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The Fairview Area Historical Society was formed in 1976. Its purpose is to preserve the history of the Fairview area. Local attractions include the Sturgeon House, a museum, depository of local historical and genealogical data and a meeting place. Fairview is located in Erie County, about 10 miles west of Erie, Pennsylvania. The Erie Canal and one of the routes to the west passed through this area. During the summer from, June to mid-August the Sturgeon House is open from 1 to 4 p.m. Meetings and programs are held the third Wednesday of each month from September through May, excluding December.

THE STURGEON HOUSE is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Avonia Road and Water Streets in the village of Fairview, once commonly called Sturgeonville. The original Sturgeon family purchased tracts beginning in 1803. A nephew, Robert Sturgeon purchased his tracts from them, on August 4, 1838 for $204.00 (DB R. Pg. 343). A federal style salt box structure was built, unique in that its main entry is through a recessed porch on the "low side". It was a simple farm dwelling. The original structure consisted of two large rooms on the first floor with two smaller bedrooms off to the east, a storage area behind the fireplace and a dormer-like second floor.

Robert Sturgeon had four children by his first wife Sarah Pollack. He married Eleanor M. Jacks in 1851, after Sarah's death. Two children, Sarah and Annabelle, were born of this union. During the 1850's Robert enlarged the house, adding a kitchen, pantry and bedroom on the south end of the house and extending the dormer on the second floor. Perhaps at the same time he remodeled the parlor on the north end of the house, giving it a Victorian look.

On March 11, 1883, Robert died and his widow remained in the home until her death in 1896. Their daughter Sarah, who had married George Asmus, inherited that portion of Robert's estate. In 1899 she and her family moved from Fairview to Erie, the house and property were rented for the next 80 years. In August 1979 the surviving Asmus child, Robert Charles (1889-1987) sold the house and grounds to the Fairview Area Historical Society. After an architectural study by historical architect Robert Krider was completed, restoration began in the spring of 1980.

In June 1980 THE STURGEON HOUSE was listed on the Pennsylvania Inventory of Historical Sites and was accepted for placement on the National Register of Historical Places.

THE STURGEON HOUSE is available as a museum, depository of local historical data and a meeting place. Open hours are Sunday afternoons, mid-June to mid-August, and during several open house events through the year. To schedule a tour call the Fairview Area Historical Society at (814) 474-5855. Meetings are held monthly from September through May, excluding December.

Phone (voice): 814-474-5855

E-Mail: jfiesler@velocity.net


Avonia Road and Water Streets

Fairview, PA 16415

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