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Washington Township Erie Co PA [sys67]

Erie County (PA) Genealogy

  Washington Township

Coordinated by Bob & Kathy Groner



Township History from Bates 1884

1896 Township Map

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  • The Hamilton's of Edinboro [Sorry, link no longer works]

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McLane, McLallen Corners (in 1896)

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Welcome to Washington Township!

Hello. We are the Groners, Bob & Kathy and we presently live in Lorain County, Ohio. We have many of our roots in the Erie County, PA area - in particular Edinboro and Washington Twp. We have spent many long hours combing the courthouses, libraries, and cemeteries of these areas searching for our elusive ancestors. In the process we have grown to love the area and would like to do what we can to promote the growth of the genealogical work here. We welcome any information that you may have to add to these pages.

Edinboro is a picturesque town located on the south shore of beautiful Edinboro Lake in Erie County PA. According to C. J. Billings in Trigger and Reel "Until 1910, the Lake was known as Conneauttee Lake. This Indian name means, "The Valley of the Living Snow Flake" and to view it from the hills on a bright afternoon one can readily imagine why the sparking body of water was so named. That the Indian made more of the lake than the white man ever has, is proven by the great numbers of flint stone relics found upon the shores. Arrow heads, spear heads, scalping knives, etc. have been found in abundance in and around Edinboro. But the name was very confusing to strangers as nearby there is a Conneaut lake and Conneaut , a town in Ohio." Thus, the name change.

The town was without a doubt named after Edinboro, Scotland and many of the early settlers had their roots there. The original settlers came from Lycoming PA, in particular, Williamsport and Muncy, though over the years people have arrived in this beautiful town from every state in the union.

The village was founded more than two hundred years ago, with the arrival of the earliest settlers. These families immediately began to clear the land, build homes, and establish a future for themselves, their children and posterity. These stalwart pioneers came, survived their first harsh winters, and set up their lives in this wilderness we now know as Edinboro. They brought with them the traditions and cultures of the world and taught each other as they conquered the wilderness.

We have learned that the community of the Internet has provided wonderful resources for Genealogical research. It is through the long hours of countless volunteers that pages of wonderful information have been provided for our use in our research. The efforts of many will be required to make this page of Washington Township one that we can be proud of. We welcome the submissions of anyone with any information on the families and history of Edinboro and Washington Township. You can contact us directly at: [email protected] with any information, suggestions, or links you feel need to be represented.

Bob and Kathy Groner . . . . . .

1939 Coffee 
Shop Cover

Back Cover of Coffee Shop Ad

Found and scanned by Bill Klauk - from May 1939

Steak for under $1 !!!

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