Dilts, Coon, Condron, Burket, Aul and Ashcom as well as 1300 other surnames.
AuthorHouse Publishing, 722 pages, indexed
softback $25
hardback $35

Freedom In The Air (Indiana County’s Underground Railroad in black and white)

by Chris Catalfamo Ph.D. & Veronica Watson Ph.D.
Describes Indiana County’s involvement in the Underground Railroad, providing insight into the struggles for freedom endured by many. People specifically, with many pictures.
23 Pages, Booklet


From this Day Forward: Marriages from Indiana County Newspapers & Related Sources, 1830 thru 1869

A publication of the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA
Over 1,700 marriages extracted from nine Indiana County newspapers covering the years 1830 through 1869. Information usually includes names and residence of the couple, date and place of marriage, and name of the officiating clergyman. Compiled by D. S. Leathers. Soft cover, 98 pages, indexed.


Grandad’s Front Porch: A Memoir of Blose Hollow

by William R. King
“Blose Hollow is a real place, yet my story is more about a place of the heart than of geography. It’s about ordinary people putting down family roots in a small, out-of-the-way valley in Montgomery Township, Indiana County, PA”.
153 pages, Softbound


History of Indiana County, Pa.

1880 by Arms & White (Caldwell)
Covers the early history from 1745 to 1880 although the county wasn’t formed until 1803. Every name index (Reprint). 543 Pages, 11x14


History of Public Transportation

by Clarence Stephenson 22 Pages

$ .50

Images of America: Indiana, Pennsylvania

by Karen Wood & Doug MacGregor
A compilation of stunning photographs, many before unseen, that reveal our historical community. Included are: Underground Railroad, the arrival of electricity and telephones, the first automobiles, and the last Civil War Veteran. 128 Pages, Softbound


Impact of the Slavery Issue On Indiana County

by Clarence D. Stephenson
This book depicts the early lives of blacks in Indiana County. It also describes the slavery issues around this area. Table of Indiana County Census Populations included. 155 Pages, Softbound.


Indiana County Heritage

Published by the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County. Indiana County vignettes. Non – consecutive issues. Softbound. (See website for descriptions)


Indiana County History: 175th Anniversary History

by Clarence D. Stephenson
This 5 volume set gives a complete outline and overview of the county. Photos, illustrations, and maps. Also sold separately below. All are Hardbound.

Set $155.00

Volume I

Begins with the pioneer period, through the early development of the area and continues through the Civil War period. 736 Pages, Hardbound


Volume II

Covers politics, local government, education, cultural development, transportation, agriculture, World Wars, depression and more. 809 Pages, Hardbound


Source Notes for Vol. 2, Indiana County History

by Clarence D. Stephenson
115 Pages, Softbound


Volume III

Detailed coverage of the Revolutionary period (to 1782), pioneer and formative years (1783-1809, early growth (1810-1844), Civil War years (1866-1899), the coal boom (1900-1929), depression and the war years (1930- 1945), post WWII (1946-1963) and more with photos.
650 Pages, Hardbound


Volume IV

Dedicated to the genealogical and biographical sketches of residents, indexed to biographical
subjects and photos 637 Pages, Hardbound


Volume V

Index, the first 240 pages are devoted to a surname index to previous volumes, thereafter is a subject index, place name index, biography and appendix of soldiers in early wars: Spanish-American and WWII. Includes notes, items of interest, photos. 824 Pages, Hardbound


Index to Illustrations & Maps of Stephenson’s History, Volumes I to V

10 Pages, Softbound


Indiana County, Pa; Her People, Past and Present 1913

by Prof. J. T. Stewart
Every-name biographical and historical indexes. Photographs arranged alphabetically in the back of each of the two volumes. Index also sold separately below. (Reprint) In two volumes.
1597 Pages, Hardbound


Linton Park: American Primitive

by J. Neal Griffith
Since his death in 1906, Linton Park, an Indiana County native, has achieved considerable status as a force in the American Primitive tradition of painting. Known as an eccentric, an inventor, a soldier and an artist, his most famous work, Flax Scutching Bee, hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. 25 Pages, Softbound


Marion Center - East Mahoning, The Centennial Story #271

by Clarence D. Stephenson
Now available in a revised reprint, this 1969 history details the lives of residents of Marion Center and East Mahoning Township from the early pioneers through the mid-1900s. Includes 38 pages of photographs. 180 pages, softbound.


