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Welcome to Fairview Township !


Hi, I am Rich Biondi and I am the host for the Fairview Township web page. I am an Erie native and have resided in Fairview for over 20 years. My family tree consists of many early Fairview Township settlers.

If you have any Fairview Township Genealogy information you wish to share, please email me at rpbiondi@aol.com. If you have any genealogical queries, please direct them to Joan Fiesler of the Fairview Area Historical Society (email: jfiesler1@verizon.net). The Fairview Area Historical Society (FAHS) has a large number of surname genealogy files and other information in their collection. 

The Fairview Area Historical Society has recently published “Those Were the Days – Fairview History and Fairview People”.  This 124-page book consists of articles by Sabina Freeman and Barbara Seidler, printed during the Nation’s Bicentennial.  Also are Articles featuring Fairview businesses, schools, churches and changes since the Bicentennial.  Cost of the book is $12.50 plus .75 for PA Sales Tax. (PA residents only.)  Add $1.50 for mailing.  Please contact the FAHS at phone number 814-474-5855 or by e-mail (jfiesler1@verizon.net) to inquire about purchasing the book.

Also, I have just recently published “Early Fairview Schools, a history of the early schools in Fairview Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  This book presents a history of the early schools in Fairview Township starting with the first structure built as a school in 1804 up until the year 1927.  To inquire about the book, please e-mail me at rpbiondi@aol.com.


Information and Photos wanted!!

I am still looking for any information or photos regarding early Fairview schools (i.e., pre-1920).  This includes class photos, school building photos, student names, teacher names, etc.  Please e-mail me at rpbiondi@aol.com .  Thanks!

Rich Biondi . . . .


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