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City of Erie [sys26]

Erie County (PA) Genealogy 

  City of Erie

Coordinated by Marian Matha-Fromknecht

  circa 1900 postcard submitted by Larry Sugden


Erie History from Bates 1884

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Welcome to the City of Erie!

My name is Marian Matha-Fromknecht and I have agreed to act as your volunteer host and coordinator for the City of Erie. You may see my name on various web pages within Erie County (PA) Genealogy as Marian Fromknecht or even as just Marian Fr on some of the cemetery picture pages.

Although I was not born in Pennsylvania, I have spent the second half of my life here in Erie, PA. Most of my family is from "good ol' Erie", some of my early settlers are Joseph Fromknecht and Simon Ebel. They settled in what was known as Marvintown.

If you have any information concerning cemeteries, churches, bios, or any other genealogical information for the City of Erie, please feel free to contact me. I am a mother of three with a full time career, but I try to get in as much "digging" as my life allows (my daughters will grow up dreaming of cemeteries). I try to frequent the libraries as often as possible and in the summer I like to visit the cemeteries and I enjoy visiting the churches here. I don't claim to be an expert but I can try to help you with anything you may need and would be happy to help you with your ancestry search in the City of Erie. If you want to send me e-mail, click on my underlined name above or send to [email protected] .

Good Luck Everybody

Marian Matha-Fromknecht . . . . .

Early Families

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Little Italy (note: previously linked to offsite location - no longer working)

Marvintown (part of Millcreek Twp until early 1900s)

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