Memories of Bookamyre School

A history of an Indiana County one-room schoolhouse. This book includes class photos with many classmates identified. Also contains information about old-time schools, including the first day of school, discipline, rules of conduct, etc. 29 Pages, Softbound

Obituary Abstracts From Indiana County Newspapers, 1894 thru 1900

Over 1,500 obituaries abstracted from three Indiana County Newspapers covering the years 1894 through 1900. Information often includes age, residence, cause of death, place of burial, name of spouse or parent and number of surviving children. Compiled by D. S. Leathers, edited by P. E. Johner. Soft cover, 90 pages, indexed.

Postcard History Series: Indiana County

by John Busovicki
A pictorial history of Indiana County composed from the author’s collection of postcards, pictures and memorabilia. Includes pictures and information on the Indiana, Blairsville, Homer City, Clymer, Marion Center, Glen Campbell and Heilwood areas. 128 Pages, Softbound


Till Death Do Us Part: Marriages from Indiana County Newspapers 1880 thru 1890

by Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County
Over 1,500 marriages extracted from three Indiana County newspapers covering the years 1880 through 1890. Compiled by D. S. Leathers, 120 pages, indexed, Softbound


William Sylvis: Pioneer of American Labor

by Jonathan P. Grossman
William Sylvis devoted his adult years to forging unity among American working men & women of all occupations, races, nationalities and religions. 302 Pages, Softbound

Written in Stone: Obituary Abstracts From Indiana County Newspapers 1894 -1900

Compiled: D. S. Leathers & P. E. Johner
90 pages, softbound, indexed


~ Jefferson County ~


Caldwell’s Atlas of Jefferson County, Pa 1878

by J.A. Caldwell
Muster roll of soldiers, biography, sketches and every-name index. (Reprint) 240 Pages, 11 x 14 Hardbound


Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania 1898

By J. J. Beers & Co.
This history includes the counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion. It contains biographical sketches of prominent citizens of the area and many of the early settled families. This reprint has been divided into three volumes for ease of use and a newly typed surname index has been added. 1679 Pages in three volumes. Hardbound


History of Jefferson County Pa.

1888  by Kate M Scott
Comprehensive historical and biographical account of the county, with every-name index. (Reprint) 753 Pages, Hardbound


Jefferson County, PA: An Illustrated History 2004

by Briggs,Curry,Deible, Sterrett
The authors researched and compiled a century of history, bringing up to date the 1888 and 1917 Jefferson County published histories of Kate M. Scott and William J. McKnight. This 20th century volume is compiled from photographs, documents and recollections from 150 county residents and adds new information on the Native American prehistory and a summary of 19th century immigration. 192 pages, 8 1/2x11 Hard Cover with Dust Jacket



~ Westmoreland County ~

Atlas of Westmoreland County, PA 1867

Author: Reprint pub. by A. Pomeroy
94 pages, softbound, indexed

Biographical & Historical Cyclopedia of Westmoreland County, PA 

by John M. Gresham & Co. #244
Possibly the first reprint ever made of this 1890 history. Replete with biographical sketches of notable citizens. Biographical listings are arranged alphabetically in each city/town. 744 pages, hardbound. 

