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1820-1860 Census Indexes - Greenfield Township

Contributed by Larry Sugden

Larry Sugden has provided below a census index for each of the years listed (1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860) for Greenfield Township. Some names are hyperlinked to other data. Please direct questions and comments about this material directly to Larry.

Greenfield Township in:     1820 1830 1840 1850 1860

Some notes concerning these lists:

Up until 1788, all of Pennsylvania lying west of the Alleghany Mountains was embraced in Westmoreland and Washington Counties. The counties of Erie, Butler, Beaver, Crawford, Mercer, Venango and Warren were created by an act of Legislature on March 12, 1800. In 1841, a long wedge-shaped area of Greenfield Township was made a part of North East. Families living in the far northern part of Greenfield Township prior to 1841, may appear in North East in 1850 and later censuses. These lists are not intended to be used as a source, but rather as a finding aid. They are to help you locate people in the source document. You should always consult the original document and compare it to the information presented here. Be aware of misspellings and spelling variations. Names were not always spelled correctly by the census enumerators, or by those trying to read the original handwritten documents. Typos also could have occurred in preparing these lists. These lists only show Heads of Household. If you don't find your ancestor here, perhaps they were living with someone else, like a friend, relative, or employer. Just because they are not listed here does not mean they were not in the township at that time. (For example, check the 1850 list, then see "Who's Missing?" section.)


Greenfield Township Heads of Household in 1820 Census
Addison, George Finch, James Johnson, Wilson Miller, James Seldon, Joseph
Bare, Joseph Foseth, Charles Jones, Abijah Moore, James Shaddock, Joseph
Barr, Ebenezar Fuller, Abraham King,William Newton, Timothy Smith, Arnold
Barr, John Green, James Larimer, Lyman Palmer, Daniel Jr. Summers, Glewers
Bezell, Sarill
(Bissell, Cyril)
Hall, Asa Leonard, William Palmer, Daniel Sr. Vancatar, William
Bruice, John Hall, David Long, Abraham Palmer, Nathaniel Warren, Arnold
Cooladge, Josiah Henderson, Samuel Loomis, Henry Peters, Timothy Wilson, John
Farnsworth, John Inman, Abraham Lyon, Eleanson Raymond, Aaron Wilson, William
Farnsworth, Josiah Jackson, Andrew Marvin, Elisha Rodgers, Nehemiah Woods, John



Greenfield Township Heads of Household in 1830 Census
Adams, Lyons Berry, Henry Farnsworth, Hiram Hitchcock, Eli Jones, Ruben S. Messer, Ebenezer Philips, Major Smith, Philip
Addison, George Berry, Joseph Farnsworth, Manander Holmes, Nathan Jones, Willard Miller, William Platt, Jeremiah Strand, John B.
Addison, George W. Bentley, William Fitch, John M. Hoskins, Merrit Kerr, Ezekiel W. Miner, Jonas  Platt, Nehemiah Strand, Peter
Andrews, Ezra Bird, Jeremiah Fuller, Sarah Hubbs, Charles Lawrence, Lyman Moore, James  Pratt, Nehemiah Terry, George
Andrews, Samuel Bissell, Serel Gifford, James Hubbs, Ormas Leiper, John Newton, Artimas Pratt, Silas Tilliston, Ira B.
Atkins, John Jr. Brown, Philip Gifford, John Hunter, Elizabeth Lewis, Peter Newton, Austin Robinson, Peter Turner, Jacob S.
Auble, Abel Colburn, Lorenzo Gifford, William Innman, Elijah Lipen, Peter Newton, Elijah Rogers, John Vanatta, William
Austin, George Cole, James Grant, Levi Innman, John Loomas, Henry Newton, Joseph Rogers, Nehemiah Wallace, Daniel
Babcock, Abel Compton, John Greeman, Job Johnson, Andrew R. Mansfield, William D. Newton, Thomas Salmon, Amos Warner, Arnold
Baldwin, Mark Coolage, Josiah Hall, Silas T. Johnson, Micajah Marvin, Minerva Newton, Timothy Seeley, Jacob Wilson, William
Barns, Morris O. Cooley, Horace Hart, Itha Johnson, Wilson Matthews, Lanford Palmer, Daniel Jr. Shadduck, Ira Wilson, John
Bemis, Simeon Dodge, Tyler Hay, Vilenda Jones, Abijah Medcalf, Jonathan C. Palmer, Daniel Sr. Shadduck, Joseph Woodard, Oliver
Benjamin, Elias Evans, Joseph Henderson, Samuel Jones, Levi Mellick, Andrew Peters, Timothy Smith, Austin A. Woodruff, Elijah



