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Anonymous Contribution

The information below has been extracted from a school souviner sheet for the Moffatt School in Concord Township. The sheet is dated April 27, 1928. No additional information has been provided concerning the location of this school, other than it was in Concord Township.

Teacher: Ema Briggs
School Board: Oscar Lindstrom
Cora McCray Archie Akam
Mrs. Elsie Stultz Thayer McCray

Pupils: Kathleen McCray Walter Swanson
Helen Labowski Harry Hotchkiss Robert Lindstrom
Ruth Lindstrom Mildred Lindstrom Rosie Labowski
Helen Sliker Kenneth Gates Lawrence Nichols
Ily Fralick Gertrude Lindstrom Pauline Swanson
Leo Gates Merle Gates Frank Gates
Katie Krizanik Margaret Krizanik James Nichols
Anna Labowski Paul Labowski Gail Cotterman
Theodore Klasch Helen Klasch Lawrence Swanson
Meredyth Richardson Betty Casey Dora Fralick
Floyd Fralick Mildred Kondrlick Clark Lindsey


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