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Old Time Photos

This page contains links to old time photographs and scanned images, including postcards. Please direct to me at Bill Klauk's email any 'old time' photographs, post cards, or other images of either historic buildings or other scenes (not current pictures!). I will create an on-line album or appropriate photo service album. If you have old pictures of identified people associated with Erie County [this could include scanned images from the old Erie County Histories or any other book not covered by copyright], please also direct them to me, but please note that people picture albums and web pages will now be linked on the Faces of Erie County page.

The links below are pages created as a part of Erie Co (PA) Genealogy.

Old Postcards from Union City - Contributed by William Baker. [New: 11/07/07][WB01]

Historic Postcards circa 1970 - Contributed by Bill Klauk. [New: 4/10/07][BK36]

Old Time City of Erie Photos - Contributed by Various Sources. [New: 1/25/07][sy102]

West Main Street Fairview 1908 - Contributed by Rich Biondi. [1/11/05][RB10]

Old Covered Bridges of Conneaut Township - Contributed by Andy Pochatko. [12/15/03][AP15]

Old Photos from Mill Village - Contributed by Barb Seyler. [11/7/03][BSE40]

1876 Historical Photo of County Almshouse [12/29/00][GB59]

Early Photographers Directory - Submitted by Gaylene Kerr Banister. Currently contains City of Erie photographers between 1867-1879. Updates from a variety of contributors. [Originally posted 4/30/01, updated 3/12/03, updated 11/10/03, updated 12/24/05][GB60]

The links below go to off-site web pages which may not have a link back to this page. If that is the case, please use your brower's 'back' function to return to this page.

Ward Waldo's Local Area Pictures - contains mostly old postcard scans from southern and western Erie County.

Teri Brown's Erie County Old Photos - part of a site called Western Pennsylvania Old Photos. This is a good alternative repository for old photos and postcard scans concerning Erie County (PA) that may not fit into the Erie Co (PA) Genealogy web pages.

A Vintage View of Wattsburg - Maintained by Betty Matteson Rhodes

Former Zing Albums

[Note: Zing Photo Album Service closed down July 2, 2001, so these links are no longer available. As time permits, photos will be made available through other means.]

Mike Wennin's Original Old Time Erie County Zing Album - This initial album posted to Zing was Mike Wennin's idea and anyone wishing to add photographs or other scanned images to this album should contact Mike at

An Old Time View of Erie - Zing Album built by Bill Klauk

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