Greenfield Heads of Household in 1840 Census
Adams, Jeremiah Brooks, Asa H. Darvley, Nathaniel Halbert, Levi Malick, Jacob Petteys, Joseph Sherwood, Shubael
Addison, George T. Brooks, Henry Davis, James Henderson, Samuel Marshall, Hugh Platt, Henry Smith, Nehemiah L.
Addison, George Jr. Brooks, John Davis, Jerome B. Hill, Asel Marshall, Robert Prindle, Jesse R. Smith, Parley
Atkins, Allen Brown, John F. Davis, Simeon Hill, Denison Marshall, William Prouty, Sarah Sparks, Elisha
Atkins, Benjamin M. Brown, Judah Dugan, Charles Hill, Henry Marvin, William Putney, Reuben Spencer, Daniel
Atkins, Darius Brown, Prentice Dustin, Moses Hollister, Henry McAllister, David Raymond, Henry Stetson, Saunders
Atkins, Shubael Brownell, Benjamin Eaton, Ebenezer Howard, John Messer, Ebenezer S. Raymond, Lysias Stoel, Daniel
Babcock, Abel Burch, Clark Esget, Daniel Howard, Peter Messer, Robison Raymond, Silas Talcott, Samuel
Babcock, John Burch, Elliott Farnsworth, Menander Jackson, George Metcalf, Jonathan C. Raymond, Thomas Taylor, Justice
Babcock, Phineas Jr. Carnahan, Robert Fenton, Azzan Johnson, Elizabeth Miles, Thomas B. Rich, Smith Taylor, Levi
Babcock, Thomas Carpenter, John H. Fargo, Calvin Johnson, Joseph Miller, George Richards, Paul Taylor, Silas
Baker, Ambrose Cervet, Gedediah Finch, Humphrey Johnston, Micajah Miller, William R. Robison, John Thayer, Thomas M.
Benjamin, Elias Clark, Jonas W. Finn, Nehemiah Jones, Jeremiah Moore, Deming Robison, Peter Thompson, Henry
Berry, Henry Colburn, Lorenzo Fisher, Samuel Jones, Levi Moore, James Rockwell, Stephen Tickner, Amasa
Berry, Lewis Cole, Darius Gavit, George Jones, Willard Moore, James Jr. Rogers, Hughey Wakefield, William
Bird, Jeremy Cole, Elijah Gee, Alvah Keeler, Isaiah W. Moore, John Rymond, Anon Warner, Arnold
Bissell, Serel Cole, Hamilton Geer, Asher Look, Henry Nason, Ezra Sanburn, John Wildman, Lewis
Bly, David Cooledge, Josiah Gifford, John Loomis, Henry Newton, Artemus Jr. Seely, Obadiah Wilkinson, Lansing
Bogue, Calvin Cooledge, Nancy Greenman, Job Loomis, Lyman A. Nichols, John Shadduck, Ira Willard, Sebra
Bowers, Charles Crandall, Horace Halbert, James Malick, Andrew Ottoway, James Sharpe, John Wilson, John & William



Greenfield Heads of Household in 1850 Census
Abbey, James Brownell, William Davis, Jerome B. Geer, Simeon A. Judd, Charles A. Parmater, James Ripley, Henry Tucker, Lysias
Adams, Charles Burch, Benjamin Davis, Merrit Gifford, John Kip, William Pickett, Rufus S. Roberts, E.C. Wade?, Jonas
Addison, George Burch, Chauncey Davis, Simeon Grant, David Lewis, Silas Pierce, Smith Rockwell, Thomas Wakefield, William
Allen, Truman Burch, John Davis, Stephen Griffin, Daniel Loomis, Susan Platt, Elijah Shadduck, George Wakely, Thomas
Beaman, Judson Burns, Susannah Davison, Madison Griswold, Myron Lyons, Elwood Platt, Henry Shadduck, Henry Walker, John
Beeman, Alanson E. Carr, Riley Dike, Sloton? Haight, Daniel Marvin, William E. Platt, William Shadduck, Hiram Walling, Thomas
Beman, Sylvenus A. Clark, Jesse J. Dolly, Jesse Hall, Justus McCan, James Plumb, Chauncey Shaw, Benjamin Wedge, John
Benjamin, Hiram Coats, Joseph Dougin, Charles E. Hewitt, William F. Miller, Harvey P. Prindle, Chauncey Shippee, John Wildman, Lewis
Bennett, Selden Coburn, James H. Eades, William Hunter, Margaret Miller, William R. Prindle, Jesse R. Skinner, Lyman Wilkinson, Abel
Berry, Joseph Coburn, Nathaniel Eaton, Ebenezer Hunter, William H. Moore, Almira Raymond, A. Slade, John P. Wilkinson, Alanson
Bissell, Annis Colburn, Paul Fargo, Calvin Inman, Elijah Moore, Daniel Q? Raymond, Asa F. Slade, Orrin S. Wilson, James
Brook, Simon S. Colburn, Shubal O. Farnsworth, Manander Jones, Bela Moore, George Raymond, Elbridge Smith, Alfred Wilson, James H.
Brown, Frederick Culver, Phineas E. Finn, Nehemiah Jones, David A. Moore, James Raymond, Esther St. John, Benson Wilson, John
Brown, John Davidson, Charles C. Fuller, Ichabod Jones, Jeremiah Moore, John Raymond, Henry Stark, Samuel N. Witbey, John
Brown, John F. Davis, Ephraim Fuller, James C. Jones, Levi Morgan, Charles Raymond, Hiram Stoker, Timothy
Brown, Prentice Davis, Ezekiel Fuller, Otis Jones, Luther Palmer, Ezekiel Raymond, Mariette Talmadge, James G.
Brownell, Benjamin Davis, Isaiah Gavit, George W. Jones, Simon Parker, George Raymond, Silas Thorp, Alfred
Brownell, Julius Davis, James Gavit, Lucinda Jones, Willard Parker, William Reynolds, Orson Tickner, Amasa H. Who's Missing?



