forest county schools


Schools in Forest County

Teachers - 1917

Beaver Valley School (historical)  - Kellettville

Blocher School (historical) Tionesta

Clarion State Normal School, 1905

East Forest Elementary School Marienville West

East Forrest Junior Senior High School - Marienville West

Fleming Hill School - West Hickory

Flynn School (historical) - Tylersburg

Forest Area School - Tionesta

Frost School - Howe Twp

Greenwood School -   Marienville West

Hinder School - Tionesta

Huddleson School - Tionesta

Hunter Run School -  Tionesta

Kizer School (historical) West Hickory

Number 10 School - Tionesta

Oldtown School (historical) - Tionesta

Pigeon Hill Church (historical) - West Hickory

Pigeon Hill School (historical) - West Hickory

Porkey School - Howe Twp

Schriver School - Tionesta

Shippen School Sigel

Smoky Hill School - Tionesta

Tionesta High School - Tionesta

West Hickory School

West Forest Junior Senior High School - West Hickory

Young Hill School (historical) - Tylersburg

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