Old Westmoreland: A History of Western Pennsylvania During the Revolution 

by Edgar W. Hassler #234
Describes the trials, sacrifices, heroism and suffering of the frontier families of this region from Indians, Tories and harsh winters. Reprint, softbound, 200 pages. $19.95 


~ Civil War/Military ~


Dear Teres 1999

by Ron Gancas and Dan Coyle, Sr
A compendium of nearly 250 Civil War-time letters and 400 journal entries. Teresa Elizabeth Dugan received letters from her brother Private Dennis Dugan and her nephews, Private James Denny and Private Andrew Joseph Duff, during their service in Company F, Pennsylvania 78th Volunteer Infantry. 322 Pages, Softbound


Dog Tags: A History of the American Military Identification Tag

2003 by Paul F. Braddock
Methods for identification of a soldier could be a piece of paper pinned to his coat, a smoothed coin, or a small brass disk engraved with information. Until the Federal Government established a system to identify each soldier in 1906, many of the dead would go unidentified. The author divides the book into years beginning with the American Civil War, and explains the evolution of the I.D. tag. 169 pages, Softbound


The Hardluck Regiment: The Pennsylvania 103rd

1998 by Ron Gancas
Regimental history and an updated roster of the men of the 103rd Civil War Regiment. Includes names, when sworn, and discharged, capture dates, ages, burial locations, battles fought, and death dates. Many entries include parents or siblings, as well as additional names and data not published in the original roster in the History of the 103rd Regiment by Dickey. 114 Pages, Softbound


History of the 78th PA Volunteer Infantry

1905 edited by J.T. Gibson
This Civil War regiment was organized at Camp Orr in Kittanning under the direction of William Sirwell. Complete with all the skirmishes and battles, and a roster of all officers and soldiers by company. 286 Pages, Hardbound


History of the 103rd Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry

1910 by Luther S. Dickey
Organized in Kittanning, Pa., of men from the counties of Allegheny, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, Mercer, Venango and Westmoreland. Many of the soldiers were imprisoned at Andersonwille. Complete pictures, maps, and rosters. Not Indexed (Reprint) 400 Pages, softbound


History of the 105th PA Regiment

1877 by Kate M. Scott
The “Wild Cat Regiment,” organized with Jefferson, Westmoreland and Indiana County recruits, was involved in the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellors Ville and Gettysburg. Complete history with roster of officers and soldiers plus biographical sketches. (Reprint) 329 Pages, Hardbound 


The 155th Regiment Company

ca 1888 by D.P.Marshall, roster by Ron Gancas
The PA 155th Volunteer Zouaves Company K was recruited in Kittanning on August 29th, 1862, primarily from the Armstrong County townships of Pine, Wayne and Cowanshannock, but also from other townships and counties. An updated researched roster has been added, including age, dates sworn, battles fought, transfer information to other units, etc. (Reprint) 338 Pages, Softbound


The 148th PA Volunteers: The Story of Company I

1998,  by Alice Jane Gayley
Recruited in Brookville, Jefferson County, under the command of Captain Silas Marlin, this company fought in engagements from Chancellors Ville and Gettysburg to Appomattox where the soldiers witnessed the surrender of the Confederate Army. Roster updated with additional details on each soldier. Includes photos, charts and references. 125 Pages, Softbound


The Price of Patriotism: Indiana County, PA and the Civil War

1998 by W. Wayne Smith, Ph.D.
Forty percent of Indiana County’s eligible males served in the army from 1861-1865. This work includes detailed activities of the unit and relates the proud accomplishments of the local regiments, including the 40th, 41st, 56th, 61st, 78th, 105th, 135th, 148th, and 206th, plus the contributions of local African Americans to the U.S. Colored Troops. Indexed.124 Pages, Hardbound


Sons of the Commonwealth

1999 by Samuel Martin Kier
Three year Civil War history of the Twelfth Regiment, PA Reserves (a.k.a 41st Regiment) takes you to the battles of Dranesville, Gaines Mill, Gettysburg, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, and other campaigns. 200 Pages, Softbound $9.50


SALE $6.99


~ Church Records of Pennsylvania ~


The German Church Records of Western Pennsylvania Volumes I-IV plus Index

by Paul Miller Ruff
These volumes contain the records of all the Lutheran and Reformed congregations which existed in this area from 1772 through 1820. This four-volume work forms the basis for the study of early Germanic & French Huguenot Family history of Western, Pa.