Greenfield Heads of Household in 1860 Census
Adams, Berry Burnham, Henry Dunn, Orrin Hunt, Daniel Lowel, John Parker, William Robbins, McKagah Wade, Edward
Adams, Charles Burton, Andrew Dunn, Sophia Hunter, Margaret Luce, Eliazar Philips, Isaac Robbinson, Samuel Wade, Hiram
Adams, Hadley Cads, William Farnsworth, Henry Hyat, John Malory, Henry Philips, Cordelia Roberts, Edward Wade, Horace
Alison, Esther Calkins, Eli Fenton, Daniel Inman, Elijah Mason, Henry Picket, John Roberts, William Wadsworth, Oscar
Allen, Ethan Carter, Holland Ferry, Milo Jefford, James May, Nathan Pierce, Charles Rockwell, Jacob Wakely, Seth
Allen, Milton Carter, Louisa Finch, Daniel Johnson, Ezra McGough, David Pierce, Clarinda Rogers, Nancy Wakely, Thomas
Applebee, John Clinton, Mary Finn, James W. Johnson, Rosa McLaughlin, John Pierce, Emmons Salmon, George W. Walkin, John
Babcock, John Cloud, Samuel Flinn, Nelson Jones, Bela McLaughlin, Mary Pierce, Johnathan Salmon, John Wallet, Jackson
Babcock, Levi Coburn, Nathaniel Geer, Simeon Jones, Charles McLaughlin, Peter Pierce, Stephen Shattuck, Clarence Walling, Thomas
Babcock, Newman Coburn, James Gifford, M. M. Jones, Ebert Mede, Hiram Pitcher, John Shattuck, Henry Warren, Jerome
Beaman, Judson Coburn, Stephen Graham, Luke Jones, Emma Merril, Martha Plumb, Chauncy Shattuck, Herman Weed, Emily
Beaman, Loren Cole, Lewis Grass, Josiah Jones, Seth Merril, Silas H. Plumb, Thomas C. Skinner, Lyman Weed, James
Beman, Ephraim Cole, Samuel Green, Abel Jones, Simon Merryfield, Martin Pray, David Shoman, Titus Weed, Samuel
Beman, George Cardot, Thomas Green, Celestia Jones, Susan Merryfield, Uriah Price, Daniel Sillony, Hazen Wildman, Lewis
Benbar, William Crawford, Caswold Green, Rufus Jones, Wallace Michel, Josiah Prindle, Adolphus Sillony, Simeon Wildman, Sebra
Bemiss, Thomas Crawford, Samuel Greenwood, James Jones, Wilson Milick, Jacob Prindle, Chauncy Smith, Hanley Wildman, Thomas W.
Bennett, Chuckley Cunningham, George Griswold, Arthur Keffer, James Miller, William R. Prindle, Jesse Smith, James Wilkinson, Abel
Beuran, Alonson Darlan, James Griswold, Franklin King, Peter Moore, Andrew Randall, George A. Smith, Joseph Williams, Benjamin
Birch, Berry Davis, James Gross, Charles King, Phebe Moore, George Ray, James Smith, Mary Wilson, James Esq.
Bissell, Franklin Davis, Rosenna Hait, George W. King, Thomas Moore, James Raymond, Azor Smith, William Wilson, James H.
Bly, Smith Davis, Stephen Hait, Levi C. Latham, A.J. Morgan, Charles Raymond, Chester St. John, Benson Wilson, Thomas
Borce, Mathew Davis, Susan Harris, William Lawrence, Ralph Murphy, James Raymond, David Switzer, John N. Wright, Shoman
Borce, William Davis, William Hartley, Joseph Lewis, Benjamin Myres, Michael Raymond, Franklin Thomas, Milton Yost, Lucinda
Brocket, Edwin Davis, Witherel Hartly, Alsmetia Lewis, Elizabeth Northrop, Absolom Raymond, Henry Tichnor, Amasa Yost, William
Brown, Ann Devin, Edwin Hartly, Eustace Lewis, Lydia Palmer, William L. Raymond, Thomas Tichnor, Robert
Brown, Frederick B. Dewolf, Harvey Hatch, Henry Lewis, Silas Palmerter, James Reynolds, Daniel Tower, Fredrick
Brown, Jacob W. Dugan, Charles Hatch, Simeon Locke, David Palmerter, Peter Ripley, Henry Urich, James
Brown, Prentice Dunham, Charles Hughs, Martin Lowel, Daniel Parker, Ezra A. Robbins, Edmond Vaning, Perry


Greenfield Township in:    1820 1830 1840 1850 1860

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