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 TIONESTA - Among the first settlers in Tionesta about 1800 was the family of William Henry Blum.  They had come from Germany to settle in the area when it was still very sparsely inhabited.  [I believe this is in error, the first Blum was Johannes Herman Blum who came to Tionesta ca 1842 - 1845]

       A grandson, William Frederick Blum, came from Germany at the age of 15 years to live with his grandparents.  [Believe he could be the grandson of Johannes Herman Blum, his father being Peter Blum who is thought to be a son of J. Herman Blum who never emigrated here; but J. Herman Blum's will as recorded names him as a nephew]

      He took up blacksmithing as an occupation and opened a shop in Tionesta which he ran until his death at the age of 75.

      The blacksmith built his own building and forged his own tools.  He specialized in shoeing race horses and his list included horses belonging to people from Oil City and many of the surrounding communities. 

      Blum forged all the nails and shoes for the race horses as well as those used or the teams of oxen which were used quite frequently in those days.

      He was married to the former Mary Magdalene Elschlager of Clarion.  They had six boys and two girls, Dora Elizabeth, David Henry, Leonard William, Amos Adolph, Phillip Arthur, Frederick William, Benjamin Harrison, and Margarite Pauline.

      Three of the children survive today.  They are Mrs. Margarite Pauline Grimm of Warren, O., and Fred and Harrison Blum of Oil City.

Transcribed on July 26, 2001 from a newspaper clipping in my possession.  (Linda Blum-Barton) (Handwritten date on the clipping is Aug 30 56)  (Probably from Oil City Derrick)

Warren Evening Mirror
Wednesday, August 29, 1917
Page Six

Forest County Fills Quota

Board Now Has Finished Its Work and Adjourned After Passing on All Claims

First man Drafted Asked for Exemption But His Claim Was Refused

Tionesta, Pa., Aug. 29.--- The Forest county exemption board on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week completed its work of examining the second call for men to fill the county's quota of 34 men needed for the new national army. Forty-two men were called last week and of this number fourteen were accepted, four were exempted on claims of dependent wife and children, 26 rejected for physical disabilities or on account of being aliens and two who had previously enlisted in army service did not appear for examination. The total statistics for the county in brief are as follows:
Quota ......................34
Called and examined........133
Passed and reported.........41

Before adjourning the board passed on all exemption claims, all being allowed but one, on the grounds of dependent wife and children. There were no claims for exemption on account of being the support of his widowed mother. It was shown that there were a number of other sons left to support the mother and therefore his claim was refused and he was reported for service with the other draftees, who expect to be called out about September 1.

Those who passed last week were:
Forest Alvin Blum, Tionesta.
Merle Haslet, Muzette.
Irwin Kelly, Tionesta.
Glenn Klinestiver, East Hickory.
Earl Ransom Stoer, Kellettille.
Timothy Veryl Coon, Clarington.
Lloyd Fitzgerald, Lynch.
Orie Clifford Kinch, Kellettille.
George Elmer Taft, Endeavor.
Frank Russell McCauley, Truemans.
Hardy Kiffer, West Hickory.
Miles Edwin Weingard, Tionesta.
Charles Franklin Rust, Endeavor.

Those exempted were:
Charles F. Cussins, Marienville.
Warren Hoover, Muzette.
Charles G. Johnson, Nebraska.
Charles Nelson Russell, Kellettville.

Those rejected were:
George Mick Nicklas, Parrish.
Ralph E. Whitman, Marienville.
Howard S. Mitchlem, Nebraska.
Noah Leslie, Rossy.
Stacy Joseph Carter, Marienville.
John Wallace Sanner, Tionesta.
Frank Sebastian Kline, Marienville.
Cecil Guiton, Muzette.
John Douglas Silvis, Hottelville.
Merle Mead Davies, Tionesta.
Lloyd Madison Price, Kellettville.
Floyd F. Fitzgerald, Hottelville.
Delmar Benson Uplinger, Pigeon.
Fred Harrison Gesin, Marienville.
Floyd H. Brooks, Newmansville.
Clarence B. Woodcock, W. Hickory.
Anobray Lubas, West Hickory.
Russell Blair McMartin, Mayburg.
Charles C. Bortzer, Tionesta.
Harold James McClellan, Truemans.
Ralph M. Siggins, Tionesta.
Daniel Witherell, Endeavor.

Those who had previously enlisted were:
James A. Watson, Kellettville.
Byron Anderson, East Hickory.

Tionesta Girls Fill Fine Positions.

Tionesta, Pa., Aug. 29---Tionesta annually sends out a number of her good school teachers who are successfully filling good positions in other communitites. Those who left the first of the week are: Miss Blanche Pease, Akron, Ohio; Miss Maude Canfield, Munhall, Pa.; Miss Clare Henry, Ambridge, Pa.,; Misses Goldie Hill and Florence Hilton, Freedom, Pa.; Miss Evelyn Grove, Woodlawn, Pa. These young ladies will attend the annual institutes this week and wll take up their regular work next week. Miss June Herman and Miss Erdie Wolfe will go to Akron later to resume their work in the schools.


Call Extended to Maryland Pastor.

Tionesta, Pa., Aug. 29.---The Tionesta Presbyterian church at a well attended congregational meeting held on Monday evening voted unanimously to extend a call to Rev. Mr. Kribbs of Ashville, Maryland, to become the pastor of the church. Rev. Mr. Kribbs as a young man who has been doing supply work in the city of Baltimore and recently preached in the Tionesta church, giving ver good satisfaction to his hearers. He has a wife and two children and will accept the call, expecting to move his family into the manse here. The church has been vacant since the resignation of the former pastor, Rev. Harry A. Baxley, who accepted a call the first of the present year to the Second Presbyterian Church at Johnstown, Pa. The local supports of the church will be pleased to learn that services will soon be a regular feature in this popular house of worship.


Marienville Gets Gas Rate Boost.

Marienville, Pa., Aug. 29.---The president, David Mintz, on August 22, 1917, filed a petition with the Public Service Commission at Harrisburg, Pa., asking leave to increase its schedule of rates from the present rate of 27 cents per thousand cubic feet with 2 cents rebate if paid on or before the 15th of each month, to 32 cents per thousand cubic feet, said increase if granted to take effect on December 1, 1917.


Glass Company Is Making Good

Marienville, pa., Aug. 29., ---One of the flourishing industries of this community is the Marienville Glass Company, which held its annual meeting of stockholders here last week. The report of the expenses and earnings of the company made by Manager R. R. Underwood showed a very favorable condition, with a net profit for the year of $9,000.00. Many improvements are contemplated in the construction of the plant, which will be substantially enlarged. The following officers and directors were elected: President, L. H. Hensch; vice-president, R. E. Goodwin; secretary, W. H. Pickens; treasurer, D. B. Shields; manager, R. R. Underwood; directors, R. R. Underwood, D. B. Shields, David Mintz, L. H. Mensch, B. F. Kendall, R. E. Goodwin and W. H. Pickens.


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