Volume I – 1772-1791

Fourth Revised Edition 1994, Previously published as The German Church Records of Westmoreland County, Pa. with baptisms of pastors Meyer, Luetge and Weber. 200 Pages, Softbound



Volume II 1792-1804

The baptism records of Steck and Weber in Westmoreland, Allegheny and Armstrong Counties. Churches include Brush Creek Lutheran, Four Mile in Donegal, Greensburg Lutheran, Harrold Zion Lutheran, St. John’s in Mt. Pleasant, Zion Lutheran in East Huntingdon, and Reformed churches. Second Edition,1993. 310 Pages, Indexed, Softbound


Volume III 1805-1812

Lutheran and Reformed records from Westmoreland
and Armstrong Counties: all the baptisms and confirmations by Lutheran Pastor John Michael Steck and the baptisms by Reformed pastor John William Weber. Second Edition 1993.
250 Pages, Indexed, Softbound


Volume IV 1813-1820

Lutheran and Reformed baptisms in Westmoreland and Armstrong Counties. First Edition 1989. Indexed. 152 Pages, Softbound



Index of Baptisms – 1772-1820

Volume D combines All of the recorded Lutheran and Reformed baptisms in Volumes I-IV of the German Church Records of Western Pa 20 Pages, Softbound


Hebron Lutheran Church

Blairsville, Indiana County. Many of the early members of Hebron migrated from Hempfield Township in Westmoreland County.


Volume I 1827-1880 80 Pages


Volume II 1880-1922 94 Pages


Volume I 1822-1825 71 Pages


Volume II 1826-1829 104 Pages


Mount Union Lutheran Church

Elderton, Plum Creek Twp., Armstrong County 1870-1940. Part I – 46 Pages



~ Native Americans ~


Folk Medicine of The Delaware and Related Algonkian Indians

by Gladys Tantaquidgeon 1977
A fascinating study of the Delaware Indian medicine practices and folk beliefs, with additional information on the Mohegan and Nanticoke Indians. 145 pages, softbound



Indian Wars of Pennsylvania

1929 by C. Hale Sipe
This book focuses more on the 40 years of “Indian Wars” from 1755-1795 starting with the French and Indian War and what led up to it. Also included are all of the Indian Uprisings and tragedies, Pontiac’s War, Lord Dunmore’s War, and the Indians influence on the Revolutionary War. Includes all of the major events on the Eastern frontier chronologically. Reprint 908 Pages, Softbound $39.95

 SALE  $24.95

The Lenape and Their Legends

1885 by Daniel G. Brinton
Beginning with the other Algonkin and Iroquois tribes of the East, this book discusses the Lenape/Delaware Indian history, their literature, and language, myths and traditions, and the Walum Olum, their ancient tribal migration story. Brinton finishes with a 20- page vocabulary of Delaware to English word translations and copious notes to these chapters. (Reprint in 1999) Numbered Edition, 261 Pages, Hardbound $39.95

SALE $19.95

Loudon’s Indian Narratives

1808 by Archibold Loudon
This collection of narratives of Indian captives, many in the “first person”, contain some of the most fascinating stories of the frontier ever told. This book describes Indian customs and manners including their games, meals, clothes, fishing methods, dances, songs, dwellings, marriages, funerals, titles and medicine. 658 Pages, Hardbound $49.00


SALE $24.95

~ Western Pennsylvania ~


The Journal of Samuel Maclay in 1790

1887 by John Meginness
Account of the courage, perseverance, and rugged individualism of the team sent on an expedition to find a new route to connect the waters of the Allegheny River in the NW section of Pa. with the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. 64 Pages, Softbound



Flood Tides Along the Allegheny

2000 by Francis R. Harbison
205 pages, softbound, indexed


Pensioners in Western Pennsylvania in 1883

by Western PA Genealogical Society #168
Alphabetical listing of those who received pensions from various wars, including pension number, post office to which payment was mailed, and date of issuance. Softbound, indexed. Vol. II #168 - Armstrong, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Washington and Westmoreland counties. $8.95 Vol. III #242 - Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Somerset and Warren Counties.



