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This page contains links to everything related to land records in Erie County, such as deeds, early land grants, the 'Population Company', etc. . As appropriate, a page will be created, or links will be established as information is made available. This page is being maintained by Bill Klauk and any material for submission, links to be listed, or questions, comments, etc. about this page should be directed to him.

Nathaniel Brown Land Purchase - Submitted by Michael W Brown. [1/7/08][MB01]

Land Records of Charles Vaun/Vaughn - Submitted by Cheryl Harmon Bills. [11/30/05][CB01]

Erie Triangle Monument History - Submitted by Evelyn Baker. [1/8/05][EB14]

Erie Triangle Monument (photo) - Submitted by Evelyn Baker. [1/4/05][EB13]

Extract of Early Land Law as it relates to Erie County - Extracted and submitted by Susan Smith. [3/20/04][SS01]

Venango Township Warrantee Map Tracts - Listing of Original Venango Township land records submitted by Susan Smith. [3/20/04][SS02]

1877 Deed - Steenberg to McKendree - Land transaction in Springfield Township submitted by Evelyn Baker. [3/13/04][EB12]

1913 Kessler Mortgage - submitted by Janine McCoy. [3/15/04][JM02]

1799 Tax Assessment - submitted by Evelyn Baker - this is a Crawford County tax assessment of "Springfield Township" for 1799-1800. [3/7/04][EB11]

1921 Deed - Allds to Holdson - Land transaction in Springfield Township submitted by Evelyn Baker. [3/6/04][EB10]

Abel Whitney Chronology - submitted by site visitor Cathy Herpich - contains several deeds between 1820 and 1851 in the Edinboro area. [11/8/03][CH01]

1863 Springfield Township Deed - submitted by Evelyn Baker. [10/30/03][EB09]

Land Warrants Index - S only - submitted by Nancy Richings. [6/27/03][NR03]

1890s Deed - Hunt - submitted by Tammie Brown. [5/28/03][TB01]

1837 Deed - Estate of David Thompson to Oliver Alford - submitted by Karolyn Campbell. [3/9/03 - Updated: 12/15/03][KC01]

1850 Newspaper Ad for Moravian Land for Sale - submitted by Evelyn Baker. Transcribed from a January 1850 Erie Gazette newspaper, this is an ad for 6000 acres of land for sale that was a part of the Moravian Land Grant. [2/10/03][EB08]

1819 Tax Assessment - submitted by Evelyn Baker. 1819 assessment and list of Tax Collectors. [12/09/02][EB07]

Moravian Land Grant Records - researched, compiled and submitted by Evelyn Baker, this article contains over 250 names, most involved with land transactions associated with the "Hospitality" part of the Moravian Land Grant. [2/8/02][Revised: 3/31/02][EB06]

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