Pennsylvania Canal, Indiana and Westmoreland County

1979 by Clarence Stephenson
Describes the most outstanding transportation achievement of Pre-Civil War times - the Pennsylvania Canal. Includes the construction of the canal along with pictures and prices of goods from place to place. It also contains the collectors data and bibliography. 52 Pages, Softbound

The Story Behind the Names of Western Pennsylvania Counties

2008 reprint Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph
55 page booklet

The Westsylvania Pioneers 1774-1776

2005 by Harold Frederic & William C. Frederick III
220 pages, softbound


~ Family Histories ~


Echoes from the Cove

1985 by Myrtle Mauk CunninghamThe family of Jacob Longenecker Mock and Catharine Snowberger Mock. Allied surnames include Dick, Lydick and Nicewonger. Numerous photos. Indexed. 136 pages, Softbound



Mind Your Manners: The Life and Ancestors of Richard Herbert Manner

by Marcella and Clarence Stephenson 367 Pages three ringed binder


Park Family Pennsylvania: 1793-1993 Two Hundred Years

by Clarence D. Stephenson 140 Pages, Softbound

Out of print

Tree Top Baby

1984 by Susan Moorhead/Nunes
Genealogies including Moorhead (Morehead/ Moorehead/ Muirhead) and Strong. Every name Index. 326 Pages, Hardbound (limited)



~ Maps ~


Genealogical Map of the Counties

Color print complied and prepared by the Land Office in 1933 shows organization of all counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and dates of the various treaties and purchases from the Indians. 8 x 16 Sheet


The 1856 Peelor Map of Indiana County

A publication of the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA

Completed in 1856 by David Peelor this is one of the earliest maps of the county to show any detail. Along with the names of the landowners and the location of their property, it also identifies private dwellings, churches, schoolhouses, mills, stores and shops. The original map measures 41 by 52 inches and was done in three colors.

The map has been digitally reproduced and each page of this book is comprised of an individual map of one of the twenty townships or seven boroughs in existence during that period.

Compiled by D. S. Leathers. Soft cover, 8 1/2 X 11, printed in the original colors and indexed. $19.95. Please allow two weeks for delivery.


Nuremberg 1756

Nuremburg’s map shows, in very fine detail, shows the Eastern Frontier from the Atlantic Coast west to the Mississippi. The map lists all the resident Indian tribes, known settlements, rivers and lakes of the region. On parchment paper suitable for framing. 11 x 17


Reading Howell’s Map of 1792 Wilderness Trails Map of the Pennsylvania/Ohio Country

This two sided map from Wilderness Trail by Charles Hanna, features the State of Pennsylvania 1792 showing major roads, towns, and waterways. Shows major trails westward into Ohio country, superimposed over country outlines of Ohio, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia. 21x14


~ Miscellaneous ~


Breezedale – The Sutton-Elkin House

by James D. Van Trump
This 24 page book shows the past and uncertain future of the modern American Universities.
24 Pages, Softbound

 $ .50


Clark House Cookbook

Hundreds of favorite family recipes from he past and present submitted by members and friends of the Society. Many old Indiana County family names! 1998 Spiral bound



~ Genealogy ~


A to ZAX - A Comprehensive Dictionary for Genealogists and Historians

by Barbara J. Evans (Third Edition 1995)
A compilation of thousands of little-used or old-fashioned words, phrases, abbreviations, and other terms that you might encounter in the course of your research. It’s a book that pays for itself the first few times you use it by helping you interpret records accurately and making your time more productive. You’ll want to carry this one with you wherever you plan to research. 300 pages, Softbound


The Guide to Genealogical & Historical Research in Pennsylvania

by Floyd Hoenstine
Original edition 1978. This reference contains a valuable index to surnames and the titles of hundreds of Pennsylvania books and records in which those surnames can be found. Just look up your family name-- this guide lists the titles of books in which you'll find that name! (Most titles can be obtained through local libraries.) 606 pages, 8.5 x 11 hardbound.


Family Tree Charts.

The #7 Pennsylvania Dutch Style and #14 American Country Style "Our Family Tree" charts each show 7 generations, from great-great grandparents all the way down to your grandchildren.

There is space for the names of your children, of the wife's brothers and sisters as well as the husband's brothers and sisters. Each chart measures 17" high x 22" wide, and comes rolled in a colorful capped keepsake tube.


#14 American Country Style. Was $8.00

Sale $6.00

#7 Pennsylvania Dutch Style. Was $8.00

Sale $6.00

Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs

by Maureen A. Taylor
In this visually stunning book of historic family photographs, renowned family-history photography expert Maureen A. Taylor shows genealogists and history enthusiasts how to cherish old photographs and what clues they provide on ancestors' lives. Readers will learn how to identify and verify people in family photographs and use the clues in the images to tell their stories. This revised edition is sure to be instructive to readers looking to learn more about their family photos and history. Softbound, 144 pages, many color photos.


~ Gift Items ~


Wildcat Regiment Band CD Vol. 2 ~ People & Places

This recording of 19th century music has been shared with many people in some very special places. The music has reverberated from the walls of Dunker Church, traveled through the historic valleys of the Gettysburg field of battle, and filtered along the streets of Harper's Ferry. Among titles included are: Light Guard Quick Step, Old Hundred, Watch Hill Polka, Abide With Me, Soldier’s Return March, Big Thunder Quick Step, King’s Reel. CD


Clark House Keepsakes: Medallion

Limited edition. First in Series. On front is the picture of the former home of the Honorable Silas M. Clark. Justice of the Supreme Court 1883-91.






Paper Weight




Trinket Dish & Lid


Doughboy Keepsakes Medallion

Limited Edition. Second in Series. Erected as a soldier’s memorial by a party led by Alexander M. Stewart, father of actor Jimmy Stewart. Dedicated Memorial Day, 1925






Paper Weight


Pencil Caddy


Medallion Stand

A stand to hold ornaments


Bicentennial Ornament

A picture of the Old Courthouse at the centennial celebration in 1903. In front of the courthouse are young men and women in red, white, and blue forming a flag. Along the outside is gold trim, and on the bottom it says “1803 Indiana County Bicentennial 2003”

 Now $2.00

Covered Bridge Note Cards

Created from the same watercolor paintings by James F. Yanity as the prints that are featured below. Package of twelve cards, two of each design. Please specify Series 1 or 2. (To see images of all the bridges, see link in the item below.)

~ Series 1 ~
Bell School
Blairsville / Bairdstown

~ Series 2 ~
Ewing’s Mill


Indiana County Covered Bridges Prints

We offer this series of twelve ready-to-frame prints of watercolor paintings by James F. Yanity. Each scene, rendered as historically accurate as possible, depicts a covered bridge that once stood or is currently standing in Indiana County. These 5"x7" prints are matted to fit your 8"x10" frame. Please specify which bridge print(s) when ordering (see the images on this link).

$9.00 each

Indiana County Mugs

A unique collector’s edition Classic Mug, the second in a series. In a satin etch imprint on clear glass, each mug depicts the four historic covered bridges remaining in Indiana County. These mugs, an elegant memento of our local heritage, can be used for hot or cold liquids and are dishwasher safe.

$8.00 each or
$15.00 set of two

Pins – Veterans

Lapel Pins. In the background you have the shape of Indiana County, above that is a “V” with a picture of the doughboy. Around the V and doughboy is “Indiana County Memorial To The Veterans.”

Zap!! You’re a Toad!!!
Are your children or grandchildren off to Hogwarts this fall? Are they fans of a certain boy wizard? We have individually handcrafted Apprentice Wands for the gifted witch or wizard. These handsome wooden wands of various shapes and sizes will delight wizards and muggles of any skill level.

Magically help preserve local history with your purchase of these hand-turned replicas for the passionate practitioner at the Indiana County Historical Museum, 621 Wayne Ave. Stop in and see which wand chooses you. (Or, order by mail--see order form.)
$ 9.95 each, or 2 for $18.00

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